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Edition 1 - Published January 2016 For information on advertising in this tourist guide contact Capricorn Enterprise on 07 4927 2055. Photo credit: Thank you to Tourism and Events Queensland, Nathan White Images and the many contributors and advertisers who supplied editorial material and photographs for this publication. Disclaimer: This free guide is published by Capricorn Enterprise to assist visitors in planning a holiday to the Capricorn Region of Southern Great Barrier Reef. Information is provided in good faith based on information supplied by various other parties and is subject to change without notice. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied, no responsibility can be accepted for loss, damage, inconvenience, delay or injury due to negligence, errors, changes or omissions. Always check the latest information for any changes. All material contained in this publication is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form without the prior written consent of Capricorn Enterprise.


Hedlow Creek

WELCOME Welcome to our world. Stretching from the Southern Great Barrier Reef in the east to the Sandstone Wilderness in the west, our world is a place which is easy to find but where you can just as easily lose yourself in island perfection, superior reefs, secluded beaches, towering escarpments, arresting rainforests and dramatic landscapes. Our world is populated by cruisy coastal communities, fair dinkum bush towns, frontier gemfields and an historic yet modern city reigned over by a mighty river. Our world begins approximately 630 kilometres north of Brisbane and covers an area of 115,000 square kilometres following the line of the Tropic of Capricorn from the Capricorn Coast, through the city of Rockhampton and reaching out to the Central Highlands township of Emerald. It is a world where you can be a beach bum, intrepid explorer, history student, treasure seeker, water baby, culture vulture, food critic or perhaps just an unapologetic hedonist! So head on up, there is nothing stopping you making our world, your world.


Keppel Bay Islands 4


Great Keppel Island Dead set. Great Keppel Island is as good as it gets. It answers all of the “What do you look for on an island getaway� questions with ease: crystal blue waters, white sand, coral reefs and palm trees...tick, tick, tick and tick. But Great Keppel Island is a helluva lot more than an island to tick and flick off your destination list. Great Keppel Island has arguably the best beaches of any Great Barrier Reef island, safe swimming and water temperatures that tempt at any time of year; but the real kicker is that if you wish, you can enjoy all of this in virtual isolation and be back on the mainland in a measly 30 minutes!


Great Keppel Island

Accessible seclusion. On a magnificent island. On the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Does it get any better? Actually when you are talking about Great Keppel Island it does. Snorkel, sail, swim, dive, bushwalk, explore or just park up and wallow in the stunning serenity. On Great Keppel Island you can choose your own adventure without constraints or crowds. Approximately 240 hectares in size, the island is home to 17 pristine white-sand beaches and an interior brimming with native flora and fauna. Bushwalking tracks ranging in duration and difficulty disperse trekkers around the island to deserted beaches, or spectacular lookouts.

From tents, cabins and bungalows, through to private beach houses skirting the water’s edge, staying on Great Keppel Island is a treat to treasure no matter what the weather. Ferries depart every day to Great Keppel Island from Rosslyn Bay Harbour. A number of charters including full day cruises, sailing adventures and extended tour options are also available from Keppel Bay Marina. Whether you opt to embrace this experience as a day trip, weekend or as an extended holiday, Great Keppel Island promises an easily obtainable escape from the pressures of every day to a world that feels far, far away.

Southern Great Barrier Reef



Middle Island

Beaches If your idea of a beach idyll is one where you need to stake a claim for a square metre of sand and share your waves with a colony of migrating tourists, then the Capricorn Coast may not be your cup of tea. But if sparsely populated stretches of sunsoaked, sandy beach and secluded bays are more your bag then the Capricorn Coast beckons! Farnborough, Cooee Bay, Lammermoor, Kemp, Causeway, Mulambin, Kinka, Fisherman’s, Zilzie and Keppel Sands are just some of the beaches you can cruise by and scope out for good swimming, scenic strolls and captivating views of island-framed horizons. Looking for fun-in-the-sun-times with the family? Yeppoon Main Beach and Emu Park Main Beach are the two patrolled beaches along the coastline and they are both awesome options for safe, fun, hassle-free beach frolicking. Build a sandcastle, kick it down, paddle, swim, surf or fish, buy ice-creams, have a picnic, fire up a barbie or dig into a bundle of fish and chips; the main beaches of Yeppoon and Emu Park breezily serve up all the ingredients of your classic day at the beach. Even those who do not relish the sand between their toes are catered for, with playgrounds situated on both main beach foreshores. At Yeppoon Main Beach, the newly installed “Keppel Kraken”, a zero-depth water-park ensures you can cool off and have fun without even breaking the water’s edge.


Coastal Communities The Capricorn Coast stretches a lazy 95 kilometres from Stanage Bay to the mouth of the Fitzroy River and is populated by a series of coastal communities ranging from fishing havens, rainforest retreats, scenic sweet spots and old school, Central Queensland-style seaside villages. Yeppoon is the largest link in this chain of communities and acts as the holiday accommodation hub, service centre and cultural hothouse for the Capricorn Coast region. Meander down Yeppoon’s main street or stroll the esplanade while capitalising on the opportunity to browse beach-chic boutiques and surf stores or kick back with a coffee or a meal at one of a host of coastal cool cafés. Yeppoon’s knack of effortlessly capturing the coastal village vibe is likewise evident in the postcard-pretty seaside township of Emu Park. At the turn of the century, Emu Park operated as an exclusive beach resort and, while these days it extends a wide welcome to all, it has managed to retain its air of old fashioned charm. Emu Park is also home to the famous Singing Ship, a majestic monument that sculpturally commemorates Captain James Cook and his


Corio Bay North Keppel Island

Yeppoon The Caves

Pumpkin Island

Rosslyn Bay Great Keppel Island Emu Park Keppel Sands


Mount Hay

Mount Morgan


nautical exploration of the region’s coastline. From this picturesque vantage point you can wander down to the Centenary of ANZAC Commemorative Precinct. The impressive memorial boardwalk was designed to honour 100 years of ANZAC and features unique and evocative works by local artists. By following the Scenic highway, in between the two “Parkie” and “Poonie” communities, you will find Rosslyn Bay Harbour, the departure point to Great Keppel Island and for a range of cruising, fishing and bareboat charters around Keppel Bay. A man-made harbour that houses the 500 berth Keppel Bay Marina, Rosslyn Bay is also a popular local fishing spot and conveniently, if you have no luck wetting a line, there is always a resident restaurant or the Fisherman’s Market to help you out with a feed or for picking up some flapping fresh seafood. Hankering for more of a tree-change than a seachange? Then head north from Yeppoon and discover the lush forests of Byfield. The small village of Byfield is a delight for craft and nature lovers alike with resident artisans, national parks, deep water creeks and rainforest retreat style attractions and accommodation.

Main Beach, Yeppoon

Yeppoon Foreshore

Singing Ship, Emu Park

The Centenary of ANZAC Memorial Walk, Emu Park

Keppel Bay Marina

Stony Creek, Byfield


Fitzroy River & Berserker Ranges

Rockhampton Nightlife

Suspension Bridge, Mount Morgan

Heritage Buildings


Great Western Hotel

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens

Rockhampton Region Sure you can find hotels, fast food and a range of essential services on the Bruce Highway which runs through Rockhampton, but what you won’t find are the reasons this city is home to a complex and vibrant community. A far more accurate way-finder for helping a new-comer understand the real Rockhampton would be to make a beeline for the river that flows through it. The wide, tidal river know as “Toonooba” had been home to the Darambal people for tens of thousands of years before being named the Fitzroy by Charles and William Archer on 4 May 1853. Both geographically and historically the Fitzroy defines the city just as the wider basin supports and gives definition to the Central Queensland communities that straddle its flow. To appreciate the Rockhampton of today really requires some comprehension of the city’s colonial past. Following the banks of the Fitzroy, Quay Street and its stretch of significant sandstone buildings is a visual testament to the heritage and tradition which have influenced Rockhampton’s development throughout the decades since colonisation. A terrific avenue for gaining further insight into Rockhampton’s historical roots is to head to the Rockhampton Heritage Village where the rich and colourful history of the district between 1850 and 1950 is showcased in a friendly, township museum.

Likewise, the Archer Park Rail Museum is a great conduit for learning about how the region progressed from a rail-based transportation perspective. Set in the 100-year-old Archer Park Rail Station, this beautiful building with its delicate cast iron filigree is a treat in itself. Another element of Rockhampton’s civic identity you will need to get your head around is beef and more particularly bulls. It won’t be hard to clock a bull statue or two (there are six major statues) lurking about the city’s highways. Rockhampton owes much of its past and present fortunes to the beef industry and the “big bulls” are a tribute to the city’s Beef Capital of Australia title. And any tale tracing Rockhampton’s fortunes must make mention of the major legacy left behind by the gold mines of Mount Morgan. An easy 35 minute drive from Rockhampton, Mount Morgan was considered one of the most important gold discoveries in the world with the mine once believed to be the largest open cut gold mine in the Southern Hemisphere. While this mightily productive mine produced gold, silver and copper for 99 years until it shut up shop in 1981, there are now tours that access the heritage-listed site and take participants on a journey through the historic town and into the open cut pit site.


Corio Bay North Keppel Island

Yeppoon The Caves

Pumpkin Island

Rosslyn Bay Great Keppel Island Emu Park Keppel Sands


Mount Hay

Mount Morgan


Empire Apartment Hotel, Rockhampton

Rockhampton Art Gallery

Arts & Dining Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast are currently in the throes of a quiet renaissance. Rockhampton’s Art Gallery is helping to lead the charge as the custodians of the city’s nationally significant collection which includes the finest collection of mid-twentieth century art in regional Queensland. Major works by artists such as Sidney Nolan, Russell Drysdale, Arthur Boyd and Fred Williams all have a home in Rockhampton Art Gallery’s impressive permanent collection while diverse touring and education programs provide visitors of all ages with an experience that is captivating and compelling. Another epicentre for the arts is the Capricorn Coast, with the Emu Park Art Gallery, Mill Gallery in Yeppoon and Nob


Creek Pottery in Byfield providing platforms for local artists and artisans to showcase their creativity. For performing arts, the towering white columns of the Pilbeam Theatre in Rockhampton should be your primary point of focus. Their “See It Live” theatre season annually serves up a chorus line of outstanding performances by both visiting and local productions. While the region’s specialty produce is harvested from coast to country, thankfully this does not mean a neverending reef and beef menu of humdrum steaks smothered with suspect sauce and a couple of dodgy prawns. It means premium, export quality beef, select seafood, tropical produce and a smorgasbord of diverse cuisines.

The riverside precinct and East Street are the key zones for finding a cracking meal, be it sophisticated riverside dining, pop-up street-eats, niche cocktail bars or just a bloody good pub with sensational grub. The Capricorn Coast also delivers with ease when it comes to sourcing a fine feed. Restaurants, cafés and clubs cater to a range of tastes and budgets while making the most of the sub-tropical clime, coastal scenery and relaxed atmosphere.


Village Festival


Yeppoon Triathlon Festival

Festivals & Markets The region’s rebooted focus on festivals and events which celebrate and champion our Central Queensland communities again finds the Fitzroy River firmly placed at front and centre. Rockhampton’s River Festival kicked off with a big bang in 2015 and it appears all set to build on this rocketing trajectory in 2016. With a theme of “River Revery”, expect to be lost in a daydream of fantastic reality where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the senses are deliciously enlivened. Staged over three days in July, the festival boasts free entertainment, interactive arts, contemporary tunes, delicious food, great people and glorious winter sunshine on the banks of the majestic Fitzroy. Similarly, the Capricorn Food & Wine Festival takes full advantage of the Fitzroy River as a naturally magnificent backdrop for a feast of foodie delights including signature dining experiences, food and wine master classes, celebrity chef demonstrations and interactive cooking displays. In addition to hosting major sporting competitions for a field of various sports including sailing, rowing, football, hockey and tennis, the region is also home to a number of high calibre sporting festivals such as the Brisbane to Keppel Tropical Yacht Race, Capricorn Coast Running Festival, Yeppoon Triathlon and the JRT/TAG Yeppoon Golf Classic. The Capricorn Coast also makes the most of its ample assets as host to the annual Village Festival in Yeppoon. An electrifying mix of music, performing and visual arts, the Village Festival is a manifestation of the region’s community spirit and its beating cultural heart. Local markets are also a must and there are plenty in the mix to choose from: Yeppoon Community, Figtree, Emu Park, Kern Arcade, Heritage Village, Luna, Handmade Expo and more offering an assortment of products while embracing the handmade, the home baked and the home grown. Find out what’s on when you’re in town:

Markets BELL PARK MARKETS 8am – 12noon, Every 3rd Sunday of the month Bell Park, Emu Park CAUSEWAY LAKE MARKETS 9am – 1pm, Every 4th Sunday of the month Causeway Lake, Yeppoon BOULDY BUSH MARKET & CAR BOOT SALE 8am – 12noon, Every last Saturday of the month Bouldercombe ROCKHAMPTON HERITAGE VILLAGE MARKETS 8am – 2pm, 26 Jan, 13 March, 8 May, 10 Jul, 11 Sept, 27 Nov 2016 Heritage Village, Rockhampton

ROCKHAMPTON ARCADE MARKETS 8am – 12:30pm, Every Sunday morning Kern Arcade Carpark, Rockhampton GRACEMERE LIONS MARKETS 8am – 12noon, Every 1st Saturday of the month (except January and August) Conaghan Park, Lawrie St, Gracemere FIG TREE CREEK MARKETS 8am – 12noon, Every 1st Sunday of the month Figtree Creek, Yeppoon THE HANDMADE EXPO MARKETS 8am – 1pm, 20 Feb, 9 Apr, 25 Jun, 20 Aug, 15 Oct, 10 Dec 2016 Rockhampton Showgrounds

YEPPOON COMMUNITY MARKETS 6am – 10am, Every Saturday morning Yeppoon Showgrounds 17

Natural History There is no need to travel vast distances to commune with nature or delve into history when you are hanging out in Central Queensland. In fact you don’t even have to leave Rocky! Nestled amongst the shade trees and elegant Queenslanders on The Range are the seriously impressive and nationally significant, Rockhampton Botanic Gardens. Almost as old as the city itself, the heritage-listed Rockhampton Botanic Gardens are regarded as the finest regional gardens in Australia. Rare, old and magnificent specimens tower, stretch and sprawl across the historic site and are a delight for garden lovers and heritage buffs. Families and animal lovers are also big winners with a popular playground, picnic tables and an old school kiosk on site as well as a free zoo. Yep, a free zoo! With a fantastic mix of native Australian fauna as well as some more exotic species this option is an absolute no brainer. Located just 23 kilometres north of Rockhampton, the township of The Caves is home to some of the most spectacular and geologically significant caves in Queensland.

Murray Lagoon, Rockhampton

Discovered by the Olsen family in 1881, Capricorn Caves are the state’s oldest running tourist attraction. Originally formed from an ancient coral reef over 400 million years ago, the above-ground limestone caves form huge chambers adorned with stalactites and harbouring rare ferns and elusive, tiny insectivorous bats. A wide range of guided experiences have been developed at this multi-award winning ecotourism attraction with something for all ages, abilities and interests with wheelchair accessible cave tours, adventure challenges and a Journey of Discovery. Of course, Aboriginal people have long known of the caves, and it is part of the Darumbal tribe’s traditional homeland. To find out more about the cultural traditions of the Darumbal tribe and the various Indigenous cultures represented in the area head back into Rockhampton and on the northern outskirts of town you will find the Dreamtime Cultural Centre. Set on 12 hectares of native bushland, the site still contains the traditional “ceremonial rings” of the Darumbal tribe. Running selective, guided tours, Monday to Friday, the Dreamtime Cultural Centre offers an invaluable insight into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and history.


Capricorn Caves


Wetlands & Wildlife Flooding in the Fitzroy River Basin may be a recurring challenge for the region’s infrastructure and inhabitants but it also brings great benefits, like the creation and renewal of the permanent lagoons and wetlands that are widespread throughout the district. Located at the western edge of the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens is Murray Lagoon. Declared a Fauna Sanctuary in 1902, Murray Lagoon attracts a teeming mass of over 100 species of wetland birds and is also home to many turtles, eels and fish. Another twitchers’ paradise is Kinka Wetlands. Located on the Capricorn Coast, Kinka Wetlands is formed by


Hedlow Creek

freshwater wetlands on one side and tidal brackish wetlands on the other, culminating in a rare, remarkably rich home for a diverse array of flora and fauna. Wallow in more wildlife via the coastal reserves of the Capricorn Coast National Park. Consisting of a series of rocky outcrops along the Scenic Highway, the Capricorn Coast National Park is a small but highly important retreat for many different animals. The Double Head and Bluff Point sections feature formed walking tracks through sunny grasslands and shady forests to coastal lookouts with glorious views. Keep your peepers peeled for white-bellied sea-eagles, spangled

drongos, unadorned rock-wallabies and goannas. Turtles and dolphins may be seen from the lookouts at Bluff Point at any time of day and at low tide you can scramble over rock pools along the beach. For a more urban wildlife display within walking distance of Yeppoon’s town centre, Figtree and Ross Creeks are home to an enormous colony of black and little red flying foxes. At sunset, thousands of these fascinating mammals rise spectacularly as they head off to their feeding grounds – an awesome sight to see!

Double Head National Park Walking Track, Rosslyn Bay


Fishing & Boating Fishing and boating in Central Queensland? Where to begin! The pristine beauty of Keppel Bay is a boatie’s dream come true. Surrounded by shallow fringing reefs and vast, abundant marine life, The Keppels can be accessed quickly and easily via Rosslyn Bay – both boat launch facilities and charters are available. Set your GPS to fishing hot spots like Barren and Child, Man and Wife, Outer Rock or Flat and Perforated, rig up your tackle, chuck in a line and depending on the time of year you may bag yourself some mackerel (spotties, doggies and Spanish), coral trout, grassy sweetlip or hopefully some tasty reds. Closer to shore you can hit the estuaries: Coorooman Creek, Causeway Lake and Ross Creek for whiting, grunter, flathead and mud crabs. Headlands like Double Head/The Bluff and Five Rocks are great structures to hone in on if you fancy a feed of mackerel, bream or cod. If you want to get amongst some seriously heavy fishing, the village of Stanage Bay, 175 kilometres north of Rockhampton and easily accessible from the Bruce Highway (along an unsealed road), is THE place to make sure you mark on your must do list. Rockhampton is no slouch either in the angling game and boasts both fresh and saltwater fishing options, from catching a you beaut barra in the Fitzroy River, to trying your luck in a number of the freshwater lagoons. Visit our website for more information on tide times and fishing facts.

Fishing, Great Keppel Island


Sailing, Great Keppel Island






SPRINGSURE Springsure Campdraft 8–10 April 2016

EMU PARK Festival of the Wind 3 April 2016

ROCKHAMPTON The Rhys Wesser Super 9’s Shield 2016 1–2 April 2016

KENRICK TUCKER VELODROME, ROCKHAMPTON CQUniversity Rockhampton Cup on Wheels 8–9 January 2016


YEPPOON The Great Australia Day Beach Party 26 January 2016

ROCKHAMPTON SHOWGROUNDS Rockhampton Speedway 13 February 2016

YEPPOON Photographic Society of Queensland Convention 30 Apr – 2 May 2016


SPRINGSURE Springsure Show 27–28 May 2016

ROCKHAMPTON SHOWGROUNDS 18th World Brahman Congress 2016 Australia 16–21 May 2016

CAPELLA Capella Show 20–21 May 2016

CALLAGHAN PARK, ROCKHAMPTON Rockhampton Grammar School Race Day 7 May 2016

CLERMONT Clermont Rodeo & Show 24–25 May 2016

ROCKHAMPTON SHOWGROUNDS Taste of the World Festival 28 May 2016

CALLAGHAN PARK, ROCKHAMPTON St Patrick’s Day Races 12 March 2016



27–29 May 2016

31 May – 1 June 2016

PILBEAM THEATRE Mary Poppins 11–20 March 2016


EMERALD Mud Run Emerald 12 March 2016

YEPPOON SHOWGROUNDS Yeppoon Show 11–12 June 2016

BRIDGEMAN PARK, CAPELLA Capella Campdraft 18–20 March 2016


MOUNT MORGAN Golden Mount Festival 28 April – 2 May 2016

DUARINGA Duaringa Campdraft 21–22 May 2016

ROCKHAMPTON SHOWGROUNDS CQ Health 2016 Sports and Health Expo 28 March 2016

KOORANA CROCODILE FARM Crocodile Hatching March – May 2016

CAVES SHOWGROUNDS, THE CAVES The Caves Show 24 April 2016

MARLBOROUGH Marlborough Show 16 April 2016

ROCKHAMPTON Wholly Cow 1–31 May 2016

ROCKHAMPTON GALLERY National Photographic Portrait Prize 2015 20 February – 3 April 2016


PILBEAM THEATRE Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow 29 April 2016

ROLLESTON Rolleston Campdraft 16–17 April 2016

CALLAGHAN PARK Rockhampton Girls Grammar School Race Day 18 June 2016


ROCKHAMPTON SHOWGROUNDS Rockhampton Show 15–17 June 2016

CALLAGHAN PARK Rockhampton Cup Day 25 June 2016



EMERALD AG-GROW Field Days 7–9 July 2016


PARADISE LAGOONS, ROCKHAMPTON Paradise Lagoons Campdraft 20–24 July 2016 ROCKHAMPTON ART GALLERY The Gold Award 23 July – 4 September 2016

BLACKWATER Saratoga Spectacular 1–2 October 2016 PILBEAM THEATRE Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase 2016 14 July 2016

ROCKHAMPTON RIVERBANK Rockhampton River Festival 15–17 July 2016

YEPPOON GOLF CLUB JRT / TAG Yeppoon Golf Classic 26–30 July 2016



KEPPEL BAY MARINA Brisbane to Keppel Tropical Yacht Race 5–7 August 2016

YEPPOON MAIN BEACH Yeppoon Triathlon Festival 6–7 August 2016

ROCKHAMPTON HERITAGE VILLAGE Rockhampton Cultural Festival 28 August 2016

YEPPOON Village Festival 12–14 August 2016 YEPPOON Obstacles Gone Mad 13 August 2016

ANAKIE, SAPPHIRE GEMFIELDS Gemfest – Festival of Gems 11–14 August 2016

CAPRICORN COAST Yeppoon Coastguard Tight Lines Fishing Classic 26–28 August 2016

EMERALD SHOWGROUNDS Central Highlands Multicultural Festival 27 August 2016

MT ARCHER, ROCKHAMPTON Challenge the Mountain 27 August 2016



YEPPOON MAIN BEACH Capricorn Coast Running Festival 2 October 2016


BELL PARK, EMU PARK Emu Park Oktoberfest October 2016

ROCKHAMPTON Black Dog Ball 15 October 2016


CAPRICORN CAVES Opera in the Caves 4–6 November 2016


ROCKHAMPTON Carols by Candlelight

YEPPOON Carols by the Beach


SEP COMET Comet Sporting & Agriculture Show 17–18 September 2016

ROCKHAMPTON RIVERBANK Capricorn Food & Wine Festival 16–18 September 2016

CAPRICORN CAVES Summer Solstice Light Spectacle 1 December 2016 until 16 January 2017


Planning Your Trip In just over an hour’s flight from Brisbane, you can be enjoying the sub-tropical climate of the Capricorn region. The Rockhampton airport is well serviced with regular flights from Brisbane and connections on to other local ports. Whether you are coming from the north, south or the west, there are many drive options for those road tripping including the Pacific Coast Touring Route, Leichhardt Way, Australia’s Country Way or the Capricorn Way. Having your own wheels is also a great way to see the huge variety this region has to offer, so if you’re flying in you can hire a car from many of the local and national operators in Rockhampton. If driving isn’t your thing, you can ride the Spirit of Queensland, a daily train service that departs from Rockhampton en route to either Brisbane or Cairns. The tilt train also travels between Rocky and Brisbane plus the Spirit of the Outback goes through both Rockhampton and Emerald on its journey from Brisbane to Longreach. National bus services also connect Rockhampton with Brisbane and Cairns daily. Once you’re here, there are taxis available across the region and several bus services that can get you where you need to go. Youngs Bus Services operate to and from Yeppoon and the Capricorn Coast, as well as Gracemere and Mount Morgan. Sunbus is the primary form of public bus transport around Rockhampton City. And if you are bringing a party, group transport can be booked with Rothery’s Coaches. To get to the islands, there are several ferries running daily from Rosslyn Bay and a number of water taxi, sailing and boat charter options are also available.

VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRES Tropic of Capricorn Spire Visitor Information Centre Ph: 1800 676 701 Gladstone Road, Rockhampton 4700 Capricorn Coast Visitor Information Centre Ph: 1800 675 785 Ross Creek Roundabout, Yeppoon 4703 Opening Hours: 9.00am – 5.00pm 7 days a week. Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday Mount Morgan Railway Museum and Tourist Information Centre Ph: 07 4938 2312 1 Railway Parade, Mount Morgan 26 You’ve just crossed the Tropic of Capricorn

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There is so much to see and do in the Capricorn region, more than can be captured in this guide! If you are looking for some more information on the unique experiences and adventures on offer, our comprehensive website has lots of additional information, plus a wide range of detailed guides covering national parks, self-drive trails, custom itineraries to help you plan your ideal holiday. 27


























Great Keppel Island









Legend - - - - Walking Tracks Coral Reef Accommodation & Activities Precinct

Capricorn Coast Scenic Loop


Capricorn Region




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Capricorn Brisbane Canberra

Perth Adelaide


Melbourne Hobart


Capricorn Coast Accommodation Salt Apartments 32-34 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon P: +61 7 4925 2200 The picture of beachfront perfection awaits you at Salt, Yeppoon’s newest premium 4.5-Star Apartments. Situated on Yeppoon’s magnificent Main Beach, Salt offers unsurpassed ocean views from every luxurious apartment. Salt’s architecturally inspired building boasts fifty spacious 1, 2, 3-bedroom and penthouse apartments spread across five levels, all unrivalled in terms of size and quality of finishes. Double bathroom vanities, glass splash-backs, stone bench-tops, and SMEG appliances are standard in all apartments, with marble bench-tops and Miele appliances in penthouse apartments. The mesmerising views out across shimmering Rosslyn Bay, to Great Keppel Island, and over to the CBD are absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy Salt’s first class facilities including two resort style pools and entertainment area, gym, large conference centre and exceptional beachfront dining.

Features ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

Brand New Complex Rare Beachfront Location Magnificent Ocean Views from Every Apartment Superior Appointments and Amenities Ground Floor Restaurants and Cafes Conference and Function Rooms 2 Resort Pools

E: W:

Echelon Apartments 18-22 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon P: +61 7 4939 0900 Located opposite Main Beach in the heart of Yeppoon’s CBD, Echelon is one of Yeppoon’s unique beachfront 4.5 Star properties. Offering spectacular ocean views of the Keppel Islands and the gateway to The Southern Great Barrier Reef. An ideal choice for both families and couples to relax and enjoy the tropical ambience, or take up the exciting offerings of the Capricorn Coast. Fully self-contained, guests have everything at their fingertips with the added enjoyment of being able to use the guest rooftop swimming pool and adjoining alfresco dining and BBQ area. Echelon provides spacious well-appointed 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments all with spacious open plan living and dining areas extending onto a private balcony with contemporary outdoor furniture. A fully equipped kitchen finished with Caesarstone bench tops, full size fridge and dishwasher, SMEG four burner cook top, oven and microwave. Each apartment is equipped with reverse cycle air-conditioning and has complimentary Wi-Fi, Austar and secure undercover parking.

Features ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

4.5 Star Luxury Self-Contained Apartments opposite Main Beach Cafes and Restaurants in Echelon’s Own Retail Arcade Spectacular Views to the Keppel Islands A Stroll Away from the Sailing and Surf Clubs Large Balconies with Outdoor Settings Rooftop Pool and Recreational BBQ Alfresco Area

E: W:


Beaches on Lammermoor 96-98 Scenic Highway, Yeppoon P: +61 7 4913 8300 Ideally located opposite Lammermoor Beach, with panoramic views of the Keppel Island Group and the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Minutes from Keppel Bay and Yeppoon CBD. Beaches complex surrounds an extensive resort lagoon and spa designed to reflect and complement the pristine rural hinterland setting beyond. Families can relax and enjoy the lagoon recreational area or cross the road for a swim at the beach. With a distinct touch of luxury each apartment is appointed with two bathrooms, a lounge, dining and full sized kitchen which follows on to a generous balcony with its own outdoor setting. 1, 2 and 3 bedroom 4.5 Star apartments catering for all family sizes – you won’t need to go anywhere else.

Features ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

Family Friendly Resort Lagoon Pool BBQs and Outdoor Dining Facilities Security Undercover Parking Weekly Servicing Steps away to Lammermoor Beach Peaceful Hinterland Setting, minutes away from Yeppoon or Rosslyn Bay Marina

E: W:

Capricorn Resort Yeppoon Farnborough Road, Yeppoon P: 07 4925 2520 The Resort’s magnificent array of activities, together with its quality accommodation and wide choice of restaurants and bars, allows guests to design the holiday they want – whether it be a relaxing overnight getaway, a three-day golfing escape, or a longer stay, taking in all the Region has to offer. Just 45 kilometres from Rockhampton, this integrated Resort facility is located on the stunning Capricorn Coast. Other facilities include an activities centre that can assist in making the most of your experience of the Resort. Take advantage of the gymnasium, lawn bowls, tennis, archery, beauty and massage centre. The Resort’s world class golfing facilities include an exquisitely crafted and challenging championship golf course. Or for those who prefer to laze around soaking up the sunshine with a refreshing cocktail, the Resort also boasts one of the largest freshwater pools in the South Pacific complete with an adjoining beach pool.

Features ¬ 113 Accommodation Rooms ¬ Largest Freshwater Pool in the Southern Pacific ¬ Variety of Dining options including the Tsuruya Restaurant, Lagoon Bar Grill and The Billabong Restaurant ¬ Poolside Bar ¬ 18 Hole Golf Course ¬ 20 Free Activities

E: W:


Capricorn Coast Accommodation Rosslyn Bay Resort and Spa 34-48 Vin E Jones Drive, Rosslyn Bay P: 07 4933 6333 Located in the heart of Rosslyn Bay, Rosslyn Bay Resort and Spa boasts 47 recently renovated self-contained rooms, including our two bedroom apartments and spa bungalows, most of which overlook the beautiful and secluded Kemp Beach. Treat yourself in our Keppel Blue Relaxation spa or dine at our award winning Beaches Bistro. Or, if you are looking for something a bit more challenging, take a walk that explores Kemp’s lush headlands and foreshores, where you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Yeppoon’s surrounding islands. A short 2 minute walk from Freedom Fast Cats which offers daily transfers to Great Keppel Island, our resort is ideal for anyone wanting to discover Yeppoon’s gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef. The resort also offers on-site covered parking, free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and access to our outdoor pool and BBQ area.

Features ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

Day Spa Weddings Swimming Pool Beachfront Location Award Winning Restaurant Gateway to Keppel

E: W:

The Coast Motel

BIG4 Capricorn Palms Holiday Village

52 Scenic Highway, Yeppoon P: 07 4930 2325

2/28 Bluff Crescent, Mulambin, Yeppoon P: 07 4933 6144 | FREE CALL : 1800 068 703

4 star modern spacious rooms. Free Foxtel, Free Wi-Fi. Breakfast cooked to order beside the pool. Next to family friendly Capricorn Tavern. Disabled access. E: W:

Villa Mar Colina 34 Adelaide Street, Yeppoon P: 07 4939 3177 One, two and three bedroom fully self contained apartments and luxury Penthouse. 150 metres from Yeppoon beach and town centre. E: W:

SunLover Lodge Cabins and Holiday Units 3 Camellia Street, Kinka Beach P: 07 4939 6727 A tranquil tropical hideaway. Fully self contained 1 & 2 B/R accommodation, set amongst lush gardens. Pool, spas, Wi-Fi available. Short stroll to Kinka Beach. E: W:


BIG4 Capricorn Palms Holiday Village – located halfway between Yeppoon and Emu Park at Mulambin Beach. Caravan sites, grassy camping areas, ensuite cabins and villas are set amongst 15 acres of manicured lawns and gardens. Just 250m to the beach and 2km from Rosslyn Bay Marina and Great Keppel Tours. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with modern facilities, wireless internet, 34m waterslide and swimming pool, kangaroo jumper, Queensland’s largest outdoor picture theatre with kiosk, camp kitchen and BBQs. Welcome to the Capricorn Coast’s favourite holiday destination. E: W:

Coolwaters Holiday Village 760 Scenic Highway, Kinka Beach P: 07 4939 6102 | FREE CALL: 1800 266 556 At Coolwaters Holiday Village we have a motto “FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY”. With a massive water park, large resort pool, extra large jumping pillow, swings, 2 children play areas, full size tennis court with lights, ½ basketball court all to keep the children excited and busy! Oops, did I mention the BMX track, the pedal carts and the kayaks!! Mums and Dads can sit back and relax in our newly refurbished units or cabins, or camp on one of our hugely popular deluxe ensuite sites, all the time knowing the children are in a fun and safe environment. In our winter months Coolwaters Holiday Village provides a more relaxed environment with bistro nights, free scone morning teas, bush poetry around one of our 3 camp fire pits, organised weekly bowls and golf trips, beautiful morning walks with your dog at Kinka Beach across the road, relaxing bush walks in our 120 acres of seaside rainforest or casting a line into the Causeway Lake. Coolwaters Holiday Village has one of Queensland’s largest Camp and Conference Centres accommodating and catering for groups as large as 200. Special interest groups, weddings, Christmas parties, birthday parties and family reunions are also a favourite at Coolwaters.

E: W:

Causeway Caravan Park

Byfield Cabins on Waterpark Creek

11 The Esplanade, The Causeway, Yeppoon P: 07 4933 6356

218 Yaxleys Road, Byfield P: 0455 66 77 66

Enjoy a unique lakeside holiday on the banks of Causeway Lake on Capricorn Coast. Air conditioned cabins | Caravan sites | Handy to island cruises | Pet friendly E: W:

FERNS HIDEAWAY Ferns Hideaway Resort

Secluded colonial styled resort nestled beside a rainforest TheByfield 67 Cahillscreek. Road, Restaurant is open P: 07 4935 1235for lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and offers a modern à la Secluded resort with cabins, camping and carte menu,rainforest boasting fresh caravans 7 days a week. local ingredients. Enjoy log Restaurant open for lunch fires, liveSaturday entertainment Friday, andon Sunday, dinner Saturday night. weekends and an abundance of wildlife. Accommodation W: cabins, rooms, camping and caravans 7 days a week. 67 Cahills Road, Byfield 4703 P: 07 4935 1235 Group bookings “anytime” are welcome

Island View Caravan Park 946 Scenic Highway, Kinka Beach P: 07 4939 6284 W:

Gumnut Glen Cabins 170 South Tanby Road, Yeppoon P: 07 4939 3988 W:

Our couples retreat offers self-contained cabins set in natural bushland. Enjoy walks, kayaking, biking and swimming or just relax in peaceful surrounds. Like us on Facebook.

E: W:


Capricorn Coast Accommodation Great Keppel Island Hideaway The Spit, Great Keppel Island P: 07 4939 2050 Great Keppel Island Hideaway welcomes guests to share our barefoot island paradise; an affordable authentic Australian owned Island resort situated on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, only 25 minutes on the ferry from Yeppoon. Our Resort boasts quality cabin-style accommodation, a fully licensed restaurant and bar overlooking the Great Barrier Reef and seventeen pristine white sandy beaches. With a range of free activities for our in-house guests there is plenty to do for all age groups. Enjoy stunning scenic bush walks that lead to secluded island picnic spots, snorkelling in the turquoise waters with turtles and dolphins, stand-up paddle board hire, fishing and more. Alternatively, simply relax sipping cocktails in the Bistro overlooking the tranquil waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Exploring the island, you’ll find hidden beaches and spectacular lookouts, with prolific wildlife on route, with brush tail possums as well as blue-tongue lizards and goannas. Great Keppel Island Hideaway will create those magical moments you will remember always. Ferry transfers with Keppel Konnections: visit or call 1300 826 529.

E: W:


Pumpkin Island

Great Keppel Island Holiday Village

Capricorn Coast P: 07 4939 4413

Lot 2 The Esplanade, Great Keppel Island P: 07 4939 8655 | 1800 KEPPEL

One of Australia’s best-kept secrets and the ultimate getaway for couples, families or groups. This tiny gem offers eco-friendly accommodation for up to 34 guests in 7 self-catering units powered by wind and sun. The wildlife will delight you; see dolphins, turtles and whales in season. Fish the rich waters, snorkel or experience coral reefs from glass bottom kayaks or paddle boards, harvest oysters off the rocks, wander secluded beaches or simply laze in a hammock.

Known as “The Quiet Alternative”, the Village is the perfect place for you to experience slow, lazy days of island life. Nestled in palm and gum trees less than a minute’s walk to two beautiful white sand beaches, enjoy a holiday with a difference in a down-to-earth and friendly environment. Our accommodation is simple and basic; yet comfortable and cosy, giving you a feeling of being away from the fast pace and worries of the world. Come, relax, and feel like you have your own private island.

E: W:

E: W:

Capricorn Coast Things To Do Freedom Fast Cats John Howes Drive, Pier One, Yeppoon P: 07 4933 6888 Freedom Fast Cats takes you through the spectacular Keppel Bay Islands; located at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef near the Tropic of Capricorn, and boasting some of the most pristine beaches and unspoilt habitats the reef has to offer. Join the experienced crew for a memorable day exploring the Keppel Bay Islands. They have a range of different cruising options to suit all ages. If you like a more laid back pace, sit back, relax and soak up the scenery as you cruise the coves and beaches. For the more adventurous type they have glass bottom boat cruises, snorkelling and the famous boom-netting. Guaranteed to be a highlight of your visit to the Capricorn Coast!

Features ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

Great Keppel Island Transfers Adventure Cruises Coral Cruises Charters Water Taxi

E: W:

The Waterline Restaurant


Keppel Bay Marina, Rosslyn Bay P: 07 4933 6244

Capricorn Coast P: 1800 HELICOPTER | M: 0433 161 931

Located on the deck at Keppel Bay Marina, The Waterline Restaurant offers the only uninterrupted waterfront views on the Capricorn Coast. This is the place where the reef meets the beef and the menu showcases the best local seafood fresh from the boats, and their famous local Banana Station Beef sourced from their own cattle properties in Central Queensland. Enjoy al fresco dining for breakfast, lunch or dinner followed by a stroll on the marina docks, it is a highlight of every Capricorn Coast holiday experience. All Day Dining from 7am 7 days | Evening Dining Wed–Sun

Capricorn Coast scenic helicopter flights. Heli-Central offers a range of flights that cover some of the most spectacular views of the Capricorn Coast and the Southern Great Barrier Reef. An amazing experience that can’t be missed!

E: W:

E: W:

Scenic Flights from $99 PP. Gift Vouchers | Personal Charters | Heli-Fishing Tours


Capricorn Coast Things To Do Keppel Kraken Water Play Area Yeppoon Foreshore P: 07 4913 5000 Taking pride of place on the Yeppoon Foreshore, the Keppel Kraken is a water play feature quite unlike any other. With a mythical sea creature centrepiece and set against the spectacular backdrop of Keppel Bay, Yeppoon’s newest tourist attraction is the perfect place to soak up some sunshine on the beautiful Capricorn Coast. Featuring a host of interactive elements including water cannons, jets and a unique umbrella bucket – the only one of its kind in Queensland – the Keppel Kraken is guaranteed fun for the whole family. Timber decks and custom made picnic tables are the perfect place for mum and dad to enjoy a summer barbecue while the kids make the most of the play area, including five spectacular sea creature sculptures that have to be seen to be believed! But don’t take our word for it. The Keppel Kraken is located right in the heart of Yeppoon and just minutes from luxury beach front accommodation, gourmet dining and a thriving retail precinct, so why not come and experience all the Capricorn Coast has to offer.

Features ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

Unique umbrella spray bucket Five stunning sea creature sculptures Timber decking and picnic areas Located right in the heart of the Yeppoon CBD Close to a range of dining retail and accommodation options

E: W:

Centenary of ANZAC Memorial Emu Park Foreshore P: 1300 790 919 What started as one man’s dream to pay homage to Central Queensland’s proud military history is now arguably the most impressive war memorial anywhere in regional Australia. Thanks to widespread community, business and government support, Emu Park’s spectacular Centenary of ANZAC was commissioned in time for Anzac Day 2015, and to date has welcomed thousands of visitors from across the country and beyond. A stunning combination of cast iron and sandstone, the memorial is a fitting tribute to the brave men and women who served on the frontline during the First World War, including a 175m boardwalk lined with Rosemary found growing wild on the Gallipoli Peninsula, culminating in a timber viewing deck located below the iconic Singing Ship monument. Visitors can also learn firsthand about some of Australia’s most significant battles, from the Gallipoli campaign and the legend of the ANZAC, to the Somme, Frommelle and the Battle of Lone Pine to name a few.

Features ¬ Stunning cast iron and sandstone monument ¬ Unique local art pieces ¬ Memorial boardwalk and timber viewing deck overlooking the Keppel Bay ¬ Located right on the Emu Park Foreshore and with close proximity to the CBD including cafes,coffee shops and accommodation ¬ Ample parking

E: W:


Koorana Crocodile Farm

Footlights Theatre Restaurant

65 Savages Road, Coowonga P: 07 4934 4749

123 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon P: 07 4939 2399 Footlights is the perfect place for any occasion or just a great night out. Footlights it’s for you! E: W:

Sun 2 Shade Sunglasses 4/1 Normanby Street, Yeppoon P: 07 4939 4300 Locally owned and operating in Yeppoon for 14 years. Central Queensland’s largest stockist of current model sunglasses and accessories. E: W:

Koorana Crocodile Farm has a mission – to ensure that every customer has fun, learns a lot about crocodiles and eats very well! Home to over 3,000 crocodiles, you can learn about crocodile behaviour on our daily tours (10:30am and 1pm) and even get a chance to hold a small crocodile at the end. Hatching is a yearly highlight (late January to April) – see a baby dinosaur being born! Lunch is available 12noon – 1pm and our shop has many crocodile skin products available.

Capricorn News & Souvenirs 8 James Street, Yeppoon P: 07 4939 3383 A great range of souvenirs, newspapers, magazines, cards, stationery and Golden Casket.

E: W:

Crave Surf Industries

Livingstone Shire Council

Shop 19/20, Yeppoon Central, Yeppoon P: 07 4939 8182

25 Normanby Street, Yeppoon P: 1300 790 919

Crave stocks all the latest surf and street wear fashions for the entire family – Sizes 0 through to 3XL. Open 7 days – Yeppoon Central. E: F:

Nob Creek Pottery and Byfield Mountain Retreat 216 Arnolds Road, Byfield P: 07 4935 1161 | M: 0428 192 601 An award winning rustic rainforest gallery with a large collection of pottery, glass, jewellery, paintings and bathroom hand basins. Meet the potters, see the workshop. E: W:

Sail Capricornia Keppel Bay Marina P: 07 4933 6244 | M: 0402 102 373 Come sailing in beautiful Keppel Bay aboard Grace. Swim, snorkel and explore the Keppel islands on our fully-catered day cruises. E: W:

Fall in love with the Capricorn Coast With beaches, bush and bays right on your doorstep, Livingstone Shire really does have the best of both worlds… and is no longer one of Queensland’s best kept coastal secrets! Whether you’re planning your trip or intending to stay, we offer an enviable lifestyle. Livingstone Shire has a strong community spirit, a vibrant entertainment scene and high quality education and sporting options. You’ll find a relaxed environment to connect with family, friends, community and nature, whether making a sea-change, tree-change or just taking a holiday.

E: W:


Rockhampton Accommodation Empire Apartment Hotel 5 East Street, Rockhampton P: 07 4936 0000 We welcome you to come and Experience the Empire and see Rockhampton like never before! Standing tall amongst one of Australia’s longest strips of heritage-listed buildings, the Empire is situated in the heart of the CBD riverfront dining precinct, a block from the retail shopping mall, supermarkets, art gallery, a plethora of cafés and restaurants, and the Pilbeam Theatre. Our rooms are modern, spacious, have their own balcony – and come stocked with Molton Brown of London bathroom products and T2 Tea. Our property has free Wi-Fi in every room, three onsite dining options – a steakhouse, café, and Italian restaurant – all with chargeback, a tropically landscaped 20m pool and gym, 24hr reception, and undercover secure parking. The Empire won Gold for best ‘New Tourism Business’ in all of Queensland at the 2015 Qld Tourism Awards.

Features Every Room has a Balcony with Spectacular Views Free Wi-Fi and Foxtel in Rooms 24hr Reception/7 Days 3 x Fully Licensed Onsite Restaurants Tropically Landscaped 20m Lap Pool & Gymnasium Fully Equipped Kitchen (Oven, Dishwasher) & Laundry (Washer, Dryer, Tub) in Apartments ¬ 4.5 star AAA star rated ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

E: W:

Edge Apartment Hotel 102 Victoria Parade, Rockhampton P: 07 4930 1000 The Edge welcomes you to Rockhampton and the beautiful Southern Great Barrier Reef Region. Designed to capture the panoramic river, hinterland and city views offered by the unique riverfront location, The Edge Apartment Hotel is Rockhampton’s leading 4.5 star (AAA star rated) Apartment Hotel. Ideally positioned in Rockhampton’s developing main accommodation, dining and entertainment CBD riverfront precinct, enjoy our stylish Hotel Rooms or spectacular panorama from our Serviced Apartments with personalised 24-hour guest service, and an award winning onsite bar and restaurant. Set in a contemporary ambience, our Apartment Hotel is innovatively designed and equipped with modern conveniences. Located only minutes from the Rockhampton Airport and steps from fine dining, bars, shopping and theatre – The Edge Apartment Hotel is the premier accommodation choice in the Rockhampton region. Your new home away from home is The Edge Apartment Hotel.

Features Cocktail Bar & Restaurant with Charge Back Service 24hr Reception/7 Days Free Wi-Fi and Foxtel in Rooms Undercover glass ended Lap Pool & Gymnasium Fully Equipped Kitchen (Oven, Dishwasher) & Laundry (Washer, Dryer, Tub) in Apartments ¬ Expansive balconies for entertaining in Apartments ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

E: W:


Quest Rockhampton

Travelodge Rockhampton

48 Victoria Parade, Rockhampton P: 07 4920 5300 | F: 07 4920 5399

86 Victoria Parade, Rockhampton P: 07 4994 5000

One of Rockhampton’s most prestigious apartment complexes, Quest Rockhampton boasts deluxe spacious studio and one and two king bedroom apartments on the banks of Rockhampton’s stunning Fitzroy River. Conveniently located just a short walk to the CBD, entertainment precinct and major shopping, Quest Rockhampton is also in the heart of Rockhampton’s cultural district, and offers free Wi-Fi and complimentary undercover secure parking.

Travelodge Rockhampton is located in the heart of Rockhampton with breathtaking views of the Fitzroy River. A short drive from the airport, the hotel gives access to all Rockhampton has to offer as well as being a great place from which to explore the Queensland coast including the famous Great Keppel Island. Stay in one of our comfortable 74 hotel rooms, many with kitchenette and microwave facilities. Enjoy free parking, outdoor swimming pool and a refreshingly simple hotel experience. Travelodge Rockhampton offers more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

All apartments contain stylish, modern decor, full kitchen facilities (kitchenettes in studio apartments), open plan living/dining, full private laundry and balconies in one and two bedroom apartments.

E: W:

E: W:

Quality Hotel Regent Rockhampton

Denison Boutique Hotel

192 Bolsover Street, Rockhampton P: 07 4927 2729

233 Denison Street, Rockhampton P: 07 4923 7378 Affordable Luxury Heritage Accommodation. Including buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi, spa bath and a regal four posted king size bed – from $139. E: W:

Econo Lodge Citywalk 129 William Street, Rockhampton P: 07 4922 6009 A traveller’s choice awarded motel in Rockhampton City with modern rooms and a city walk to cafes, shops and entertainment.

Located in the heart of Rockhampton City Centre, amongst Banking and Government Offices, this heritage-listed building offers 4.5 Star accommodation with 49 Rooms in either Heritage or Contemporary style. Our Rooms range from Superior Queen Style to Family Self Contained Apartments and Heritage Spa Suites. Function packages and board room facilities are also available. All guest rooms offer free high speed wireless internet, cable TV, mini bar, refrigerator and desk space. Relax in the beautiful outdoor pool, or grab a bite from the Regent Café (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Room Service). Complimentary off street parking is also available.

E: W:

E: W:

Henderson Park Farm Stay 88 C.H Barretts Road, Barmoya via Rockhampton P: 07 4934 2794 A little piece of paradise. Working cattle property 30 minutes north of Rockhampton. Luxurious self-contained cabins and ensuited rooms – accommodation and function venue. E: W:


Rockhampton Accommodation Rocky Gardens Motor Inn

Winter Sun Motel

292-306 Lower Dawson Road, Rockhampton P: 07 4922 9200

Yaamba Road (Bruce Highway), North Rockhampton P: 07 4928 8722

Enjoy a comfortable stay in 4 star AAA rated accommodation with free Wi-Fi, onsite restaurant, undercover parking and free courtesy bus.

Quiet and clean. Comfortable beds. Free Wi-Fi. Undercover parking. Ground floor rooms available. Takeaway and major shopping centres within walking distance.

E: W:

E: W:

Rockhampton Serviced Apartments 128 Denham Street, Rockhampton P: 07 4922 9222 W:


The Edge overlooking the Rockhampton Riverfront Precinct

Rockhampton Things To Do Rockhampton River Festival 15–17 July 2016 Facebook: Rockhampton River Festival Since the Dreamtime, the Indigenous Dharambul people have congregated along the banks of the Toonooba. Rockhampton flourished in a burgeoning Queensland, with pioneers flocking to the port city on the mighty Fitzroy River dreaming of a better life. Today the river remains a place to congregate, celebrate and create. The River Festival in July brings the colourful past, creative present and bright future of Rockhampton together for a massive three day celebration. At the 2016 festival expect to dream big and escape the ordinary under the ‘River Revery’ theme. Festival goers can DREAM the impossible, WANDER the mysterious, PLAY to the spontaneity and FEAST on delicious delicacies, leaving your mind inspired, taste-buds tingling and your imagination soaring! Visit our Facebook page: Rockhampton River Festival. The three day festival is full of surprises boasting free entertainment, interactive arts, contemporary tunes, delicious food and great people. With more than 30,000 people expected at the festival this year, book early before accommodation sells out!

Features ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

Inspirational art for all ages Delicious food from around the world Music and entertainment at every corner Beautiful winter sunshine on the banks of the river Central Queensland’s signature event

E: W:

Wholly Cow Month Rockhampton (throughout May) F: My Rockhampton Whether you savour a sirloin, relish a rump or treasure a T-bone, Wholly Cow Month will have the beef for you. If you ever wanted to know why chuck needs a slow cooker, skirt suits a stir-fry, and rump is good for roast there’s an immersion class to try. And if you’re interested in learning about the people and animals that produce some of the best beef in the world, then book a tour to learn more. From calf patting to high fashion and everything edible in between, Wholly Cow Month showcases everything this mighty beast provides us. Rockhampton has long been known as the Beef Capital of Australia and host to the award winning triennial Beef Australia Expo that brings major players to Rockhampton from across the globe. We invite you to join us in a month long celebration of beef with a series of paddock to plate tours, informative classes and events centred on our favourite four legged protein.

Features ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬

Paddock to Plate Tours & Nose to Tail Dinners Stations of the Cow Beef Immersion The Big Cow Pat for the little ones What’s Your Beef? The Big Barbeque You’ve got a Hide

E: W:


Rockhampton Things To Do Rockhampton Heritage Village Cnr Boundary Road & Bruce Highway, North Rockhampton (Opposite Parkhurst Tavern) P: 07 4936 8688 Delve deep into the history of one of the oldest towns in Queensland, with a trip to the Rockhampton Heritage Village. The Heritage Village offers an ideal opportunity to explore the pioneering days of Queensland and show the young ones how quickly life has evolved. Step back in time at this friendly township museum that also runs a number of programs through the school holidays where kids can see how things used to be done. Set on 11 hectares of land, the village is home to a wide range of original and reproduction buildings, as well as memorabilia and artefacts portraying life in the region between 1850–1950. Take a leisurely stroll and wander through the school, wagon works, fire station, timber cutters camp, woolshed, cottages and more. There is also an impressive array of timepieces in the Hall of Clocks, a display of dolls and a great collection of vintage vehicles. Market days are held on Sundays every two months. Rockhampton Heritage Village is owned and operated by Rockhampton Regional Council. Open daily 9am to 4pm (last entry 3pm) Closed public holidays

F: W:

Rockhampton Zoo and Botanic Gardens 100 Spencer Street, Rockhampton P: 1300 22 55 77 The best things in life are free! Nestled within the tranquil Botanic Gardens and adjacent to the Murray Lagoon, the Rockhampton Zoo is home to more than 50 species of native and exotic animals including great apes, otters, crocodiles and more. It’s the perfect place for families to see magnificent and cheeky creatures, great and small, in their simulated natural surroundings and best of all it’s free to visit. After touring the zoo, stop by the Botanic Gardens Tearooms for refreshments followed by a stroll around the second oldest Botanic Gardens in Queensland (proclaimed 1869). Our Botanic Gardens features several iconic plantings including banyan figs, bunya pines and probably one of the last surviving examples of an early colonial agricultural experimental garden. Rockhampton Botanic Gardens open 7 days from 6am to sunset; Rockhampton Zoo open 7 days from 8am to 4:30pm – Entry to both is FREE!

E: W:


Rockhampton Art Gallery 62 Victoria Parade, Rockhampton P: 07 4936 8248 Rockhampton Art Gallery is the best place to start your cultural adventures in Central Queensland. One of the most significant collections in regional Australia, browsing the Gallery is an enriching exposé of Australian art history. Expand your cultural knowledge with artworks by Charles Blackman, Arthur Boyd, Sidney Nolan, Russell Drysdale, John Brack, Fred Williams, Grace Cossington Smith, Jeffrey Smart, Del Kathryn Barton, Daniel Boyd, Sally Gabori, Imants Tillers and Ben Quilty – exploring modern and contemporary influences from across the globe. For a truly immersive art experience, the Gallery offers innovative education and public programs to visitors of all ages, from toddlers to lifelong learners. There is a diverse exhibition program run throughout the year with displays drawn from the Gallery’s collection, in-house curated projects and touring exhibitions from international, national, state and regional galleries. The Gallery has a gift shop, and is owned and operated by Rockhampton Regional Council. Open daily 10am – 4pm (closed public holidays) Images: Top Left: Jeffrey Smart | Fiumicino car park 1975 (detail) | oil on canvas | Art Acquisition Fund 1976 Bottom Left: Ben Quilty | The Evo project, Sheep Wash Road 2012 | oil on canvas | Purchased with funds from Rockhampton Art Gallery Trust and public donations 2013

E: W:

Secret Sundays

FLOW Visitors Centre

Rockhampton Region

Old Post Office Building, Cnr Denham & East Streets, Rockhampton P: 07 4999 2800

Weekends have got a whole lot more interesting in Rockhampton with Secret Sundays, a series of pop up events with a bit of a twist – the location remains a secret until the day of the event! Celebrating Rockhampton’s best indoor and outdoor locations, these creative and fun events include great food, entertainment and quirky themes to fit the varying locations.

Looking for something fun, free and interactive to do in Rockhampton? Discover FLOW Visitors Centre, a public interpretive space created by Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. Tour the “region-in-a-room” – find interactive maps; inspirational story walls and images; and short, engaging videos featuring cute reef characters and local farmers; as well as a kid’s corner with plenty to keep them amused.

Register your interest on the My Rockhampton Facebook page to receive updates on events throughout the year.

The centre is open from 10:00am to 4:00pm from Tuesday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

F: My Rockhampton W:

E: W:


Rockhampton Things To Do Capricorn Caves

Stock-Air Heliworks

30 Olsens Caves Road, The Caves P: 07 4934 2883

Rockhampton P: 07 4935 6658 | M: 0439 798 258

Capricorn Caves is a unique nature based attraction located just 23 kilometres north of Rockhampton. Offering a variety of different cave experiences suitable for the whole family ranging from 1 hour easy walking guided tours to the Cathedral Cave, wild adventure caving and our Geo Tour Journey of Discovery. The property also features a caravan park and fully self-contained cabins set in a tranquil bush setting. Capricorn Caves was the gold winner for Queensland Tourist Attractions in 2014.

Stock-Air Heliworks is a locally owned family business dedicated to providing a safe and professional helicopter service at competitive rates. Our local pilots deliver an unparalleled flight with knowledge and experience in flying throughout Central Queensland, Capricorn Coast and Islands. We offer a variety of flights to enhance your holiday experience – scenic flights over the Capricorn Coast/Islands, tailored transfer flights from Rockhampton Airport to Keppel, Pumpkin or Heron Islands, private charters, weddings and honeymoon arrivals – flights to suit your every need or dream!

E: W:

E: W:

Mount Morgan Railway Museum and Visitor Information Centre 1 Railway Parade, Mount Morgan P: 07 4938 2312 Mount Morgan, nestled in the Dee Ranges, is situated approximately 38km South West of Rockhampton. This former mining town was home to one of the largest open cut gold and copper mines in the Southern Hemisphere and is still steeped in this rich mining history and heritage. In the early 1900s Mount Morgan reached a population of 18,000 and was one of the busiest towns in Queensland and today this historical town is home for 2,500 locals who enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in a semi-rural setting. Mount Morgan has plenty to attract the visitor with accommodation, hospitality, parks, sporting facilities, museums and access to the old mine site through guided mine tours. The No 7 or “Big Dam” supplies the town’s water and is an aquatic playground for fishing and water activities, with an undercover outdoor play area, full barbecue facilities and proves a popular spot for locals and visitors. Today Mount Morgan has 4 hotels, 2 motel and van parks, cafes, bakery, supermarket and an array of shopping opportunities within the CBD area. Mount Morgan Railway Museum and Tourist Information Centre is open 9am–4pm daily.

Features ¬ Railway Museum with Historic Platform Displays and Rolling Stock ¬ 3D Movie Presentation of the Rack Railway ¬ Souvenir and Refreshment Kiosk ¬ Enquire about a guided Mount Morgan Mine Tour and Town Attractions ¬ Stop in and chat with our friendly staff about Mount Morgan’s rich history E: W:


TMC Tours

Mt Hay Gemstone Tourist Park

Mount Morgan P: 07 4938 1823

3665 Capricorn Highway, Wycarbah P: 07 4934 7183 | F: 07 4934 7346

Just 30 minutes from Rockhampton experience historic Mount Morgan with TMC Tours. Join our daily short guided bus tours which include stop offs for maximum viewing with commentary to match. This is the only way to access the heritage listed famous Mount Morgan gold mine. Displays of old mining equipment, Michael Durrant’s fossil room includes early Jurassic footprint discoveries, fossils and casts, the big stack, Open Cut pit and environmental projects underway on the mine site. Delve into Australia’s amazing gold mining heritage – a true journey back in time.

E: W:

Located 30 minutes west of Rockhampton at the foot of an extinct volcano, Mt. Hay is home to the famous, 120-million-year-old Thundereggs (volcanic birthstones) and Rainforest Jasper (Spherulitic Rhyolite). Here, visitors can experience the thrill of fossicking for their own unique treasures. Keep what you find (including some free cutting). View the Aradon Fine Pewter Factory. Browse the gift shop, or stay awhile in the caravan park and campground. Pets welcome. Admission to Park free, fees apply to activities – enclosed footwear required. Open 7 days 8.30am – 4.30pm GPS: 150.20904, 23.565565

E: W:

Archer Park Rail Museum

Dreamtime Cultural Centre

51-87 Denison Street, Rockhampton P: 07 4922 2774

Bruce Highway, North Rockhampton P: 07 4936 1655

1899 Historic Railway Station – Steam Tram rides on Sundays, railway exhibits, various historic Engines and Carriages and an amazing soundscape!

30 acres of natural bushland, on Ancient Tribal Sites – Central Qld’s largest Aboriginal cultural centre. Open Mon-Fri 10am – 3:30pm. Guided tours from 10:30am.

E: W:

E: W:

Gardens Tearooms

TAXI Capricorn Yellow

Rockhampton Botanical Gardens, Spencer Street, Rockhampton P: 07 4922 4347 | F: 07 4922 4350

Rockhampton P: 13 1924 W:

Located within the beautiful Rockhampton Botanical Gardens, this family café is open for breakfast, lunch, coffee or ice-cream. E: W:

Rocky Instincts Rockhampton P: 0447 919 056 Learn ancient survival techniques including fire making, bush tucker, natural rope, stone tool creation and more. Guided locally in Central Queensland and fun for all ages. E: W:

Mount Archer National Park


Out of Region Heron Island P: 1300 731 198 Heron Island is a true coral cay, located right on the Southern Great Barrier Reef just a short boat ride from Gladstone. The island is ribboned by sugar white sands, crystal clear waters and acres of brilliant coral gardens with beautifully coloured marine life – a real nature lover’s paradise. Heron offers many activities such as guided island and reef walks, semisubmersible cruises and beach picnics. Along with the resident turtle population, an amazing array of animal and birdlife can also be discovered throughout the year. And of course, Heron is world famous for its scuba diving and snorkelling. From October to April each year Heron comes alive with the turtle breeding season. Nesting occurs on the beaches of Heron Island from October to early March and hatchlings usually emerge from early January to April. Heron Island is a haven of marine colour and relaxation, with stunning ocean views from many of the rooms.

Features ¬ A true coral cay – step off the sand straight onto the reef ¬ Snorkel and dive over 20 sites within 10 minutes of the island ¬ See turtles, manta rays, friendly reef sharks and a myriad of other marine life ¬ Indulge in the Aqua Soul Spa (day spa) ¬ Special packages available year round ¬ Kids 12 years and under stay and eat breakfast for FREE (sharing with adults) E: W:

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort Lady Elliot Island P: 1800 072 200 | +61 7 5536 3644

Lady Elliot Island is located at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef in the highly protected Green Zone and is accessible by scenic flight from Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Brisbane (Redcliffe) and Gold Coast. The island is renowned as the ‘Home of the Manta Ray’ and has over 1200 different species of marine life found in the surrounding waters of the coral cay island. The Eco Resort offers 4 different styles of accommodation and through the year guests can experience turtles nesting, turtle hatchlings, whale watching and bird nesting around the island.

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Pumpkin Island, off Yeppoon

Yeppoon & Rockhampton - Capricorn Coast - Southern Great Barrier Reef Holiday Planner 2016  
Yeppoon & Rockhampton - Capricorn Coast - Southern Great Barrier Reef Holiday Planner 2016