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Who are NAB’s Members? Regulatory boards and agencies responsible for licensure of long term care administrators in all 50 states and the District of Columbia are NAB members. NAB membership also includes former state board members and members representing allied professional and trade associations, academic institutions, continuing education sponsors and individual professionals who support NAB’s mission.

What are NAB’s Primary Attributes? NAB furthers its mission and accomplishes its goals through a variety of programs and services as listed below: NAB Nursing Home Administrators Examination Program (NHA) NAB’s NHA exam program is an entry-level examination that measures the entry-level knowledge of nursing home administrators. NAB Residential Care/Assisted Living Administrators (RC/AL) Examination Program NAB’s RC/AL exam program is an entry-level examination that measures the entry-level knowledge of residential care/assisted living administrators. State Examination Administration Program The State Exam Administration Program was established to assist state regulatory boards and agencies in the administration of their state specific jurisprudence examinations, allowing exam candidates the ability to schedule examinations to fit their schedules and to take the national exam at the same time. National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) NCERS offers sponsors of continuing education a one-stop service for review and approval of continuing education programs. Academic Accreditation Program NAB’s Academic Accreditation Program establishes criteria for undergraduate and graduate degree programs in long term care administration.

What features and benefits does NAB offer to stakeholders? State Regulatory Boards and Agencies n Standards and best practices

Continuing Education Participants n NAB CE approval meets licensure requirement in 45 states

n Valid and defensible examinations n Competency measurement tools

n NCERS search engine provides list of approved programs

n Networking opportunities

n Quality education programs

Future Administrators n Exam preparation support and guidance

Allied Associations n NAB CE approval meets licensure requirement in 45 states

n Exam preparation resource materials

n Collaboration on expertise and issues of importance to the profession

n Licensure leads to a job Licensed Administrators n Resource for continuing education n NAB CE approval meets licensure requirement in 45 states n Opportunities to participate in shaping the profession College and University Programs in Long Term Care Administration n Assurance and validation of educational programs n Graduates sought after by employers n Graduate degrees recognized by regulatory agencies Continuing Education Sponsors n NAB CE approval meets licensure requirement in 45 states n Save staff time and application fees through one-stop shop n National market exposure through NCERS search engine

Consumers n Public protection n Enhance quality of care and quality of life n Focus on Person Centered Care Legislators n Supports state responsibility of public protection Industry Providers n Quality leaders n Regulatory compliance

NAB’s ecosystem is highly complex requiring constant attention and monitoring

Educators Media and Press

Future Administrators

Allied Associations Members State Govt.

Consultants CE Sponsors


Competitors Non-Members

Administrators CMS

Federal Govt.

Quality Initiatives

We invite you to participate NAB offers several categories of membership and the cost to join is very modest. Visit the NAB web site at to join or learn more about membership opportunities. NAB also offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers to participate as committee members and as content experts in support of its programs and services.

How do I contact the NAB? NAB Mailing Address: 1444 I Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005

Email: Phone: 202-712-9040 Fax: 202-216-9646 web site:

Foundation of the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards The Foundation of the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (the “Foundation”) is a non-profit organization established to promote and enhance the profession of long term care administration for the organization’s members and to promote quality care and public protection for disabled and frail elderly populations. The Foundation conducts research, supports educational development and quality initiatives and partners with non-profit organizations, government, consumer groups and the academic community in support of its mission. Recent and current initiatives include sponsorship of white papers on person centered care, support and participation in the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign and the Long Term Care Quality Alliance, co-sponsorship of the National Emerging Leadership Summit and sponsorship of research on the preparation of candidates entering the profession.

What are the features and benefits? n Identify best practices through research n Identify trends, challenges and issues of importance to the profession n Actively participate and support quality initiatives n Improve quality of care n Enhance public protection

How does the Foundation accomplish the work? The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and is funded through donations, grants and sponsorships. The Foundation in turn provides support to allied organizations through grants and sponsorships in support of partnerships and initiatives that further the mission of the Foundation.

We invite you to participate The Foundation’s Board of Trustees welcomes you to engage in discussion or submit proposals for consideration in support of the Foundation’s mission. The Foundation also welcomes funding partners and donations in support of the Foundation’s initiatives.

For additional information about the Foundation please visit our web site at or contact the Foundation office at 202-712-9040 or by email at


Contact Us at 202-712-9040 or

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