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==== ==== A review of That Free Thing ==== ==== If you are looking for an online business, but don't have the slightest idea about building a website, That Free Thing is for you. If you don't know how (or want) to do sales, That Free Thing is for you. I have researched many online "opportunities", only to find that it takes a lot more time, effort, and money than they lead you to believe. Since you are reading this, I can assume you have been there also. Rather than throw a bunch of fluff at you (the stuff that sounds great, but has no real content), I'll quickly run down the good and bad of That Free Thing. In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that I am a member of TFT. Here are the reasons I decided to go with it: -- A pre-built website that fully explains the benefits (the link above and below). -- Freebies! TFT pulls thousands of free offers into one place. All you have to do is click on it, fill in your shipping info, and free stuff shows up in your mailbox (I'll explain more below). -- TFT pulls together "Daily Deals" from some of the best companies out there, and puts them in one place. -- TFT offers three avenues to make (or save) money. You can do one or all three, depending on how much effort you are willing to put in. First, thousands of freebies. Second, a multi-level marketing business finding people like you who like Free Stuff. Third, a Vendor locating business, to find businesses who want to use TFT's Daily Deals to bring in customers. The Freebies are what companies all over the world use to get you to use their products. They want you to try the product, in the hope that you will become a customer. Imagine getting a coupon for a free meal replacement bar (a $3.75 value). When you go to the counter, the clerk asks you where you find coupons like that. You hand her your business card (or simply write your website address on a piece of paper). You just got a potential customer and business partner. She will go home and check out your website. That is how easy this is .... all you have to do is point people to your website, because everybody loves Free Stuff! (This actually happened to me last week). If you are a Sales type person, you can also look for businesses that want to use TFT's Daily Deals to promote their business. Since I started with TFT two months ago, I have received over $1200.00 in Free Stuff. True story! And more is coming in my mailbox every day. Now, this wouldn't be an honest review without bringing you the negative aspects (because every

business has them). -- It takes time to sign up for Freebies. Name, address, etc ... over and over. I use a free product called Roboform that does all that in one click. Problem solved. -- Like most opportunities, the free signup is limited to a small portion of the things TFT can do. To get all the benefit from TFT, the cost is $39.95 and $10.00 per month. Before you click away, think it through. Even if all you do is apply for freebies, you still save a lot of money. In two months, I paid a total of $59.95, and have received over $1200.00 worth of stuff! If you add a free website, training, twice weekly webinars, Daily Deals, etc .., this is an awesome deal. Where else can you have a business ready to roll for that price? As you can see, the negatives are few, and easily overcome. That is why I joined TFT. Take a few minutes and check it out for yourself. If it makes sense for you, jump on it.

==== ==== A review of That Free Thing ==== ====

A review of That Free Thing  
A review of That Free Thing  

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