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Who are NAB’s Members? Regulatory boards and agencies responsible for licensure of long term care administrators in all 50 states and the District of Columbia are NAB members. NAB membership also includes former state board members and members representing allied professional and trade associations, academic institutions, continuing education sponsors and individual professionals who support NAB’s mission.

What are NAB’s Primary Attributes? NAB furthers its mission and accomplishes its goals through a variety of programs and services as listed below: NAB Nursing Home Administrators Examination Program (NHA) NAB’s NHA exam program is an entry-level examination that measures the entry-level knowledge of nursing home administrators. NAB Residential Care/Assisted Living Administrators (RC/AL) Examination Program NAB’s RC/AL exam program is an entry-level examination that measures the entry-level knowledge of residential care/assisted living administrators. State Examination Administration Program The State Exam Administration Program was established to assist state regulatory boards and agencies in the administration of their state specific jurisprudence examinations, allowing exam candidates the ability to schedule examinations to fit their schedules and to take the national exam at the same time. National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) NCERS offers sponsors of continuing education a one-stop service for review and approval of continuing education programs. Academic Accreditation Program NAB’s Academic Accreditation Program establishes criteria for undergraduate and graduate degree programs in long term care administration.

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