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TOOL RESTSAND LATHESTANDS I tool restactsasa fulcrurnfor your A t u r n i n gt o o l s p , r o v i d i r ragf i x e c l , horizontalweight-bearing surfacefor balancing andbracinga toolasyoucut into a spinningblank.Thetool reston a latheis madeup of two parts:a tool baseand the detachable restitself,The basecanslidealongthe lengthof the lathebed,according to the needsof thework.Thetool restmountsin the base;the heightand angleof the rest areadjustable so it canbe positioned parallelto thelathebedfor spindleand faceplate work,perpendicular to the bedfor faceplate work,or at an anglein between. In addition,thebaseirndrest canbe mountedon an outboardbed for large-diameter faceplate turning. Therearea numberof differenttool restsfor specialized turning tasks; a selectionis shownbelow.




5HO7Tt? Weighinqdown a lathe b e c a u s el u r n i n g w o o d c a n c a u e e a q r e a f ,d e a l o f v i b r a t i o n , a l a L h en e e d sf , o

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E v e nL h e b e s t l a L h e i e a n i n e f f i c i e n La n d d a n g e r o u om a c h i n ei f i L i s n o L w e i g h e dd o w n p r o p e r l y . 7 i n c em o e L m o d e r nl a l h e s t a n d o are madeof lighlweiqht at.eel if. ic. ner.eaaarrr g6

w e i q ht r h e md o w n w i l h c e m e n Lb l o c k so r o a c K o filled wiLheand, as shown he re, lo reduc e vibraf,ion a n d n o i e e .S o l t i n qt . h e lalhe to your workohoV f l o o r i s a n o t r h e ro V L i o n .

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TOOLRESTS Standard tool baae )ltdee alongthe laLhe bed; featuree a fiLLinq for tool rest ehaft. A lever-operated cam mechaniem locke baae tn poeiLion on Lhe bed. Daae ahown te the Lype thaL comea with moeL lathee

Tall tool baae Ueed on lat.hea wtLh lower out;board beda for Lurnin7 larqe faceplate work. thie baee te 4 inchee taller than et;andard baaee; a lever-operaLed cam mechantem te used Lo lock the baee tn poottion

?tandard tool reat. Mounl;e in Lool baee for 7eneral faceplaLe and epindle work: comeo wtth lathe

thort rest Ueedfor emallerepindle and faceplatework:Lypically 6 tncheelonq

Long reet Mountedin two eLandard tool baeeo for lon7 epindle work; avatlabletn 18- and 24-tnch lenqLhe


5-ahaped bowl reat Ueedfor turning the outeideand inerdeof bowla

Right-anglereet MounLedin eLandard LoolreeltLo Lurn bowl blanke; Ion4 eide te poetLioned perpendrcular to lat he bed to Lurn face of bowl, whtle ohorc eide ie poeitioned parallel Lo taLhe bed to work etdeo. Lonq etde Lyptcallymeaeuree 7 tnchee

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The art of woodworking wood turning  
The art of woodworking wood turning