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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Overview A fun and interactive workshop which will deepen your knowledge of how emotions affect behaviour and equip you with tools and strategies to move from negative to positive states.

Who is it for? Anyone who would like to gain a greater understanding of themselves and other people in order to improve working relationships.

What you will learn:    

  

What emotions are and what effects they have on us What makes us think, feel and act the way we do? To assess current levels of emotional competence and areas we would like to handle better Exploration of: o Self-awareness – are we choosing our responses, or are they habitual? o Self-regulation – the importance of the physiological state on the psychological state and how to deal with disruptive emotions Motivation – raising energy to achieve goals and maintaining energy through setbacks Empathy – picking up on other emotions and tackling difficult subjects Status Interplay – exploring our reactions to other people and theirs to us

Benefits of attending – You will be able to:   

Understand the key concepts of emotional intelligence Assess your current levels of emotional competence and identify and respond to your emotions Take control of situations and get the best possible outcome, achieving better results

Duration: 2 day Ref: FEMIN

To book onto this course, or to find out further information, please call 0800 022 3410. All bookings subject to the Capita Terms and Conditions. © Capita Learning & Development

Emotional Intelligence