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damoens vibration.Anotherfeatureto consideris how easyit is to change largerworkpieces speeds; mustbeturned at lower speedsthan smallerones. Changingthe speedof somelathes involves switching a drivebeltbetween HEADSTOCK ASSEMBTY Fixed-width pulley Featurea four adiuatable otepe. On lathee'with variable-apeedadjuatment, apindleapeed ia chanqed by manually movinqbelt from one etep to another: on variable-apeedmodela, belt ie lefb as ia

pulleys; twosetsof stepped othermodpulleysystems elshavevariable-speed thatallowthespeed to bechanged withoutswitching offthetool. Ifyou decideto buy a usedlathe, checkthe motor,bearings,spindle

lndexinq head Enableaapindleto be rotated a preset.number of de1reeab5r hand whencarvinq flutea, reeda,and apiral turninqo on a blank. Featurea one rinq of 60 holea epaced 6" aparb around the head and another of B holea epaced45' aparL;indexinqpin ia inaerbed in a hole whencarvin7 ie bein1done and taken out to rotate apindle. Lathe muat be awitched off durin7 entire operation 5pindle nut Looeenato removeapindlefor replacinqbelta and bearinqo Headatoak epindle Threadedhollowahaft to which variouachucka are ecrewedin place; ranqea from %inch to 1% incheain diameter.Hollowis Morae-taperedto hold varioua centere with a fricbion fit

Indexing pin Fita into holea in indexina head; ineerLedto hold headatock apindle eteady and retracted to rotate

The1951s-vintage WadkinBursgreen latheisprizedfor its machiningcapacitiesand innovativefeatures,suchasa brakethat stopsspinningblanksquickly and a removable bedsegmentnearthe headstock to accommodate large-diameterfaceplatework.

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threads, andlathebedfor wear.Make surethe tool restand tailstockrun smoothlyandall lockingleverswork. Alsomakesurethatthespindlethreadis ifnot, chucks standard; undotheraccessoriesmustberethreaded to fit.


The art of woodworking wood turning  
The art of woodworking wood turning