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DEDICATION To Grey, For making us better people.

Capital City Books LLC Copyright 2011 by Liz and Chris Moser. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without the written permission of the publisher. ISBN 978-0-9842881-9-9 Library of Congress Control Number 2011911919 Capital City Books LLC Richmond, Virginia


written and illustrated by LIZ & CHRIS MOSER Capital City Books

It was a typical day in Shuggs’ life; out the door each morning,


in by force at night.


He liked climbing the jungle gym. Using the telescope was fun for him. 3

The trees and flowers were pleasing at first, but what he saw next made him nearly burst! 4

Dropping his scope he ran through the lawn. If his eyes held true, his food was gone. 5

Lo and behold, he scrambled to see, nothing was left the size of a pea. 6

He ran to the door but Santiago blocked the way. “This can’t be happening, oh please, not today!” 7

An open window caught his eye. “It’s too high to leap, too bad I can’t fly.” 8

Scanning the yard he started to think. Nearby his friend Scooter was having a drink. 9

A plan began brewing as he approached the mole. They walked to the clothesline. He climbed up the pole. 10

To fly was no option He hung from the line

but Shuggs could sail. as Scooter grabbed his tail. 11

Scooter asked ready, and Shuggs replied ‘no.’ But without listening, Scooter let go. Looking at the window, Shuggs started his flight. 12

But Scooter has bad eyes; he aimed to the right. 13

Shuggs shook his head and said, “We tried,� as Ms. Whiskaz came home and let him inside. 14

He darted in and ran to the dish, saw that it was empty, and started to hiss. 15

Ms. Whiskaz smiled and gave him a kiss, “I have a surprise, her name is Miss Priss.� He looked at the kitten who was so small, turned up his nose and walked down the hall. 16

Shuggs wouldn’t be bossed around by some tot, he had a decision to make... to be nice or not. 17

He moped on his mat his mind in a muddle, when in walked Miss Priss, who started to cuddle. Confusion hit first but melted away. 18

Shuggs thought they could be friends by the end of the day. He offered to play with his favorite ball. Being companions wouldn’t hurt after all. 19

Shuggs was glad to share his food in the end. Ms. Whiskaz was right, he needed a friend. 20


ABOUT THE AUTHORS The idea for this book first popped into Liz Moser’s imagination as she was working as a nanny. She loved the idea of seeing a cat enjoy a turn on the slide. This daydream inspired her to imagine stories about a cat having adventures in a neighborhood full of furry friends. And so Shuggs was born. Liz’s co-author and co-illustrator is her husband Chris. They met while they were both studying Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. Liz and Chris find that in working through their stylistic differences, creativity is born. They live inRichmond, Virginia with their son, Grey.

The Discoveries of Shuggs, A Curious Cat  

A lovable cat named Shuggs sets out on a backyard adventure: he spies, and then flies, with the aid of his trusty telescope and his friend,...

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