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Sunday is the best day of a long week, doughnut day. After skurfing a breakfast the size of a walnut, Saving room for the delicious doughnuts after church. After what seemed like days, the Mass finally ended. Trying to get out of church is trying to navigate New York City. Several minutes passed and we hadn't even moved, Years later, we got out of the church parking lot Then began the pilgrimage to Dunkin' Donuts. I was a starving dog between meals. My stomach grumbling like a bear about to attack As we are driving, all I see is red, red, and red slowing me down Red fireballs on every corner I want green, the color of go. Finally, the Dunkin' Donuts comes into view, All pink and orange hinting at sugary greatness ahead. Which round, frosted circle to pick, so many good choices I selected strawberry frosted with sprinkles like confetti. We ordered it, but they did not have it, LIARS! it was on the menu

After that injustice, I was subjected to get chocolate. Finally the best moment ever, I received my doughnut I took a bite and finished it at world record speed. How long till next Sunday?

How I long to drive on the open highway In my very own car With music blasting and wind gushing on my face Like a captain of a ship I can go where I want to go I can cross the dry deserts Or voyage snowy covered mountains If only I could drive a car. There are so many good choices for cars. A Ferrari as fast as a cheetah, A Hummer as big as a tanker. And my mom's mini-van as old as the pyramids I can't wait to push a button and have the back doors open up At least it has a DVD player in the back, for all passengers When I drive a car, The sky and the gas tank are my only limits.

Michael Cr