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DE,CORATIVE SPINDLECUTS J J nlikebasicspindleturning,which with rough\-/ isprimarilyconcerned ing, sizing,and smoothingcylindrical or taperedfurniture parts,decorative spindlework involveselaboration-cutting grooves,notches,curves,andother But despiteits apparentcomshapes.

plexity,nearlyall decorative spindleturning is basedon two fundamentalcuts: covesandbeads.Coves(below)areconwhile cavehollowsturnedin workpieces, beads(page66)havetheoppositeprofile: a convexsurfaceraisedfrom the surroundingwork. Althoughcovesand

beadscan standalone,they are often part of a seriesof elements in an overallturningdesign. The spindlegougeand skewchisel arethetwo main toolsyou will use.With its fingernail-ground bevel,thespindle gougeis a goodtool for smoothingthe convexandconcave nrofilesofbeadsand coves.The skewchiselis normallyused to cutbeads. )ustaspracticingbasicspindlecutscansharpenyourturningtechnique, cutting covesand beadswill prepareyou for the challengeofsuch elaboratedecorativecutsasvasesand balls(page69).Tosizetheseelements, you can andrepeatpatternssuccessfully, of the usea template,a reverse-image desiredshape.

Decorative elements cansomelimes beformedin spindlestockwithout theaid of turningtools.In thephoto wire at left,a lengthof light-gauge into q child'srattleas burnsgrooves thestockisspunat highspeed.

CUTTING C()VES thefirstcut 1 Making I Outline thecoveontheblankwitha pencil. gouge in an Then,holda spindle gripwiththeflutepoiniing sideunderhand one waysandsliceintothewoodjustinside lineswiththecutting edge of themarked angle thetoolhanof thetoolonly.Slowly thelineuntilthebevel dlebacktowards andmakea scooprubsontheworkpiece, ingcutdownto themiddleof thecove.As youmakethecut,turnthehandle to rotate (right). the bevelagainsi theworkpiece Thegouge shouldbeflaton its backwhen it reaches thecenterof thecove.Rather t h a nc o n t i n u i nt hgec u ta n dt u r n i n tgh e halfofthecovein anuphilldirecremaining downhill cutopposite tion,makea second thefirst Gtep2).


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The art of woodworking wood turning  
The art of woodworking wood turning