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Personal Impact

Personal Impact Overview In today’s business environment, the need to exert yourself powerfully and professionally is critical. This course will give you the powerful business communication behaviours you need to ensure you have exceptional personal impact at work and beyond.

Who is it for? People in any role who want to dramatically improve their communication skills to generate outstanding personal impact making them more effective, positive and competent in business situations.

What you will learn:      

Your true potential as a powerful and effective communicator – make the most of all social and business occasions How to leave a lasting impression on your audience when you meet them – ensure everyone will remember you and your message Simple but effective physical techniques to exude the confidence and energy needed to impact on a room or meeting of any size How to make your audience sit up and listen to you using vocal techniques of the professional actor to dynamise any spoken message The importance of the power of the voice to deliver your key messages, helping you to deliver your message with conviction and passion To overcome the self limiting beliefs which inhibit your success and discover what helps us fight for what we want to achieve

Benefits of attending – You will be able to:   

Improve communication with your colleagues and clients to build more successful business relationships Take control of how other people see you – confident, inspirational and dynamic Be more persuasive, assert more influence and bring people around to your way of thinking

Duration: 1 day Ref: PERIM

To book onto this course, or to find out further information, please call 0800 022 3410. All bookings subject to the Capita Terms and Conditions. © Capita Learning & Development

Personal Impact