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Questions of Life and Living

Eyes By Abigail A What do you see in my eyes? Do you see an artist Ready to paint a brighter future, Do you see a dancer Poised to leap and twirl, Do you see a singer Letting note after note fly over the world, Do you see a musician Forming each tone like a shining jewel? When you look inside my eyes Do you see a pool of water Deep, dark, untouched Do you see an ocean Thriving, pounding, pulsing Do you see a river Rejoicing, crackling, refreshing Do you see a spring rain Trickling, laughing, reviving What do you see in my eyes What do you see?

“Eyeball Face” By Abigail A

Sleep By Abigail A What is that silent oblivion That we fly to on our wings of sleep? Is it a warm ocean With hugging waters pulling you gently away, Is it a sugar coated land Scattered with sweets Like dew on morning grass? Is your dream land a hill Where you sit and watch the clouds dance by? Or is sleep a fiery dragon, Waiting to burn and torture you Leaving you with nothing but scars? Do dreams house a million buzzing pests, Swarming you and bit by bit stealing your life? Is your pillow a prison Waiting to bind you to it's surface, And whisper terrifying secrets into your ear? Perhaps your sleep is nothing, A place without time and space Like a much loved pine tree clearing. Perhaps it is an escape, A riverside path that only you know. Perhaps when you enter a dream, You become your true self.

“Quiet Girl” By Abigail A

A Dog's Meaning By Abigail A What is the life of a dog? Is it a delicate flower? Raising its face to the sun Spreading gorgeous petals, Giving beauty to all around it, Until it is stretched to its extent… And, tired and much loved, It sinks to the ground Is a dog's life a summer day? Starting fresh, with morning dew And that smell that cannot be described, Thriving and joyous, Carefree and untroubled, Fresh and inspiring, Until the sun sets… And all is quiet again Perhaps it is a sweet kiss on the cheek? Full of love and aspirations, Dreams of the future, Regrets from the past, Hopes for another day. Beautiful and glowing with passion, Soft, yet the strongest thing on earth… Until it is stolen, and only memories remain

“Flower” By Abigail A

"Black Cats and Witches" By Abigail A What shadow, Black and looming like a slow death, Peeks from behind the door? What eyes, Cold and dark as a moonless night, Follow my trembling movements? What hair, Broomstick stalks, tangled and stiff Hides the face under the skyscraper hat? What hand, Bony and shriveling, Stretches to grasp my clothes? What shriek, A blood curdling and bone-shaking meow, Pierces the cool night air? What face, Marred and deformed, neither beast nor human, Leans slowly over my bed?!?

Abigail A  

Questions of Life and Living Eyes By Abigail A What do you see in my eyes What do you see? When you look inside my eyes Do you see a pool of...