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Just A Few Lines…

…Or More? A Poetry collection Selected and written by William F.

Selected Poetry The World Tree Get Up Halloween, Bach Humbug

The World is a Big Oak Tree The world is an oak tree, Sprouted and growing From the tiny seed it came from, Gripping on to the slim chance It will grow to a new world. The world is an oak tree. Green and shining leaves of culture Spread from the branches of civilization, The origin of all life, Turning colors and changing. The world is an oak tree. All new knowledge comes stored In a hard shell protecting new beginnings. Keeping them safe, Out of the danger of the world. The acorn stores knowledge.

The world is an oak tree. The leaves must fall. The dark time of winter will rule. The leaves of culture, the acorns of knowledge, Gone, with no resistance, But the branches still stand. The world is an oak tree, New culture growing. It is all fresh again. Our tree returns to normal, And it always will.

Get Up Created with inspiration from the following quote: “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.� Theodore Roosevelt

Stand up and jump to your feet. Don't be the one still down. You have obligations to meet, So don't do it with a frown. There is a place to be. It is called your life, And it is yours to be free. Do it, without inner strife. There are things to be learned, New things to be taught. When you stay still, be concerned. This is your fight to be fought. The right thing or the wrong thing, The idea is still quite the same. The worst thing is the nothing, Then your life will be maimed . If you put forth effort, People will know if you do. Then there will be an alert, And you will get the clue. Life is not won with sitting, Waiting for life to come by. Right now you should be committing, You will not let it fly.

Halloween, Bach humbug Children giggling. Clamoring up my lawn. Jumping my wrote iron fence, To reach their prize of tooth decay. Taking months of my time, To pick up their trash! Candy wrappers every were. The fun they have, Enjoying their precious holiday, Every way they can. I don't understand the joy, In making my dogs bark! Then they start to come, By the hordes they come, Tall ones and short ones, Knock on my door. Their gleaming faces, Make me throw up. Costumes in every fashion, Right on my door step. A pumpkin walking, With a little toddler inside. Monsters, most green, With slime sliding thought, Bright red veins. Oh, Halloween, How I despise you. For sure you are the most, Monstrous holiday.

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A Poetry collection Selected and written by William F. Just A Few Lines… Selected Poetry The World Tree Get Up Halloween, Bach Humbug

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