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Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving Overview This highly energising and interactive course not only will enable you to develop creative skills, but will also provide you with tools and techniques to support an environment encouraging creativity in the workplace in order to meet the many challenges your organization face both at strategic and operational levels. Definitions of creativity tend to describe its two key qualities - newness and appropriateness. Newness is indicated by unusualness and originality, however this can be relative i.e. any idea that is novel to the perceiver. Truly creative ideas must also be seen as apt for the context in which they are applied. In the management context, creativity is often concerned with overcoming mindsets and inflexibility created by habits, routines, stress and lack of time.

Who is it for? Individuals in any organisation who are seeking to generate fresh ideas, inspire others and seek creative solutions that will support innovation in the workplace for improved results and goal attainment.

What you will learn:          

Defining and distinguishing creativity and problem solving Creating the time and space at work for creative thinking Distinguishing between first and second stage thinking Identifying the origins of our own creativity and that of others Develop key characteristics in leading a creative team Know how to use ‘play’ to create an appropriate mindset for creative thinking Identifying 6 different creative thinking techniques and applying them to problem solving Identifying and applying the 4 stages of creativity and problem solving Identifying the key characteristics of leading a creative team Assessing the feasibility of your idea before selling that idea to others

Benefits of attending – You will be able to:   

Develop a structured approach to solving problems in a work-based environment Be clearer about what you want to achieve and make use of intuitive judgment to solve work-based problems Harness the experiential learning of this course to create an action plan for future development in your own organisation – at any level

Duration: 2 days Ref: FCTH1

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Creative Problem Solving