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My World

By: Layne W.

Perfectly Imperfect Audio for poem I may not be the smartest The coolest The tallest The fastest The bravest The most athletic, Or the most perfect person in the world, But at least I am me, True to myself, I may not be the prettiest The funniest The skinniest The craziest The most creative, Or the most lively person in the world, But at least I am me, True to myself, I'm Perfectly Imperfect, And that's just the way I like it.

Focused Audio for poem The sun glared at me, As hot as a stove on its highest setting. All I could think about was winning. So much was happening around me that I didn’t even notice; The people walking, Talking, And whispering, The kids playing, Yelling, And watching, The other horses Sitting still like perfect angels. I noticed none of this, I heard no noises And saw no distractions I just sat there with good posture and waited for the judges results. Just waiting, And Waiting, And waiting‌

A Kid in the candy store Audio for poem I walked down the street, Glancing into the store windows. Nothing looked like any fun, Then I saw that magical place. Every color looked down at me from the window Like a big beautiful rainbow, I rushed inside to see shelves Bowls Buckets And bags, All holding different types of candy. There were Jolly ranchers Snickers Gummy bears Chocolate bars Nerds Twizzlers Mints starbursts And lollipops of every kind, All As sweet as they could be. All the candy smiled down at me saying "Pick me! ME! I'm the sweetest and the yummiest! Pick ME!" So I grabbed the largest bag they had And I filled it up to the top, the candy rolled and tumbled into my bag. I went up to the man at the counter. I sat my giant heavy bag down.

Then I looked at the man, Who was As tall as an oak tree, And As sweet as candy. I gave him my money He gave me my change. I smiled at him, He smiled back. I ran outside and Stuffed my face with candy, And I was just like that kid in the candy store.

Citations World picture: Gumball Picture

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