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A-B-C-D Arbor screwchucks,23 Art objects,8 Natural-top bowls, -l.l1-.l15 SeealsoDecorative techniques Balls(designelements),69 Bandsaws: Lighting requirements,front endpaper Banksiaseedpods, 132-133 Beads(designelements),68-69 Belt sanders: Sharpeningturning tools (Shop Tifl,al Benchgrinders.SeeGrinders Blanks,13 Laminated,49,136,138-139 Mounting,23,83,84 double-sidedtape,86 faceplates, 84 glueblocks, 85, 109-110 paperjoints,85 spindleturning,49-50 SeealsoChucks Roundingblanks, 98,112 Thin blanks,63 Bowls: Finishes,83,108 Laminated,136-137 Natural-topbowls,llI SeealsoBowlturning Bowlturning, 96-97 Bases,23,82 l0l dovetailedrecesses, flatteningthe bottom, 100,114 gluejoints,ll0 Inside finishing,105-108,115 hollowing, 103-105,1 13-I 14 making a depth hole (ShopTip), 105 Natural-topbowls,I-l l-l 15 Outside finishing,102,109,115 shaping,98-99,109,113 Roundingblanks, 98,112 SeealsoBowls Boxes,J16,124-128 Build It Yourself: Bowl turning depth gauges,106 Contractionchucla, 90-91 Lathes dusthoods,29 stands.18-19

Spindleturning column-fluting routerjigs for the Iathe.76-77 handlesfor turning tools,7l Turning tools jigs, 39 gouge-sharpening handlesfor turning tooIs,back endpaper, Tl storageracks,25 Cabriolelegs,1 18-119 Calipers,27,57 Carvingtechniques,73, 75, 78 Column-fluting jigs,76-77 Centerfinders,26,27, 87 Chisels.SeeTurningtools Chucks,83,84 Arbor screwchucks.23 Collet chucks,95 Contractionchucks,90-91 Dovetailchucks,23 Jacobschucks,23, 93 Pin chucks,23,94 Screwchucks,23, 92 Scrollchucks,23,88,89,110 Spigotchucks,23 Three-waysplit-ring chucks,23, 93 Collet chucla, 95 Compasses,2T Contractionchucks,90-91 Coves(designelements),64-65 Covedshouldercuts,59 LV[nOers,5J-J)

Decorativetechniques,64, ll7, 124 Balls(designelements),69 Banksiaseedpods,132-133 Beads(designelements),66-68 Coves(designelements),64-65 Fillets(designelements),70 Finials,70,127 Flutes(designelements),73, 75,76-77 Lamination,49, ll7, 136-139 Preservingsquareshoulders (ShopTip), 59 Reeds(designelements),73, 78 Spindlecuts,58 Split.turnings,73-74 usingcompressionrings (Shop Tip),74 Taguanuts,132,133 Vases(designelements),68 Wood peginserts,-l3I SeealsoArt obiects Depthgauges,2T Dovetailchucks.23 Drive centers,24 Sharpeningdrive centers(Shop Tip),24


E-F-G-H-I End-grainturning,ll7 Goblets,l20-123 Heat-freesandingpads(Shop Tip), 125 Liddedboxes,116, 124-128 Weedpots,129-131 Faceplate turning, 7, 83 Centeringjigs center-findingjigs,87 faceplate-cent eringjigs,87 Lathespeed,/ront endpaper Mounting blanks,23,83, 84 double-sidedtape,86 faceplates, 84 glueblocks,85, 109-110 paperjoints,85 Seea/soChucks SeealsoBowl turning Fillets(designelements),70 Finials,70,127 Finishes, 79,81,83 Finishingtechniques,79 Bowl turning inside,105-108, 115 o u t s i d e1, 0 2 , 1 0 9 , 1 1 5 Sanding,79, 80 heat-freesandingpads(Shop Tip), 125 Spindleturnings,8l Flutes(designelements),73, 75 Column-fluting router jigs for the lathe,76-77 Glaser,|erry: Turning tools,2I Goblets,120-123 Gouges.SeeTurning tools Grinders, 32-33,34,35 Lightingand spacerequirements, front endpaper Wet/drygrinders,32,41 Wheels.36

I-K-L Jacobschucks,23, 93 Jigs: Bowl turning depth gauges,106 Faceplateturning center-findingjigs,87 jigs, 87 faceplate-centering Lathes dust hoodsfor the lathe.29 threadingaccessories, 23 Spindleturning column-flutingrouter jigs for thelathe,T6-77 commercialcenterfinders,26, 27 layouttools for multiple turnings (ShopTip), 72


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The art of woodworking wood turning  
The art of woodworking wood turning