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Random thoughts

A poetry collection by Kaelin R.

The ocean Under the clear blue water, Abandoned shells break apart. Children kick up the sand, Making a cloud of thick dirt Fish scramble, As if they were looking for a lost friend Coral reefs glow with vibrant colors, They act as glow sticks, Illuminating the dark sea. The sea weed wraps itself around your toes Plastic bottles float without a fight along with the current Jelly fish lifelessly float, Like ice cubes in water. Sail boats glide steadily and smoothly. With sails full of air they cut the water like butter.


Good Bye I just got to know you. Why does good bye have to come so soon? The busses growl in the night air. The air is sticky but warm Crowds of people huddled together, Tears swell in their eyes They don’t want to leave Neither do I. A quick hug and a wave Is this the last time I will see you? you have boarded the bus Is this good bye forever? Or just for now? As I walk away I look back, You have too. Slowly turning I force my feet to keep moving And I drive away, Wondering when we will meet again.

Abandoned A car sharply pulled away Screeching, it yells for her to run toward it, To be with her family again. Waiting in the brisk cold air, she stands. Fog surrounds her like swarm of bees. The winding grass sways beneath her. It sends streaks of cold, rolling chills down her back. The sun is setting, making the clouds look like pink marshmallows. But everything appears grey, black, or white. Sprinting in the direction the car took off, she went. Tears filled her eyes. Soon they were in streams washing down her face. She was alone.


A poetry collection by Kaelin R. The ocean h Good Bye Abandoned