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How do you foster a culture of innovation? Entrepreneurs talk about how they find great ideas to help their businesses

CAPITAL IDEAS “Innovation is about learning and changing. When it gets really exciting is when you can change an industry and change the way that people work.” — Forrest Zeisler, CTO and co-founder of Jobber—

“Innovation is all about starting something new and changing the status quo, changing how people operate currently.” — David Green, director at CDLM —

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CAPITAL BUZZ: Here’s what Capital Ideas members took away from the June 17 panel: “The panel was a great way to learn about the different innovations that can happen in different industry sectors, it had a good variety.” — Nicolas Brown, issues editor at the NAIT Nugget — “My greatest takeaway was when the panelists discussed how leaders have to lead innovation, you have to live and breath what you want your vision to be so that your staff will take that internally and follow it. ” — Cherie Klassen, marketing and online resources manager at Business Link — “I really liked how the panelists talked about treating innovation like it is an entirely separate business.” — Odelia Choi, executive assistant at ATB Financial—

“Listening to the gentleman talk about two business tracks, one that focused on the day to day and one that’s focused on innovation and making sure that everyone connects on a regular basis towards a common goal really resonated with me.” — Lisa Todd, marketing manager at Diva Communications — “I think the most important point brought up this afternoon is that If you have all like-minded people on a team you are not going to innovate very well, but if you get all kinds of creative and different people from different disciplines, you can achieve greatness.” — Nora Shea, president of Crowley Consulting

“I think the best thing that they talked about was the cross pollination to foster innovation and how talking between different disciplines helps to spur innovation.” — Shane Kelly, staff accountant at Deloitte —

“Design products, get those products tested, and look for better ways to make the product better as it goes on instead of trying to think of one big final idea.” — James Keirstead, co-founder of Arctic Spas and president of Levven —

ALSO IN ATTENDANCE: Sarah Aaron Rochelle Anand Joy Andrews Janine Aquin Bianca Barry David Bayda Joanne Blake Peter Bognar Jacquie Boily Leslie Boyer Kevin Boyer Dave Buck Jesse Carson Jeremy Caspers Devin Cleaver Don Crothers Crystal DeCosta Jon Dziadyk David Fearnley Cecilia Gee Jorge Gonzalez Makarand Gulawani Lorne Guse Jennifer Halkett Will Harvie Graham Hicks Katrin Hoffmann Heidi Hoover Michael Jao Natalie Johnson Fazila Lakhani Crystal Lee Calv Lim Gordon Lucyk Sam Mah

Joshua Mah Sandra Marin Sofia Mariona Donald Maw Aimee Maxfield Jess McMullin Marissa McNeelands Rae Milne Ken Mundell Yen Ngan Janice Ngeno Austin Nguyen Kim Nguyen Maureen O’Reilly Grecia Pacheco Lieberson Pang Ian Pinnell Ashton Poon Jerry Poon Leanne Poon Sally Poulsen Trevor Prentice Michael Sadler Nora Shea Sam Singh Deirdre StLuke Lisa Todd Lianne Tse Yulia Volyanskaya Catherine Vu Cecile Wendlandt Mark Wong Barry Yewchuk Karolina Zitnansky


The panel really highlighted how important the culture of an organization is for creating innovation. How it is often difficult for the leaders to create innovation by embracing change. — Sam Singh, marketing and strategy consultant —

Paul Schneider, director of entrepreneurship at ATB Business., congratulates door prize winner Will Harvie of Cushman & Wakefield ( after the event.






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