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Friends are like bubblegum Friends are like bubblegum. Each flavor is unique, Some may be smart and some may be funny. Your favorite might be watermelon, mango or peach, But every flavor is good. The flavor comes out slowly at first, When you start to get to know them, A bit of taste is in your mouth, Which brings a hello in the halls, Once in a while. The flavor is getting stronger. You start to hang out more, The great taste is lovable. You like each other, More and more. The flavor is staying the same. Being more comfortable with each other, The flavor does not change. Friendship grows stronger, Friends turn into best friends. The gum is getting harder and harder to chew. There are some hard times, The flavor dies away. There are some challenges, Fights and disagreements might occur. Then the gum goes into the trash. A change might have happened, But the flavor still stays in your mouth. She might have moved away

Candy Canes Candy cane, candy cane Red and white Like a hook with swirly stripes Candy cane, candy cane Red and white Hanging from the tree All shiny and bright Candy cane, candy cane Red and white Placed in someone’s Watering mouth Candy cane, candy cane Red and white Licking with pleasure Yum, yum, yum Candy cane, candy cane Red and white The red stripes are gone Now it’s white Candy cane candy cane Red and white The teeth comes down Crunch, crunch, crunch Candy cane, candy cane Red and white Perfect for Christmas Yum, yum, yum!

Costumes Costumes, costumes What should I be? A snowman, angel or a bumble bee?

Costumes, costumes Which would get the most candy? A pirate, zombie or a scary ghost?

Costumes, costumes Where should I buy it? Wal-Mart, Target or Amazon?

Costumes, costumes When would it arrive? Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday?

Costumes, costumes When should I where it? Today, tomorrow‌.NO! Halloween Ntight!