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OUR STORY Capital Wales is the inward investment partnership for South East Wales, our remit covers new and existing businesses looking to make the move from the UK and Ireland to a better Work:Life balance in South East Wales.

“I originally set the business up with the intention of wanting to bring it to Wales eventually and give something back.” Carbon Life, Pontypool

Capital Wales was formed in 2002 to increase the efficiency of the regions inward investment operations. We’re a unique partnership formed of the ten South East Wales Local Authorities and Welsh Government. The way our partnership operates provides us with access to both Local Authority and Welsh Government Support without the hassle of operating within Local/ National Government protocols. This means we can provide you with the answers you need quickly. The way we operate is simple. We try and provide the answers to the questions you need answered, we help you through those early stages, finding the ideal location and property, sourcing the correct finance, providing the contact details of the right people for help with recruitment and training & support. We’re your number one contact until a point where you have found your ideal location. We will then, seamlessly, transfer your project to the local business support team, who will provide you with the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the relocation process, or if Welsh Government Financial assistance is your preferred option, we’ll transfer your project to one of Welsh Government’s priority sector teams who have sector specific knowledge to help your relocation as easy and ‘enjoyable’ as possible.

The decision on where you locate is yours, our job is to provide information on the options within the region to support your consideration. Even when your project is being handled by one of our partners we’re still here to answer any question you may have. With a population of over 1.5 million, and excellent communications, north to south and east to west, our compact region offers you the workforce your business requires within commuting distance of any location. The region is home to a wide variety of businesses covering just about every business sector. Whilst some industries have tended to locate in certain areas the spread of businesses and thus skilled labour ensures that wherever in the region you choose to locate you will find suitable property and labour. Over 90% of the region’s businesses are ‘micro’, employing up to 9 people, meaning that they are lean and mean, and most importantly have a flexible, skilled workforce. The workforce is well educated with just over a third of the working population educated to NVQ Level 4 and above meaning South East Wales is home to one of the highest qualified workforces in the UK.

“The availability of good quality staff and better staff retention figures compared to other areas we’d looked at such as the north East made the decision easy” Reliance Security Solutions, Pontypridd

We operate under the philosophy of Work/Live/Play! South East Wales is a great place to Work, to Live and to relax and Play. Around the UK people dream of balancing their work, family and leisure time. Here it’s achievable and affordable. We value play as much as work. That’s why we say Capital Wales is the region where you can Work/Live/Play!

OUR SERVICES We work with you to identify your requirements and make recommendations that benefit your business on suitable locations, support requirements and any funding options. At Capital Wales the services we provide include: Information on available business land and premises from a comprehensive regional database. Organised tours of the region to view property locations first hand and meet the Local Authority business support teams, who will provide detailed local knowledge and get down to the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the project. A single contact point for the 10 Local Authority partners and Welsh Government giving you the information you want from across the region quickly. Contact details for recruitment help and support including training and development from the regions further and higher education establishments. Details of common industry companies in the region Assistance in sourcing available financial support in the form of investment, loans and grants.

“To be brutally honest, a lot of us expected to see a grimy hangover from the old days of steel and coal. We half expected a decaying, industrial landscape. Of course, that’s the dated, stereotypical view and nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that South East Wales is a dynamic place with high tech buildings, busy modern towns and a great atmosphere. The Wales of today is a vibrant area to live, with excellent facilities for businesses and a wide variety of amenities for the family. In fact, South East Wales has ticked all the boxes. It offers a good working environment, easy access to work, pleasant surroundings to live in with a wide variety of social activities for the family. Plus excellent shopping and schools.” Tower Print, Caerphilly

Capital Wales provides you with a totally confidential, dedicated, personal service. We’re committed to helping you make the correct choice for your business, and we promise that we’ll respond to your initial query within 2 business days.

“Originally the head office was based in Bristol and the majority of the labour we were sourcing was from the Heads of the Valleys, so it made more business sense to set up a site closer to the talent pool.” Sky Blue Rail, Cardiff

OUR REGION Whatever you want to do you’ll find it in South East Wales. Across the region there are competition quality golf courses (Ryder Cup 2010 was played at Celtic Manor, Newport), internationally recognised off-road mountain biking circuits, short and long distance walks through scenery that can not be bettered, combined with the well known and recognised friendly Welsh local communities. Our region has an efficient transport infrastructure with excellent road and rail routes, 3 port facilities and an international airport. With easy access to the remainder of the UK and Europe South East Wales has developed a number of international logistics firms as well as having representation from most of the recognised national names. This is supported by a range of logistics developments that ensure your goods can be quickly despatched to any location, UK or the rest of the world.

“Go north and you’ll find the peace and beauty of the Brecon Beacons. Head east and enjoy the buzz of Cardiff. Head west and the beauty of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast awaits. There are excellent schools and best of all; everything is on your doorstep. A great quality of Life.” Dow Corning, Barry

Because of the compact nature of South East Wales you can locate your business along the M4 or A465 Corridors, but live in the beauty of the Brecon Beacons, or the Wye valley, or along the Glamorgan Heritage Coastline and still be at your office desk or factory within the hour. South East Wales is the Region of Choice; very few areas can boast such diversity in business opportunity; from software to pharmaceuticals, from aerospace to digital media.

Combined with lifestyle options, from golf on an internationally recognised competition course to internationally recognised mountain biking courses, from sailing to rock climbing, and everything in between the region has it all. The development of the region as a tourist destination (one of the priority sectors for support from Welsh Government) has improved the quality of our leisure offering beyond recognition we even have a World Heritage site at Blaenavon. Boasting some of the country’s most dramatic scenery and biggest shopping hubs, a heritage coastline, and a world renowned reputation for sport and leisure, the South East Wales region really can cater for every taste. Cardiff is home to the Millennium Stadium, which hosts international rugby, football, speedway and concerts. The multi-million pound regeneration of Cardiff Bay provides the Mediterranean in Wales, with a vibrant bar and restaurant quarter complemented by water based activities and festivals. It is also home to the Wales Millennium Centre which hosts opera, plays, musicals and major theatrical tours whilst the Newport Centre is a recognised venue for music and theatre. Our website is crammed with ideas for Living and Playing in South East Wales. Our natural environment is our biggest selling point from the Brecon Beacons in the North to the Glamorgan Heritage Coastline there is always something or somewhere new to explore in the region and best of all with the excellent Work:Life balance you’ll really have the time to explore it all.

YOUR ROUTE TO A NEW LOCATION! Take a look around the website

Contact us through the ‘get in touch’ page with an outline of your project

Follow us on linkedin & Twitter.

Don’t forget to signup to our e-zine.

We’ll start working with you on the project, from help locating sources of Finance, (if required), to identifying common sector businesses in the region, you name it and we’ll help to find the answers.

Once you’ve identified where you want to locate we’ll introduce you and your project to our relevant partner contacts, who will take the lead assisting your project to completion.

We’ll reply to your email ASAP. Identifying what we can do to help your business based on the details you provided in your email.

If required we’ll run a commercial property search on SE Wales based on your identified requirements.

If you wish we’ll have a meeting at your place or ours at a time convenient for you to discuss the project in more detail.

If you so wish we’ll come along with you to property viewings.

Regular contact maintained as project develops and remember whatever you need just ask!

If you wish we’ll organise a ‘tour’ of the region, so that you can view your shortlisted locations and meet with relevant contacts

Various sources of business support, training, recruitment, finance, etc...may be available for your project, once you’ve identified where you want to locate we’ll help sort out how you can access it.

We’ll keep in touch with you right through to the day you move into your new premises.

THE COST? Nothing...All that we ask in return is that we can complete a mini case study of your organisation as a ‘success story’ once you’ve relocated.

Capital Wales Tredomen Business & Technology Centre, Tredomen Business Park, Ystrad Mynach, CF82 7FN Phone: 01443 866265 Email: Tweet: @investsewales Web:

Capital Wales brochure  

Provides a general overview of the Capital Wales partnership, our services and the South East Wales region.

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