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Governor’s Update Capital District Key Clubbers, I hope you all have been doing well! Since my last update in October, the Capital District has truly flourished. Over these past few months, it has been such a pleasure to see how hard our District has worked to serve our local schools and communities. For this Capital Key, I would like to give an update on some of the goals I had planned to accomplish throughout the year. My main goal for this past year was to encourage enthusiasm and increase participation in district events such as Key Leader, Fall Rally, and District Convention (DCON). With that being said, I am very happy to inform you that our Key Leader for 2017 was sold out! Over sixty high schoolers had the opportunity to attend and better their leadership skills through this amazing event. With such an increase for this past year’s Key Leader event, I only hope that this level of participation continues through the years to come. In addition to this outstanding achievement, our district recently hosted our annual Fall Rally, which took place at Kings Dominion this past October. Over one hundred Key Clubbers attended the event and had the opportunity to enjoy a day filled with service, friendship, Kahoot, and rollercoasters! Fall Rally was one of my favorite events of 2017, and that is entirely thanks to you all and the district board! As for this year’s District Convention (2018), I would personally like to welcome you all to join myself, the Capital District board, and the amazing Capital District Key Clubbers from all over Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and Delaware at DCON 2018, which will take place March 2-4 in Baltimore, Maryland. Be sure to bring your Hawaiian shirts and leis as we ride the waves of service together! I hope to see you there! The other goal I had for this year was to initiate my Governor’s Project, PAYitFORWARD. This project was created to encourage Capital District Key Clubbers to volunteer at local retirement homes and assisted living facilities to provide friendship to the elderly, who are often excluded from society. I have heard so many great stories from clubs that have participated in this project. I cannot wait to hear more at District Convention! I would personally like to thank you all for participating and encouraging this project within the Capital District. If your club participated, be sure to fill out the Google Form link to be recognized at District Convention. This past year has been one of my favorites, and I would like to thank you all for such an amazing year of service. I hope you all had a truly wonderful holiday season, and I will see you very soon. Thank you so much for all that you do; continue to keep up the great work! Yours in service and friendship, Maegan Richards District Governor Capital District of KCI

Secretary-Treasurer’s Update Hello Capital District, My name is Saad Fakhar and I am your District Secretary-Treasurer. Over the past year, I have had the honor to work alongside the other board members to help better our district and community. My role is to record and publish minutes at board meetings, create the district directory, and ensure that all dues have been collected. I have some tips on how ensure that your club can be the best that it can be: 1. Be sure to advertise your club. Make an announcement during your morning announcements. You can also hang posters throughout your school. 2. Make sure to have club meetings on a regular basis. This will allow for consistency. This will also allow for members to know what day you have your club meetings. 3. Make sure to regularly organize service projects. Service projects will allow members to engage in projects and become more active. 4. Connect with your Kiwanis club and use them as a helpful resource. They can provide funding, rides and guidance throughout the year. 5. Maintain a good relationship with your Lieutenant Governor. They can provide information from the Capital District and Key Club International. If your clubs follows these five simple steps, they are on the track for greatness. If you want to learn more about our organization, be sure to attend District Convention! I can’t wait to see everyone there. Yours in Service, Saad Fakhar

Editor’s Update Hi Capital District! I hope everyone has had great couple of months, and that your Key Clubs are thriving this year. Since the last Capital Key, I attended Fall Rally, where Key Clubbers from across the district came together for an exciting day of service, friendship, and fun. There, we revealed this year’s District Convention theme, which will be “Island Paradise,” and I look forward to creating some promotional graphics and social media overlays for the event. These past few months I have released monthly executive newsletters and created this Capital Key. I hope that I have effectively highlighted and represented the clubs in our crabtastic district through these spreads, and thank you to everyone who contributed an article or pictures to make that possible. Make sure to read through this issue to see if your club has been featured, and to gather insights from the other awesome clubs throughout our district. As my term is coming to an end, I am glad to say that I have accomplished most of my main goals, which was to publish four issues of the Capital Key. I will be releasing my fourth and final issue very soon to wrap up this Key Club year. If you have any recent service projects or Key Club moments you would like to share for this final issue, please email me at Lastly, if you are interested in running for the position of district editor for the next year, please do not hesitate to contact me about what this job entails. No previous graphic design experience is necessary as long as you are willing to learn. This past year has been incredibly fun, and I can’t wait to see everyone soon at DCON! Yours in Service, Michelle Zheng

Webmaster’s Update Hey Everyone! It has been a crazy couple of months, but it has also been super eventful. It all began with Fall Rally, which was held on October 14th. We set up a geofilter for all attendees and had an awesome turnout. It was a great day and lots of fun! We had several presentations as well as a fantastic guest speaker from the Thirst Project. We also finally revealed what the DCON theme for 2018 will be... “Island Paradise”! I have also been busy promoting DCON and award applications. It was a pleasure filming the DCON promotional video and eventually seeing it come together thanks to our Division 2E Lieutenant Governor, Johannah Suegay. The board had a ton of fun making it and we can’t wait for all of you to check it out. You can find it on the Capital Youtube account. With DCON quickly approaching, my term is coming to an end. I have had several goals since the beginning of my term and am proud to say I have accomplished them. My biggest focus was on updating the website and making it easier to navigate as well as be more visually appealing. I also wanted to make it easier to find information and be kept up to date on what was going on in the district. Lastly, I wanted to grow our social media presence, which has been on the rise with the use of geofilters, Instagram live, and Snapchat. Don’t forget to register for DCON 2018; the link is on the Capital District website as well as information about contests and activities available during the convention. See you all at DCON! Yours in Service, Mayuri Albal

International Update Hello, Capital District! It’s Lindsey Banks here, your International Trustee. I hope you all have enjoyed the first few weeks of 2018 and are settling into the new semester. Even though we are not that far into the year, Key Club International already has some exciting initiatives going on, so here is a little more information on what’s happening: • For the entire month of January, club members, club officers, and lieutenant governors have been invited to apply for one of three international committees: the Committee on Service, Membership Experience, and International Development and Expansion. This initiative is to increase transparency on the international level and give members an inside look on how the international level works. For more info, check under the “News & Events” tab. • Thirsty 30 is back! Though January is coming to a close, your club can participate in this fundraiser any time of the year. Just grab your members, number some envelopes, and start collecting donations to benefit the Thirst Project, Key Club’s newest service partner. • In February, the Committee on Membership Experience is releasing a leadership toolkit as a resource for all members! Included in this toolkit is a leadership quiz to find out your leadership style and match you with a position, election guides, tips from current and past leaders of Key Club, and more! Stay on the lookout for more information. • Our sister district wide function, Hearts for Hope, is almost upon us! Your district governor, the governors from Rocky Mountain and Bahamas, and I have gotten together to plan this unifying, impactful service event. Sometime during the week of February 5-9, plan a club meeting and make Valentine’s Day cards. Then, on February 14, deliver them to your local hospital or retirement home. • International Convention is less than six months away! Join us in Chicago, Illinois for a week full of leadership training, inspirational speakers, awesome entertainment, and more as we come together to celebrate Key Club’s accomplishments over the past year. ICON will be held from July 4-8 at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile. I look forward to attending the Capital District Convention in Baltimore, Maryland this March. I hope to see you there!

Happy Serving,

Lindsey Banks Key Club International Trustee


This year’s Governor’s Project, PAYitFORWARD, is all about giving back to the elderly. Whether playing games, singing songs, or doing some arts and crafts, the Governor’s project gives students an opportunity to spend time with those who often don’t see any family or close friends. This project encourages club members to go out into the community and volunteer at local retirement facilities to spread happiness.

How can my club participate?

One of the best ways you can help is by volunteering at a local retirement home or assisted living facility to simply spend time and get to know the people living there. Your club can help run a bingo night, put on a talent show, or even hold a holiday concert! In addition to in-person visits, your club can also make cards and decorations to donate to local senior communities. Make sure to reach out to your Kiwanis club to see if they have any other ideas, and work together!

Fill out this form by 2/9 for your club’s participation and be recognized at DCON:

To participate in the Governor’s Project, PAYitFORWARD, the Western Albemarle High School Key Club in Division 9A created Thanksgiving cards during a lunch meeting for residents at the Mountainside Senior Living Home. In order to personalize the cards, the club executive board contacted the assisted living home to find out the first names of the residents. When making the cards, members addressed each card to a specific resident. This project was so successful that the club completed a similar activity during the winter by creating holiday cards. The club was able to make over 100 cards altogether, and members also greatly enjoyed this activity.

Middletown High School Key Clubbers fro coming event for residents at the Tranquilli land in November. Key Clubbers handmad the dance floor with fun Hawaiian-themed even crowned a homecoming king and que danced and talked with the Tranquillity resi as a nail painting station for the residents to Everyone had a smile on their faces through to the elderly, but also to the Middletown K

On December 16th, club mem Solomons to hand out holiday spend time exchanging holiday to residents as Key Clubbers an spending several hours listenin Christmas puzzle making trad through the PAYitFORWAR holiday cheer in what can some

When the Governor’s Project was announced last year, Division 15B clubs couldn’t wait to participate! The PAYitFORWARD project embodies one of Key Club’s main values, caring. There were countless ways to participate in the project, and Cave Spring High School decided to do so by volunteering at a local senior living retirement community, Elm Park om Division 7A organized a Hawaiian homeEstates. The club helped organize and decorate for a ity Assisted Living Center in Frederick, Maryde invitations for each of the residents, decorated Sadie Hawkins style dance during the holiday season. Club Vice President Odalys Hernandez says, “I really decor, provided snacks for the attendees, and een. Throughout the entire event, Key Clubbers enjoyed volunteering at this event! I see our club idents. There were even some fun activities such volunteering at Elm Park Estates regularly in the future!” The interaction between the members of o feel their very best before the event began! hout the dance. This event not only brought joy the community and Key Clubbers really highlighted what the PAYitFORWARD project is all about! Key Clubbers.

mbers from throughout Division 3D met at the Asbury Retirement Community in y cards, made in advance by the Key Clubs of Patuxent, Great Mills, and Ryken, and y stories with residents. It was incredibly moving to witness the joy our visit brought nd new elderly friends alike were moved to tears by the exchange of warm hugs. After ng to residents’ stories, ranging from World War II Christmas homecomings to ditions, we were all sad to leave. However, we were happy to have had the opportunity D project to express appreciation for the elderly in our community and bring them etimes be a lonely time for nursing home residents. - Peyton Fort, 3D LTG

KEY CLUB OF THE MONTH Chancellor High School

Chancellor High School Key Club from Division 2F regularly held officer meetings throughout the months of November, December, and January to make sure they could effectively execute their many service activities during the winter season. They held a school cleanup which allowed members to bond while providing service to their school. They raised awareness about Key Club in school by participating in Key Club Week, where they set up an information table during lunch and held a scavenger hunt called “Keys to Success.� Chancellor Key Club has even started to incorporate games and incentives into their meetings to increase member turnout and participation. They organized a turkey donation drive to a local food bank and decorated ornaments for Holiday Hope, a local nonprofit that matches the community with needy families during the holiday season. They also donated deodorant to Treasure House, a local organization that assists displaced students within the county. Recently, they helped hand out programs for the Rappahannock Ichoral Society and volunteered at a Barnes and Noble for the Salem Elementary School Convention, where they read to the children, made crafts with them, and did face painting.

SERVICE SPOTLIGHT Lake Braddock Secondary School

When we found out that the Governor’s Project was PAYitFORWARD, our Key Club decided to contact the volunteer coordinator at my grandfather’s retirement home, Greenspring, in order to host a holiday tea party in December for the residents. We met the volunteer coordinator several times before the event and planned the entire tea party that would take place on December 16th. In this time, we also assembled a committee of interested Key Club members who helped with aspects like decorations and the theme. At our general meeting before the tea party, all the members made snowflakes and centerpieces for the tea party. On the day of the event, our Key Club arrived early in order to decorate. We put snowflakes on the walls and the centerpieces on the tables. We also played holiday music to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Once the residents arrived, we started socializing over tea and cookies. The Key Club members introduced themselves and we talked about various things, and at the end of the party, we all sang Christmas carols together at the residents’ suggestion. The elderly enjoyed our company very much. The tea party was a major success, and we were able to put smiles on residents’ faces in the midst of the holiday season. It was a great experience between Key Clubbers and the elderly community in our town. We are planning to have another event with them in the spring. - Fatima Rehmatulla, Lake Braddock Secondary School club Vice President

You Key Clubbers from Huntingtown High School in Division 3C painted Calvert Rocks to send off to troops in Afghanistan who want to start a rock garden, since they cannot decorate their living space with real flowers and plants, which are unable to grow in the climate there.

Every kid should be able to enjoy candy on Hallowee Share the Treats is a candy drive program that Dulaney Key in Division 6B organizes every year, where we collect Hallo candy from 15 local elementary schools and then sort and distribute it to charities and food banks. Our chairs – Sean Julia Liu, Anne Wang, Karina Wang, and Alan Zhang – wo for two months to ensure the success of this project. There many steps to the process. First up was flyer counting. After the elementary schools were contacted and the number of boxes needed was recorded, Mrs. Turek, our advisor, ordered the flyers. Then, Key Clubbers came out and counted them in piles of 25 or 30. After that, all of the boxes were decorated using construction paper, poster paper, markers, and tape. Next, the boxes were sent out to the schools, and after Halloween, the boxes were then picked up and sent to our Kiwanis advisor Mr. Wexler’s house. The final step was candy sorting. This year 206 bags of candy were sorted and filled, which was amazing! Mr. Wexler and other Kiwanis members distributed the bags to churches and other organizations. It’s always great to spread the candy joy of Halloween! -Karina Wang, Dulaney High School club Editor

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In December, the Tome School in Division 6A completed their annual Christmas Canned Food Drive. The Key Club collected the cans as part of a contest. Since Tome is a k-12 school, the homeroom with the most cans collected in each of the three divisions (elementary, middle, and high school) won a pizza party. Food, sanitary products, and more were collected for charity. Over 750 cans of food filled 3 cars as they were delivered to the Way of Life Community Center. Overall, the event was a rousing success! Every year, Stone Bridge Key Club in Division 2C creates a Salvation Army bell-ringing sign-up genius with slots from late November to late December for its members to fill. This year alone their members bell rang for a total of 63 hours. Last year, in honor of their efforts, Stone Bridge Key Club won the “Most Service Hours” Award from Salvation Army. This honor along with Salvation Army’s positive impact on the lives of the disadvantaged has motivated them to continue their efforts for years to come.

Division 13 held a restaurant fundraiser at a local Chipotle and raised $44.53 for the Thirst Project. This was a huge project, as it was the first division-wide fundraiser in a long time. This event was very significant, as it will be used as a learning tool for Key Clubs or future lietenant governors. Division 13 is also holding another fundraiser at a local ice skating rink in February for a local Boys & Girls Club.

DIVISION 6B I love Key Club because it gives people an opportunity to help others. I’ve made some great friends and had some of my best memories through Key Club. One of the volunteer activities I really enjoyed was delivering Valentine’s Day cards to veterans to show them our appreciation for their service. It’s amazing to be part of a club that gives back to the community. -Briana Demarcy, Franklin High School club Editor

DIVISION 3D Key Club reminds me of the importance of working with others to better my surroundings. I once thought that I was merely a single person swimming in a sea of thousands, but Key Club—through service projects and leadership opportunities— has shown me just how influential I can be by working with my peers. No matter how uncertain the world around us is, Key Club pushes us to “join hands,” plow forward, and make others smile in any way we can. There is no better feeling than seeing our powerful hands and minds put to use. -Roma Kankaria, Great Mills High School club President

DIVISION 5A My favorite memory of Key Club begins before our school had a chapter. About two years ago, we began fundraising to begin our own Key Club at Easton High. Our first event was a carwash during the early Spring of 2016. In the morning, we set up and waited for customers to come. Throughout the day, we took turns washing cars, holding up the signs outside of the wash, and of course, taking plenty of meal breaks. Seeing all of our future members bond over an event inspired my love for the unity in Key Club. At the end of the day, we cleaned up all of the supplies, remembering the pure joy we had in working with one another that day. -Lucas Joshi, Easton High School club Vice President

DIVISION 3A One of our most cherished memories of being Key Club members was when we made dog toys that were donated to a local shelter. During that service project, all of us worked together as a team for one common good, which is the main goal of this club. Doing meaningful service and bettering the community around us is the reason why we continue to promote and stay passionate about Key Club. -Madie Yuen and Hannah Suh, Winston Churchill High School club officers

Why d

do YOU love Key Club? DIVISION 10 It’s my first year in Key Club, and I wish I had joined sooner. I have helped out in a variety events from making fruit necklaces on Healthy Kids day to coaching soccer. I even got the chance to go to a Kiwanis meeting, which was very memorable because I got to talk to and get to know so many Kiwanians. Being in Key Club has introduced me to so many new people and my passion for service. I never knew that I would love helping my community so much, and I am so glad that I am a Key Clubber! -Emma Samholt, Thomas Dale High School

DIVISION 4A My favorite acts of community service are when we go out and can see the difference we are making in people’s lives. That being said, my favorite memory from Key Club has been the Children’s Paint Night. During our Paint Night last year, we raised money for a wonderful girl suffering from leukemia. Not only was she able to buy new wigs with these funds, but she also attended the event itself! Even though she had chemotherapy that day, it was evident that being with her family, eating pizza, making bracelets, getting her face painted and creating her own artwork took her mind off of the pain she was feeling. The feeling I get after giving is what motivates me to continue serving my community. I love Key Club because it allows me to serve alongside dedicated leaders who share a common passion. This club has connected me with people all over my division and led me to understand the importance in the little things. -Andreanna Roros, Severna Park High School club President

March 2-4 at Hyatt Regency Balt



DCON was such a great experience for me. Two years ago, I went with my school’s Key Club amazing time. At this convention I was able to learn so much about how Key Club functions, and I discover how much this club meant to me. At this DCON I decided to run for a position in my clu passion and love for service that I witnessed at DCON from across the district. As the current pres rora Key Club, I am grateful for the impact that DCON had on me and all the members who atten there are so many opportunities to learn about Key Club and also how to better and improve your c memory at DCON was being in my hotel room with some of my closest Key Club friends . Explor was a close second! I can’t wait to go again this year and make more memories that will last a lifetim -Chloë Taylor, Tuscarora High Sch


District Convention has always been my favorite Key Club event. From the electrifying open engaging workshops and a spectacular dance, there is something for everyone to enjoy. I always leav inspired and ready to serve for the rest of the year! -Ede

Save the Date: ICON 2018 July 4-8 in Chicago, Illinois

timore | Theme: Island Paradise

NTION 2018

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en Taylor, 6A LTG


DIVISION 11A Key Club District Convention 2017 was one of the greatest weekends of my life! It was incredible to be able to not only enhance my relationships with fellow Deep Run Key Clubbers, but to also create new relationships with Key Clubbers from all across the district. The entire event was exciting, action-packed, and above all, inclusive. From playing Twister with Key Clubbers from Delaware to playing name aerobics with Key Clubbers from Maryland, the trip was unforgettable! Hearing from other Key Clubs about how much money they have raised for various charities and how much they have given back was especially breathtaking. To see such a large audience all empowered and passionate about serving others was a truly unique experience. In the end, DCON 2017 was a chance for me to connect with others in order to share ideas and experiences, but also to have fun and form new friendships in the process. -Jason Lee, Deep Run High School club Vice President

Annual Parade of Checks DCON 2018 Has your club raised money for a Capital District project this year? The Parade of Checks is a special part of the conference that gives all of the clubs that have raised money for any Capital District Project a chance to announce how much they have donated to a project. One student representative per club (chosen by the club) will say THE TOTAL of how much money they have raised for ALL DISTRICT PROJECTS. This includes Children’s Miracle Network, Boys and Girls Club, The Eliminate Project, and The Thirst Project or a district donation to another cause. This will take place on Friday night during the opening session. There are three options for being able to participate in the Parade of Checks: • A club is turning in a check (or checks) at DCON for the amounts raised for any district • project • A club is turning in an I.O.U. at DCON for the amounts raised for any district project (you must have already raised the money) • A club stands in line to report the amount raised for any district project, but have already sent in the funds to the organization(s) Clubs should NOT participate in the Parade of Checks if they have not yet raised the funds to donate. This is NOT a prediction. Clubs must only be part of the parade if they have already raised the funds. If you wish to hand in a check at DCON, please make it payable to the Capital District of Key Club but be VERY specific on what project you want the money to be donated. To sign up to be part of the Parade of Checks, please fill out this short form (the link is below). You can also contact DCON chairs Annesha Sarkar ( or Candice Mulinda ( if your club is not attending DCON, but wishes to be acknowledged in the Parade of Checks, or if you have any questions. Sign up today!

Form link:

Capital District Convention Service Fair 2018 Does your club have a service project success story you have been dying to share? If your answer is yes, then the Service Fair at Capital District Convention 2018 is your club’s chance to show the entire district the service project you have completed! What types of projects are suitable for display, you might ask? All of them! From dance-a-thon divisional projects to club fundraising efforts for Trick or Treat for UNICEF, there are endless possibilities! It does not matter if you choose to showcase a big or small project as long as you and fellow Key clubbers had fun and made an impact! Whether it was an event to raise money or one to help a local organization, other clubs in the district will be excited to see your unique ideas.

How do we sign up?

We’re glad you’re interested and excited to learn all about your club’s successful act of service! The Service Fair will be held on Saturday in the late afternoon in the atrium on the second floor. Times will be listed in the program booklet. To sign up, let us know by filling out the form located HERE. You may contact DCON Chairs Candice Mulinda ( ) or Annesha Sarkar ( with any questions.

What comes next to prepare for the Fair?

After signing up, there are two easy steps to follow to prepare for your Service Fair participation. First, start making your display board! Make it nice, neat, and easy to read. It should be appealing and creative so that other clubs will be excited to look at it. Tri-fold boards are an excellent option to showcase your project! After making the display, you are all set! The second step is to simply bring it to DCON and decide which club members will be present with your display during the Service Fair to answer questions about the project and explain it as members and advisors walk through. It’s up to your club to decide how they will do this (i.e., shifts or someone there the whole time), but there must be a member or two present with each display at all times during the Service Fair.

Sign up to share your service today!

Key Club Major Emphasis Children’s Miracle Network is a nonprofit that directly benefits its hospitals by helping purchase new equipment, conduct research, and cover health care costs for children whose families can’t afford treament. March of Dimes aims to better the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Key Clubbers like you can help by raising funds and educating the community about preterm birth. UNICEF works to improve our children’s futures: Key Club recently worked with UNICEF in The Eliminate Project to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus, saving millions of women and babies.

Key Club Service Partner About 780 million people on our planet don’t have access to safe, clean water. The Thirst Project teaches students about the global water crisis and builds freshwater wells in developing nations and communities to provide people with safe, clean water. Your club can help by holding fundraisers or inviting a Thirst Project speaker to come to your school!

Key Club Co-Sponsor Key Club’s Co-Sponsor Rustic Pathways provides students with opportunities to take their service to a global level with service trips from Tanzania to the Fiji Islands. Rustic Pathways offers a week-long service trip to the Dominican Republic personalized for Key Clubbers, and you can even invite Rustic Pathways to speak at a Key Club meeting at your school!

Key Club Vision Partners Nickelodeon's HALO Movement highlights youth who make their communities a better place. The HALO Movement partners with Key Club International and provides grant funding to Key Club service projects.

The United States Army has a partnership with the Kiwanis Family and is based on a foundation of shared values. Its programs like the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and allow students to go to college debt free and excel in the classroom with helpful academic resources. The Landscape Structure Inc. has been creating innovative playground equipment since 1971. Your Key Club can have a huge impact on your local community by constructing a playground as one of your signature projects. Find a local representative at to help you get started.

EDITOR’S NOTE Hi Capital District! My name is Michelle Zheng, and I’m very excited to be serving as your 2017-2018 District Editor. I will be creating four editions of the Capital Key during my term, and you are currently reading my third issue! My role as editor is to highlight the members of our crabtastic district and to keep everyone informed on district and international news. If you have any suggestions for articles or service stories, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I look forward to seeing everyone at DCON!

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