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Volume 4, Issue 10 December 2013


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10 Days of Prayer

Ministry Fair

Valentine's Banquet

Visit to Niles, MI


2013: Year in Review | “From Membership to Discipleship” by Wayne Burrell

What is a year? 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours or 525,600 minutes. A year is more than time. A year is a collection of memories, moments and milestones. A time capsule of sorts that holds these treasures in place for all to remember. This year our theme was “From Membership To Discipleship”. Take a moment to review some of the highlights of 2013 and just imagine what God has in store to do through us, for us and to us in 2014. 10 Days of Prayer: Beginning the year on our knees with 10 days of intense and fervent prayer Ministry Fair: Dozens of booths were setup to show where members can work as they go “From Membership to Discipleship” Valentines Banquet : A day to celebrate love in all of its forms and support our church school Dance Troup in Niles, MI: Our children and teens ministered through dance and also performed a riveting Black History program

All Occasion Women’s Banquet: Women’s Ministry held an elegant event to celebrate and honor women, mothers and daughters Investiture Service: Pathfinders and Adventurers were officially advanced in their classes Holiday World Field Trip: Christian fun and fellowship was enjoyed in this annual tradition

Aeolians: One of the most renowned choirs in the nation ministered during their Spring Break tour

10 Years in Pastoral Ministry: The Lees were honored for their 10th year in Pastoral ministry

Youth Day: Our teens and young adults were the focus as numerous workshops and diverse speakers came to address relevant issues

Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School: Several dozen kids from church and community were taught to “Stand Strong” for Jesus

Adventurer Game Night: Another opportunity for the church to play and fellowship

Oratorical Contest: This Capitol City institution continues to show what God can do with a child’s hard work and talent

Passion Skit: During Sabbath School our Young Adults lead out in dramatically depicting Christ’s sacrificial love

Holiday World Field Trip


Old School vs New School: The rivalry was renewed (twice) as the Oldies and Newbies split two nail-biters all in support of Adventist education

Camp Meeting: Capitol City showed up in full force to lead out and support numerous facets of camp meeting Let’s Move! Indy: We joined hundreds in celebrating this national health initiative with a 5K Run/Walk at beautiful White Rive State Park Fall Revival Series: Many prophetical mysteries & doctrines were explained in depth resulting in numerous baptism Lower Level Grand Opening: A celebration of God’s goodness as all the renovation projects were officially unveiled Voices of Triumph: A dynamic and spirit-filled choir made Capitol City the final stop of their Thanksgiving tour Veteran’s Appreciation Day: A day to learn about, celebrate and honor the sacrifice and service of our bravest members

Summer Picnic Celebration: “The Annual Capitol City Water Balloon Fight” was filled with food, friends & fun

Camp Meeting

10th Year Anniversary

Vacation Bible School

Summer Picnic Celebration

Volume 4, Issue 10

Adventurer Game Night

Passion Skit

Baptisms Many precious souls went into the watery grave:

• • • • • • • • • • •

Joseph Adams Hope Artis Terrance Cox Stella Faria Harold Lumsey Hasan Mason Sherilynn Mason Jordan Sumlin Mark Taylor Mona Taylor Arniqua Thompson

Baby Dedications • Kyle Thompson • Karabo Reese Mukwena • Calver Emmanuel Mvikli Sandesi • Meleigha Iren Logan Funerals • Elmer Wright • Edward Thomas • Purdina Bailey • Margaret Paige • Ken Waddell • Mary Ann Squires • James Yates • Wanda Thomas

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Old School vs New School

Women’s Banquet

Guest Speakers We were favored by many guest speakers:

Let’s Move! Indy


Shawn Boonstra (Evangelism Emphasis - March) Kimberly Bulgin (Youth Day - March) DEC 21 | 6p—10p Calling ALL children, youth, adults, seniors, families and friends come and join us for an evening of fellowship, fun, and food. We will have a domino tournament, board games, Nintendo Wii, ping pong, etc...

Shelly Quinn (Women’s Day - May) Stanley James (Men’s Day - June) Pastor and Mrs Dorant (Family Life Weekend - August) Pastor Marlon Reid (Veterans Appreciate - November)

Church Improvements: - New Security/Fire System - Parking Lot Repaved - Fellowship Hall Remodeled - Kitchen Remodeled - Lower Level Bathrooms Remodeled - Ministry Room Painted - New AV and screen in Fellowship Hall - Flag Installation - Foyer Remodel - Drop Ceiling in Lower Level - New wiring and conduit - ...and much more

Capitol City’s 2013 time capsule is jammed packed. Before pressing on into the future, its well worth it to look back and appreciate where we’ve been. Isn’t God Good?

Oratorical Contest

Investiture Ceremony

Fall Revival Series

JAN 5 | 6p—10p Registration is on Sunday, January 5, 11am-12pm at our school gym. For more information please contact: Pastor Jason C. North at:

JAN 12th (Deadline) JAN 26 (Sale) Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist School is selling fresh citrus fruit! Order your box via the bulletin board or see any student/parent. Also visit:

Lower Level Grand Opening

Veteran’s Appreciation


Pastor’s Corner: Tidings of Joy by Pastor William J Lee

1801 E 49th Street Indianapolis, IN 46205 317-251-1053

Editor-in-Chief Wayne Burrell To submit an article for next month’s ReCAP or provide feedback please send an email to: Wayne Burrell at...

The Christmas season has become one of my favorite times of the year. I must admit that I enjoy the sights, sounds, and festivities of the holiday season. Recently, our family was enjoying leisure time walking through a local shopping mall and the music that was playing in the background was “Joy to the World.” Do you know the words to this song? Let me refresh your memory: “Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let Earth receive her King; Let every heart prepare Him room, And Heaven and nature sing, And Heaven and nature sing, And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.” I must admit that I was someone shocked to hear this particular song as we journeyed through the mall. This is a song that openly gives glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ. I couldn’t help but pause and think to myself, “Even the secular malls must acknowledge that Jesus is King.” Every year as the Christmas season comes around, we hear a great deal about the “real meaning” of Christmas. But it is not always clear just what that real meaning is. For some people, the true meaning of Christmas is the warmth and love of our families, a celebration of the home. For others, the real meaning of Christmas is love for other people, “Peace on earth, good will toward men.” And of course, many Christians think the true meaning of Christmas is that it is the birthday of Jesus. We know that the Bible teaches that December 25 is not the birthday of Jesus Christ. In fact, if we do an in-depth study on the timing of Jesus’ birth we may conclude that Jesus was born in the Fall of the year about 4 B.C. (Luke 2:1- 4; 7-8).

Use this key to see how our stories link to our Model for Church Growth

Yet, the meaning of Christmas is something bigger, bigger than the love of our families or good will toward men. For when we celebrate Christmas, we are celebrating one of the greatest truths of our faith the incarnation. We are not just celebrating the fact that some 2,000 years ago Jesus of Nazareth was born; we are celebrating the far greater fact that in Jesus of Nazareth God himself became man. God became man so that He might save mankind. Jesus Christ became flesh (John 1:1-3, 14) so that we might be reconciled back to God. During this holiday season we should make every effort to be reconciled back to God and each other. Joy has come into this world because Jesus has come to redeem mankind. Wherever we find ourselves this holiday season may we celebrate the true meaning of this season! May we share the good news of Jesus incarnation as well as the soon Second Coming of Jesus! “Let every heart prepare Him room, and Heaven and nature sing.” Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Sincerely,

j|ÄÄ|tÅ ] _xx Pastor William Lee


The Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church is a Christian congregation that has been serving the Greater Indianapolis area since 1906. Our mission is to Grow the Kingdom of God by Changing Lives so that together we can Strengthen the Saved and Save the Lost. For more information on the Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church please contact Sylvia Wilson at 317-251-1053.

ReCAP | Dec 2013  

The ReCAP is the official newsletter of the Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church. Inside this month's issue enjoy a Pastor Lee's Holida...

ReCAP | Dec 2013  

The ReCAP is the official newsletter of the Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church. Inside this month's issue enjoy a Pastor Lee's Holida...