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Accountability and Relationships Implementing the decisions and policies of, and reporting to, the Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NPHC) Management responsibility for all Operational and Executive staff. The list of duties is not to be regarded as exclusive or exhaustive. There will be other duties and requirements associated with the post and you may be required to undertake such other duties as may be reasonably required of you. Overview of Role 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

To implement all decisions and plans approved by NPHC Safe and legal operation of NPHC in compliance with current legislation. Planning and researching and informing on future strategy. Ensuring best use of operational resources within financial constraints. Overall responsibility for Health & Safety and Port Security. Provision of leadership and responsibility for developing effective working practices. Compliance with environmental legislation. The enhancement of external communication, customer services and partnership working. Responsible for the continuing development and training of staff.

Key duties and Major responsibilities 1. Legislation To maintain the governance of NPHC in accordance with statutory requirements, government guidelines and policies, the Port Marine Safety Code and the local Bylaws. To maintain current knowledge of government, regional and local legislation, policies and to ensure compliance. In conjunction with the Executive Staff, to oversee legal and contractual issues that arises from the management of NPHC and to seek professional advice where appropriate.

2. Management To proactively contribute to, and inform on, future developments and the strategic policy of NPHC. To be responsible for submitting reports, advising and briefing the Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners’ Board (NPHC). To implement and manage all NPHC’s policies, including the licensing of commercial and passenger craft and their operators. To manage the provision of a pilotage service. To manage the leisure use of the port and in particular, the Moorings policy. To ensure that all policies and procedures are in place to support efficient operational management. To manage change and projects effectively. In conjunction with the Executive Staff to prepare and submit to NPHC a 5 year business plan and update annually. 3

Budget and Resources

In conjunction with Executive Staff to ensure that the financial procedures and practices of NPHC comply with agreed policies and the highest standards. In conjunction with the Executive Staff to identify and report on opportunities to further improve NPHC’s financial performance. In conjunction with Executive Staff to submit a monthly and annual budget report to NPHC. To manage equipment maintenance. To manage procurement, replacement and control of NPHC’s assets. 4

Port Security and Health & Safety

To be responsible for the preparation of Port Security plans and exercises. To ensure compliance with government legislation. To have overall responsibility for Health & Safety of the workforce and NPHC’s fishing port users.



In conjunction with Executive Staff to ensure compliance with employment legislation. In conjunction with the Executive Staff to be responsible for the selection and appointment of Newlyn & Pier Harbour Commissioners’ staff. To ensure that staff are well trained and motivated and to be responsible for their supervision, instruction, development and discipline. In conjunction with Executive Staff to ensure that all staff are suitable qualified and certified for tasks undertaken. 6


To ensure that NPHC meets all its environmental obligations. To be responsible for the preparation and delivery of a proactive plan for waste management. To liaise with external bodies, Environment Agency, AONB etc to ensure knowledge of and compliance with new policies and legislation. 7


Responsibility for all internal and external communications as delegated by NPHC To build strong proactive and transparent relationships with NPHC’s stakeholder groups. To consult with external parties and monitor and evaluate responses to the development of new policy. To develop excellent relationships with all harbour users, local businesses, partner and professional organizations and other external bodies relevant to the management of the Newlyn & Pier Harbour Commissioners. To represent the interest of NPHC with local, regional and national bodies. 8

Personal Professional Development (CPD)

To ensure that personal technical competencies are maintained. To commit to further CPD as new Standards are introduced. To undertake further training as is required by NPHC. To network with other harbours and ports and professional bodies to ensure up to date knowledge of current trends within the industry.


Job Descriptions

This is a description of the job as it is constituted at January 2012. It is the practice of NPHC to periodically review Job Descriptions to ensure that they relate to the job as being performed or to incorporate whatever changes may be necessary. It is NPHC’s aim to reach agreement to such reasonable changes with the post holder but if agreement is not possible, NPHC reserves the right to insist on changes to the Job Description after consultation with the post holder.






ESSENTIAL Relevant experience in delivering Customer Services. Associated document-handling experience. Experience of boat handling and mooring of craft. Knowledge and ability to draw up emergency contingency plan for the port. Excellent communication skills. Knowledge of Health & Safety in a fishing port. Flexible attitude and approach to work. The ability to work well under pressure. Ability to work as part of a successful team, and be a team player. Ability to work independently and use initiative but within a team environment. Ability to accept changing priorities and handle interruptions. A commitment to equality and diversity in employment. Experience as Ship’s Master normally expected (MCA STCW II/2) or Marine Pilot apprenticeship scheme Diploma in Port Management (National Executive Staff Training Centre, Lloyd's Maritime Academy, Informa Maritime & Transport) Harbour Master Certificate Scheme (Nautical Institute) Management Certificate and Diploma Scheme (Nautical Institute) VHF Marine restricted licence An appropriate First Aid Qualification Firefighting certificate Must be physically fit as an element of manual work is required. Full Driving Licence


A good knowledge of local tides and inshore conditions. Executive Staff Survival Certificate

Harbour Master job description  

Implementing the decisions and policies of, and reporting to, the Newlyn Pier & Harbour Commissioners (NPHC) Management responsibility for a...