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Sydney Capoeira Newsletter //September 2012 Issue #4

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Treasure the friendships and the bonds you have with your camara in your capoeira journeys, us as individuals when outside of the academy, come into training, we sweat together, frustrated together, work hard together, fall down and pick each other back up. We as a unique community understand that without capoeira we may never meet or know each other, and what a shame that would be. Capoeiristas would all agree that their closest and trustworthy friends are mostly like capoeira friends and on facebook 1/3 of the friendlist are capoeira friends. Never underestimate what capoeira can bring into your life, your health and your beliefs, also never your past because your future is based upon your history. Enjoy your magazine! Mestre Peixe

Page 7 Beginner Course Promotion

All Photographic Documents are belong to Mestre Peixe’s Archive.

Mestra Jo is BACK FOR MORE! Come train and learn from Mestra Jo one last time before she returns to Hong Kong! Date : Location: Ave Cost : Time :

Saturday 28th September Level 3 16-22 Wentworth Darlinghurst NSW 2010 $30 12PM - 3PM

Capoeira and Cars Capoeira and High Performance Cars are very similar in many ways, power and strength is neccesary but they are the inner quality that support and boost performance, the exteriors of both capoeira and cars are about qualities such as elegance, noble, fluidity, balance and beauty. Capoeira and High Performance Cars are both beautiful creations of men, forever changing, forever improving and forever aiming to perfection in performance and aesthetic. In 2007 Mestre Peixe’s Team performance for the new realse of Ferrari Fuego, the only rule was “you allow to kick but must not scratch the car!”

CapoeiraMobile The first CapoeiraMobile was same model in red from 1999 untill 2004. The 2nd CapoeiraMobile was in service from 2004 to 2008, many well known, famous masters have been travel in this CapoeiraMobile, they love the idea of advertising Capoeira. Mestre Peixe’s CapoeiraMobile vision has been adopted by masters around the world such as Mestre Boneco, Mestre Canelao.

New Caledonia Capoeira Festival

New Caledonia Capoeira Festival was, yet again, a big success. Congratulation to Professor Javali and Instructor Cheire’s achivements and their love, passion and contribution to capoeira and the vaule of capoeira he spreads to the public and his community. Congratulations to all the new belts from Team Javali - Mestre Peixe.

Capoeira Events Calendar 25th-30th 13th-21st September October

13th October

Mestre Boneco Event

Professor Uakari Event

Roda of The Month

2012 International Batizado and Festival LA, USA

2012 10th Annual Capoeira Festival Professor Fominha Brookvale Townsville QLD Academy

Mestre Boneco will be helding annual batizado and festival with many international and national masters.

Professor Uakari will be helding annual Capoeira Festival in Townsville with Mestre Peixe, Mestra Meirelou and many more other amazing guests.

Time: 11:00AM - 1:00PM Address: 7/505 Pittwater Road Brookvale Abada with white or last grading shirt. Lunch at Brazuca afterward

Date: Location:

Capoeira Drummers Parade: Friday 5th Oct & 19th Oct 6PM & 7PM Roving Cockle Bay Wharf

Date: Location:

Capoeira Brasil Stage Performance: Saturday 6th Oct 3:00-3:15PM Tumbalong Park Stage

Date: Location:

Fiesta Carnvale Parade Saturday 6th Oct 6:30PM Parade Leaves at Tumbalong Park

We encourage all students come and be part of the ďŹ esta performance! Please wear white or last grading shirt and abada!

Special Capoeira Beginner Course Promotion! Join with a friend and pay for one $120 - 4 weeks unlimited classes + unlimited gym access

ENROL NOW! Tel: 8205 7615

Level 3, 16-22Wentworth Ave Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Beginner Course Starts EVERYDAY 6PM

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Sydney Capoeira Newsletter September  

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