Capital Area Food Bank Annual Impact Report 2017

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BOLDER. 2017 CAFB Annual Impact Report





TABLE OF CONTENTS Letter from the Chairman....................................... 5 What we do........................................................... 6 How we do it......................................................... 7 FY17 Impact by the numbers............................ 8–9 STRONGER: Weaving a stronger hunger safety net under greater Washington................... 11 HEALTHIER: Contributing to health and wellness as we provide more nourishing food...............................................12-13 SMARTER: Reducing food waste as we address hunger needs.............................. 14 BROADER: Engaging new members of the community as we work to solve hunger.................................................... 15 FINANCIALS: Consolidated Statement of Activities for Year Ending June 30, 2017..................................................... 17 Food Assistance and Direct Distribution Partners ........................... 18–22 Food Donors........................................................ 23 Financial Donors—President’s Council ......... 24–29 Legacy Builders: Bequests.................................. 30



WHO WE ARE The Capital Area Food Bank is the largest organization in the Washington metro area

working to solve hunger and its companion problems: chronic undernutrition, heart disease, and obesity. By partnering with 444 community organizations in DC, MD, and VA—and by delivering food directly into hard to reach areas—the CAFB is helping 540,000 people each year get access

to good, healthy food. That’s 12% of our region’s mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, and grandparents.


It was a year of big impact, and bold steps forward in our work to make good, healthy food available to people in every community. Together, we’ve continued to make an everyday difference in the lives of 540,000 of our neighbors throughout this region: • 45 million pounds of food — 36 million meals — made their way onto the plates of area families. 17.4 million of those pounds were fruits and vegetables.


• Half a million warm meals were served to children after school.


• Families were able to bring fresh fruits and vegetables home from a total of 84 schoolbased markets, an increase of 30 from the year prior.

AMY CELEP, SECRETARY Community Wealth Partners

We’ve also, under the guiding principles of our strategic plan, forged new paths to serve the men, women, and children in our community in innovative, more targeted ways. We have moved to become: • Stronger, expanding service for our neighbors in DC, MD, and VA through new nonprofit partnerships. • Healthier, working with our retailers to remove excess sugar from the food we distribute so that those we serve have more balanced options that contribute to wellness, and sharing information about how to prepare it. • Smarter, connecting our partners directly with area retailers for more efficient food donation. • Broader, engaging new and sometimes nontraditional partners, like medical providers, as we look at hunger in new ways and enlist new people and communities to help to solve it. This progress has required boldness from many that our work touches — from the nonprofits becoming our partners for the first time; to the food donors and retail partners who found ways to decrease sugar, increase healthier food donations; to supporters like you, who helped make it possible. The most important result of these collective efforts: healthier, easier to access food for men, women, and children. There is still much work to do. We’re forging ahead, and we’re so pleased to have you with us on this journey. Sincerely,

Peter Schnall

REV. DR. MICHAEL E. BELL, SR. Allen Chapel AME Church GREG BINGHAM The Kenrich Group, LLC ADAM GOLDBERG Trident Advisors, PLLC FELECIA LOVE GREER, ESQ. Pepco Holdings, Inc.—An Exelon Company JOHN P. HYNES, JR. Community Advocate GEORGE A. JONES Bread for the City, Inc. TOM LOFLAND Albertsons/Safeway GORDON REID Giant LLC LINDA KEENE SOLOMON Community Advocate CARL L. VACKETTA, ESQ. DLA Piper JOHNNY A. YATACO Washington Hispanic GENERAL COUNSEL: ERIC EISENBERG, ESQ. DLA Piper





Feeding the Community












Our Partners and Distribution Programs FOOD ASSISTANCE PARTNERS Our Food Assistance Partners work on the ground to offer food from the CAFB to neighbors in need; these partners include faith-based organizations, food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, senior programs, and daycare centers.

FOR KIDS WEEKEND BAGS We provide weekly, kid-friendly bags of groceries for children to ensure they have enough to eat when not at school.

MOBILE FOOD PROGRAM In partnership with Shoppers, we provide healthy lunches during the summer to children in hard to reach neighborhoods via a customized bus.

KIDS SUMMER MEALS PROGRAM We provide healthy meals and snacks in the summer at sites that include faith-based organizations, camps, and recreation centers.

KIDS AFTER SCHOOL MEALS PROGRAM We provide free, healthy meals and snacks to students attending after school enrichment programs.

FOR SENIORS SENIOR BROWN BAG We provide income-qualified seniors with a bag of groceries each month, along with recipes and nutrition education materials.

GROCERY PLUS We provide eligible DC seniors with a bag of healthy groceries each month. In the summer, seniors also receive produce vouchers redeemable at participating farmer’s markets.

FOR FAMILIES FAMILY MARKETS We provide families with fresh fruits, vegetables and non-perishable healthy groceries each month in their children’s schools. Food is offered market-style, and parents can choose the items they want, along with recipes to put ingredients to use.

JOYFUL FOOD MARKET This monthly, pop-up grocery market takes place at schools in DC’s Wards 7 & 8. Each market provides families with healthy, nonperishable groceries and fresh produce.

FOR EVERYONE MOBILE MARKETS We provide fruits, vegetables, bread, and more at no cost to any resident living in a high-need neighborhood, by delivering to safe, public places for pick-up.

COMMUNITY MARKETPLACES At this monthly farmer’s market-inspired event, we offer fresh, seasonal produce at no cost; cooking demonstrations and on-site resources for health, housing, and other services. CAFB 2017 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT




IN 2017, THE FOOD BANK and its community of supporters distributed 45 million pounds of food, including 17.4 million pounds of fruits and vegetables — through 444 nonprofit community partners.


seniors received the food they need to stay strong through Brown Bag and Grocery Plus

478,325 warm meals and 62,466 snacks were

served to children through our afterschool programs


children brought nutritious food home for the weekend through Weekend Bag





kids without ready access to a summer meal site received lunch each day from our mobile summer meals bus


monthly school based markets —30 more locations than last year— enabled parents and children to select fruits, vegetables, and other groceries together


pounds of fruits and vegetables were distributed to nearly 900 people each month at 3 Community Marketplace sites in DC, Maryland, and Virginia








STRONGER.HEALTHIER.SMARTER.BROADER. HEALTHIER.SMARTER.BROADER. Weaving a stronger hunger safety net under greater Washington


WHEN WE ROLLED OUT our HUNGER HEAT MAP in 2015, it allowed a clear look at the areas in our community where hunger is hiding — places where many moms, dads, seniors, and kids aren’t always able to get to the food they need, and where resources for assisting them are few and far between. That knowledge was a call to action and allowed us to get to work building new partnerships with nonprofits in “hunger hot spots” across the region. Fiscal year 2017 saw our greatest progress yet on filling in gaps in the hunger safety net, and improving resources for those with a diverse range of needs.

District of Columbia


partners added in Ward 5.


Additional help for families in the area experiencing homelessness.



partners added in Hyattsville, Capitol Heights, Rockville, Silver Spring, Bowie, Beltsville, College Park, Suitland, Temple Hills and Lanham.

Result: Help with food assistance is significantly closer for people in suburban Maryland communities.

“Participants are very thankful they no longer have to travel 30-40 miles via public transportation (because) they now have a pantry minutes from where they live. The pantry opening here has been very beneficial to the community.” — PANTRY DIRECTOR NICOLE HOYTE, PRINCE EMMANUEL ALL NATIONS SDA CHURCH IN BOWIE, MD



partners added in Fairfax county’s “Route 1 Corridor” and Prince William County.


More meals and fresh produce reaching area families, students, and those who are homeless.






Contributing to health and wellness as we provide more nourishing food

RETAILERS FOR WELLNESS: Changing our Food Supply with Policy and Partnerships

AS THE FOOD BANK has worked to make the food we distribute increasingly healthier over time — part of our commitment to helping those we serve improve their wellness — we’ve realized that what we stop providing can be just as important as what we provide more of. For the past several years, we’ve set targets for increasing fiber and reducing the amount of salt and sugar in the foods we distribute. But a high volume of donated sugary treats was making those targets challenging to achieve without causing a buildup of candy and cakes on our warehouse shelves. The solution came when, after many conversations with our food donors, we stopped accepting cases of holiday candy, pastries, cakes, and full calorie soda. The policy required some creative thinking and new ways of operating from our grocer community, but with the early leadership of longtime partners like Giant Food and Shoppers, the change quickly began to make a difference in our food stream. While we still distribute small quantities of sweets (everyone deserves a treat from time to time), we’re able to provide a more balanced offering of foods than ever before. This shift comes at an important moment. Among those we serve, the demand for healthier food has never been higher. Our low-income neighbors are learning more, as we all are, about the role of food in wellness, and in many cases, are hearing directly from their doctors that a change in diet is critical for managing their health. Together with our retail donors and our community of supporters, we’re on a bold path forward: providing better food for those in need while also modeling for food banks across the country what’s possible through the power of partnerships.




STRONGER.HEALTHIER.SMARTER.BROADER. STRONGER. SMARTER.BROADER. Contributing to health and wellness as we provide more nourishing food

SHARING THE POWER OF AFFORDABLE COOKING: CAFB Recipes Roll Out to All 93 Local Giant Stores

OUR EASY TO USE, affordable recipe cards are now available at a Giant store near you (and thousands of other area residents)! For several years, the cards — developed by our in-house dietitian with lots of input from our nonprofit partners — have helped build demand for fruits, vegetables, and other good food among those we serve. Each is printed in Spanish and English, and provides instructions for getting a fast, delicious meal on the table quickly and affordably (all recipes serve at least four people for $7 or less). We regularly hear from moms, dads, and others that these basic recipes give them the confidence to try the fruits and vegetables they receive from the food bank, which they’re sometimes unfamiliar with. We wanted to give that feeling of empowerment in the kitchen to people across this region, and to help continue to build demand for healthier food by making it easy to know what to do with it. And Giant, a strong and strategic partner in wellness, wanted to help. After a successful pilot in 8 area stores, Giant worked to bring recipe cards to the aisles of every store in the area that the food banks serves — 93 in all. Recipes change out seasonally, and help people of every income level find ideas for stretching their shopping dollars and cooking on a budget.






Reducing food waste as we address hunger needs


A COMMITMENT TO REDUCING FOOD WASTE is part of our organizational DNA; the food bank’s model is to make sure that retailers or others who have an excess supply of good, nutritious food can make it available for people in need, rather than discarding it. Much of that food comes to the food bank directly. But when retailers have smaller amounts of food to donate (a few crates of milk, or a few boxes of frozen vegetables), the resources required to get it to our distribution center often become prohibitive to making the donation, and the risk of food waste goes up. The solution: working smarter by making a direct connection between our network of nonprofit partners and our retail donors. Through our Partner Direct model, 45 of our partners throughout DC, MD, and VA pick donations up right from grocers. And in FY17, we’ve expanded the program significantly, adding 39 new retailers to the list of those who provide food donations directly. The results: transportation costs are saved for both the food bank and the grocer, and millions of pounds of good food from 238 retailers makes its way to the tables of families in our area, rather than into a landfill.





Engaging new members of the community as we work to solve hunger


Building Bridges to the Health Care Community WHEN THE FOOD BANK’S first Hunger and Health Summit kicked off, food security advocates from across the area sat shoulder to shoulder with audience members newer to discussions on hunger: doctors, hospital administrators, and other health professionals. As the keynote address from Dr. Hilary Seligman began, everyone in the room heard her message loud and clear: “Food insecurity is a significant public health problem.” Hunger is a health issue, and one that the medical community is increasingly finding itself on the front lines of. Accordingly, the food bank has been reaching out to engage and partner with those in the health care field, and create dialogue about new ways that hunger and health professionals can work together. The summit was an important milestone in that outreach. Held at the Pew Charitable Trusts in downtown DC, it featured remarks by Seligman, Associate Professor of the University of California San Francisco’s Dept. of Medicine and Biostatistics, where she directs the Food Policy, Health, and Hunger Research Program at the Center for Vulnerable Populations at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Following her talk, Seligman also joined for an exciting panel discussion that included Dr. Kavita Patel, Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and Lauren Shweder-Biel, the co-founder and Executive Director of DC Greens — a local nonprofit that focuses on food education, food access, and food policy to advance food justice in the nation’s capital.

“Food is as important as medicine.” — DR. HILARY SELIGMAN

Solving old problems in new ways requires new thinking, and the relationship that the food bank is building with the health care community is enabling exactly that.






FINANCIALS FOR FISCAL YEAR 2017 Capital Area Food Bank

Consolidated Statement of Activities for the Year Ending June 30, 2017 With Summarized Financial Information for the Year Ending June 30, 2016


Temporarily Restricted

2017 Total

2016 Total

$52,059,812 12,780,111 3,979,939 2,311,438 311,926 322,721

$53,497,224 10,285,868 3,736,201 2,035,478 579,102 300,509

OPERATING REVENUE & SUPPORT In-kind food contributions Contributions and grants Federal and state grants Program service fees Donated materials and services Other Income Net assets released from donor restrictions:   Released from purpose restrictions   Released from time restrictions TOTAL OPERATING REVENUE   & SUPPORT

$52,059,812 11,451,518 3,364,939 2,311,438 311,926 322,721 1,995,559 651,309


--- 1,328,593 615,000 --- --- ---

(1,995,559) (651,309)

--- ----- ---

$ 72,469,222 $ (703,275) $ 71,765,947 $ 70,434,382

OPERATING EXPENSES Program Services:   Food resourcing and logistics   Community direct distributions   Government distributions   Food for kids   Partner relations and agency training   Total Program Services Supporting Services:   Management & General   Fundraising Total Supporting Services TOTAL EXPENSES

29,266,422 17,186,762 16,087,166 1,774,453 1,492,056 65,806,859

--- --- --- --- --- ---

29,266,422 17,186,762 16,087,166 1,774,453 1,492,056 65,806,859

29,537,020 20,317,716 15,602,367 1,415,843 1,578,956 68,451,902

2,504,475 --- 2,504,475 2,141,008 --- 2,141,008 4,645,483 --- 4,645,483

2,532,769 2,264,801 4,797,570

$ 70,452,342









Other Income   Interest expense   Investment income

212,435 (281,463) 802,335

--- --- ---

212,435 (281,643) 802,335

208,334 (280,073) 213,644


2,750,007 (703,275) 22,175,104

2,046,732 (2,673,185)




NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR $ 24,925,111 $ 19,003,881

$ 43,928,992

$ 41,882,260





FOOD ASSISTANCE PARTNERS & DIRECT DISTRIBUTION PARTNERS Partners by Region WASHINGTON, DC Food Assistance Partners ABBA House Church of Prophecy Allen Chapel AME Church Anchor Mental Health Association Assumption Outreach Barbara Chambers Children’s Center Bread For The City Brethren Nutrition Program Brighter Day Ministries Food Pantry Brookland Senior Day Care Center, Inc. CAC Wosem Canaan Baptist Church Central Union Mission Children of Mine Christ House Church of the Atonement Church of the Incarnation, St. Vincent De Paul Society Coalition for the Homeless Community Family Life Services Community Multi-Service Covenant Baptist Food Pantry CPDC—Arbor View CPDC—Cedar Heights CPDC—Edgewood Commons CPDC—Wardman Court CPDC—Wheeler Terrace Crowder Owens Calvary Food Bank Dahlgreen Court Damien Ministries Food Pantry DC Central Kitchen DC Jewish Community Center Destiny World Changers, Inc. Douglas Memorial Dupont Park SDA Church East Washington Heights Baptist Edgewood Baptist Church Edward C Mazique Child Care Center Emory Beacon of Light, Inc. Faith Tabernacle of Prayer Family & Medical Counseling Service


Father Mckenna Center First Baptist Church of Deanwood First Rising Zion Baptist Church Foggy Bottom Food Pantry Food & Clothing Center of Ward 7 Food & Friends Food For All Freedom Chapel Church Friends of Hope Inc. Gateway to Heaven Pentecostal Holiness Church Golden Rule Apartments Good Success Christian Church Greater Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church Greater New Hope Baptist Church Green Door on Taylor Street Green Spaces for DC Higher Ground Community Church Horton’s Kids, Inc House of Help City of Hope House of Lebanon House of Ruth Madison Hyacinth’s Place Israel CME Church Joseph’s House Langston Terrace Community Resident Council, Inc. Latin American Youth Center LDS Outreach Ministries Lincoln Park UMC Little Rock Bibleway Church Little Sisters of the Poor Love Is Action Food Pantry Martha’s Table Mary House MetroHealth Inc Metropolis Club Miriam’s Kitchen MSB Outreach House Mt Airy Baptist Church Mt. Rona Baptist Church National Baptist Memorial Church


National City Christian Church Nazarene Outpost Food Dist Program New Endeavors by Women New Macedonia Baptist Church New Samaritan Baptist Church New United Baptist Church Nineteenth Street Baptist Church North Capitol Collaborative, Inc. Northeastern Presbyterian Church Northwest Center Operation Sisters United Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church Paramount Baptist Church Peace Meal Ministry Pearl Enterprises Pennsylvania Ave Baptist Church Perfecting of the Saints Pilgrim Baptist Church Polaris Project Purity Baptist Church RCCG New Wine Assembly Saint Benedict The Moor Saint Marys Baptist Church Seabury at Home First SevaTruck Foundation Severna on K street Sixth Church Food Closet So Others Might Eat SOME Kuehner House Spanish Catholic Center St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church—DC St. Francis Xavier St. Martins Social Service St. Paul’s Lutheran Church St. Phillip Food Bank T&T Tutor World, Inc Temple of Praise The Holy Temple Church The Salvation Army The Store at District House GWU The Table Church

The Women’s Collective Thrive DC Unique Residential Care Center Unity of Love Food Pantry Urban Outreach Inc. Vermont Avenue Baptist Church Washington Animal Rescue League Washington Center For Aging Services We Are Family Woodley House Inc Word of God Christian Center

DC Direct Distribution Programs AFTER SCHOOL MEALS Arbor View CPDC Bald Eagle Recreation Center Barry Farm Rec Center Brookland Manor Community Center Capital View YMCA Cedar Heights City Gate: Atlantic Gardens Merrick Center Columbia Heights Recreation Center Congress Park Deanwood Recreation Center Ferebee Hope Recreation Center Fort Davis Recreation Center Horton’s Kids Jubilee Activity Zone Jubilee Early Start Jubilee Teen Renaissance Kennedy Recreation Center Little Lights Urban Ministries Park View Recreation Center Raymond Recreation Center Rosedale Recreation Center Trinidad Recreation Center Turkey Thicket Recreation Center Tutoring Cafe

COMMUNITY MARKETPLACE Community Marketplace at L St NW

FAMILY MARKET Ballou High School Ballou STAY Bruce Monroe School Food Pantry DC Bilingual Public Charter School Friendship Blow Pierce Public Charter Hart Middle School Ketcham Elementary Lasalle-Backus Education Campus Leckie Elementary School Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy Orr Elementary School Food Pantry Simon Elementary School Food Pantry

GROCERY PLUS 3001 The Gettysburg Fort Lincoln I Residential Site 3005 The Vicksburg Fort Lincoln II Residential Site 3298 The Petersburg Fort Lincoln III Residential Site 3400 The Montana Fort Lincoln Residential Site Andromeda Transcultural Health Community Site Arbor View Apartments Residential Site Arthur Capper Residential Site Asbury Dwelling Residential Site Asian and Pacific Island Senior Center Community Site Bernice Fonteneau Senior Wellness Center Community Site Bread for the City SE Community Site Brookland Manor Community Site Canaan Baptist Church Community Site Capitol Gateway Senior Residences Residential Site Capitol Hill Towers Residential Site Carroll Apartments Community Site Carver Senior Apartments Carver Terrace Community Site Casa Iris Residential Site Cedar Heights Residential Site Claridge Towers Residential Site


Colony House Residential Site Columbia Heights Village Residential Site Community Family Life Services Community Site Congress Park Crowder Owens Community Site Delta Towers Residential Site Dupont Park Residential Site East Capitol Walk-In Center Edgewood Commons 611 Edgewood Terrace Community Site Fairmont Apartments Residential Site Family Matters - East River Fam. Strengthening Coll. Fredrick Douglass Residential Site Friendship Terrace Residential Site Garfield Terrace Residential Site Gethsemane Baptist Church Community Site Green Valley Residential Site Greenleaf SW Community Site Harvard Towers Residential Site Hayes Senior Wellness Center Hedin House Residential Site Israel Baptist Community Site J. W. King Senior Center Jubilee Housing—The Ritz Community Site Judiciary Residential Site Kennedy Recreation Center Kentucky Courts Residential Site Knox Hill Residential Site Langston Dwellings Residential Site National Baptist Memorial Community Site NCBA Estates Residential Site North Capitol Residential Site Northeast Home Delivery Northwest Home Delivery Overlook Apartments Residential Site Paradise Residential Site Paul Lawrence Dunbar Apartments

Potomac Gardens Community Site Raymond Recreation Center Community Site Regency Residential Site Robert Walls Senior Center Roundtree Residence Samuel Kelsey Residential Site SOME Community Site Southeast Homebound Tenth Street Baptist Community Site Triangle View Residential Site UPO Petey Greene Center Community Site Upper Room Baptist Community Site Victory Square Community Site VIDA Brightwood Community Site VIDA Senior Center Community Site Walker House Residential Site Wardman Court We Are Family Community Site Wheeler Creek Residential Site

JOYFUL FOOD MARKETS Aiton Elementary School Anne Beers Bald Eagle Recreation Center Barry Farm Recreation Center Benning Park Recreation Center Burville Elementary School C.W. Harris Elementary School Cedar Tree Academy Center City DC Scholars Public Charter School Deanwood Recreation Center Democracy Prep Congress Heights PCS Douglass Community Center Drew Elementary School Eagle Academy PCS at McGogney Excel Academy PCS Ferebee-Hope Recreation Center (Summer Site) Fort Stanton Recreation Center (Summer Site)


Friendship Southeast Elementary Academy Garfield Elementary Heights Academy PCS KIPP DC Hendley Elementary School Hillcrest Recreation Center Houston Elementary School J C Nalle Elementary School Kimball Elementary School Martha’s Table Outfitters (Summer Site) Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School Moten Elementary School Neval Thomas ES Parklands Campus Apple Tree Patterson Elementary School Plummer Elementary School Rocketship Rise Academy Savoy Elementary School Smothers Elementary School Stanton Elementary School The ARC Turner Elementary School Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy

MOBILE MARKET Ambassador Baptist Church Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Change Incorporated/Columbia Heights Tenants Assoc. Claridge Towers Faith United Church of Christ Church Fort Lincoln Resident Council Garfield Terrace Gibson Plaza Apts. Harvard Towers Henson Ridge I Townhomes Horizon House James Creek Resident Council Inc James Senior Building Resident Council Johnson Towers MSB Community Outreach House

Office of Latino Affairs Park Southern Apartments Project Blessing for Hurting Parents St. Mary’s Baptist Church Stanton Dwellings (Inactive) Winn Residential

The Overlook at Oxon Run The Petersburg — Ft. Lincoln III The Salvation Army ERI Wardman Court Wingate Winn Residential



Access Housing, Inc. Central Union Mission Christ House DC Central Kitchen Father Mckenna Center Greater Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church Horton’s Kids, Inc. MetroHealth Inc Nazarene Outpost Food Dist Program Purity Baptist Church The Table Church Thrive DC

Brookland Manor Community Center Cedar Heights Congress Park Horton’s Kids, Inc Jubilee Activity Zone Jubilee Early Start Jubilee Teen Renaissance Little Lights Urban Ministries National Baptist Memorial Church The C.H.I.L.D. Center The Redeemed Christian Church of God New Wine Assembly Tutoring Cafe Wardman Court

SENIOR BROWN BAG Allen Chapel AME Church Arbor View (Overlook) Brookland Manor Boys and Girls Club Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Capital View at YMCA Delta Towers Edgewood Commons 611 Edgewood Terrace Fort Lincoln Hubbard Place Lincoln Westmoreland Marshall Heights at Meadow Green Mount Airy Baptist Church Near Southeast Seniors (Arthur Capper) North Capital at Plymouth Paradise at Parkside/ Chauncey Spruell Community Center Paramount Baptist Church SOME Inc. St Paul Living at Wayne Place

WEEKEND BAG Allen Chapel AME Church Barbara Chambers Children’s Center Brookland Manor Boys and Girls Club Children of Mine City Gate—Richardson Dwellings Congress Park Daybreak Ministries DC Weekend Bag Regional Account Emory Beacon of Light, Inc. Fredrick Douglass Bulk Site Garfield Terrace Horton’s Kids, Inc Hubbard Place Resident Services J.O. Wilson Mary House The Salvation Army Weekend Bag Program -- Warehouse Transfers Wheatley Educational Campus





MARYLAND Food Assistance Partners ABSYNA, Inc. Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington Agape Assisted Living Agape Early Childhood Learning Agape Outreach Ministries Alfred House Eldercare Inc Allen Chapel AME Church Outreach Ministry Angel Square Assisted Living Apple Blossoms Ark of Grace Mission, Inc Arleeta’s Food Pantry At Home Away from Home Autumn Meadows Bethel Stand for Life Outreach Ministries Bethesda Cares Breath of Life SDA Church Builders, Inc CAC Bethel Fellowship Church CAC Wosem Lanham Calvary Assembly of Holy Cross LC Calvary Pentecostal Ministries Capital Christian Fellowship Casa de Dios, Cristo el Rey Castle of Love Elderly Care Central Baptist Church Chrisma Charities City of Greenbelt Food Pantry City of Praise Family Ministries Clara’s Place Clifton Park Baptist Church Clothing of Power Eternal Church Coalition for Animals Welfare, Inc. College Park Church of the Nazarene Community Bible Baptist Church Community Outreach and Development Center CDC Community Support Systems Inc ACCOKEEK Community Support Systems Inc BADEN Corinth Baptist Church Outreach Program Cornerstone Peaceful Bible Baptist Church Crossover Church


Divine Connection Faith Ministries Divine Grace Mission Door Christian Fellowship Church Each One, Feed One Ebenezer We Care We Share Community Educare Support Services Elderly World LLC Emanuel Spanish SDA Church Emmanuel UMC Faith Alive Foundation Faith Based Collaborative Outreach Group Faith Deliverance Temple Faith United Ministries Outreach First Baptist Church Ken-Gar First Baptist Church of Capitol Heights First Baptist Church of District Heights First Baptist Church of Silver Spring Food Closet First New Horizon CDC First Pentecostal Church of God of Silver Spring, Inc FISH of Laurel, Inc. Fort Foote Baptist Church Fort Washington Food Pantry Fountain Community Enrichment Inc. Freedom Way Missionary Baptist Church Gaithersburg Community Soup Kitchen Gaithersburg Help, Inc. Galilee Community Development Corporation Gethsemane United Methodist Church Glenmont United Methodist Church Global Health and Environment Foundation God’s People Church Good Samaritan Gospel Assembly Church Gospel Bearers Assembly International Grace International Deliverance Church Grace of God Ministry Great Comission Change of Life Ministries Greater Refuge Ministries Healing Temple Church of the Nazerene Heaven’s Helpers Ministry Horeb SDA Iconium Food Pantry Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal Nuevo Renacer


Institute of the Incarnate Word Interfaith Works ISKCON of Washington Jesus Christ Ministries International Joy of Worship Kingdom Vision Ministries Kings and Priests International Ministries Lamb of God Landover Hills Baptist Church Laurel Advocacy & Referral Services, Inc. Life Builders Life in Victory Outreach Ministries Little David Baptist Church Luther Rice Neighborhood Center Manna Food Center Maple Springs Baptist Church Marlboro Churches Food Bank Maryland Umbrella Group McCarrick Family Center Mercy House/ Bread of Life Food Pantry Metropolitan Church of God Metropolitan SDA Church Mid County United Ministries (MUM) Mission of Love Charities, Inc. Montgomery County Muslim Foundation Montgomery Eldercare LLC Mount Ennon Baptist Church Mount Jezreel Baptist Church Mount Victory Food Basket Mt. Calvary Catholic Church, Ladies of Charity Food Pantry Muslim Community Center MVP Inc. Nations United Baptist Church Neighbors Against Poverty New Creation Church New Hampshire Spanish SDA New Nations Worship Ministries Nick’s Place Nourish Now Our House Our Savior Lutheran Church Oxon Hill Church of Christ Oxon Hill Food Pantry Pastoral Support Services Pennsylvania Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church

Pilgrimage Christian Church Praise Housing Network, Inc. Pregnancy Aid Center Prince Emmanuel All Nations SDA Church Prince George’s County DSS Rainbow Community Development Center Rainbow Outreach Ministries Reaching The World Community Development, Inc. Refuge Ministries Restoration Center Resurrection Bible Church River Jordan, Inc. River of Life Redeemed Christian Church of God Rockville Spanish SDA Church Saint Camillus Catholic Church Salvation Ministries Second Baptist Church Southwest Shabach Emergency Empowerment Center Shepherds of Zion Ministries International Shepherd’s Table—Progress Place Building Shiloh Church Of God 7 Day Silver Spring Christian Reformed Church Sistas United Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Sowing Empowerment & Economic Development, Inc. St. John’s Community Outreach Prog St. Joseph Catholic Church St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church St. Michael and All Angels St. Paul UMC St. Stephen’s Baptist Church/Mercy House Still I Rise Sylvan Vista Baptist Church Tabernaculo de la Fe Temple Hills Church of God Tender Love & Care The Hope Center The Lord’s Chosen Food Pantry The Samaritan Way

The True Vine Center The Vessel of Grace Evangelical Church of Lahham Theocracy International Ministries There’s Hope Christian Church This Generation Ministries Tower of Praise Church International Town of North Brentwood Triumphant Baptist Church Food Ministry Uplift Individuals in Christ Victory Christian Ministries International Victory Drug Center Vision of Nations Walker Mill Community Development Center Washington Spanish Church Wells Robertson House Whosoever Will Christian Church Widows & Orphans of God Inc. Women Who Care Ministries Yad Yehuda of Greater Washington YMCA Youth and Family Services Zion Church Inc. Zion City Chapel For All Nations Zion Praise Tabernacle Lutheran Church

Maryland Direct Distribution Programs AFTER SCHOOL MEALS Beltsville Community Center CAFE at Queens Manor Garden Apartments Central Gardens College Park Community Center College Park Youth Service Center Community Services Foundation Danbury Before/Aftercare Center EXCEL Academy - SELP GapBusters, Inc. Glenarden Woods Community Center Glenn Dale Community Center Glenreed Community Center Good Samaritan Aftercare Hillcrest Heights Kentland Community Center Langley Park Community Center Learning World Child Development Center 2 Learning World Development Center 1


Marlow Heights Community Center Millwood Community Center Oakcrest Community Center Park Forest PG Parks & Recreation Pleasant Homes Community Center Queenstown Community Center Refreshing Spring Rollingcrest-Chillum Community Center Seat Pleasant Activity Center Shadenjuan Child Care Center Suitland Community Center Summer Ridge Community Center Vansville Community Center William Beanes Community Center


FAMILY MARKET Barnaby Manor Elementary School Bladensburg High School Burtonsville ES Carmody Hills ES Charles Carroll Middle School Duval High School Duval High School Excel Academy Galway Elementary School Glassmanor Elementary JoAnn LeLeck Elementary School Kennedy Cluster Key Middle School Parkland Middle School Port Towns Elementary School Samuel P. Massey Southlake Elememtary Suitland High School Templeton Elementary School Watkins Mill High School Winship Wheatley Early Childhood Learning Center

MOBILE MARKET 4-H Club Park and Planning Alafia Baptist Church Calvary - Dodge Park Food Distribution Catholic Charities ADOW Montgomery County Family Center City of Greenbelt

City of Seat Pleasant/Seat Pleasant Fire Department Clifton Park Baptist Church Community Ministry of PG County Community Outreach and Development CDC Faith Community Baptist Church Faith Temple #2 First Baptist Church of Capitol Heights Friendship Arms Apartments Gethsemane United Methodist Church Greater Refuge Ministries Inc Hughes Neighborhood Housing Inc. Inwood House Langley Park Food Distribution Londonderry Towers Apartment Mt. Calvary Baptist Church New Creation Church Park View at Bladensburg Park View at Laurel 1 Pin Oak Village Senior Prince George’s County Department of Social Services TEFAP Prince George’s Department of Social Services Prince Georges Social Services - Gwynn Park High School Rolling Crest-Chillum Community Center Seat Pleasant Community Development Center Selborne House Seniors Against Stalking & Domestic Violence Silver Spring UMC Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Spellman House Apartmant Tabernaculo de la Fe The True Vine Center There’s Hope Christian Church Victory Outreach Walker Mill CDC William Wirt Middle School Woodland Springs Apartment

PARTNER DIRECT City of Greenbelt Food Pantry Community Outreach and Development Center CDC Community Support Systems Inc.


Cornerstone Peaceful Bible Baptist Church Emmanuel UMC Fort Washington Food Pantry Landover Hills Baptist Church MANNA Nations United Baptist Church Nourish Now Oxon Hill Church of Christ Pennsylvania Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church Rainbow Community Development Center SEED Inc Shabach Emergency Empowerment The True Vine Center

SENIOR BROWN BAG Bauer Park Apartments Capital Christian Fellowship City of Greenbelt Community Ministry of PG Daughter for the Day Each One Feed One Ebenezer Church of God Faith Temple #2 First New Horizon Baptist Church Friendship Arms Apartments Galilee Community Development Corporation Gateway Village Heritage House Inwood House Developement Corp. Lakeview Apartment Homes Londonderry Towers Marwood Senior Apartments Metropolitan Church of God Montgomery County Brown Bag Program -- Warehouse Transfers Mrs. Philippines Home for Senior Citizens Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Newton Green Senior Living Pin Oak Village Senior Pleasant Homes Prince Georges Brown Bag Program -- Warehouse Transfers Queenstown Community Center Rockcreek Terrace Apartments Rollingcrest Commons

Saint Paul Senior Living Second Baptist Church of Southwest SEED Inc Shadenjuan Child Care Center Shady Grove Apartments Spellman house Spread The News Church of God in Christ The Charter House The True Vine Center The Vistas at Lake Largo The Willows Apartments Town Center Trinity Terrace Victory Crest Victory Forest Victory House of Palmer Park Victory Oaks Victory Tower Windsor Crossing

SUMMER MEALS Agape Early Childhood Learning Bladensburg Community Center Cedar Heights Community Center Central Gardens College Park Community Center Community Services Foundation Danbury Before/Aftercare Center EXCEL Academy GapBusters, Inc. Glassmanor Community Center Glenarden Community Center Glenarden Woods Community Center Glenreed Community Center Good Samaritan John Edgar Howard Community Center Kentland Community Center Langley Park Community Center Latin American Youth Center — Riverdale Marlow Heights Community Center Millwood Community Center Oakcrest Community Center Palmer Park Community Center Park Forest PG Parks & Recreation Pleasant Homes Community Center Queenstown Community Center

Rollingcrest-Chillum Community Center Seat Pleasant Activity Center Suitland Community Center Summer Bridges Tutoring Program Summer Ridge Community Center

WEEKEND BAG Beltsville Academy/Beltsville Seventhday Adventist Church Central Gardens Crossover Church Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary School Judge Sylvania Elementary School Kreayola Kids Langley Park Elementary School MD Weekend Bag Regional Account Millwood Community Center Park Forest Pleasant Homes Queenstown Ridgecrest Elementary School Riverdale Elementary School Rock Creek Terrace Shady Grove Summer Ridge Community Center The Willows Apartments Woodland Springs Apartment

VIRGINIA Food Assistance Partners Action Chapel Virginia ACTS ADAMS CENTER Agape Adult Day Healthcare Center ALIVE ALIVE Annandale Spanish SDA Church Beacon Hill Missionary Baptist Church Boat People SOS Bread & Fishes Bread of Life Bull Run Unitarian Universalists Calvary Baptist International Center Calvary Christian Church Centreville UMC Christ Chapel Christ Church Lazarus Ministry Church of Christ at Mt. Vernon





Church of Christ of Dale City Church of the Resurrection Church on The Move, Inc. CNP Carla Maldonado CNP Fabiola Salinas CNP Laura T. Mendoza CNP- Maritza Lopez- Brizuela CNP Patricia Bellot —Mureno CNP Eguez CNP Torrico CNP Zubair CNP Zube Jalil CNP Zulma Meneces Columbia Baptist Church Community Church of God Concordia Lutheran Church Consumer Wellness Center Core Community Development Group(City of Refuge) Culmore United Methodist Church Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center ECHO, Inc. Fairfax Church of God Faith For Living Faith Social Services Falls Church Spanish SDA First Baptist Church of Springfield Floris United Methodist Church Food For Others Freedom Fellowship Church Friends of Guest House Inc. Gateway Homes, Inc. Good Spoon Grace Christian Church, Inc. Grace Episcopal Church Grace Ministries - Culmore Grace Ministries Mt Olivet site Greater Morning Star Apostolic Church Groveton Baptist Church Haymarket Regional Food Pantry Helping Hungry Kids of NOVA Holiness Tabernacle Church of God in Christ House of Mercy Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal El Arbol de la Vida Iglesia de Dios Puerta del Cielo Iglesia Pentecostal Trono de Jehova Koinonia Foundation, Inc.


La Cocina VA Ladrey Food Pantry Living Epistle Church of God in Christ Lorton Community Action Center Messiah United Methodist Church Ministerio Pentecostal Cristo Vive Mision Cristiana Agape Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries New Hope Housing Kennedy New Hope Housing Mondloch Nokesville United Methodist Church Northern Virginia Community College Northern Virginia Family Services SERVE Open Door Presbyterian Church Our Lady Queen of Peace Church Outside The Walls Ministry Praise Center Church of God In Christ Prince of Peace UMC Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia Revival Baptist Ministries INT Rising Hope Methodist Mission Church Royal Missionary Baptist Church Salvation Army (PW County) Salvation Army Arlington Corps SHARE, Inc. Springfield Christian Church Springfield Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Congregation St. Anne’s Episcopal Church ( Food Pantry) St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church St. Georges Episcopal Church St. Paul United Methodist Church St. Stephen’s UMC St. Thomas United Methodist Church Star Bethlehem Christian Academy Sterling United Methodist Church Streetlight Community Outreach Ministries Sydenstricker UMC Terry House (Pathway House ) The St. Lucy Project Thursday Ministry United Community Ministry


Way of Faith Christian Training Center INC. Wesley Housing Development Corporation of Northern VA. WFCM Food Pantry Woodbridge Workers Woodlawn United Methodist Church Yeshua Church of God in Christ INC.

Virginia Direct Distribution Programs AFTER SCHOOL MEALS Aspire at Buchanan Gardens Community Lodgings at Brookside Community Lodgings at Fifer Fort Henry Gardens Community Center Gates of Ballston Community Center General Heiser Boys and Girls Club Greenbrier Learning Center @ Virginia Gardens Gum Springs Community Center Harvey Hall Community Center Huntington Community Center James Lee Community Center Lubber Run Community Center - Teens Lubber Run Community Center - Youth South County Government Center Southgate Community Center Virginia Gardens Community Center Willston Multicultural Center COMMUNITY MARKETPLACE Community Marketplace —NOVA FAMILY MARKET Bren Mar Park Elementary Carlin Springs ES Glen Forest ES Hybla Valley Elementary School Lynbrook ES Manassas Park High School Mount Vernon Elementary School Riverside ES West Gate Elementary Weyanoke Elementary School William Ramsay Elementary School

MOBILE MARKET Annandale Distibution Coverstone Apartments Culmore United Methodist Church Food For Others Food Distribution Fort Belvoir Holiness Tabernacle Church of God In Christ Hybla Valley Elementary School Ladrey Mobile Food Pantry Legal Aid Justice LINK Mobile Food Pantry - Christ the Redeemer Northern Virginia Family Services SERVE Open Door Presbyterian Church Our Lady Queen Of Peace Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church Salvation Army—P W County/B– Thirfty Store St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church St. Stephen’s Grace Ministries The Wall United Community Ministries, INC. PARTNER DIRECT ACTS Bread & Fishes Calvary Christian Church Columbia Baptist Church Consumer Wellness Center Cornerstones, Inc. Food for Others Greater Morning Star Apostolic Church Haymarket Regional Food Pantry Holiness Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Iglesia Pentecostal Trono de Jehova La Cocina VA Lorton Community Action Center Northern Virginia Family Services SERVE Praise Center Church of God In Christ Rising Hope St. Thomas United Methodist Church The St. Lucy Project United Community Ministries WFCM Food Pantry Yeshua Church of God in Christ INC.

SENIOR BROWN BAG Baileys Senior Center Evergreen House Apts Harvey Hall Community Center Hunter’s Park @ Cherrydale Hunters Woods Fellowship House Lake Ann Fellowship House Lake Ridge Fellowship House Lockwood/Elmwood House NOVA Brown Bag Program -Warehouse Transfers The Shelton United Community Ministries Winter Hill Apartments Yorkville Cooperative SUMMER MEALS Arlington Mill Community Center Audubon Estates Carver Community Center —Youth Community Lodgings at Brookside Fairmont Garden Apartments Fort Henry Gardens Community Center Gates of Ballston Community Center General Heiser Boys & Girls Club Harvey Hall Community Center Lubber Run Community Center - Teens Lubber Run Community Center - Youth Mount Zion Baptist Church Southgate Community Center The Berkeley Community Center Virginia Gardens Community Center Woodbury Park Community Center Woodlawn Garden Apartments WEEKEND BAG Bailey’s Senior Center Fort Henry Greenbrier Learning Center @Virginia Gardens Homestretch, Inc. James K Polk Elementary NOVA Weekend Bag Regional Account Poe Middle School Ruby Tucker Family Center Wexford Manor






Government – Surplus food that is subsidized by the government and distributed to children and families in need. Purchased –

Government 16%


Food purchased by CAFB to ensure a consistent supply of items our partners most want and need (ex: peanut butter).

Farms 24%

Purchased 12%

Producers – Producers 3%

Community Food Drives 4%


Truckloads of food donated directly by companies that have produced too much. Grocery Stores –

Community Food Drives –


Donations from community members like you who collect nutritious food for those who need it.

Farms – Fresh fruits and vegetables from farms that are oddly sized or shaped, and would be tilled under or thrown away.

Grocery Stores 41%


Food that no longer meets stores’ strict guidelines for peak freshness, but is still good to eat.

45 Million Pounds of Good Food Provided to Men, Women, and Families!

FOOD DONORS AARP Foundation ALDI US Andrews AFB Commissary B.K. Miller Company, Inc. Balducci’s Barilla America Inc. BJ’s Wholesale Club Bon Appetit Management Company Boskovich Farms, Inc. Bright Farms CedarLane Natural Foods, Inc Central Pennsylvania Food Bank Central Union Mission Chobani Yogurt Clagett Farm Cloverland Dairy Coca-Cola North America Columbia Fresh Produce Sales ConAgra Brands Consolidated Core-Mark Midcontinent Cosi, Inc. Costco Wholesale Dairy Maid Dairy, Inc. Dan Dunsmoor Farms DC Sustainable Energy Utility Deal Farms, Inc. Deep Root Organic Co-op Diaz Foods

DPI Dedicated Logistics DPI Midatlantic Dutch Village Farmers Market Easterday Farms Produce CO. Egg Innovations, LLC Encore Sausage Company Expo Answers Fairlington United Methodist Church Federation of VA Food Banks Feeding Children Everywhere Feeding Florida Feedmore/Central Virginia Food Bank FEMA First Fruits Farm Food Bank of the Virginia Peninsula Food Lion Fort Belvoir Commissary Fresh Market G. Cefalu & Brother, Inc. General Mills Georgetown Bagelry Giant Food Girl Scout Council-Nation’s Capital Great Harvest Bread Hana Foods Distributors INC Harris Teeter, Inc. Hendrix Produce High Grain Bread Company

High Liner Foods USA Hungry Harvest Hyatt Grand Kaliroy Produce Inc. Keany Produce Kellogg Company Kraft Heinz Foods Lancaster Foods Lee Salins, LLC Lehigh Valley Dairy Lewis Orchards M&T Farms, Inc. Maryland Food Bank, Inc. MDV Nash Finch Meals of Hope Messiah United Methodist Church Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Mid Atlantic Gleaning Network Miller Farms Montgomery County Department of Parks My Organic Market Nalls Produce Nash Produce LLC Nature’s Way Farms, Inc. Nestle USA, Inc. Pacific Blue Corporation Panera Bread

Peanut Proud Inc. Pete and Gerrys Organic Eggs Pete Pappas & Sons, Inc. Phil Abundance Place Vendome Post Consumer Brands Praline Bakery Presiding Bishop of LDS Church Proctor & Gamble Randall Memorial UMC Reinhart Foodservice Roots Market Olney Safeway Sam’s Club Save-A-Lot Second Harvest of South Georgia Shoppers Food ShopRite Six Flags America Smithfield Foods Inc. Starbucks Sterling United Methodist Church Sterman Masser Inc Sur La Table Szawlowski Potato Farms Target The Pack Shack Todos Supermarket

Torrey Farms Trader Joe’s Treehouse Private Brands, Inc. Triangle Quality Foods Tropicana Products, Inc. Tuscarora Organic Growers Tyson Foods, Inc UM Riggs Alumni Association Union Kitchen United Way University of Maryland US Foods, Inc USDA Agricultural Research Center Verde Farms W.D. Henry & Sons Walmart WaterPenny Farm Watusee Foods Wawa Wayne E. Bailey Produce Wegmans Weis Market Western Harvest White Wave Foods Whole Foods Market Yemat Foods Yummy Spoonfuls






Reflects monetary donations made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Individual donors are listed first in each level; organizational donors follow. *denotes organizations and individuals that coordinated community campaigns to support CAFB CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $500,000+ Maryland Food Bank* United Way of the National Capital Area * The District of Columbia Government *

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $250,000–$499,999 Giant Family Foundation

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $100,00–$249,9999 John and Diana Jaeger Enterprise Fill Your Tank Project Giant Food, LLC Harris Teeter John Edward Fowler Memorial Foundation The Wallace Genetic Foundation, Inc. Fairfax County Government * Prince George’s County Government/County Council * Montgomery County Government *

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $50,000-$99,999 Bank of America Foundation The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia / The J.O.Y. Charitable Fund DC Sustainable Energy Utility Giant Food Joy in Childhood Foundation –Dunkin’ Brands Kaempfer Family Foundation Laura and John Arnold Foundation PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP Republic National Distributing Company Shoppers Food & Pharmacy Supervalu Foundation


The World Bank Wegmans

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $25,000–$49,999 Anonymous Haise and Kevin Borgmann Phil and Valerie Brown Leslie Goldberg Robin Shaffert and Dean Brenner Ahold Financial Services American Endowment Foundation Capital One Services, Inc. Delta Air Lines Diane and Norman Bernstein Foundation Feeding America Feeding America, thanks to French’s Food Co. LLC Food Lion LLC* Greater Washington Community Foundation The “Hunger Is” Campaign from the Entertainment Industry Foundation/ Albertsons Jersey Mike’s Subs Milkpep Network For Good * Premium Distributors of VA, LLC SAIC* Service Distributing Inc. Seyfarth Shaw Charitable Foundation Share Fund ShopRite Partners in Caring Fund TD Charitable Foundation The Herb Block Foundation The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation The Sunoco Foundation TJX Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $10,000–$24,999 Anonymous Norman and Beverly Black Sue and Benjamin Boley Richard and Laurie Calder Wes Callender Michael Beriss and Jean Carlson Mark Colley and Deborah Harsch Lawrence and Kimberly Cook Florence Crisp Jessie Harris and George Cunningham Anita Dunn Lois and Richard England Ethan Friedman Kerry Geist E. Carmen Ramirez and Andrew Genz John and Belva Hayden Amy Dunbar and Ted Hester Christie and John Johnson Charlotte Johnson Edward and Irene Kaplan Gladys Kessler Michelle S. Lee and Daniel C. Chou Peter Ackerman and Joanne Leedom-Ackerman Peter Albert and Charlotte Mahoney Eric and Norma Murchison Otto Reid Bruce and Lori Rosenblum Mary Rouvelas and William Gould Peter and Marla Schnall Bradley and Katherine Vogt G. Evans Witt and Amy Sabrin Margaret Chao and Tso-An Yu ACT for Alexandria Ada & Albert Wibel Foundation


Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP Altria Group, Inc. Associated Distributors LLC DBA Breakthru Beverage Virginia Association of American Medical Colleges Balducci’s BELL– The Education Foundation for Manassas Park City Schools Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc. CNSI Inc. Comstock Costco Wholesale David & Lorna Gladstone Foundation DLA Piper LLC Feeding America, thanks to Omni Hotels Feeding America, Thanks to Subway FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program Four Seasons Produce Inc. Freddie Mac Gaghan Mechanical, Inc. General Mills, Inc.* Hop and Wine Beverage LLC Humanity First USA IKEA John & Nancy Goldsmith Family Foundation Katten Muchin Rosenman Foundation Inc. Live Nation Music Group, Inc. Marriott International, Inc. MillerCoors M-NCPP-C Prince George’s County Department of Parks & Recreation Mt. Vernon Knights of Columbus Club, Inc. Pepco, an Exelon Company Philip L. Graham Fund PNC Bank

Live! Casino & Hotel Prince Charitable Trusts Red Nose Day Fund Renaissance Charitable Foundation Robert P. and Arlene R. Kogod Family Foundation Safelite AutoGlass Foundation Safeway Inc. Share Our Strength Sodexo The Abe & Kathryn Selsky Foundation, Inc. The Community Foundation For Northern Virginia The Dorothy G. Bender Foundation The George Wasserman Family Foundation The J. Willard & Alice S. Marriott Foundation The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation The Pew Charitable Trusts The Walt Disney Company United States Senate Federal Credit Union Virginia Imports Ltd. Whole Foods

TRUSTEE $5,000–$9,999 Ken and Anita Adams George Arnstein James Bazelon Sanja Benak Margaret Bennett Greg Bingham Raymond Bobo Alexander and Elizabeth Boyle Letha and Steven Braesch David Brindley Wendy and Jeff Brueggeman Claire Cannon Adam Clymer Kelley and Peter Currie Linda and John Donovan

David Dubin Anne Dyer Debra and Robert Ekman Mary Evans Merle Fabian Jason and Stephanie Fertig Maria Finarelli Karen Fisher and Janet Kreizman Lawrence and Jenn FogelBublick Martin and Sherry Franks Steven Salop and Judith Gelman Mary Ginn Thomas Fishbein and Veronica Gomez-Lobo Samuel and Grace Gorlitz Susan Green David Guinasso Megan Herman Said and Angela Hitti Shirley Hoffmann Jeanette Honsa John Houston Ernest Isenstadt and Judith Hsia Heidi Hubbard Richard and Soon Ok Hwang John and Diane Hynes Joe Judge Alex Larson Mary Jane Lee Jack Levy and Nancy Alarcon-Levy Judy Light Richard and Mary Lou Lindholm Paul and Annie Mahon Joan and David Maxwell Zachary Meister Andrea Grant and Selig Merber Joseph Mikrut Jessie and Ann Miller Julie Mintz Steven Perry


Mari-Anne Pisarri Adam and Kelli Polon Thomas and Eleanor Porter Gordon Reid James Roy Cathrine Sasek Mary Clark and Craig Schaffer David Scheffman Molly and Michael Schuchat Isaac Shapiro and Jennie Bonney Neel Shepard Adam Posen and Jennifer Sosin Ronald Stern and Elisse Walter Timothy and Sandy Stormer Steven Strawn Samuel and Paula Strickland Carl L. Vacketta Daniel and Linda Vilardo Ellen and John Villa John Viner Daniel Volchok and Volchok Daniel Joan and Joan Warren Craig and Darci Weaver Mary Weschler Angus Worthing Helen Yanchisin AIM Integrated Logistics, Inc. Altamirano Consulting American Online Giving Foundation, Inc American Psychological Association America’s Charities* Andrews Kurth Kenyon LLP Asurion Beaverdale Foundation, Lowry Hill Bloomberg LP Brennan Charitable Trust Bright Funds Foundation Buchly Charity Fund of Lodge No.1 Charles B. Preacher Foundation Constellation, an Exelon Company Cotton & Company LLP CPR MultiMedia Solutions Einstein Family Charitable Fund Feeding America, thanks to Bank of America Gannett Company Graham Holdings Company Herson-Stirman Family Foundation, Inc.

Hilton Hotels IBM Employee Services Center iFaith Golf Challenge* Jackson Family Enterprises, Inc. Jean Axelrod Memorial Foundation Jerome A. & Deena L. Kaplan Family Foundation Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. Just Give K&L Gates LLP Kaempfer Family Foundation Kellogg’s Kelly Riley Foundation Logan Title Marshall B. Coyne Foundation, Inc. MasterCard Matching Gift Program MAXIMUS FOUNDATION Mesnikoff Foundation Mini USA Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP Nordstrom Nordstrom Inc. Posner-Wallace Foundation Protiviti Inc. QMT Windchimes Quarles & Brady LLP Ratner Companies Razoo Foundation* Richard E. & Nancy P. Marriott Foundation, Inc. Samsung Austin SemiConductor Sandy Spring Bank Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina Shoppers Food & Pharmacy Silver Stars Gymnastics Sulica Fund Synchrony Financial Taste of the NFL TEGNA Foundation, Inc. The Brenda Trust The Cheesecake Factory* The Community Foundation of Prince George’s County The Hirsch Family Foundation The Lear Family The Pampered Chef - Round-Up from the Heart* The TJX Companies Trident DMG Truist*


Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Virginia Eagle Distributing Company LLC Wawa YourCause LLC* YRCI

BENEFACTOR $2500–$4,999 Elizabeth Alexander Julianne Beall and Will Amatruda Jonathan Amy John Ashley Susan and Robert Askew David and Deborah Astrove Roberta Babbitt Stanley and Shelley Balis Naomi and David Balto Kristin Bear James and Linda Beers Andrew and Barbara Benson Robin Bergen Susan Mayer and Seth Berlin Alan and Susan Berlow Ken and Sheila Berman Amy Bogdon Joseph Braverman David and Anne Brill Joanna Miller and Roger Brown Jeanette and Stephen Bruce Michael Beresik and Beth Brummel Hugh Stewart and Becky Bruner Daryle Butler Susan and Kenton Campbell Jeffrey and Kathleen Carey Cynthia Castellana Patrick Cavanaugh Seyfarth Shaw Charitable Foundation Charles Chesson Amy Connelly Mike Cray Cynthia Shields and Kevin Creamer Louise Crissman Philip and Roberta Cronin David and Martha Dantzic Abigail and Todd Davenport Igor and Keiko Dawid Michael and Carol Donovan Michael Dyer Barbara Easterling

Charles Fleischman and Carol Evans Edward Fluhr Cathy and Don Fogel Michael Ford Jon Frierson Steven Fuchs Julie and Sylvain Furt Hiren Gandhi Charles Gibson Judith Gilbert Sherry Gilbert Thomas and Laurie Gira Robert Glass Terence Golden Joseph Handler and Joan De Pontet Patricia Hansen Stephen and Judy Harbeck Helen Harkins Jeffrey, Barbara and George Harrison and Barbara George Elissa Hart-Mahan Pamela Jones and Kristopher Heim Jennifer Perkins and Scott Henderson Paul and Lynda Heran Laurence Platt and Elizabeth Herington Deborah and Carl Herrin Lee Hinnant Elizabeth Hocking Jobeth Hodges James and Patricia Hoffman William Hoffman Ruth Hofmeister James Hogan George Holderness Andrea Hollinshead Andrew Horng Lynne and Joe Horning Scott Horsley Diane and Victorio Hoskins Timothy and Debra Howard Gary and Nola Huffman Paris Johnson Mary and Tom Johnson Daniel Kaplan and Kay Richman Timothy Keating Nazzic Keene Loretta King Jay Kloosterboer and Barbara Zicari Stephen Krooth Ryan Kukol

Sanjiv Kumar and Mansoora Rashid John Scheibel and Ester Kurz Aaron Landry Burks Lapham Simon and Sarah Larach Bertha Lawrence Timothy Lawrie Patricia Letzler Martha Liggett Lane MacAvoy Thomas MacCracken Linda Marcotte Phyllis Mariam Ann Masse Yousef Master Laura McCloud Walter McMackin Gautam Mehta Barbara and Frank Miller Jessica and Mark Miller Joan Mooney Cornelia and Lewis Moore Erin Morrow N. James and Ellen Myerberg Richard Niemann Kenneth Oberly Kerry O’Hare Susan Palik Barbara Patocka Jason and Kayvan Patti Howard and Geraldine Polinger Robert and Anne Quinn Eileen Quinn claire reade Bernard and Barbara Ries Sandra Rizzo William and Sandra Rogers Jane Rohrs Nancy E. Roman David and Kristin Romero Brian Rooks Bradley Kading and Kim Ross Azher Salikuddin Jean Samuels Renee Schlabach Sondra and Edwin Schonfeld Judith Mazo and Mike Seidman Alfred Selgas Lisa Sha Stanley and Mary Sherman Julia and Daniel Small Kristin Smith James Hollis and Kristi Smith Mari Snyder

Sandra Spear John and Allison Steadman Jack and Laura Summer Ann Thomas Gary Thompson Steven Toney Donald Verrilli William Vukowich Waite Family David Wallen Charles Walton Joseph Wassell Michael and Alice Weinreb Linden Welch Janet Weller Lois and Michael Wesbecher John and Judy Williams Tavon Wilson Jay and Rita Yurow Anthony and Ellen Zelano Allen Chapel AME American Petroleum Institute Best Buy Co., Inc Central Lodge #1 - Independent Order of Odd Fellows Community Health Charities Corps Solutions LLC CustomInk Team * Delhaize America Shared Services Group LLC Department Of The Navy, Office Of The Chaplains Exxon Mobil Foundation Feeding America, thanks to ACN Feeding America, thanks to Crate & Barrel Feeding America, thanks to Kraft Heinz Co. Feeding America, thanks to Sprint Feeding America, thanks to TGI Fridays Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fresh Direct LLC GE Foundation GoldStar Events, Inc. Grosvenor USA Ltd. Heart Sing Foundation Jim & Marcia Rosenheim Family Fund K and K : Life Partners Fund National Capital Charter ITPA





Otto-Whalley Family Foundation Professional Convention Management Assoc. Capital Chapter Sella Family Foundation Shoprite - Wakefern Food Corporation Sidley Austin LLP SoBran Inc. Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. The Hughes Family Foundation The Richard L. Levin Family Foundation The United Church Thompson Coburn LLP TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm Uber Technologies, Inc. United Therapeutics United Way of Central Maryland United Way of Frederick County Van Metre Family Foundation Walmart Foundation Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign William and Karin Banks Foundation World Bank ECRPK

PATRON $1,000–$2,499 Rashmi Abraham Graham Horkley and Katharine Abraham Janet Abrams Vera Acha Debra Adamy Charles Agee Sharon Ahmad Hossam Ahmed Laura Alexander Shannon Alford Donna and Alan Algoso Robb Allen Mary Lou Fultz and David Allred Marta Ames Melanie Sloan and Anderson Katy and John Anderson Katherine Anderson


Tom Willkomm and Janet Anderson Carolyn Andrews Stephen and Victoria Ansari Zaifi Shanavas and Nelofar Anwar William Armistead H.K. and Trina Armstrong Robert and Jane Asher Liane Atlas Mary McCain and Hugh Auchincloss Marijean Berry and Jonathan Auerbach Janet Augustine Linda Auwers Robert Avery Fanta Aw Gregory Ray and Maryam Azarion Mary Azcuenaga Bruce and Ginger Bade Joan Baer John and Mary Bailey Vicky and Paul Baker Phillip and Patricia Baker Isaac Baker Joanne Barker Thomas Barna Lynne Barnes Roberta Barnes and Clark Chandler Mari Barta William Bates Diana Bauer Beatrice Baum Louise and Michael Baumgartner Leonard Baxt William and Melinda Becker Seth Becker Kathryn Bedell Janet and Dennis Bedell Warren and Amy Belasco Michael Bell May and Isaac Benatar John and Catherine Benedetto Katherine and Peter Benjamin Matthew Bennett and Susan Lambert Marta David and Vernon Benton Joe Rothstein and Sylvia Bergstrom

Tamara Litwin and Colin Berkley Ingeborg Bernhard Joshua Bernstein Manju and Narindra Bewtra Kenneth Nechin and Annette Bicher Wilfred and Maureen Billerbeck Lincoln Bisbee Alice Bishop Gary and Linda Bittner Hille Blackshaw Allison and Charles Blanchard Thomas Blatchford Ann Blaylock Bacon Ruth, Bill and Ruth Bletzinger Elizabeth Bluhm Richard and Jacqueline Boak Irene Bode Carl Bogus and Cynthia Giles Frank and Beth Boland A. Bolden Albert Bollard and Sonia Mittal Phillip Schoene and Amy Bolton Joseph Bond Thomas Boudreau Stephanie Boustany Bruce and Elizabeth Bowen Simon Boylen Elizabeth Brackett Monica and Edmund Bradford Peter and Loren Brandman Ora Brane Paul Branum Jon Brazill Adam and Trista Brecher Charles and Mary Bredehoft Timothy Breidigan Matthew Miller and Patricia Brereton-Miller Ken Briers and Sally Donner John Hyde and Erica Brittain William Brock and Kathy McGown Leah Brooks Robert M. Brown Kevin Brown David and Erica Brown Shannon and Shannon Brown Michael Brown Dorothy and Geo Browning Marla and Shirley Bruce


Jeffrey Gutman and Stacy Brustin Arlene Buchman Lynn Bufka James Bulman Shaun Byrnes Mary Schapiro and Charles Cadwell Kent Conrad and Lucy Calautti Kerry Callahan Marge and Vaughn Cameron Eric Campbell James Cannon Heidi and David Capelli Bruce Carhart David and Julia Carlson Paul and Wendy Carothers Timothy and Patricia Carrico John Cassidy Ann Cataldo Greg Ceton John Chamberlin Lucy Chang Jennifer Chapman James Chapman Allayne and Brian Chappelle Lynn and Glenn Chase Cheryl Chesser Eilin Chiang James Child John Chilton Christine Chin Don and Georgia Chirieleison Boon and Phyllis Chock Santosh Chokhani Anne Christoffel Edward Chung James Skiles and Lynne Church Matt Churchill Meredith Clark Dick and Julie Clark Daniel Clarke Robert Clemente David Clifton Nathan Cobb Meredith Coffey Martin and Maureen Cohen Rosalind Cohen Matthew Cohen Janice Cohen Peter Cohn Frank Collins Michael Collins

Mary Collins Bernice Colvard Damon Conover Brooks Constantine Michael Cook L. Donald Cooney Julie Coons Joseph and Sandra Corish Robert Ludke and Sabrina Corlette Joyce and Martin Corry William Cosby Margaret Costello Denise Coursey Gina Richard and Eric Cox Patricia Polach and Stephen Coye Thomas Crage Ann Craven Susan Crawford Edmund Cronin Kevin Crowley Mary Anne Cummins Charles and Alice Curran Jennifer Dakin Patricia Daley Alison Dalsimer Michael Danis Tehmeena and Mohammed Dar Claudia Callaway and Steven Davidson Helen Davies James Davis Katherine Dawes Conor McNeill and Mabet De Lange Sacha De Lange and Josh Alloy John Light and Molly DeBusschere Michael Osborne and Dana Delorenzo Grace Denman Susan Dentzer Beverly Deppen Wesley Dias Daniel Diehl Lori Diggins Tom Dillon Douglas Dolan Denise Dombay Steve Donley Tom Doong Elizabeth Dorn

Lisa Dowden Sheila Cheston and Graham Dower Margaret Downey Leonard and Janice Downie Jeanne Downing Matthew Downs Frank Dozier Ryan and Charis Drant Eric Dubelier Dixon and Teresa Duffett Louise Duhamel Maureen Duignan Clifford Duke Richard Rosen and Marianne Dunaitis Mathew Dunn Maureen and Terrance Dunn Michael and Mary Dunn Carol Ann Dyer Carolyn Edner Pamela Eichner Eric and Carey Eisenberg William Pratt and Patricia Elias Elizabeth and James Engel Eifiona Main and Tim Engel Linda Engel Cathleen Enright Anthony and Karen Epstein Sarah and Jonathan Erdman Ed and Mary Esty David and Joan Evans Lola and Peter Everett Micheline Eyraud Robert and Connie Faltynek Janet and Daniel Farrell Susan Feinberg Mary and Phillip Feliciano Joh and Karen Ferguson Glenn and Gerri Ferguson Alan and Lois Fern Charles Ferris Richard Fickett Marc Fiedler David and Anna Fierst Vera Finberg Douglas and Suzanne Firstenberg Paul Fischer Linda Fisher Arthur and Barbara Fisher Gail and Quentin Fisher Alan and Jo Ellen Fishman Patricia and Billie Fitzgerald


Whit Fletcher Robert Fletcher Lara Flint Teresa Floyd Kimberly Formo Robert Forst Elizabeth and Peter Forster Adam Foster Dudley Fowlkes Amiel and Helen Francke Lawrence Frankel Sharon and Jonathan Franklin Matthew Frazier Michael Fredericks Ann and Morton Friedman David Friedman and Melissa Hill Paul Friedman Tom Fulcher Virginia Fulton Timothy Gaghan Laurel Gainer Seng Gan Nikia Gantt Ralph Garboushian Katherine Gardner Phillip and Jenny Garfinkle Geoffrey and Debbie Garin Janie Garner Melissa Garvey Mickela Gay Judith and David Gayer Cathy Gebhard and John Willett William Gehrke Hellen Gelband Nathan Gerratt david gersch David Gersch Mary Gerster Edward Gerwin Mary Giarda Karen and Craig Gibian Claudia Gibson Carol Giffen Kathryn and Hoyt Gilley John Gilligan Elizabeth Ginsburg Afaf and Zaiful Girgis Charles Glaser Allan Glass Elizabeth Glennon Stephen Glick Steven Bershader and Marguerite Godbold Vincette Goerl

Adam Goldberg Michael and Marion Goldberg Harvey Goldberg Jacqueline Golden Amy Bernstein and Dan Goldenberg William and Linda Goldman Mitchell Robinson and Ellen Goldman Michele Gonsalves Arthur and Judy Goodkind Bryan Gordon Kevin Gormally Robert Goschy Roland and Beth Goss Beverly and Demetrios Gournelos Michael Gracey Christine Grady Patricia Graff Robert and Regina Gramss Juliet Grant-Suttie Steve Grassie Kathryn Grasso George and Barbara Graves Joe Garman and Alisa Gravitz Jeri and Edward Greenberg Felecia Greer Samuel Greer Robert Greeves Eileen Grey Paul Griffiths Christina Grim Beth Grupp Donna and Paul Gubisch Francesca Guerrero Carl Gunderson Carlos Guzman Corbin and Pamela Gwaltney Jane Gwinn Timothy Hackman Marin Hagen Kis Hale Cynthia Hamilton Robert and Amy Hamilton Susan and William Hamilton Steven Hamrick Dana Hancock Jean Harmann Jacklyn Harris Martha Harris Jonathan Harris Linda-Jean Harsh Robert and Carol Harvey Audrey Hatry


Carol and Robert Hausman Joy Hayes Ardelia and Jeffery Hayward Peter Hayward Bill Hein Charles and Dorothy Heise Joan Hekimian Margaret Hennessey Daniel Herman Bruce and Jan Herman Jeff Herring Sharon Hertz William and Mary Hicks Karen Hicks Rebecca Higgins Linda Hill Mary Hobbie and Jonathan Smoot Melissa Hockstad Virginia Hodgkinson Richard Hoffman and Deborah Levy William Hole Marianne and Michael Holmes Jeff Holmstead Carol Honigberg Elizabeth Hormel Dov Weitman and Sylvia Horwitz Charles Houghtaling Bonnie Hourigan Kathryn Hu Margaret and John Huffman Kent Hughes Richard Humphries Shelli Hutton Daniel Hynes M. Dennis Wharton and Lisa Ingram Keith Berner and Martha Ittner David Jackson Brian Jackson Richard Jackson Deborah and Kenneth Jaffe Robert and Lois James Jay and Alison Jefferson Phillip John Ralph and Jane Johnson Rodney and Ellen Johnson Beth Johnson Megan Johnson Diana and A. Ross Johnson Scott Johnson Casper Jones Kimberly Jones

Matthew Juhasz Leslie Kahn Catherine Kalisz Nicholas Kappa David Vander Els and Mary Kassouf Dana Kaufman Kenneth Keen Frances Keithley Lucy Keker Martie Kendrick Mary Kennedy and Gerald Fisher Nancy Kervin Sheila Kessinger Kate Khalifeh Salil and Kathleen Kharkar Lee Kimball Terence Kimm Charles King Kate Kirchgraber Stephen and Mary Kitchen Richard Klass Sarah Kline Matthew Klinger Jeffrey Klock Sheila Klos Randolph and Susan Klueger Judith Kneen Jason Knudsen Emily Koechlin Tracy Kolker David and Mary Jane Konstantin Leo Konz Hope Kosier Barry Kostinsky Steven Kramer Sheldon Krantz and Laurie Robinson Richard and Lisa Krauss Michael Krimmer Keith Krom Saeed Kronfli Paul Krumhaus Patricia and Peter Kuch Russell Kudo Beca Kulinovich David and Lucy KurtzerEllenbogen Stephanie Kushner Mark La Croix Elissa Laborde Laurie Labuda Charles and Jill Lady J Lago

Marc and Lauren Laitin Peter and Dilys Lande Charles Landgraf Roger Landsman Linda Langner Stephen Lanning John and Alixandria Lapp Roy D Larsen Patricia and Philip Larson Jean Lauderdale William and Tanya Lawrence Eric Lawrence and Andrea Ludwig Thomas and Deborah Lawrence Vanita Gupta and Chinh Le Mordechai Lebenberg Sandra Leblanc Ann Lecos Elana and Steven Lederman Charles Lee David and David Lee Robin Lee Debra Leege Jennifer Leete Barry Lerman May Lesar Daniel Levan Charles and Margaret Levin Canice Levin William and Mary Levine Wendy Krasner and Richard Levine Mark Lewis Logan Lewis Gloria Lewis Leo Lex Willard Tom and Natalie Lichtenstein Steven Linscheid Janet Reynolds and Benjamin Lippard Jack and Marion Lipson David and Cynthia Liss Suzanne and Nelson Litsinger Barbara Little Weiming Liu Doug and Marie Liu Holly and Robert Lobel Frederick Lombardo and Katheline McDermott M. Catherine Long Daryle Lons Cresenciano and Yolanda Lopez Kenneth Lore Rachel Lovejoy

Christine Lowman William and Rose Lowry Roger Lueken Dwight Lupo Matthew Lynch Deirdre Lyons Michael Lyons Julius Lyons and Anita Alexander Susan Mack Robert Mackay Roger and Lora Mackin William MacRostie Barry Malek Suresh Mallikaarjun Donald Malone Gerald Malovany Jane Mamer John Manecke Harald Mangold Chris, Andrea and Philip Manteuffel Fred and Betty Marcell Jay E. Sushelsky and Noreen Marcus Gisela Marcuse Jeremy and Marilyn Mark Katherine Marquis Susan and Frank Mars Bette Martin Marilyn Martin Mary Martin Mark Marymont Carolyn Mason John and Toby Mattingly Aileen May Hannah and Michael Mazer Michael Mazza Jessica Mazzone Joyce and Owen McCall Noel McCaman and Mary Ann Pryor Denise and James McCarthy Megan McChesney Mary Ann McCleary Betsy McCluskey Katherine McCullough Douglas McDaniel Janet and Frank McDermott Matthew McDonald James and Elaine McDonald Randall McFarlane Susan Milligan and Philip McGuire





Mary McKay Joseph and Janice McKeever Barbara and Tom McKittrick Hugh and Alice McLellan James and Marjorie McMann Sarah and David McMeans Michele McNamara William McQuillen Barbara Meade Frank and Sharon Menaker Reed Menefee Mark Merley and Maura Burke Jamie Merriman Kristine Metter David Metz Daniel and Ellen Meyer Maria Meyer Phillip Meyerson Jonathan Levy and Jennifer Mezey Jeffrey and Karen Miller Peter Buscemi and Judith Miller Valerie and Paul Miller Kristie Miller James Mills and Gayle Countryman-Mills Kevin Mills David and Nicole Mitchell Freddie Mitchell Kris and Laura Moen Robert Mollen Mj Moltenbrey Bridget, Michael and Melissa Monroe Shahnaz Moore John Moore Kate Moore Edward Moore Jerry and Audrey Moran Barbara and Charles Moran Laura and Paul Morlacci Anita Morrison Stephen Morrow Mary Morton Stuart Moss Randall Mottram and Mary Kimble Joseph and Adamadia Moxey Jessica Mroz Amy Muhlberg


Gordon Muir Jamshed and Ann Mulla Fitzhugh and Irene Mullan Elisha and Laura Muller Declan Murphy Barbara Murphy Graham Murphy David and Melanie Mustone Kurt and Pamela Mutchler Albert Shuldiner and Emily Myers John Nannes Mildred Neely Jeanne Nelson Laura Newbury Thomas and Ann Newell Jeffrey Nico Elizabeth Niemeyer Jeremy Nighohossian Barry Nishikawa Jessica Noe Randy Noranbrock Jane Northern Valerie Nwaojei Charles Oakley David O’brien Raymond Wiacek and Nancy O’Connell Sheila O’Connell Elizabeth O’Connor Charles and Sara O’Hara Robin O’Hern Nicholas Olcott Michael O’Leary Caitlin and Caitlin Oppenheimer Norman Ornstein Luis Orozco Patricia O’Shea David and Glenna Osnos Matthew Osnos Maurice and Mary Owens Richard Owens Kevin Haugrud and Catherine Pagano Aaron and Jennifer Panner M. Ann Parham and Gary Olejniczak Sanford Parnes Kathryn and Andrew Partan Sheila Patch

Tom and Jane Patterson-Auld David and Mayumi Pawel Devon Payne-Sturges Stephen Pearcy Julie Pechacek Jane Pelofsky Robert and Amanda Perez Robert Perkins Miriam Perlberg John Perley Joan Pesata Phillip and Patricia Peters Woody Peterson Robert Peterson Raymond Pfaff Lynne Pickard Kenneth Pieper Mary Pietris Shari Pine Susan Pitman and and David Feinstein Russell Pittman Kevin Polchow Kevin Pollpeter Ira and Marilyn Polon John Powers Lutz Prager Constance Price Michelle Price Susannah Prindle Jeffrey Procter Steve and Stefanie Psarakis Connie and Roger Pumphrey Kristen Purvis Matthew Radcliff John Rah Patrick and Rosalinda Raher Uma and Ram Ramakrishnan Peter Ramsberger Marilyn Rand Lauren Randell Richard and Susan Rector Catherine Redfield William and Nina Regan Rosemary Regis and David Deramus Jessica Reimelt Sally Reinholdt Lorraine Rendleman


Kris Raman and Padma Rengert Alissa Repanshek Shane Reppert Clara Reschovsky Heather Bryden and Thomas Rettie Georges Rey Eric Rey Gary Dorman and Joy Rietmulder-Dorman Charles and Mary Riggin Karen Zizmor and Bruce Rinaldi Josh Rising Anthony and Allison Rivetti Lyndon Riviere Barbara and J. Gary Roberts William and Donna Roberts Eveline Roberts Carol Robinson Jill and Rick Robinson Chris Rodriguez Katherine Roehm Matthew Slater and Faith Roessel Evan Rolfe Mary and Fernando Rondon Bruce Davidson and Wendy Root Setsuko Rosen Donna Rosen Robert and Susan Rosenbaum Carol Rosenhoch Alene Moyer and Aviel Roshwald Josephine Ross and Christine Guilfoy Bill Rowan John Rowe Steven Rowland Peter and Sheila Rowny Jill Smudski and Robert Rubinoff Marcia Rucker Mark and Mary Ruge Steve Ruoff Alan Russell Janice Ryan Joan Ryzner Anne Saba

Morteza and Behjat Safavian Karen and Abdul Sahebzadah Kamaria Salau Michael Mann and Carol Salzman Ibrahim Samara Anita Samarth David Sandrowitz Elizabeth Saunders Harriet Lipkin and Chris Sautter Mary Savoy Jonathan Scanlon and Rebecca Fish David Scannell Ned Scherer and Elizabeth Kaiser Joy Schiager Norma Schill Richard Schlagel Duane Schmidt and Christine Daily David Schnitzer Paul and Beth Schomber Sandra Schrauf Joseph Schroeder Leonard Schuchman Anna Schwamlein Howard Daniel Schwartz Joyce and Richard Schwartz Dan Schwartz Patricia Scott Gary and Caryn Seligman Paul Flynn and Amy Shannon Michael and Marcia Shannon Harriet and Howard Shapiro Robert Shapiro Sumit Sharma Drag Sharp Peg Shaw Ursula and David Shears Alan and Vivi Sheff Dan and Wendy Shenk-Evans Gloria Shepherd Alan and Sheryl Sherwin Eric and Carolyn Shettle Mark Shindelman Thomas Bowersox and Christine Shreve Donna and David Shumaker Bonnie Shute

Arshi Siddiqui Evan Siegel David Siegrist Richard and Susan Silverman James Smith and Ellen Singer Smith Shana and Fredic Singerman Jay and Linda Siwek Ray and Joselynn Sliteris Bernard Slosberg James Smith David Smith David Smith Stephen Smith Ann Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Brian Smith Chris Smith Dolores Smith Kathleen Smith Richard and Dorothy Smith William and Maria Smith Rebecca Holsen and Ralph Smith Carl and Claire Smith David Smith Sonya Snedecor Allison Solomon Linda Solomon Gabriel and Sara Solomon Linda Keene Solomon and Linda Solomon Keene Dixie Sommers Richard Sorian Girardeau Spann Diana Spiegel Sandra and Stanley Spooner Sri Srinivasan Lee Stacey Garry Stanberry Morgan Stanley Patrick Stanton Cornelius Starkey Norton Francis and Anne Stauffer Eric Stenberg Mark Stenzel John Stephens Mary and Dave Stevens and Libby Clarke


Patricia and Roy Stewart Daniela Stoia Charles Stone Steven and Julie Stone Donald and Dorothy Stone Wilson Felder and Laura Stottlemyer Philippa Strum Karen Stuck Christine Sugimura Kevin Sullivan Marsha and Timothy Sullivan Rita Svec Stephen and Lucinda Swartz David and Lorraine Swerdloff Ellen Swyler Noel Symons Willie Taylor Sheila Taylor Swenson William Tennis Kelly and Nicholas Testoni Margaret Tevis Carl Thomsen Steuart Thomsen Richard Tilson Roy and Patsy Tipton Richard Tirocke Robin Toblin and Brian Blumberg Patricia Todd Daniel Toiv Randy Jones Toll Christopher and Allison Topik Margaret Topps Richard Torczon Helen Toth Katherine Trefz Stefan and Marilyn Tucker Kevin Tucker D. Craig and Janet Tupper Jeff Turner Ralph and Barbara Turner Richard and Roberta Ufford Tonya Ugoretz Marriah Unruh

Sheila and Steve Urman John Van Weeren Jennifer and Jennifer Vandurmen Jayanand Vasudevan Lynn and Carl Verboncoeur Elizabeth Verville Wilfred Vieira Peter Vieira David Vladeck Robert Volpi Alex Von Streeruwitz Jeffrey Davis and Michael Vreeland Jean Wadsworth Harrison Wadsworth Joyce Walker and Jon Wakelyn Stefanie Wall Ralph Wall David Walsh Josephine Walsh Kelli P Washington Ralph Webb Kenneth and Andrea Weckstein Loribeth Weinstein Tamara Weisberg Robert Weiss Marvin Weissberg Louise Welch Dolores Wells Gray Wells Sherrill Wells Gary Welter Sidelle Wertheimer Kenneth and Christine Westbrook Peter Whalen Mike and Diane Wheelock Judy and Christian White Cynthia White-Johnson Mark and Sarah Whitener Marlyn Whitley James Whitman Bruce and Rochelle Wiener David Wilburn


Frederick Willard Jeffrey Williams Ryland Willis David Wills Cecil Wilson Robert Wilson Steven and Nicole Winard Patrice Winder Philip Wirtz John Wise Thomas Wisnowski Gary Witlen William and Terry Witowsky Andrew Woelfling Thomas Wofford George McKenna and Malgorzata Wojtowicz Penelope Wolff David and Jeanne Woodhouse G. Kent Woodman Michele Woods Janet Hawkins and David Wormser Richard and Teresa Wright Paul Wright George Wyeth Hans and Edith Wyss Mark Yorkowski Eric Young and Linda Fink Ayesha Yousaf Nora Yugo Lynda and Joseph Zengerle Jeffrey and Johanna Zinn Julie Zirlin AARP Alan & Esther Fleder Foundation American Automobile Association American Bakers Association Apostolic Christian Church of God Archer Daniels Midland Company Arkin Youngentob Associates, LLC

AT&T Ayres Charitable Fund Bates White Economic Consulting Bob’s Discount Furniture, LLC Boeing Company Boston Consulting Group Bracewell LLP Caliber Collision Carita Foundation Carlton Club of Washington D.C. Carlton Fields Jorden Burt Century Link Christian Reformed Church of Washington DC Cisco Systems Foundation City Smiles Clifford Chance US LLP Community Health Charities of the National Capital Area ConAgra Foods Don Beyer Volvo Duane Morris, LLP Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer & Pembroke PC EcoLab Edison Electric Institute Elansa Foundation Elno Family Foundation Employees Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman EPA FFF OCFO Exelon Corporation Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective Feeding America, thanks to Unilever First Baptist Church of Glenarden/Shabach Ministries Foley & Lardner LLP Food & Friends Volunteer Services Ford & Harrison LLP Fubac, Inc. George Preston Marshall Foundation

Gravitate Solutions Greenbelt Consumer Cooperative Greene-Milstein Family Foundation Guilton Foundation Horwitz Family Fund Hyatt Hotels Corporation ICI Mutual Insurance Company, RRG Immanuel Presbyterian Church Independent Project Analysis, Inc. IntelliWare Systems, Inc. J.F. Fick, Inc. JJF Management Services John S. Mulholland Family Foundation Kelley Drye & Warren LLP Leading Systems Technologies, Inc. Lockheed Martin Louviere, Stratton & Yokel, LLC Macy’s / Bloomingdales McCandlish & Lillard, P.C. Meals Of Hope Merley-Burke Family Fund Michele Dandrea Lowell Charitable Trust Milliken Minor League Baseball Charities M-NCPP-C Prince George’s County Department of Parks & Recreation M-NCPP-C Prince George’s County Department of Parks & Recreation Names In The News Neiman Marcus Group Noodles & Co. Pistone Family Foundation Promontory Financial Group Raymond H. Ethier Trust Rice Properties Group River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Romenius Family Charitable Fund Ruth & Jack Glantz Family Foundation Safeguard Properties Management LLC Sargent Memorial Presbyterian Church Schwab Charitable Fund State Farm Insurance Stinson Leonard Street Strategic Solutions Center LLC Stripe T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc. TASC Giveback Tata Global Beverages/Tata Sons Tata Global Beverages/Tata Sons Tax Executives Institute, Inc. that’s Caring - OPTOMI The Allstate Foundation The Arnold & Jeanne Bernstein Fund The Church of the Covenant Presbyterian The Dagle-Stuebner Fund The Ed and Andy Smith Fund The Henry Foundation The JV Schiro Zavela Foundation The Smith Charitable Giving Fund The Stohlman Automotive Company The SunDial Foundation Inc. The Woodforest Charitable Foundation Ventures in Community Washington DC Metro HBCU Alliance, Inc. Washington Hispanic Welch Family Fund Wiley Rein LLP Wilson Family Charitable Fund Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati Foundation Women’s Bar Association of DC World Bank Community Connections Fund

The CAFB Development Department strives for accuracy. If you see see an error, please send a message to: Christel Hair at or 202.644.9838. C A FB 2017 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT





WE RECOGNIZE THE COMMITMENT and leadership of the following individuals who have decided to make planned gifts to the Capital Area Food Bank. If you have included the food bank in your estate plans and are not listed, please contact Christel Hair at 202.644.9838 or so that we may properly acknowledge your kindness. We thank our donors who have committed to planned gifts that will bring good, healthy food to future generations: Andrew Barrer Robert M. Brown John Chamberlin Julie Feinsilver Allan Glass Judith Goldstein

Christel Allen Hair Raleigh Hansl Kenneth Jones John Kefferstan Elaine Kokiko Virginia Lee

Sheri Link Susan MacKnight and Howard Winslow Eugene Miller Jack and Karen Newman Nancy E. Roman Barry and Olga Scher

Sylvia Simons Trembelas Carl L. Vacketta Charles Walton Gloria Ward-Ravenell and Jerry Ravenell Michael and Alice Weinreb

We honor the donors whose planned gifts are creating a legacy of stronger communities: Anonymous (2) Dorothea B. Artis Kathryn Baer Charles Barber Loretta Ann Barnett Carol M. Chernish Barbara C. Diller Rosalie S. Dondero Judith A. Finkelstein


Joyce Fried Dorothy Glaser Cynthia M. Grabo Mary Homstad Bernice S. House Karen A. Johnson Allan W. Johnson Jr. Helen J. Kaufmann Daniel Kiang


Jerry Knoll Catherine R. Knox Walter Taylor Lewis Jr. Murrey Marder A. Stafford Metz Mason F. Moore Joann B. Naugle Dorothy B. Passer Jane Grey Pfeiffer

Paul Pfeiffer Jr. Suzy Platt Robert G. Sewell Valita Jean Shepperd Corinne S. Stanton Mikiko D. Stebbing Mary E. Wibel




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The food bank relies on more than 26,000 annual volunteers to sort food, stock shelves, and share their talents and expertise to help food reach the community. Volunteers save the food bank over $2 million each year.


Each year, over a million pounds of food comes to the CAFB from food drives hosted across the Washington metro region.