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Communication Skills for Managers

Communication Skills for Managers Overview As a manager your communication skills are critical in directing the actions of your employees. This course will enable you to identify your colleagues’ communication styles and by using personality profiling to analyse your own.

Who is it for? Managers and team leaders seeking to develop their communication skills for meetings, presentations or one-to-one’s. Those with little or no formal training in communication will benefit immensely from this highly participative and self-analytical course.

What you will learn:     

First impressions and the elements of face-to-face communication How to create and recognise the right environment for each personality type Understand how people ‘tick’ Project perception in experiential training Adapt and connect personality traits to get results

Benefits of attending – You will be able to:   

Recognise behavioural traits in colleagues and adjust your communication style to suit them Learn how to communicate assertively and incorporate the expectations of others Evaluate body language styles and identify numerous strategies to overcome difficult behaviours

Duration: 2 days Ref: FCMAN

To book onto this course, or to find out further information, please call 0800 022 3410. All bookings subject to the Capita Terms and Conditions. © Capita Learning & Development

Communication Skills for Managers