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What I Learned By Tyler M

Life is Like A Roller coaster Life is like a roller coaster, there are the slow lifts and the fast drops, the times you enjoy and the times you don't enjoy , the quick twists and the sharp turns for the unexpected and uncalled for. The thrilling loops when something crazy happens , and then it suddenly ends, just like most things come to an end during life. There are the exciting ones and the boring coasters, for the situations you want to be in or the situations you don't want to be in , the scary ones with a tall drop or too many loops when you face your fears when don't want to, even the nauseating ones, for something you don't want to do or didn't want to happen, but all in all they're both an amazing time.

Success and Work Work is what opens the door for Success to sidle on through; Work gives success the hand to get through and receive the glory. Even though the only thing success did was lift up the trophy. Work always comes through when you need him, but success never tries and just takes what work did. Work goes through the pain of losing and failing, but that isn't even in success's vocabulary. Success will never come before work in unless in the dictionary you look, For work's always first in real life; and that's what really counts--not some silly book.

What You Taught Me You inspired me to always do my best, you inspired me to leave it all on the field, you taught me that size doesn't matter and that you're never too small to do anything. You inspired me to make the difficult plays, you inspired me to come through in the clutch, you taught me that you're never too weak, and what other people say doesn't matter. You inspired me to work extra on my own, you inspired me to outwork others, you taught me that as long as you work hard nobody can stop you, and as long as you do those things you will succeed.

Picture Sources What I Learned Picture: VtgLsiI3M:&imgrefurl= 00&h=448&ei=gtSUTvKNLITi0QGP2by_Bw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=730&vpy=286&dur=2028&hovh=274&hovw=184&tx =86&ty=135&page=1&tbnh=127&tbnw=88&start=0&ndsp=18&ved=1t:429,r:9,s:0

Life is Like a Roller Coaster Picture: d=ne2JPvFeQ5CnHM:&imgrefurl=‐ gardens/&docid=e9ilRO4eJWYU5M&w=500&h=750&ei=k9CUTomiMqf10gHW7IyqBw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=453&vpy= 144&dur=206&hovh=275&hovw=183&tx=98&ty=148&sqi=2&page=1&tbnh=132&tbnw=92&start=0&ndsp=21&ved=1t: 429,r:2,s:0

Success and Work Picture: MjtOZ2M:&imgrefurl= RKM&w=192&h=240&ei=VtCUToWfHYPi0QG40Mm9Bw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=862&vpy=188&dur=914&hovh=192&h ovw=153&tx=73&ty=71&page=1&tbnh=123&tbnw=98&start=0&ndsp=27&ved=1t:429,r:6,s:0

What You Taught Me Picture:‐435.htm

Tyler M  

What I Learned By Tyler M Life is Like A Roller coaster What You Taught Me You inspired me to always do my best, you inspired me to leave it...

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