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Super Secret Zombie Attack Plan! When? Wednesday, July 6 2011 8pm Where? Meet behind New Moon Cafe in the Chinese District Parking Lot General Plan: zombies will invade Commercial St. outside of Mekka and be driven away by the steampunk monster hunters (The A.E.T.H.E.R. Brigade)! Who is involved? Zombies – That's probably you! Follow your designated Zombie Lord. Zombie Lord – The arbitrary person in charge of coordinating zombies. Steampunk Monster Hunters – The A.E.T.H.E.R. Brigade will drive the zombies away. Plants – People who are sent in to hang out in front of Mekka to be “attacked”. (You?) The Unsuspecting Public – People love this shit, and they will have fun with it, but don't REALLY Attack them, okay?

Plan Break Down: 1. Meet at Point A in the parking lot. 2. Eat pizza and get zombified by makeup artists! 3. The steampunk monster hunters and plants will get into place(Plants at Point B, monster Hunters, Point C). 4. Zombie Lord gets calls from all parties to make sure that they are in place and sends out a message that the attack is beginning. 5. Zombies attack street in front of Mekka, bloddying Plants. 6. Monster Hunters counterattack and drive zombies back* up Commercial St., across Pine Street and up Broad Street. 7. On Broad Stree, in front of McGee's (Point D) the device the monster hunters are using to herd the zombies will fail briefly. 8. Continue back to Parking Lot (Point A).

The Omicron Wavelength Projecticator: drives zombies back (when it works)*

*The zombies are driven back by the A.E.T.H.E.R. Brigade's Omicron Wavelength Projecticator. The quick version of how this works: This device (pictured below) interferes with the zombies' sixth sense that allows them to detect humans through walls even, convincing them that an entire area tastes really bad.

Zombie Attack Plan  

how to assault Nevada City as an undead horde.