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True Meaning of the Season


True Meaning of the Season


A Leader’s Farewell


Leadership Summit


Year in Review


Year in Review


Saluting our Veterans


A Labor of Love


Calendar of Events


Holiday Recipe


Volume 3, Issue 11

December 2012

The True Meaning of the Season by Pastor William Lee

Dear Capitol City Church Family: Happy Holidays to each of you! Can you believe that it’s the month of December already? It’s hard to believe as it seems the year has just begun. Nevertheless, the reality is that we have one month left in 2012, and 2013 is just around the corner. As we look back over this past year it is abundantly clear that God has been good to us! We have seen increased church attendance, increased dedication to ministry, increased giving, and numerous individuals have committed their entire life to Jesus Christ. I would say that 2012 was a good year, however let us not become complacent as this year ends and 2013 begins.

Pastor William J Lee

As this year comes to a close I want to admonish us to seek the Lord with our whole heart! The Bible reminds us in Isaiah 55:6, 7 “Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near; Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.” I strongly sense the Spirit of the God calling us to a deeper and more committed relationship with God through Jesus Christ. My church family we must rise higher and higher in our walk with God. We cannot hold back now. During this holiday season we will celebrate times of loving, caring, sharing, and giving. Despite the commercialization that the holiday season brings, make sure you remember that Jesus is the reason for the season! God became man so that He might save mankind. Jesus Christ became flesh (John 1:1-3, 14) so that we might be reconciled back to God. (2 Corinthians 5:18) This Holiday Season we need to understand that the “real meaning” of this season is that God Himself provided us the greatest gift of all, Jesus! The Bible says in Matthew 2:21 “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.”

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The True Meaning of Christmas (continued) by Pastor William J Lee

Church family, what a wonderful gift we have in Jesus Christ. As we celebrate, remember the words of the Lord Jesus, and how he said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). God gave His very best gift to us and in turn we should give Him our ALL! May the joy of this season fill your hearts with peace as you thank God that He unwrapped divinity among us that we might be saved! As we close this year, it is time to “Square Up with God.” God has kept us throughout this year, and we owe everything to Him. I want to encourage each of you to return to God what is rightfully His; your time, talents, temple, and treasure. Again, let’s not forget God during this season. It’s our great privilege to say, “Thank you” to our great God! May each of you find joy and peace this holiday season and may God richly bless us as we look to enter a brand new year! God will do a great work in 2013!


The “real meaning” of this season is that God Himself provided us the greatest gift of all, Jesus!

j|ÄÄ|tÅ ] _xx Pastor William Lee Church Pastor

We Are All Communicators! by Wayne Burrell

It has been pleasure and a privilege to lead the Communication Department here at Capitol City. I accepted the role never having done anything related to Marketing & Communication. I instantly immersed myself in various books and reference materials which sparked inside of me a passion for Communication’s main objective: “ use and promote the use of, all modern communication techniques and media in the most effective manner for the swiftest promulgation of the everlasting gospel and through a sound program of public relations to create a favorable climate for acceptable of the message of salvation through Christ as taught by the Seventh-day Adventist Church”. In my three years of service there has been some ups and

downs. We've accomplished a lot: Streamlined bulletin, iContact email, Facebook, Twitter, Photography and the ReCAP to name a few. But there is still more work to be done: Brochures, Directional Signs, Mass Email/ Text/Phone System and more. In 2013, Terrance Turner (assisted by Doreen Chin-Mason and Tierney Dioffo) will assume Communication leadership. The work entrusted is vital to success of our mission. How effectively we communicate our message impacts not only our ability to work well together as a church, but also our ability to reach and touch our community and others in a world that is growing more and more "social".

If you accept the Lord's commission on Matt 28:19 then you must know that we're all part of the Communication Team. We Are ALL Communicators! Each of us are called to be Evangelists and "Go Tell" someone about the gospel. Each of us can help promotion the gospel through the most effective marketing technique - Word of Mouth Advertising. I ask each of you to support our new Communication staff by either volunteering to join the staff, submitting content, filling up the suggestion box in the overflow, reading/sharing/liking/ commenting on Social Media, passing material to someone you know and telling someone about the Great God you serve and the Great church you attend.

Volume 3, Issue 11

Page 3 portant to make sure that right people are in the right places to succeed. Elder Russell made it clear and warned us that there is no miracle moment in the change of the church for the better. In the words of our own Elder Dickson Chigudu “What touched me the most is the simplicity of what it takes to move our church from ‘good to best’. I found out that it’s not really anything complicated like new technology, a catchy theme for the year or anything like that, but I found that it is simply each leader giving their all for the cause of the ministry. Mediocre type leadership will not move us forward, but if each leader carries a passion for their Adventist Church and Elder ministry, that propels them forward, Stanley Patterson, Associate and as each wheel turns in the Professor of Christian Ministry direction of the big wheel, and the Chair, Christian Ministry big wheel turns in the direction of Department at the Andrews University Seminary. We learned the Spirit, we will be able to take our how to ask for and live with God’s ministries to another level, and reap favor on our lives, how to pray and a bountiful harvest for the cause of lead through the testing times of a Christ.” leader, as well as making the leap The attendees would like to from a good leader to a great leadthank the church for sending them er among other things. and providing transportation. The session on “Making Please continue to pray for the Leap from Good to Great” was your church, your pastor, and your agreed upon as one of the most leaders of 2013 as they pray for inspiring general session workshops. We learned that great God’s favor on their lives and the character is preferred over compe- character of leadership. tence in a leader due to the fact that competence can be taught but character is non-negotiable. We also learned that the formula for success is the Right People (with the right character) + Humility + Strong Professional Will. Elder Russell taught us that great leaders are Level 5 leaders and these leaders evolve into these types of leaders when there is a cause you care so much that it pulls this type of leadership out of you. These leaders are selfless and have great respect towards others and are modest and humble, but willful and fearless. After it is determined who these leaders are it is then im-

2012 Leadership Summit Going from Good to Great by Tierney Sharpe-Dioffo

The Lake Region Conference Leadership Summit was held November 16th -18th in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Several of Capitol City’s ministry leaders and assistants attended the Leadership Summit. The Leadership Summit continued the same “Mission Possible 2012” theme as this year’s Lake Region Camp Meeting. This theme is based on Mark 10:27 “…for with God all things are possible.” Many of the workshops were concerned with helping us fulfill our mission to be used by God to show others the way to Christ. We learned that a great leader has to realize and understand this is the main goal of the ministries in church. There were three individual ministry workshops. Some of the ministries emphasized included: Adult Ministries, Community Service, Communication, Children’s Ministries, Church Clerk, Education, Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, Family Life Ministries, Health Ministries, Prison Ministries, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty, Sabbath School, Stewardship, Treasurers, Women’s Ministries, and Youth Ministries. In addition to the individual ministry workshops, attendees were treated to general session workshops with Elder Fredrick Russell, Senior Pastor of the Atlanta-Berean Seventh-day


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Tutus, Tiaras & Stilettos

Big Game Day Party

Youth Day

Men’s Ministry Conference

Spring Beautification Day

2012: Year in Review by Wayne Burrell

What is a year? 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours or 525,600 minutes. A year is more than time. A year is a collection of memories, moments and milestones. A time capsule of sorts that holds these treasures in place for all to remember. Tutus, Tiaras & Stilletos: Womens Ministry’s Kickoff ministered to heart, body and soul and was a great launch to 2012. Big Game Day Party: Dozens gathered at our school to watch, cheer & jeer the Patriots & Giants. Fit for Christ : Many gathered to work it out and work it off in weekly exercise classes Youth Week of Prayer: Youth On Fire was the theme as the Youth Men’s Ministry Conference: Area agencies spoke on issues important to men and provided a great platform to men on the outside Spring Beautification Day: Members who Took Pride in God’s House came out to Take Care of God’s House by Parish Boat Cruise

completing many jobs Pathfinder Day: Our Youth in collaboration with other area programs were at attention and on display for the Lord Illiana Youth Federation: Dozens of churches heard an inspiring word as we united to support and fortify our youth Mother’s Day Celebration: Men’s Ministry saluted mothers with flowers, food and song. Father’s Day Celebration: Women’s Ministry returned the favor by saluting fathers with food, song & mugs Church Basketball Team: CAP finished with a record 8 - 2 after an outstanding regular season and playoff birth Church Field Trip: Several dozen gathered at King’s Island for a day of Christian fellowship and recreation

Summer Picnic Celebration

Adventist Youth in the Park

Parish Boat Cruise: Beautiful Lake Monroe was the site of the annual boat cruise where God’s nature was appreciated anew SKY Vacation Bible School: Children came out nightly and soared high in the word of God Oratorical Contest: A Capitol City tradition continued as youth spoke and spoke well Summer Picnic Celebration: “The Annual Capitol City Water Gun Fight” was back at Fort Harrison S.P. Food, Friends & Fun AYS at IMA: Adventist Youth Society went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art to understand how God speaks to us through nature Let’s Move! Day: Nearly 100 souls celebrated this national health initiative with a walk, run, bike ride around Fall Creek Bible Conference Revival 2012: Many prophetical mysteries & doctrines were explained in depth resulting in numerous baptism

Let’s Move! Day

Bible Conference Revival

Volume 3, Issue 11

Trayvon Martin Tribute

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Pathfinder Day

AYS Nursing Home Visits: Many 4th Sabbath afternoons were spent ministering to the elderly Community Guest Day: Capitol City recognize Radio Host Amos Brown and Councilman Joseph Simpson Community Breakfast: After enjoying and learning about healthy food, members fed the homeless

Illiana Youth Federation

• • • • • • •

Joseph Lowe Charlotte Ramos Ann Ross Elie Salomon Tierney Sharpe Dwayne, Joy, Kameron & Selana Sumlin Carl Walker

Men’s Ministry Breakfast: Men were called to be Prophets, Priests & Kings in their homes Prayer & Fasting Weekend: The key communication pathway to God was emphasized


• • • • • •

Theodore Briscoe Edela Davidson Melvin & Danita Guyse Reggie Hall Bobbie Harley Adriana Jones

Revival Baptism

New Van Dedication

Father’s Day

Dr Trevor & Edith Fraser (Marriage Enrichment Weekend - 8/4) Pastor Harold Allison (Community Services Day - 8/25) Pastor Leon George (Prayer & Fasting Weekend - 10/13) Pastor Wayne Hosten (Veteran’s Appreciation Day - 11/10)

Church Improvements: - New Carpet Upstairs

Baby Dedications • Miranda Nganga • Mehira Burrell • Camrie Pipes Funerals • Ruby Cartwright • Ulysses Chapman • Bernice Massey • James Mosley • Birdie Sherrod

Baptisms Many precious souls went into the watery grave:

Mother’s Day

- New Phone System - Eastside Wall Painting - Fellowship Hall Remodel - New Fellowship Hall Chairs - New Church Van

Stewardship Our giving in 2012 has that of 2011. The budget has been met in all but one month this year. Stay faithful church!

- Howard & Kim Cameron (8/12) - Dede & Shanta Frederick (12/16)

Guest Speakers We were favored by many guest speakers: Pastor Ralph Sheldon (Youth Day - 3/3) Michael Johnson (Pathfinder Day - 4/21) Pastor Debleiare Snell (Illiana Youth Federation - 5/5)

Prayer & Fasting Weekend

Capitol City’s 2012 time capsule is jammed packed. Before pressing on into the future, its well worth it to look back and appreciate where we’ve been.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Induction Ceremonies

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Honoring All Who Served by Thomas Harris

On November 10th 2012, Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Veterans Ministry held it’s 7th Annual “Veterans Appreciation Day”. The purpose of this day was to honor those men and women that served in our nation’s military, and their families. Veteran’s Appreciation day was well attended by many visiting Veterans and their families. Pastor Wayne Hosten of New Jerusalem Seventh-day Adventist Church in East St. Louis, Illinois preached during Divine Worship. The title was “Thank God for Soldiers”, taken from 2 Timothy 2:1-4. Pastor’s Hosten’s wife Ceceile , sang Yolanda Adams’ “The Battle is the Lord’s” for the Song of Meditation.

attention from the churches in our city. We owe the freedoms we enjoy daily, to the brave men and women of our military. Though our Veterans Ministry, Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church is leading the way in Indianapolis reaching out to Veterans and their families, referring them to service organizations that assist with their needs. We also, through bible studies and other church related activities, try to reconnect them to the power of God. The problems of our veterans are many, but with God all things are possible.

After a great dinner, Chaplain Clyde Angel, Chief of Chaplains at the VA Medical The Prayer of Intercession Center, gave a powerful was given by Pastor James E. presentation titled “The Shattered Roberts, of All Friends Missionary Soul: Life in the Balance”. This Baptist Church (AFMBC), here in focused on Veterans and the Indianapolis. Pastor Roberts has church’s role and responsibility in been very gracious in opening his reaching out to them and their church to host a group of us working families. Dr. Dorothy Taylor, on “Soul Repair” trying to reconnect spiritually disconnected Veterans to the power of God. AFMBC hosted the first Soul Repair Seminar in October of this year. We thank God for Pastor Roberts and his friendship. As part of our mission of evangelism, Capitol City must continue to reach out to this “forgotten group of souls”, who have given so much and received so little

Clyde Angel spoke on “The Shattered Soul”.

founder of "Sister Soldiers" spoke on female Vets and Ms Aletha Powell Procurement Executive, Carver Design Studio, Inc. spoke on Veteran Housing. Most in attendance told me it was a great day, all day. From the powerful prayer by Pastor Roberts, the soul stirring song by Ceceile Hosten, the Strong word from God by Pastor Hosten, the great meal, ending with the eye-opening presentation by Chaplain Angel, the day was truly blessed.

Ms Aletha Powell (left) speaks on Veteran Housing. Dr Dorothy Taylor (right) speaks on female Veterans.

The Veteran Ministry is planning a Spring “Veterans Fair” in 2013. Details are forthcoming. Thanks go out to the AARP, Kroger’s and Meijer’s, without their support this day would not be possible. We thank God for their kindness. Thanks also to my wife Doris, Sis Mason, Bro David Davidson and Phillip Mosley for the lovely decorations and outstanding meal that was served. To the many other’s who helped (you know who you are), thanks and God Bless.

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Volume 3, Issue 11

Parking Lot Ministry: A Labor of Love by Scott Dawson

Serving as the Parking Lot Ministry Leader this past year has truly been a pleasure. When I first was asked to help out mid-year of 2011 it all just seemed like we were directing cars where to park. Later in the Fall was when I was asked to be the leader over the ministry for 2012. I graciously accepted with no idea in mind how parking lot could be a ministry. It was a new concept that I’ve truly never seen at other churches and surely not at ours. We’ve done security and making sure nothing had been broken into, but never a parking lot ministry. I prayed and asked the Lord to send me the needs for this ministry and show me the path to take. It was then when God inspired me to go back to the basic ministry principles which are the two greatest commandments. Matt. 22:37-39, tells us to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and all thy mind; and love thy neighbor as thyself. I took that personal in my life and applied it to the ministry. When you go to an exquisite place what do you expect? That’s where the valet parking came from, the greetings, the hospitality, the family friendly aura, and lots more. We truly are happy to see you and hope that you always feel the warmest welcomes and continue to come back.

December Birthdays 1 – Nastassja Lewis 2 – Dr Alondra Davis 5 – Florence Mvundra 8 – Lillian B. Lubaba 10 – Kaydra Bailey 10 – Skhu Dube 10 – Jonathan Wynn 13 – Duane Henry 14 – Norris Ncube 17 – Bryan Chapman 18 – Nicholas Floyd 19 – Sheron Mvundura 19 – Carmelita Dawson 21 – Tim Neely 22 – Joy Noelle Smith 23 – Malina Burrell 25 – Sibusisiwe Ncube 27 – Edmond Ncube 29 – Myron Brooks 30 – Carolyn Duncan 30 – Nadine deRoux 31 – Kennison Williams 31 – Kaleb Williams

It has truly been a pleasure serving as the leader for the 2012 Parking Lot Ministry.

December Calendar of Events • 1st – Women’s Ministry Year End Event – 7pm • 5th – Prayer Meeting – 7pm • 6th – Personal Ministries Council Meeting – 6pm

• 25th – Christmas • 26th – Men / Women Prayer Meeting – 7pm • 29th – Holy Communion • 31st – New Year’s Eve

• 8th – Children’s Church – 11am • 12th – Prayer Meeting – 7pm • 16th – Church Board Meeting – 10:30am • 19th – Prayer Meeting – 7pm • 19th – Town Hall Meeting - 8pm • 22nd – Christmas Program – 6pm

December Anniversaries 30 – George & Sheron Mvundura (11h)


Holiday Recipe: Parsnip, Cranberry & Chestnut Loaf Source:

Ingredients: • 4 tbsp butter (plus a little extra for greasing) • 3 onions, chopped • 15g pack sage (6 leaves reserved, rest shredded) • 200g pack cooked chestnuts • 100g walnuts • 100g breadcrumbs • ½ tsp mace • 1 egg , beaten • 500g cranberries • 175g caster sugar • 550g parsnips (choose long, thin ones if you can, peeled then halved lengthways) • 1 tbsp honey

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ReCAP | Dec 2012  

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