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Citizen Advisory Committee 7:00 PM, Wednesday, July 18, 2018 – Capitol Region Watershed District 1410 Energy Park Drive, Suite 4, Saint Paul, MN 55108 Agenda

Materials Enclosed



Welcome, Announcements and Updates – Introductions



Public Comment for issues not on the Agenda (3 minutes per person)



Approval of the Agenda



Approval of Minutes A) Approval of the May 9, 2018 Minutes



District Initiatives for Review, Comment and Recommendations A) Water Stewardship in Frogtown - Patricia Ohmans, Frogtown Green B) 2017-2018 GreenCorps Member Activities and Accomplishments (Yang) C) Diversity Strategic Plan Presentation (Doneux)



CAC Initiatives A) Service-Learning Student update (Swanson)



Project and Program Updates A) Building Update (Doneux) B) 2019 Budget Update (Doneux) C) Como Lake Management Plan Update (Belden) D) Strategic and Water Management Plan Update (Doneux)


VIII) CAC Observer Update



Discussion A) New & Old Issues B) CAC Observer for July 25 and August 1, 2018 Board of Managers Meetings D) 2018 Agenda Plan




Our mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District.

Citizen Advisory Committee Meeting Wednesday, May 9, 2018 – 7:00 p.m.

CAC Members Present: Pat Cavanaugh Richard Weil Nicole Soderholm Tom Elko Mary Lilly Steve Duerre Bob Simonet Gwen Willems Bill Barton

Others Present: Bob Fossum, CRWD Belinda Gardner, CRWD Forrest Kelley, CRWD Lindsay Schwantes, CRWD Joe Sellner, CRWD Rick Sanders, Board of Managers Jenny Eckman, Parkview Elementary Jess Kreager, Parkview Elementary

Members absent: Mike MacDonald, w notice Michelle Ulrich, w/ notice David Arbeit, w/notice Kathryn Swanson, w/notice

I. Welcome, Announcements, and Updates Mr. Duerre opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Mr. Duerre asked for any announcements or updates and introductions. Ms. Willems mentioned a good article and activity getting kids involved in learning about watersheds with Legos and passed around the article. Ms. Gardner announced the CRWD groundbreaking event for the 595 Aldine building will be held on May 22nd at 11:30 am. III. Approval of Agenda CAC 18-016 Motion: To approve the CAC May 9, 2018 agenda. Willems/Weil Unanimously approved IV. Approval of Minutes A) April 11, 2018 CAC Meeting Minutes 1

CAC 18-017 Motion: To approve the April 11, 2018 minutes as amended. Simonet/Weil Unanimously approved

V. District Initiatives for Review, Comment, and Recommendations A) Parkview Water Project, Jenny Eckman, Parkview Elementary School Ms. Schwantes introduced Jenny Eckman who is a science teacher at Parkview Elementary. The Parkview Water Project is a water resource education program designed to target elementary school age students at Parkview Elementary. The program goals are to permanently provide education resources to elementary students at Parkview Elementary. The program is in the second year of the grant. Students in grades 1-3 work with an artist in residence. Mr. Simonet asked if the students are learning about other aspects such as food chains and ecology. Ms. Eckman replied that the students are learning about forestry, succession and the food chain. The CAC thanked Ms. Eckman for their presentation. VI. CAC Initiatives A) 2018 Student Learner Program Update (Soderholm) Ms. Soderholm stated that the student learner has been unreachable, so they will make contact with his instructor and update the group next month. B)

2018 Tour Draft Itinerary

Mr. Fossum reviewed the tour itinerary. VII. Project and Program Updates A) Building Update (Doneux) Mr. Fossum provided a brief update on the building. B) 2018 Rules Revision Update (Kelley) CRWD and RWMWD staff met in December of 2017 to discuss potential regulatory topics to consider for rule amendments in 2018. There will be a number of administrative updates to ensure consistency with CRWD’s MS4 permit and the upcoming NPDES Construction General Permit re-issue. Mr. Kelley reviewed the draft 2018 Rules work plan. The CAC thanked Mr. Kelley for his update. C) Como Lake Management Plan Update (Fossum) Mr. Fossum provided an update and presented the Scope of Work for the Como Lake Management Plan. The Como Lake Management Plan scope of work includes the development of a Stakeholder Engagement “Our mission is to protect, manage, and improve the water resources of the Capitol Region Watershed District.”


Plan. This component is intended to engage the public in the planning process for Como Lake and assist in developing goals and expectations. The Engagement Plan will include public workshops and the formation of a Public Advisory Group. Staff are seeking designation of at least two members of the CRWD Citizen Advisory Committee to be directly involved in the 2018 Como Lake Management Plan development process. This commitment will include attending public outreach events and other assistance between events yet to be determined. The CAC, as a whole, will be provided regular updates and input opportunities throughout the planning process at regularly scheduled meetings. D) CRWD History Study Update (Cavanaugh) Ms. Cavanugh provided a brief History Study update. The next phase includes reviewing documents and producing a written narrative from which the Bluestem Heritage Group will take the narrative and make a brochure for the District’s 20th Anniversary. E) McCarrons AIS Plan Aquatic invasive species continue to be a concern and potential threat to all lakes in CRWD. As the only lake with a public boat launch, Lake McCarrons is likely the most prone to introduction of aquatic invasive species. District staff have worked with Wenck Associates and District partners to develop a draft Lake McCarrons AIS plan (enclosed). Mr. Sellner reviewed the draft plan with the CAC. Ms. Willems commented Lake Association members asked about flexibility and budget. Mr. Fossum replied that the District has a budget. Mr. Simonet asked about the projected threats. Mr. Sellner replied Zebra Mussels is one of the threats. Ms. Cavaunugh asked about Lake McCarrons before invasive plants. Mr. Duerre asked about treatment options. Mr. Elko asked about an example of an established species. Mr. Barton commented that the reliance on inspection is a waste of time, the solution is having a dual system for licensing and boat inspections and asked what authority do we have as an organization. Ms. Willems mentioned that Ramsey Washingotn has a program that educates the public. The CAC thanked Mr. Sellner for his presentation.

VIII. CAC Observer Update Mr. Weil provided an update from the last Board Meeting. IX. Discussion a. New & Old Issues b. CAC observer for May 16, 2018 and June 6, 2018 Board of Managers Meeting c. 2018 Agenda Plan A) New & Old issues Mr. Barton asked about the St. Catherine’s parking lot project. Mr. Fossum will review the information with Mr. Kelley and provide an update at a future meeting. B) CAC Observer for the Board of Managers Meetings May 16, 2018 and June 6, 2018 Ms. Cavanaugh volunteered for May 16nd. C) 2018 Agenda Plan Mr. Duerre read the 2018 agenda plan. Reminded CAC about CAC tour next month. “Our mission is to protect, manage, and improve the water resources of the Capitol Region Watershed District.”


X. Adjourn CAC 18-018 Motion: To adjourn the May 9, 2018 CAC Meeting. Soderholm/Weil Unanimously approved The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM. Respectfully submitted, Belinda Gardner W:\05 Citizen Advisory Committee\Minutes\2018\May 9, 2018 Draft Minutes.doc

“Our mission is to protect, manage, and improve the water resources of the Capitol Region Watershed District.�


Diversity Strategic Planning In 2010, CRWD’s Board of Managers developed the following diversity statement. “The Capitol Region Watershed District embraces and values diversity and seeks to recruit, promote and retain employees that reflect the community we serve. We believe that a diverse mix of employees enrich the workplace and enhance the quality of our service. The Capitol Region Watershed District encourages all qualified to apply for open positions.” In 2016, the Board directed staff to begin developing a Diversity Plan and to initiate a request for qualifications to hire a consultant to guide the District through the process. A Diversity Committee was developed comprised of Managers Joe Collins and Seitu Jones, CAC member Pat Cavanaugh and staff member Mark Doneux. Jessica Bromelkamp joined the Committee in 2017 to help coordinate plan development and review. The Diversity Committee conducted interviews and hired Val Jensen of Azon Consulting to develop a Diversity Plan in January 2017. As part of this process, Azon Consulting conducted interviews of key Board, CAC and staff to establish a baseline of knowledge and level of cultural competency. Azon also reviewed reports, assessments and the 2010 Watershed Management Plan to better understand CRWD’s mission, vision and values and how they relate to diversity and inclusion efforts. The Diversity Committee drafted the following goals to guide CRWD in the planning process. 1) CRWD and its service providers should reflect the racial, gender and cultural demographics of the watershed and City of St. Paul. 2) Understand and incorporate cultural perspectives on water and government. 3) Create opportunities for people of color in the environmental/water resources profession through training and recruitment. 4) Consider equity and equality as a means to achieve diversity. 5) Use water management as a tool to help address local and community concerns. In September 2017, Val Jenson of Azon Consulting worked closely with staff and the Diversity Committee to refine the draft CRWD Summary & Findings and Diversity Strategic Plan prior to presenting both documents to the Board, CAC and staff. The Board accepted receipt of the Summary & Findings and Diversity Strategic Plan and directed staff to adapt the plan for implementation in October 2017. Mark Doneux and Jessica Bromelkamp met with the District’s Division Managers to discuss and refine the draft 2018-2020 Diversity Strategic Plan. Their recommendations were shared with the Diversity Committee for review and comment on April 18 and May 8, 2018. The Committee’s recommendations have been incorporated into the present version of the draft plan. Enc: 2018-2020 Draft Diversity Strategic Plan

Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) 2018-2020 Diversity Strategic Plan Value: Capitol Region Watershed District values diversity and inclusion and can achieve cleaner waters through engagement across communities.



1. Expand CRWD’s internal awareness of the opportunities and challenges related to creating a more diverse and inclusive environment.

2. Deepen relationships with many communities in CRWD by increasing outreach.

3. Increase organizational diversity and inclusion efforts by increasing recruitment of candidates who truly represent our district for staff, CAC and service providers.

4. Be a Leader in Diversity and Inclusion.

Innovation We will be innovative in our approaches to communities who truly represent our district.

Action Steps


Open We will be open to the challenges our community presents as it relates to diversity and inclusion.

Passion We will approach our efforts of inclusion with the same level of passion as water resource protection.

Indicators of Success


a) Create safe spaces and opportunities to explore and understand unconscious a) Attend 1-2 workshops or cultural experiences annually. bias and increase cultural competency.

2018-2020, ongoing

b) Institutionalize regular reviews of progress made implementing the Diversity Strategic Plan and share with CRWD’s staff, Board and CAC.

b) Provide regular Diversity Strategic Plan updates at CAC, Board and staff meetings

2018-2020, semi-annual

a) Learn more about the primary audiences CRWD serves.

a) Use local data and meet with cultural groups and community leaders to identify CRWD’s primary audiences.


b) Identify three underserved 1 communities to focus engagement and communications work.

b) Identify three underserved communities.


c) Create and implement an outreach plan which includes community engagement focused on building long-term, sustainable relationships.

c) Implement an outreach plan for 2 underserved communities with guidance from members of the community.

2019-2020, ongoing

d) Create and implement a communications plan which includes materials that are culturally appropriate.

d) Implement a communications plan for 2 underserved communities with guidance from members of the community.

2019-2020, ongoing

a) Identify and engage organizations and schools working with youth of color and underserved communities to encourage them to enter the environmental field.

a) Review past and current CRWD grantees and identify opportunities to engage youth of color in the work of the District.


b) Research and ensure best practices in hiring. b) Identify professional organizations working with people of color and attend their recruitment events.


c) Engage community leaders and organizations to invite participation on the CAC.

2018-2020, ongoing

d) Develop and implement best practices to increase contracting with Targeted Group/Economically Disadvantaged/Veteran Owned Small Businesses.

d) Utilize existing lists of Targeted Group/Economically Disadvantaged/Veteran-Owned Small Businesses 2 to share contracting opportunities with.

2018-2020, ongoing

a) Partner with other organizations exploring and implementing diversity and inclusion efforts.

a) Develop of list of diversity and inclusion partners.


b) Create a leadership forum focused on sharing diversity and inclusion work with other watershed districts and partners.

a) Host semi-annual diversity and inclusion workshops for watershed districts, conservation agencies and environmental non-profit organizations.

2018-2020, ongoing

b) Promote CRWD’s values at a variety of forums.

2018-2020, ongoing

b) Identify and implement best practices in hiring staff to ensure an inclusive process and diverse pool of candidates. c) Outline and conduct recruitment efforts for the CAC in communities of color.

c) Advocate for diversity and inclusion.


Collaboration We will continue to collaborate across differences.


Underserved can be defined as communities where Capitol Region Watershed District has less presence. According to the MN Office of State Procurement.


2019 Capitol Region Watershed Budget

First Draft 2019 Budget July 12, 2018

Fund # Fund Name

Project #

Project Name

101-19790 101-19976

General Administration 1736 Thomas Operations Administrative Allocation

Priority / Comment

Date Printed

2019 Project Budget

Project Description

2019 Fund Total



Critical Critical Ongoing

General Admin. of Operations for CRWD General Operations for 1736 Thomas Annual Cost Allocation to Project and Programs


660,840 61,200 (284,700) $












PROGRAMS 201 207




Groundwater Rulemaking/Rule Revisions


Stewardship Grants

Monitoring and Data Collection


Groundwater Protection - Well Sealing



Evaluate Rules Hold TAC Meetings


208-19000 208-19101 208-19102 208-19103

District Permit Program Permit Tracking and Database Management Construction Inspection Closure & Post Construction Inspection

Critical Critical Critical Critical

210-19143 210-19144 210-18145

Stewardship Grants Partner Grants Inspiring Communities Program

Important Important Important

Provide grant reimbursements for well sealing



Conduct TAC process to update Rules




187,640 14,150 147,250 34,550


412,650 124,300 20,490


Continue Implementing District Permit Program Track and Manage Database for Permit Program Inspect active permits sites for compliance Inspect completed permit projects for compliance and maintenance


SPS Rain Garden Projects


210-16147 210-19148

TWP - Blvd Rain Gardens MN Greencorps Member

Critical Beneficial

Administer, promote, and outreach on Stewardship Grants Provide Grants to Partners for Ed/Outreach Programming Provide design & projects funds for City ICP Program Assist the City and residents with Blvd raingardens as part of City's Street Reconstruction Program Assist with Boulevard Rain Gardens in Como and McCarron's Subw. Support MN Greencorps member

211-19200 211-19205 211-19210 211-19215 211-19220 211-19225 211-19230 211-15231 211-16232

Baseline Monitoring & Data Collection Lake Monitoring & Data Collection Villa Park Monitoring & Data Collection Wetland Bio-Monitoring WISKI Database & Website Remote Data Access & Set Up BMP Monitoring Upper Villa Exfiltration Monitoring Midway Office Warehouse Monitorng

Critical Critical Critical Important Critical Important Important Beneficial Important

Monitoring of stormwater baseline, water level and rain gauge sites Monitor 5 lakes for chemical, biological and qualitative parameters 2 FWQ sites in Villa Park, 2 level loggers, Lake McCarrons flow only Monitor wetlands, IBI assessments, wq & data analysis Long term monitoring database for effective data management Implement Remote Data Access Program Monitor BMP sites-Como 7, CCLRT, Upper Villa Exfiltration Monitoring of an Underground Infiltration BMP Monitoring at Midway Office Warehouse

Page 1

24,090 138,310 8,000 331,880 102,610 28,470 17,670 46,720 12,510 49,540 18,560 29,810

2019 Capitol Region Watershed Budget

First Draft 2019 Budget July 12, 2018

Fund # Fund Name


Education and Outreach


Technical Resources and Information Sharing


Future Trends: Research and Positioning


Geographic Information Systems


Safety Program

Project #

Project Name

220-19250 220-19255 220-19260 220-19270 220-19271 220-19265 220-19275 220-19285 220-19262 220-19263 220-19268 220-17274 220-16277 220-16278 220-19279 220-19280

General Outreach and Communication Leaf & Litter Clean Ups Municipal Training Website Master Water Stewards Sponsorships and Partnerships Events Awards Program Youth Outreach Communication Training Adopt a Drain TWP Communiations TWP - Adopt a Drain TWP - Leaf & Litter Clean Ups Social Media 595 Aldine Education and Outreach

225-19300 225-18303

Plan Review & Tech Committee BMP Database

228-19330 228-19333 228-18334 228-18335 228-19336

District Research Program Public Art Program 595 Aldine Art Diversity & Inclusion Climate Change Impacts-Research and Action


GIS Program Development

240-19390 240-19395 240-19396

Safety Training Safety Program Updates Safety Equipment

Priority / Comment

Date Printed

2019 Project Budget

Project Description $ Provide general Outreach and Communication for the District Implement a Leaf and Litter Clean Up Program Provide training for municipal staff Maintain and provide content for CRWD website Implement Master Water Stewards Program Sponsor and support partner organizations Community and CRWD-sponsored events and activities Support CRWD Recognition Program Develop and Implement Outreach Prgramming to District Youth Provide communication, diversity and media training for staff, board and partne Promote and implement Adopt A Drain Program Implement communications to support TWP Promote and implement Adopt a Drain in Como and McCarrons subwatersheds Leaf and Litter Clean Ups in Como & McCarrons Subw for TWP Maintain and update District Social Media accounts Provide for Education and Outreach at 595 Aldine

270,690 10,370 14,740 37,730 30,410 28,040 35,720 14,950 10,640 10,990 21,360 6,980 5,370 6,370 7,260 100,000

Review plans and serve on committees as appropriate Update and maintain BMP Database


17,000 15,680

Important Important Beneficial Important Important

Develop and Implement Comprehensive Research Program Work with watershed artist on District public art projects Create and install art in CRWD's new office Implement CRWD Diversity & Inclusion Plan Research Climate Change impacts on design Standards (Atlas--14)


50,200 29,120 25,960 20,000 19,800


Manage GIS needs for CRWD



Provide Safety training for staff Update safety program, protocols, procedures, and equipment Purchase, maintain and repair Safety Equipment


13,540 12,400 12,520

Administrative Allocation



Critical Critical Important Important Important Beneficial Beneficial Important Important Important Beneficial Important Critical Critical Important Important Critical Critical

Critical Critical Critical


Page 2

2019 Fund Total









$ $

38,460 187,902



2019 Capitol Region Watershed Budget

First Draft 2019 Budget July 12, 2018

Fund # Fund Name

Priority / Comment

Date Printed

2019 Project Budget

Project #

Project Name

Project Description


St. Paul Natural Resources Intern Program


Sponser intern with St. Paul for BMP maintenance or other activities


305-19421 305-19425 305-16430 305-18427

Como BMP Maintenance Curtiss Pond Opti RTC O&M TWP - Como Lake Project Development Como Lake Management Plan

Critical Important Critical Important

Conduct inspection and maintenance of Como subwatershed BMPs Operate, Maintain and Inspect Opti RTC System Develop Projects for the Como Lake TWP Develop Como Lake Management Plan

26,070 9,500 23,920 42,920

310-19470 310-19477 310-18476

AIS Mgt Lake McCarrons Management Plan Upper Villa Maintenance

Beneficial Important Critical

Manage Aquatic Invasive Plants Develop a Lake McCarrons Mgt Plan Upper Villa Maintenance

2019 Fund Total



Shoreline & Streambank Maintenance Como Lake Subwatershed


Lake McCarron's Subwatershed


Loeb Lake Subwatershed


317 325


370 390

Trout Brook Subwatershed Crosby Lake Subwatershed Wetland, Stream, and Ecosystem

Mississippi River Subwatershed

Watershed Management Special Projects and Grants








39,300 132,400 30,000

$ 315-19550 315-14552 315-19570 315-18575

TBI Inspection and Maintenance TBI Easement Verification & Documentation NPDES MS4 Stormwater Program Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination


Highland Ravine BMP Maintenance

Critical Critical Critical Important Critical

Manage, operate, inspect, maintain, and repair TBI Conduct TBI easement verification, acquisition and documentation work Implement MS4 SWPP Implement IDDE program



$ $

28,710 -





Administrative Allocation

$ $

87,320 96,798




Green Infrastructure Planning for Innovation Districts


Snelling Midway Redevelopment


Develop maintenance agreement with City and conduct maintenance of BMPs

330-18622 330-19624

Ford Site Planning Green Line BMP Maintenance

Important Critical

Provide Design and Planning Assistance for Former Ford Site Inspect and maintain the Green Line BMPs


2020 Watershed Management Plan


Special Grants - Project Development

Critical Important


100,500 216,000 7,910 20,000 28,710

Maintain Gully Stabilization BMPs




Planning for green infrastructure in innovation districts

60,800 29,750 119,200 36,370

Prepare and adopt 2020 WMP



Support feasibility studies by special grant partners



Page 3

2019 Capitol Region Watershed Budget

First Draft 2019 Budget July 12, 2018

Fund # Fund Name 401

Shoreline and Streambank Restoration


Como Lake BMP's


Lake McCarron's BMP's


Loeb Lake BMP's


Trout Brook BMP's


Crosby Lake BMP's Wetland, Stream, and Ecosystem Restoration Mississippi River Subwatersheds BMP's




Special Projects and Grants


Future Trends: Implementation


Debt Service

Date Printed

2019 Project Budget

Priority / Comment Project Description CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS

Project #

Project Name

405-19703 405-16705

Como Lake In-Lake Management TWP - Como BMPs

Critical Critical

Plan & Implement In-Lake Project(s) Design and construct stormwater BMPs in Como subwatershed


TWP-McCarrons BMP - Parkview


Design of Parkview Elementary BMP

413-19790 413-16720

Loeb Lake Shoreline Restoration Willow Reserve Restoration Project

Beneficial Critical


TBI Repair - Station 28+65 - 50+72


2019 Fund Total


Restore shoreline of Loeb Lake Conduct Restoration work at Willow Reserve







$ $

110,000 -













12,620 70,360 110,000


Land Conservation Funding


Provide resources for Land Protection Initiatives

430-16881 430-16886

Snelling Midway Redevelopment Lauderdale Stormwater Improvement Project

Important Important

Construction of Snelling Midway SSGI practices Complete design and conduct bidding for Seminary Pond improvements

440-19910 440-16912 440-19913

Special Grants TWP - Grant Administration Municipal/Partner Opportunity Fund

Critical Critical Important

Implement Special Grant Program Administer TWP Grant Program Support municipal and partner projects


546,900 2,880 350,000


New Office Facility


Complete buildout of 595 Aldine Office




Debt & Loan Service


Annual Payments for Bonds and Loan (Debt Service)



Page 4

$ 92,320

Engineering Design for next segment of TBI Repairs



224,600 847,600


30,000 603,090 51,000

2019 Capitol Region Watershed Budget

First Draft 2019 Budget July 12, 2018

Fund # Fund Name

Project #

Project Name

Priority / Comment

Date Printed

2019 Project Budget

Project Description

2019 Fund Total

2019 Fund Total




$ $ $

437,340 2,844,112 1,357,648










Update Notes July 11, 2018

Preliminary Budget for internal review

Page 5

July 18, 2018 CAC Meeting


July 12, 2018 CRWD Citizen Advisory Committee Britta Belden, Water Resource Project Manager Update on 2018 Como Lake Management Plan Development

VII. C) Project and Program Updates—Como Lake Management Plan Update (Belden)

Background At the April 21, 2018 Board meeting, the Managers approved the scope of work, budget, and schedule prepared by LimnoTech for the 2018 Como Lake Management Plan. The scope of work outlined seven major tasks for completing the Como Lake Management Plan, including the development of a Community Engagement Plan (Task 3-4), a watershed management plan (Task 5), and an in-lake management plan (Task 6). The deliverables from each of these major tasks will be brought together to create a final 2018 Como Lake Management Plan (Task 7). Issues Staff had a kickoff meeting with LimnoTech on April 30, 2018 to begin developing the Community Engagement Plan as well as a schedule for projected meetings with the CRWD Board of Managers, the CRWD Citizen Advisory Committee, and the two other advisory groups that will be created as a part of this planning process (Agency Advisory Group, Public Advisory Group). Staff will update the Citizen Advisory Committee on the roles and meeting schedules for each of the advisory groups for the Como Lake Management Plan. See enclosed table. Staff will also provide an update on initial work completed to date, including the information gathering phase, the watershed management section, and the stakeholder identification and Community Engagement Plan. Requested Action Update only; no action requested. enc:

Preliminary Meeting Schedule for 2018 Como Lake Management Plan

W:\06 Projects\Como Lake Projects\2018 Como Lake Management Plan\Board & CAC\CAC Memo_CLMP_July 2018 Update_7-18-18.docx

Our Mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District

Our Mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District

Preliminary Meeting Schedule for 2018 Como Lake Management Plan Group

CRWD Board of Managers

CRWD Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)

Agency Advisory Group (AAG)

Public Advisory Group (PAG)

Jun-18 DATE: 6/19/18 UB: Update on CLMP planning-- THIS table (mtg Sched, advisory group interaction)

Jul-18 DATE: 7/11/18 (No Update) DATE : 7/25/18 Update-- PAG Mtg 1 Prep/Overview/Recrui tment, Final Story Map, Final Como video

Aug-18 DATE: 8/1/18 (No Update) DATE: 8/15/18 PAG Mtg #1 debrief/review

Sep-18 DATE: 9/5/18 Review of Key Info Summary & WS Implementation Plan DATE: 9/19/18 (No Update)

Oct-18 DATE: 10/3/18 (No Update) DATE: 10/17/18 In-Lake WQ Drivers Primer (RWMWD, maybe)

Nov-18 DATE: 11/7/18 Review of Draft InLake Management Plan; PAG Mtg 2 Prep DATE: 11/21/18 (No Update)

Dec-18 DATE: 12/5/18 PAG Mtg #2 debrief/review DATE: 12/19/18 (No Update)

Jan-19 DATE: 1/2/19 (No Update) DATE: 1/16/19 Draft CLMP Review, PAG Mtg #3 Prep

Feb-19 DATE: 2/6/19 (No Update) DATE: 2/20/19 Final CLMP, PAG Mtg #3 debrief

DATE: 7/18/18 Update on CLMP planning-- StoryMap, Video, Engagement Plan, PAG Mtg 1

DATE: 8/8/18 (No Update)

DATE: 9/12/18 (No Update)

DATE: 10/10/18 PAG Mtg 1 Debrief, Review Key Info Summary, WS Implementation Plan

DATE: 11/14/18 Review Draft In-Lake Mgmt Plan

DATE: 12/12/18 PAG Mtg 2 Update

DATE: 1/9/19 Draft CLMP Review

DATE: 2/13/19 (No Update)

DATE: 9/xx/18 Review of Key Information Summary & Watershed Implementation Plan

DATE: 10/xx/18 Review of Draft InLake Management Plan

DATE: 7/12/18 AAG Meeting Kickoff


DATE: 8/09/18 PAG Meeting Kickoff: Current State of Como Lake & Future Outcomes

DATE: 1/xx/19 Draft CLMP Review, Final AAG Mtg

DATE: 11/8/18 Review and Refine Goal Statements & Possible Methods

Our Mission is to protect, manage and improve the water resources of Capitol Region Watershed District

DATE: 2/7/19 Present the draft CLMP

Proposal Capitol Region Watershed District — Strategic planning May 12, 2018 Proposal prepared by: Barbara Deming 651-253-9232

Enterprise Director, MAD Ryan Church

Assistant Director Beth Bibus

Contact Information

Telephone: 651-259-3800 Email: Fax: 651-797-1311 Website: Address: 658 Cedar Street Centennial Office Building Room 300 Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155

Management Analysis and Development

Management Analysis and Development is Minnesota government’s in-house fee-for-service management consulting group. We have over 30 years of experience helping public managers increase their organizations’ effectiveness and efficiency. We provide quality management consultation services to local, regional, state, and federal government agencies and public institutions.

Alternative Formats

Upon request, this document can be made available in alternative formats by calling 651-259-3800.

Draft—May 12, 2018—Internal Use Only

Background The Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) last completed a strategic planning process in 2008. As the CRWD Board of Managers prepares to develop its next watershed management plan, the members are interested in renewing the ten-year-old strategic plan. The CRWD administrator has asked Management Analysis and Development, which assisted with developing the previous strategic plan, to propose a process for approaching this project.

Products Management Analysis and Development (MAD) would first provide an assessment of the current situation, within and outside of the CRWD organization, involving staff, board members, and stakeholders. They would be asked in individual interviews and focus groups to identify the organization’s accomplishments since the last strategic plan, current trends and opportunities. After providing information about the current situation, MAD would work with the board and staff to identify implications for the CRWD’s work in the coming five years. A strategic planning team would use this as a guide to develop the following elements of a strategic plan:     

Mission and values – organization purpose and operating principles Vision – description of the desired future state Goals – distinct elements of the vision Strategies – broad approaches to achieving the vision and goals Action plans – specific activities designed to carry out the strategies

Activities, Timeline, and Project Costs The overall timeline for the project would be May 21 (or when the interagency agreement is signed) through October 31, 2018. If the interagency agreement is not signed by May 21, MAD would work with the client to revise the timeline and project scope as necessary based on consultant availability and client needs. Activities


1. Organize project activities and resources – May - June 2018 Work with the client to develop a detailed project work plan, including identifying strategic planning team members, interview and focus group participants, meeting dates and times, and other logistics to support project success.


Plan, facilitate and document one 2-hour meeting with key client personnel 2. Conduct situation assessment – June - July 2018 Work with the client to develop questions, and confirm a process for collecting and reporting the data. The process would allow for up to 10 half-hour telephone interviews and up to six two-hour focus groups, including:



Draft—May 12, 2018—Internal Use Only

  

Activities Accomplishments since the last strategic plan Trends relevant to the organization’s work Opportunities for the future


Findings from interviews and focus groups would be summarized in a brief written report to be provided to the board and stakeholders. Organize, plan, and conduct situation assessment interviews and focus groups, and draft summary report. 3. Develop conclusions about the current situation and identify possibilities for a 5 – 10year vision – August 2018 With the strategic planning team review and draw conclusions about the results of the situation assessment. Referring to these discussions, the group would draft elements of a new vision for the next five years, focusing on desired outcomes from CRWD’s work.


Preparation, facilitation and documentation of one four-hour strategic planning team meeting.

4. Confirm mission and vision, and identify goals -- August - September 2018 Work with strategic planning team to review and confirm CRWD mission and vision, and identify distinct goals included within the vision.


Preparation, facilitation and documentation of one four-hour strategic planning team meeting. 5. Draft strategies and actions – September 2018 With strategic planning team, draft strategies and actions to carry out the vision and goals.


Preparation, facilitation and documentation of one day-long strategic planning team meeting. 6. Prepare for transition from strategic planning to implementation – October 2018 Review and confirm strategic plan products and values with which the plan will be carried out. Identify priority next steps and assign timelines and roles for implementation.


Preparation, facilitation and documentation of one four-hour strategic planning team meeting. Subtotal


Project management, including client communication (18%)


Total hours


Total costs: (145 hours times $140)



Draft—May 12, 2018—Internal Use Only

Documentation Management Analysis and Development would provide the draft copy and the final document in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Clients and Consultants The primary client contact would be Mark Doneux. The MAD project lead would be Barbara Deming; other MAD consultants would also provide services to the client.

Client Responsibilities The client would provide contact information for interview and focus group participants, and schedule meetings as needed based on project work plan developed in Activity #1. The client would also arrange for meeting room space and other meeting logistics.

Data Practices Information collected during this project would be subject to the Minnesota Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes §13.64. The final report would be public. Data on individuals (such as interview or survey data) is private data. Client staff would not be present at interviews or focus groups, and would not have access to any data that identifies individuals.

Billing and Cost Calculations Management Analysis and Development bills at the Minnesota Management and Budget-approved rate of $140 an hour. The client would be billed only for actual hours worked and for expenses actually incurred, and the costs of the project will not exceed the total reflected above without pre-arranged amendment. If the scope of the project expands after the work begins, an interagency agreement amendment would be required to cover the anticipated additional hours and/or to extend the end date of the contract.


July 18, 2018 CAC Meeting IX. Discussion-D) 2018 CAC Agenda Plan

Capitol Region Watershed District Citizen Advisory Committee 2018 Agenda Plan CAC Meeting Date January 10, 2018

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April 11, 2018

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May 9, 2018

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February 14, 2018

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CAC packet July 18, 2018  
CAC packet July 18, 2018