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Volume 62 Issue I

CAPITAL KEY What’s in this Issue? Service Spotlight Summer Service Ideas Key Club of the Month District Project District Convention International Convention

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Your 2017-18 District Board!


Summer Service The school year ends, but our service won’t. This summer you can: - Hold a car wash - Help out at local Independence Day events - Clean up a local park or beach - Collect and sell old books and CDs - Volunteer at your local food bank or soup kitchen - Help coach or referee with a youth sports team - Hand out water at a walk or marathon - Tutor kids at your local Boys and Girls Club JEB Stuart Key Club from Division 2D hosted a donut tree sale during their school’s Springfest to raise money and increase awareness for Key Club.

Tome Key Club from Division 6A sold Mother’s Day carnations to raise money for the March of Dimes. Overall, over 500 carnations were sold and about $300 was donated.

Key Club of the Month

Service Spotlight

Stafford High School

Stone Bridge High School

Stafford Key Club from Division 2F has continued to hold events to help the community despite the school year winding down. This month Stafford raised money for the American Cancer Society by holding a “Jail and Bail,” in which the teacher who raised the most money was “jailed.” They also participated in the Relay for Life, which is a day-long event where walkers all meet and set up tents to show their support for people who beat, are fighting, or lost their fight against cancer. Stafford had a tent, and about 45 members showed up to walk and support the cause. They also held an Ice Cream Social for teachers as a part of Teacher Appreciation Week, where an ice cream bar was set up by the Key Clubbers. The teachers were able to make their own sundaes and were all thanked for all they do for the school. Thank you for your exemplary service, Stafford Key Club!

Stone Bridge Key Club from Division 2C has recently been recognized for their dedication to The Salvation Army and all of their hard work this past winter! Stone Bridge Key Club is committed to helping the Salvation Army from Thanksgiving’s Black Friday to Christmas Eve, and they had their own kettle and bell outside the local Giant grocery store in order to help those who are less fortunate throughout the holiday season. This year, they were given an award from the Salvation Army of Loudoun County for their hard work in serving the most volunteer hours of any organization that supported the Salvation Army. This amazing club filled 162 two-hour shifts and made Division 2C and the Capital District extremely proud! Thank you for your dedication and caring, Stone Bridge Key Club!

Education. Travel. Philanthropy. Key Club’s co-sponsor Rustic Pathways has been providing international educational and service programs to students like you for over 30 years. With trips from the Dominican Republic to Thailand, who knows where service and adventure will take you! Visit their website https://rusticpathways.com/ to learn more.

Key Club’s Vision Partner Nickelodeon empowers youth to go outside and serve their homes, schools, and communities and tackle issues like bullying and climate change through programs and events like The Big Help and Worldwide Day of Play. Learn more about how Nickelodeon inspires kids: http://www.nick.com/the bighelp/digital-citizen-hub-page.html

Children: Their Future, Our Focus Every minute, 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Children’s Miracle Network is a nonprofit that directly benefits its hospitals by helping purchase new equipment, conduct research, and cover health care costs for children whose families can’t afford treatment.

Founded by former President Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of the fight against polio, March of Dimes aims to better the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Key Clubbers like you can help by raising funds and educating the community about preterm birth.

UNICEF works to improve our children’s futures by assisting in providing primary health care, education, safe water, and sanitation in over 150 developing countries. Key Club recently worked with UNICEF in The Eliminate Project to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus, saving millions of women and babies.

About 780 million people on our planet don’t have access to safe, clean water. The Thirst Project teaches students about the global water crisis and builds freshwater wells in developing nations and communities to provide people with safe, clean water. Key Club partners with the Thirst Project as a part of the movement to end the global water crisis. Your club can help by participating in the “Dirty Little Secret” Campaign, where you carry around a bottle of dirty water for a month to raise awareness about the “secret” that is the global water crisis. Learn more about Key Club International’s Service Partner: The Thirst Project

District Project

Apply for DCON Chair and Service Partner Liaison!

Children. That’s what it’s all about. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America build character in American youth by providing services like tutoring and teaching them Interested in being a part of the Capital District sports, arts and crafts, cooking, Board? Now is your chance! Apply to be this socializing, heath programs, school programs, and year’s District Convention Chair or Service many more exciting events including field trips. WithPartner Liaison. Both of these roles require a lot of out the Boys and Girls Club, who knows how many commitment and dedication, so make sure you kids would go home to no food or any type of social thoroughly read and understand the description interaction. Without the Boys and Girls Club, most of in each application before you apply. these kids would be on the streets, involved in Applications are due July 31st at 11:59 PM. activities that parents don’t even want to imagine, but the Boys and Girls Club provides a safe shelter to nurture kids into young adults. There are people in your community who can thank the Boys and Girls Click here to apply Click here to apply Club for teaching them right from wrong and for to be our next to be our next giving them hope. Now these kids can look up to District Convention Service Partner even more role models from their own community, Chair! Liaison! and Key Clubbers are there to help! Key Clubs can also co sponsor along with Kiwanis, K-Kids and Builders Clubs at the Boys and Girls Clubs. -LTG Jessica Lawson

Governor’s Message

International Trustee’s Message Greetings and Salutations Capital District!

Hello Capital Crabs!

My name is Audrey Dilgarde, and as you know I had the honor of serving your district as Capital’s International Trustee for the 2016-2017 service year. This past year was the highlight of my junior year of high school as I got to experience moments with dedicated servant leaders, many of whom were from the Capital District! This past year as an International Trustee I acted as the liaison between the Capital District and the International Board. I also held bi-weekly meeting with District Governors Danny Inglis and Maegan Richards. Aside from the District meetings, I also attended International meetings with the Key Club International Board at Kiwanis International headquarters and in San Antonio, Texas. My duties as an International Trustee ranged from completing committee assignments for the Committee of Growth and Communication (one of three committees on the Key Club International Board) and helping my assigned Districts in any way they needed. This included writing articles for newsletters, attending webinars, and staying in touch with district board members. As my term as Trustee comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect and think about how grateful and happy I am to have been given the opportunity to be a part of the Capital District as your International Trustee. It’s been a fun ride Capital, and I’ll see you all at ICON.

My name is Maegan Richards, and I currently serve as your District Governor! Since District Convention, it has been my absolute pleasure to serve amongst you all! I have made so many new friends through this amazing organization and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for our amazing Capital District! One of my goals for this year is to increase member participation to district events such as Key Leader, DCON, ICON, and Fall Rally. Half of this goal has already been reached, as our Spring Key Leader was sold out! In addition, our district will be sending around 35 students to International Convention in San Antonio, Texas next month! I cannot tell you how proud and happy I am because of these accomplishments. It is amazing all that we can accomplish when we work together. Another goal I have for this next year is to initiate my Governor’s Project, PAYitFORWARD. The point of this project is to give students an opportunity to serve a local retirement home or assisted living facility. Whether playing games, singing songs, or doing some arts and crafts, this is a great way to meet new people as well as spend time with those who often don’t see any family or close friends. This project encourages club members to go out into the community and volunteer at local retirement facilities to spread happiness. Hour requirements and further detailed information about this project will be coming out within the summertime, just in time before school starts. Until then, I hope you all keep up your amazing work and have a summer full of service and friendship! Thank you all for everything, see you soon.

Yours in Service and Friendship, Audrey Dilgarde

Yours in service and friendship, Maegan Richards District Governor Capital District of KC

District Convention Service Through the Ages

DCON was a great experience to learn more about Key Club and share ideas between Key Clubbers from the same district. DCON was very helpful to not only me but also all the members from the club that went because it got us excited about the new members for next year. I would recommend members to go because you don’t only learn, you also have lots of fun and make new friends. While at DCON you have a few hours of free time which was fun because you got to explore the city of Baltimore. DCON had a lot of activities like the dance, workshops, and a hypnotist, which were all very entertaining and lots of fun. Overall, DCON was a great experience because everyone was very friendly and welcoming. - Katherine Sandoval

DCON was an amazing experience that I feel every Key clubber should go too. It was there that I decided to become an officer of Key Club for both my Junior and Senior years. At DCON, I learned what it truly means to be a part of Key Club. DCON hosted many seminars that each person got to chose to attend based on what they were interested in and thought would be most helpful to them. These sessions helped Key Clubbers interact with others to swap ideas to bring back to their own clubs, which was really helpful in discovering new ideas and compare problems that each other have. Also, at DCON, there is the election of the new District Board, where you get to see Key Clubbers the same age as yourself take on the responsiblities that influence the entire district. DCON is a great way to meet other Key Clubbers and find ways to improve their clubs and community. - Devin Teri

International Convention My first time at ICON in the summer of 2016 was amazing. I was able to meet thousands of different Key Clubbers across the U.S., bond with Key Clubbers in the Capital District, and travel to Atlanta, Georgia where the headquarters of Coca Cola is located. While there I enjoyed my week attending workshops, exploring the city, learning about Key Club, listening to amazing keynote speakers, and electing next year’s International Board. After the convention was over, I was sad to leave all of the good memories and people behind, and it was a trip that I’ll never forget as a part of my Key Club high school career. - LTG Christopher Bratcher

the Capital District Takes san antonio from July 3-9!

Hey Capital District, For those of you who do not know, Key Club is an international student led organization. In addition to our annual District Convention, Key Club International hosts International Convention. This year it will be from July 3rd- July 9th in San Antonio, Texas. The first two days is our District Tour, where Capital District goes site-seeing and explores San Antonio. July 5th marks the first day of Convention. Here, you will meet Key Clubbers from all around the world, elect your new International Board and learn so much about Key Club! It is truly a special event and I recommend you all to attend! Next year it will be in Chicago, and the following year it will be in our very own Capital District! If you have any questions or if you need more information, please contact anyone from the Capital District Board! See you all soon! - Secretary-Treasurer Saad Fakhar

Meet Your Executive Board Governor Maegan Richards Hey everyone! My name is Maegan Richards, and I currently serve as your 2017-2018 Capital District Governor! I am a rising Senior at E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg, Virginia. At my school, I participate in FCA, Physics Club, Varsity Softball, and Key Club! Whenever I am free, you can find me watching Grey’s Anatomy or Harry Potter, playing any type of sport, eating at Noodles and Company, or listening to any type of music (probably One Direction or Chance the Rapper). I also love to travel, and my favorite food is fried pickles.

Contact Information District Administrator Mr. Joe Stankus keyclub@verizon.net Governor Maegan Richards keyclubmaegan@gmail.com Secretary-Treasurer Saad Fakhar saad.fakhar.12@gmail.com Editor Michelle Zheng michellezhengkc@gmail.com Webmaster Mayuri Albal malbal145@gmail.com

Secretary-Treasurer Saad Fakhar

Hello Capital District! My name is Saad Fakhar, and I have the absolute honor of serving as your 2017-2018 District Secretary- Treasurer! I work alongside the District Governor, Editor and Webmaster to oversee operations in Capital. In particular, I create Board Meeting minutes, assemble a District Directory, and monitor dues collection for each club. Outside of Key Club, I enjoy sports. I play badminton for my high school and watch football, baseball and basketball. I am also involved in my school’s Model United Nations and Future Business Leaders of America. If you have any questions or want to talk, please contact me at Saad.Fakhar.12@gmail.com!

Editor Michelle Zheng Hey Key Clubbers! My name is Michelle Zheng, and I’m so excited to be serving as your 2017-18 District Editor! I’m an upcoming senior at the Charter School of Wilmington in Division 6A, and I’ve watched The Office three times in its entirety. As Editor my primary duty is to publish the Capital Key, which you’re reading right now. In my spare time I like to play the piano, sleep, and find good food to eat. I’d love to talk to more of you about Key Club, food, life, or anything at all, you can reach me at michellezhengkc@gmail.com!

Webmaster Mayuri Albal Hi Everyone! I am elated to be serving as your District Webmaster for this year! I am currently a junior at Glenelg High School in Division 4B. In addition to Key Club, I serve on my school’s Executive Student Government Association and am part of several National Honor Societies. In my free time you can either find me reading a book, eating sour candy (Xtremes are my favorite), or tap dancing at my studio. As Webmaster, I am in charge of the website and all social media platforms used by the Board. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments at malbal145@gmail.com.

Editor’s Note Hi Capital District! My name is Michelle Zheng, and I’m so pumped to serve as your 2017-2018 District Editor! I will be creating four editions of the Capital Key during my term, one for each quarter of the year. My role as Editor is to keep everyone in our wonderful Capital District informed about anything and everything that has to do with Key Club, especially on the divisional, district, and international levels. If you have any suggestions or service stories you want to tell, don’t hesitate to contact me at michellezhengkc@gmail.com!

Thanks for reading!

District Convention Awards 2017 Congratulations!

OUTSTANDING OFFICER AWARDS Outstanding President: Michelle Zheng – Charter School of Wilmington – Division 6A Outstanding President: Johannah Suegay – Battlefield High School – Division 2E Outstanding Vice President: Grace DiGate – Winters Mill High School – Division 7B Outstanding Secretary: Daniel Moore – Linganore High School – Division 7A Outstanding Treasurer: Juneyoung Ro – Washington-Lee High School – Division 2A Outstanding Webmaster: Sabrina Caceres – Tuscarora High School – Division 2C Key Club of the Year: Albemarle High School – Division 9A Most Improved Club: Seaford High School – Division 5A Kiwanis Family Relations: Albemarle High School – Division 9A Alan Devers Outstanding Member Award: Juyeon Le – Stafford High School – Div. 2F Stuart Mendelsohn Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor: Ms. Charma Bell – Wilmington Kiwanis – Div. 6A Dale Q. Larson Faculty Outstanding Faculty Advisor: Mary Beth Starkey & Elizabeth Bereckzi – Battlefield High School – Division 2E Scott Hunter Award: Mrs. Avanti Yamamoto, Zone Administrator for 10, 11A, and 11B Outstanding Board Members: Manasha Bhetwal – Division 11A LTG Stacy Phillips Outstanding Board Member: Alexa Putka – Division 2F LTG Governor’s Award: Mrs. Angie Moore, Zone Administrator for 7A, 7B, and 8 Major Emphasis Award Honorable Mention: Dulaney High School in Division 6B Second Place: Southampton School in Division 14A First Place: Meade High School in Division 4B

District Convention Awards 2017 Single Service Award Silver Division Second Place: Winters Mill High School in Div. 7B Silver Division First Place: Southampton High School in Div. 14A Gold Division First Place: James Wood High School in Div. 8 Platinum Division Honorable Mention: Battlefield High School in Div. 2E Platinum Division Second Place: Dulaney High School in Div. 6B Platinum Division First Place: Meade High School in Div. 4B Impromptu Essay Contest Honorable Mention: Payton Conrad from Hopewell High School in Div. 10 Second Place: Megan Zhang from Dulaney High School in Div. 6B First Place: George Roose from The Tome School in Div. 6A Oratory Contest Honorable Mention: Hanna Searfoss from James Wood High School in Div. 8 Second Place: Ava Sharifi from Chantilly High School in Div. 2B First Place: Olivia Summers from Dulaney High School in Div. 6B Non Digital Poster Honorable Mention: Walkserville High School in Div. 7A Second Place: Winters Mill High School in Div. 7B First Place: Stonewall Jackson High School in Div. 2E Digital Poster Award Honorable Mention: James Wood High School in Div. 8 Second Place: Glenelg High School in Div. 4B First Place: Southampton High School in Div. 14A Club Video Contest Second Place: Dulaney High School in Div. 6B First Place: Lake Braddock Secondary School in Div. 2D Non-Traditional Scrapbook Honorable Mention: Centreville High School in Div.2B Second Place: Walkersville High School in Div. 7A First Place: Southampton High School in Div. 14A

Traditional Scrapbook Honorable Mention: Glenelg High School in Div. 4B Second Place: Chantilly High School in Div. 2B First Place: James Wood High School in Div. 8 Distinguished Club Southampton High School in Division 14A Meade High School in Division 4B Robert Turner Capital District Kiwanis Foundation $1000 Scholarships - Lauren Golmon - Nick Leahy - Rebecca Pereles - Anna Sepanic - Ava Sharifi Robert Turner Capital District Kiwanis Foundation $2000 Scholarship - Rachel Park Elimidallion Recognition - Sydney Hamrick - Division 2B LTG - Manasha Bhetwell – Division 11A LTG - Norah Mulinda – Division 15B LTG - Mrs. Missy Zimmerman, Retiring Zone Administrator Walter Zeller Fellowship Recognition - Governor Danny Inglis

District Convention Awards 2017 Above and Beyond Outstanding Members 2A - Michael Villatla - South County High School 2B - Colleen Snow - Centreville High School 2C - Drew Douglas - Tuscarora High School 2D - Fatima Rehmatulla - Lake Braddock Secondary School 2E - Rohan Vij - Battlefield High School 2F - Tressa Largent - Stafford High School 3A - Nimah Nayal - Richard Montgomery High School 3C - Brianna High - La Plata High School 3D - Rachel Evans - Patuxent High School 4A - Sophia Healy - Annapolis High School 4B - Justine Fritz - Meade High School 5A - Kelli Brinsfield - North Dorchester High School 6A - Maggie Tsao - Charter School of Wilmington 6B - Susan Lee - Dulaney High School 7A - Maggie Elliott - North Hagerstown High School 7B - Alexandra Ray - Winters Mill High School 8 - Katie Hancock - James Wood High School 9A - Lucia Sweeney - Albemarle High School 9B - Hunter Wren-Russ - Fishburne Military School 10 - Makayla Callendar - Thomas Dale High School 11A - Shashwat Pande - Deep Run High School 12A - Sebastian Lodwick - Jamestown High School 12B - Clarista Hampton - Middlesex High School 13 - Jasmin Colson - Hampton Roads Academy 14A - Meaghan Ellis - Southampton High School 14B Kritika Ghimre Tallwood High School 15A Grace Schepens Jefferson Forest High School 15B Brooke Leftwich Cave Springs High School

Profile for Capital District Key Club

Capital Key Volume 62 Issue I  

Capital Key Volume 62 Issue I