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The Mysteries Of Life

Poetry By: Rachel l.

Life is a mystery Life Is like a mystery, you don't Know where it will take you, What waits beyond the shining horizon. It could lead you Up and down, and all around, This way and that forward and back. Like a never ending see-saw ride. To one suspect and another; time after Time, again and again, going nowhere; Like running on a treadmill. Then so suddenly A Ha! You found it! The right key the right message What pulls it together, the final puzzle piece. The missing clue that ties it together For the last time bringing The case to a close. Like turning in a paper. Ending it until You find that It is not Over And then The whole Mystery Starts Again With One idea And another Leaving A trace That Falls into; A Never Ending chase.

Life is a mystery

Dreams of a many Interesting enough, Tables begin To turn, And things; Begin To fall into An empty space. Filled with; Nothingness. It starts, With a jolt. Crawling, Itching, Lurking, It Is Waiting; Its endless array Of possibilities, It stands there like a deer in the headlights, Not knowing where it will wander. It stands waiting, not knowing much more Than to stop and to go. And then eventually to wake.

Where it will be taken this time No one knows. It starts with a wild sort of white. It turns, but wait, What is it? A sound; a noise erupting from nowhere! Blank nothingness cannot produce Something of this sort. Knowing nothing is as crippling as losing Everything that you once had. The noise, now audible, Like a faint little voice talking Into your ear. Suddenly, A voice; a louder voice Calling, Screaming, Chanting, How interesting enough Something began, With a jolt; Waking, From an empty Deep sleep‌

Dreams of a many

A Toll that everyone must pay I see you But you; Don’t see Me. You don’t know When I am coming, To take. I lurk in the shadows Darkness and filled, To brim with Sorrow. To even faintly see Me would be frightening. Devastating Would be, My wrath. My wrath is as cold as ice. I stop for no one. I never take pity, I Only take, Everything.

Waiting; For the right time to spring. I take action; Upon those, Who try to defy me. They may have their thrill once But I will eventually have to Put it to an End. To experience my Power Would be , Guaranteed agony. I promise some a good As much as I promise. No promises, Ever. I always take, I take, Everything. I am the darkness, There is no light I am death.

A Toll That everyone must Pay.

Rachel L  
Rachel L  

The Mysteries Of Life Poetry By: Rachel l. Life is a mystery Life is a mystery