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Some of the Blue Bucks gang are taking a trip to London to witness the biggest sporting event of 2012! AHHH!! scary! Get me out of this airplane!

Earnie! You can’t be scared to fly. You’re an EAGLE!

Milo had to stay behind because of his summer job. I’ll work this summer and save up for the next trip. Plus, SOMEone has to hold down the Blue Bucks fort!


Blue Bucks in London

After arriving, Fancy Frog, Penny Penguin, Earnie Eagle, and Chloe Coyote roamed around the city before deciding on more important destinations!

Hey, gang! Before we hit the games, let’s check out some historical landmarks!

I hope they’re easy to find.

Since we will each probably buy fun stuff while we are in London, I hope everyone has exchanged their dollars for pounds sterling.*

but I got ripped off. I exchanged 100 dollars and they only gave me around 64 pounds back! You didn’t get ripped off, Earnie.


*official currency of the u.k.!

That is the exchange rate. It goes up and down. Right now, the U.S. dollar isn’t worth as much as the British pound.

Still, you would think 100 dollars would add up to many more pounds.


I’m just saying that this seems pretty light for 64 pounds. I knew you were going to make that joke!

so the gang went to do thingS most tourists do. like going to see big ben... wow! What do you think, earnie?

It’s a clock. where’s ben?

...riding the london eye... weeeeee!!!

...and trying to make a royal guard laugh! What do you call a pony with a sore throat? a little horse!

Later, After a full day of tourist attractions, the Blue Bucks gang take a rest. So did everyone learn something cool about London?

Yeah, and “Piccadilly Circus” was not a circus nor were there any dillies to pick.

yeah! I thought that “big ben” was a famous english wrestler, not a clock tower! I thought the “London Eye” was actually a giant eyeball, not a ferris wheel!

you know. Like daffo...



okay, so what are we going to do next? I’m hungry.

ha ha ha! daffodillies! hee hee!

Actually, it’s time we head out to the games. true, but the traffic is terrible. Getting to the stadium will take forever. you know, it would be cool if we could just... there.

munch ch mun



earnie, I thought you were afraid of flying! not flying. just airplanes. oh. that makes sense. I guess.

later at milo’s house. it’s time for the big EVENT in london to start!

I hope the gang made it to the Opening ceremonies!



HEY! Look at THAT! they made it after all!

I miss you, too.


Blue Bucks Summer 2012 Comic