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So you want to adopt a Ragdoll Cat? Congratulations! You're well on your way to adopting one of the most loving, compassionate, and friendly cats out there! Adopting a Ragdoll can be frustrating and confusing. I'm going to briefly walk you though the process. First, because the Ragdoll is a pure bred cat, it will be difficult if not impossible to find a sheltered cat. There are a few Ragdoll Rescue groups around the U.S., but the cats there are almost always older and may have health problems. Find Reputable Breeders If you are looking for a kitten, the only other option is going through a breeder. There are breeders all over the state, just search on Google for Ragdoll Kittens + (your state). Once you've made a list of a few different breeders, the next step is to contact the breeder and see if they have any available kittens. Most reputable breeders will NOT have kittens available at all times. Here's why: first, the breeding parents should not be breeding year-long as this is unnatural. Second, Ragdoll kittens from a good breeder are sold very quickly. So an abundance of kittens could me trouble. So you may have to wait a few months to secure a kitten. In the meantime, however, you should go and visit the breeder's house. When visiting, ask to see where the kittens are kept. Ensure that it is clean, not over-crowded, and that the animals appear healthy. Ask About Health Guarantees Always ask a breeder what kind of health guarantees come with the kitten. A one-year health guarantee is decent, but a two or three year health guarantee is optimal. These written guarantees promise that if your Ragdoll dies prior to the expiration of the guarantee, your cat will be refunded or replaced. Of course, this is only if the cat dies due to health problems unrelated to owner care or accidents. It's also important to ensure your kitten's breeding parents have been tested for the following fatal diseases: FIP, HCM, FELV, internal worms and parasites. Find Out What the Adoption Rules Are Ask the breeder how young she allows her kittens to be adopted. It's best if she waits until the

kittens are at least 12 weeks old. Any younger could indicate the breeder is trying to push the kittens out the door before they are truly ready to be separated from their mothers. You'll also want to ask the breeder if the kitten price includes a spay or neuter. Many Ragdoll breeders will alter the kitten before he/she is given up for adoption. If this is the case, the breeder will generally include the alteration cost in the price of the kitten. If your breeder does not alter before sending the kitten home, you'll typically have to cover this cost yourself at around six months of age. Another question you'll want to ask the breeder is about her declawing policy. Many Ragdoll breeders require you sign a NO DECLAW agreement prior to purchasing a kitten. Although declawing is widely considered inhumane and highly discouraged, if you must declaw your cat due to some extraneous circumstances it may be difficult to find a Ragdoll breeder who will allow this.

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