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Safety Data Sheet Issue 1.0

Format : 91/155/EEC Issue date :16/3/2002

1. Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking: 1.1. Substance/Preparation : 1.2. Company/undertaking identification :

E路A路R Classic ear-plug Aearo Limited First Avenue Poynton Stockport SK12 1FJ UK

1.3. Emergency telephone number :

+44 1625 878 320

+44 1625 878 320 2. Composition/information on ingredients : Not hazardous in accordance with Directives 88/379/EEC and 67/548/EEC 3. Hazards identification : Not hazardous in accordance with Directive 67/548/EEC during normal handling and use. 4. First aid measures Skin contact : Eye contact : Inhalation : Ingestion : Treatment : 5. Fire-fighting measures : Suitable extinguishing media : Special exposure hazards :

Normal use of the product does not present a hazard Irrigate to remove with copious amounts of water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists. Normal use of the product does not present a hazard Seek medical attention if discomfort persists. Treat symptomatically. Foam, water spray, carbon dioxide, dry powder Produces dense black smoke and toxic gases. Use self-contained breathing apparatus when tackling fire.

6. Accidental release measures : Methods for cleaning up :

Gather using mechanical means.

7. Handling and storage : 7.1. Handling ; 7.2. Storage :

No special handling required in normal use Store in a cool dry area below 35潞C in original packaging.

8. Exposure controls/personal protection :

No special measures.

9. Physical and Chemical properties : Appearance: Colour : Odour : Flammability Density : Flash Point : Thermal decomposition : Water solubility Fat solubility

Non flammable Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen Chloride. Insoluble Not available

10. Stability and reactivity :

Stable and unreactive during normal use

11. Toxicological information :

No toxic effects in normal use

12. Ecological information :

No ecological problems in normal use

13. Disposal considerations :

Dispose of according to local regulation. Product and packaging may be recycled. Unless otherwise specified locally may be treated as household waste

14. Transport information :

Not classified as hazardous for road, rail, sea or air transport.

15. Regulatory information :

Not subject to specific provisions at Community level

16. Other information :

The product should be used as indicated in the user instructions delivered with it.

Solid foam Yellow Negligible Non flammable