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==== ==== Eat Healthy Chocolate and Lose Weight! Diabetic Friendly. ==== ====

Xocai chocolate is a new kid on the block of network marketing, and many people are wondering whether it is a good opportunity or not. After all, anyone who thinks about investing their time and money into a home based business will want to first make sure they are making a positive choice. When thinking about this business, consider the pros and cons of both consuming and selling this dark chocolate product. Pro: Chocolate is a product that nearly everyone loves. If you fit into that category, you will get the pleasure of eating something you enjoy every day. You will also get a chance to share this tasty treat with friends and relatives who decide to get the dark chocolate from you. Con: Your friends and relatives might ask you to give them chocolate for free because of your relationship. You might be put into the position of having to explain that you can give out samples of the chocolate, but you cannot give an endless supply to everyone. Pro: You will be selling a product in the wellness category, which is booming now. Dark chocolate has many health benefits that people are looking for these days. When you sell a wellness product like this, you can reach many people who are looking for help with their physical problems. The demand for your product will be great. Con: You will have to learn the benefits of this product, which combines dark chocolate with the acai berry. The list is very long, and it might take a bit of study to understand them all. If you are not willing to study the information and research, you might not be able to sell it to your best capability. Pro: People are interested these days in natural products with minimal processing. The dark chocolate in this product is processed in a cold system rather than a hot one, which allows it to retain all its antioxidant benefits. Con:

If you do not like chocolate, you will probably have to find someone else to give or sell your share of the chocolate to. Otherwise, it will go to waste. This home based business is much more appealing to people who like chocolate. Pro: The 3 in 3 system of network marketing used in the company lets you get the chocolate you want. You can earn the amount of chocolate you will consume by signing up 3 people as affiliates in 3 weeks. Con: If you are not outgoing and do not have the ability to make social connections easily, you will probably have trouble signing up affiliates to pay for your chocolate or grow your business. Social skills can be nurtured, but it is much easier if they are already present. Pro: Dark chocolate that is not hot processed is helpful with losing weight, lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol, and improving heart health in general. This is good for both you as a consumer and for the people you share the product with as affiliates or associates. Con: There is very little information on how much of this chocolate is too much to consume, and affiliates may not know or want to tell you. If you are a compulsive eater, you might find it easy to eat a lot of the chocolate. Pro: The good thing is that healthy unprocessed chocolate actually suppresses appetite, so you are much less likely to eat too much than you would be with standard name brand or store brand chocolates. You would certainly not eat healthy chocolate because of the kind of extreme food cravings you get from regular chocolate. Con: The price is not as inexpensive as a candy bar at your local convenience store. Therefore, sometimes you will have your work cut out for you trying to explain to people why they should pay more for healthy unprocessed chocolate. Pro: The product you are getting is worth so much more than a highly processed chocolate candy bar filled with excess sugars and fats that this product does not contain. If prospective affiliates have any reservations, you can point them to research on the subject that bears out the physical benefits of healthy chocolate.

As with most activities, there are going to be some upsides and downsides to selling any product. It is always a good idea to consider the negatives and how you will deal with them. With Xocai chocolate, many of the cons are minor nuisances that would come with just about any business. The main parts of the business that make this product unique fall on the pro side almost exclusively.

Xocai Chocolate is a healthy food with amazingly high antioxidant levels. The home based business opportunity associated with this product offers the chance to earn a constant personal supply of the chocolate, and to earn an income as well. To learn more about this amazing product and opportunity, visit Wellness With Chocolate.

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==== ==== Eat Healthy Chocolate and Lose Weight! Diabetic Friendly. ==== ====

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Eat Chocolate and improve your overall well being? Finally a chocolate you can eat and not feel guilt.