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Volume 1, Issue 6

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November 2010

Revive us Once Again!

 Fall Revival Revives CAP

by Pastor William Lee

 Pastoral Greetings

The 10 Most Amazing Prophecies in the Book of Revelation was a brief journey into the Book of Revelation unlocking some of the most important prophecies in the Bible. Beginning on Oct. 9th and continuing to Oct. 23rd on each Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday the word of God was preached.

 Meet the Ncubes  Parish Sabbaths  Prayer & Devotion

Inside this issue: Revive us Once Again


Pastor’s Corner: The A Season of Thanks!


Family Spotlight: Meet the Ncubes


United as a Body of Believers


November Calendar


40 Days of Prayer & Devotion


mary of the entire Bible.

daily surrender our lives to Christ and obediently follow His commands.

The Bible is clear "And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed." Romans 13:11. Jesus has told us that the gospel must be preached into all the world as a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. While we still have Newly baptized Kim Van Horn and Pastor Lee embrace breath in our bodies we must seek to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission is "A revival of true godliness evangelism in all of its forms. among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs. As a result of the Holy Spirit’s working in and around To seek this should be our this Fall Revival Series, 14 pre- first work. There must be cious souls decided it was time earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord, not beto make their public demoncause God is not willing to stration of the inward change by being baptized on Oct. 23rd. bestow His blessing upon us, but because we are unprePastor William Lee delivers the Word pared to receive it. Our heavof God with passion. enly Father is more willing to Most people revere the give His Holy Spirit to them Bible, however for a majority, that ask Him, than are the book of Revelation is a earthly parents to give good major problem. It's prophetic gifts to their children. But it is language and mysterious symour work, by confession, hubols seem to defy comprehenmiliation, repentance, and sion, so millions have given up earnest prayer, to fulfill the ever understanding it. But the conditions upon which God Kassie James and Nadine DeRoux truth is that the book of Revehas promised to grant us His follow along on their lesson sheets. lation is not closed or sealed, blessing. A revival need be but this particular book reveals expected only in answer to Continue to fast, pray, Jesus Christ and was written study, and invite people to prayer." 1 SM page 121. especially for our times, the last learn what God expects of us days of Earth's history. The in these last days. The only way  Book of Revelation is a sumfor revival to continue is to

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Pastor’s Corner | A Season of Thanks! by Pastor William J Lee

“This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the LORD'S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:21-23 The month of November is a time in which many recall the blessings of the Lord. Each of us have something to be thankful for. For truly God has been more than good to each of us. The Thanksgiving Season can be a difficult season for several reasons. Yet despite the challenges of life we need to practice the discipline of thankfulness. While it is easy to complain and look at “what’s going wrong” the Bible challenges us to “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say to you rejoice.” (Philippians 4:4) As we praise our God for His abundant blessings we will find ourselves being lifted toward heaven. The Bible says, “Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” Psalm 107:8 During this Thanksgiving season what are you thankful for? I am thankful for my relationship with God and His divine plan and purpose that he has for me. I am thankful and blessed for my family. I am thankful for my home and health. I am thankful for my Capitol City church family. I am thankful for each one of you who continue to pray for our family especially my wife and unborn son. There is so much to be thankful for, but most of all let us thank God for giving us His Son, Jesus Christ to redeem, restore, and make us free. As we enter this holiday season let’s look to be a blessing to others as we continue to count the faithfulness and blessings of God! Pastor William J Lee

Family Spotlight | Meet the Ncubes by George Mvundura

L-R: Jessie, Norris, Joshua & Busi

Norris & Busi Ncube have four children: Culo (18), Cebo (16), Joshua & Jessie (7). They live in Southeast, Indy. Every August 22nd they celebrate their anniversary. They met while in youth choir. Their family activities and hobbies include visiting places and people, reading, shopping. They arrived at Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church in September of 1996. They are the Family Life Department leaders for 2011. Previous offices include Deaconess and Elder.

Norris is currently the Prin- rendered to us.” The worcipal of the Capitol City Sev- ship experience has always enth-day Adventist School. been great since 1996. There has never been a down-time They plan to be a blessing in praise and worship. to the church in 2010 and beyond by encouraging, ex“Unity to me is paramount ploring, and supporting famito our survival.” lies at CAP to reach the highest level of Christian experi- Norris Ncube ence as couples, children, "From Dust to the Skies" singles, and brethren. “The church has supported us especially during the academic pursuits of both children and parents. We appreciate the encouraging words and well-wishing

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Volume 1, Issue 6

United as a Body of Believers by Dickson Chigudu

Unity is of prime importance among believers. Even Jesus prayed that we may be one, just as He and the Father are one. We are fast realizing, or rather waking up to the thought as Adventists, that the mid-day Sabbath service alone is not going to unite us. The apostles broke bread from house to house, they knew each other in a much deeper way, making it easier to share all that they had so that the needs of everyone could be met. It is with such thoughts, that we are introducing Parish Days or Parish Sabbaths. On this Sabbath, each Parish

will get together at one of Parish Days are announced, the parish members' home, so we can be truly united as have Sabbath lunch/potluck a body of believers." together, have an afternoon  bible study, and top it all off with a social evening either right there at the house, or some place of their choosing. This will occur once every quarter, which in itself is not enough, but definitely a good starting point for this coming year. Unless we can sit and eat together, unless we can have Bible study in small groups, unless we can play together, we will never realize the essence of unity. So I encourage everyone to be involved when

“Unless we can sit and eat together, unless we can have Bible study in small groups, unless we can play together, we will never realize the essence of unity.”

November Calendar of Events  Nov 13 - Church Social | 6:00pm

 Nov 28 - Pathfinders | 3:00pm

 Nov 14 - Elders Meeting | 8:30am; Board Meeting |10:30am; Cooking Class | 3:00pm; Pathfinders - 3:00pm , Lee Baby Shower | 2:59pm

 Dec 5 - Youth Recognition Celebration | 5:00pm - 8:00pm

 Nov 17 - Prayer Meeting | 7:00pm  Nov 18 - Thanksgiving Program | Church School | 5:30pm  Nov 19-21 - LRC Leadership Training | South Bend, IN  Nov 24 - Prayer Meeting | 7:00pm  Nov 25 - Thanksgiving Day

Sabbath Sunset Schedule: 11/12 - 5:31p; 11/19- 5:25p; 11/26 - 5:22p; 12/3 - 5:20p

CAPITOL CITY 40 Days of Prayer by Wayne Burrell

1801 East 49th Street Indianapolis, IN 46205 Lead Reporter Maya Stewart

In his first three months at the Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church, Pastor William Lee’s spiritual focus for his new church has been prayer. Beginning with an emphasis on Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting, followed by instituting a Fasting & Prayer every 1st Wednesday. On August 29th Pastor Lee further emphasized the importance of prayer by leading the church as they embarked on a 40 day spiritual journey through Dennis Smith’s “40 Days of Prayers and Devotions to Prepare for the Second Coming”. To be truly effective in our ministries our personal relationship with God must be strong. If the key to strengthening any relationship truly is communication, then prayer is our key to keeping our relationship with God healthy and strong. The 40 Days devotional studies focused the prayers of the church on one thing – the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Editor-in-Chief Wayne Burrell Lead Reporter Maya Stewart To submit an article or provide feedback please send an email to: communication@

Sylvia Wilson and Harrison Page read along with the night’s moderator.

If you like what you have seen in these pages and would like to continue to get ReCAPped on what’s taken place, kindly remember the Communication Department in your future giving.

The devotional is divided into five sections with eight devotionals in each section. The five sections are: (I) The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, (II) Spirit Baptism and Prayer, (III) Spirit Baptism and Evangelism, (IV) Spirit Baptism and Abiding in Christ, and (V) Spirit Baptism and Fellowship. Each devotional study is followed by personal reflection and discussion questions, and a prayer focus for that day, which includes a “prayer verse.” Why 40 days? The Bible tells of several significant events that took this specific span time: - Rain fell for 40 days during the Flood. - Moses was on Mount Sinai with God for 40 days. - The Israelite spies took 40 days to explore the Promised Land. - Jonah warned Nineveh for 40 days - Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness after

His baptism. - Jesus spent 40 days with the disciples after His resurrection. The initial impact was evidenced by the enormous demand for the books that required three separate shipments just to satisfy. The consistent swell in attendance of 85100+ at each Sunday & Wednesday discussion session continued to demonstrated that the impact was significant. Members had this to say about the series: “Very powerful. One of the better ones we’ve had. It renewed souls and people continued to come out each night. It strengthened my prayer life and my faith.” - Nicole Morris “This devotion was an absolute blessing. It allowed us to meet often and allow God’s spirit to fall on us in preparation for Christ’s second coming. It created within me a desire to reach others.” - Davoy Murray “40 Days was inspiring! It mad me look forward to Wednesday nights. It’s convicted me to be more like Christ. I’ve become more conscientious of my action outside of church...a real eye opener.” - Ariesa Peters Prayer is vital to the Christian walk as it is the main avenue for communication with the Father. It is important to continually abide in Christ through prayer asking for the Holy Spirit to fall afresh daily. Only then can Capitol City unify as a congregation of believers and serve our true purpose – spreading the gospel of Jesus. 

Capitol City ReCAP  

The November issue of Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church's monthly newsletter.

Capitol City ReCAP  

The November issue of Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church's monthly newsletter.