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Rhyme and Reason By: Anna G

A Halloween Carol Whatever did happen to All Hallows Eve? Horror and fear whispered in the air, like the sounds of old spirits. Men and women paraded the streets in guises of frightening monsters, scaring evil off. Children huddled in dark corners, silent as mice, for fear that the quietest sound will awaken their worst nightmare. Drums beat the air, like the thrumming of heart. Fight or flight, it asks. No treating, only tricking. Not for the faint of heart, Hallows Eve held no prisoners. What has happened to old Hallows Eve? Halloween they call it, a happy holiday. Children laugh and talk instead of shivering in fear as they should. Princesses and angels, Spidermen and Supermen, ostriches and bananas go door to door. Candy is given out and giggles contaminate the air, like toxic gas, it does kill me. This holiday is blasphemy! Oh, whatever did happen to All Hallows Eve?

Laughing Disease "HAHA!" Don't laugh! If you smile you'll start, the laughing contagion, only death do it part. You say "HAHA!", in a silly way, you try not to laugh, until someone does say‌ "HAHA!" and you smile, your friends start to giggle, someone else is coughing you all start to wriggle. Someone starts to laugh, and then they crack up, "HAHA!" you snort, and you all give up. Our mouths are all sore, and our stomachs feel pain, then someone suggests, Lets play "HAHA!" again!

For the Fairest Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera divine. Three goddesses stood All cunning and fine. Yet they did not know, what they would destroy, a thousand ships lost and the great fall of Troy. Athena stood regal, towering and proud,. She gave to olive to Athens, the citizens did bow. Medusa the gorgon, Athena did make. All her charm and beauty, Athena did take. She had the wisdom of an owl, with the wrath of a man. No reckless decisions made, for she always had a plan. Next to her stood Hera, queen of the world, towards heroes of Zeus, her anger unfurled. Hephaestus the cripple, she cast from the sky, for the wishes of her husband, she wished to defy. Her temper unstable, her anger like fire, against Olympians she often conspired. And last but not least, the one born from the sea, and the blood of Ouranus was Aphrodite.

The goddess of beauty, lovers did praise playing on feelings, those were her ways. With arrows gold and arrows of lead Always crossing the line, chaos he did spread Amongst the three goddesses Eros did throw, an apple for the fairest. Then away he tiptoed. The three goddesses stood, in judgment of Paris, who deserved the apple, meant for the fairest. Athena promised success, Hera promised gold, Aphrodite promised the hand, the most love man could behold. And so the hand of Helen, The foolish Paris did take, setting into motion Troy's great and terrible fate. And mortals now you know, what vanity can destroy, a contest of the fairest would lead to the fall of Troy.

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Anna G  

Rhyme and Reason By: Anna G What has happened to old Hallows Eve? Halloween they call it, a happy holiday. Children laugh and talk instead o...

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