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Infinite Ideas By= Michael E.

The Beach The Beach recording

As you walk to the beach you taste the salty air, You hear waves crash on the shore, And water runs up the beach. Cold ocean water slaps your feet. Causing you to jump back onto the warm sand, That is white and soft as snow. It crawls through your toes, Like a mouse climbing through a hole. You look around and see sandcastles are everywhere, Some great and strong, Others have lost their battle with the ocean. Surfers in the water catching the waves as they break, Falling and tumbling like clothes in a washer. Crabs scurry along the sand avoiding the big feet. Tiny fish in the ocean zip right then left. Pelicans soar high above then dive for fish. The action fades as the sun slips silently below the waves.

Fall Fall recording

Fall, a season of many changes. Leaves of trees turn many colors, Red, yellow, orange and brown. Days get short and nights get long, Winters grip is coming along. Cool and crisp the air becomes, Morning dew creates a shimmering glow, Like a star dancing in the sky. Fall, a season of many changes, Signifying winters frosty return.

Clouds Clouds recording

They float across the sky. Sometimes racing fast as a cheetah, Other times going slow as a turtle. Some white as snow and puffy as feathers, Others are gray monsters. Clouds, they have a mind of their own. Changing‌.. going this way and that, First looking like a bird, Then transforming into a mountain Clouds‌. are such amazing things, Coming in many shapes and sizes. What do you see?

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