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Next big star beckons at Bonteheuwel Got Talent

Excitement is mounting as the day draws nearer to find the next big star at the Bonteheuwel Got Talent show, schedule for Friday, December 9 at the Bonteheuwel

Civic Centre. There will individual and group dancers, solo and individual singers, standup comedians plus poetry. It promises to be an evening of fun and enjoyment for the

whole family. There will be food stalls from the afternoon and security will be on full alert to ensure a safe and secure evening for everyone. At the end of the evening the

overall winner will walk away with a grand prize. Residents are urged to come see who is going to follow in the footsteps of James Bhemgee and Pj Twins! (special reporter)

Killings of cops worrisome ahead of festive season LANZO CRUYWAGEN The National head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (HAWKS) say they are appalled by the recent brutal slaying of three police officers the past week. A further three officers were also wounded during these callous acts perpetrated by unscrupulous gunmen. In the early hours of Saturday morning Const. Masibonge Mqwade, 33, was shot and killed during an apparent hijacking in Kraaifontein. At about 01:00 he dropped of relatives when he overpowered by three armed men. About two hours later in Delft residents made a ghastly discovery when the stumbled on the wounded Const. Thandoxolo Ndiki, 30. He bled profusely

from a gunshot wound to the upper body and unfortunately succumbed to his injuries in hospital. A week prior to two senseless killings Const. Amanda Ladlokova was killed in apparent ambush in Philippi East after she and her partner finished serving a protection order and respondent to a similar complaint. MEC of Community Safety Dan Plato has meanwhile increased the reward to R100 000 for anyone with information that would result in the arrest and successful conviction of cop killers in the Western Cape. A wreath laying and memorial service was held on Tuesday for the slain officers. The National Head of the Hawks, Lieutenant General Mthandazo Ntlemeza underlined that police attacks remain a priority crime as

this threatens the safety of communities in the country. “We shall continue to relentlessly pursue all responsible in carrying out the directorate’s mandate of ensuring that all people are and feel safe in the country, an attack on a police is an attack on the state.” Community leaders expressing their views say they believe that attacks on police officers could be linked to recent huge successes achieved in confiscating large consignments of guns on the Cape Flats and arresting prominent figures. The confiscation of large quantities of drugs has also dealt kingpins a serious blow and the only way these scumbags can retaliate is by attacking police officers. The major breakthrough in a massive gun smuggling syndicate

resulted in the conviction and 18-year sentencing of former disgraced cop Christiaan Prinsloo who sold thousands of guns to gangsters on the Cape Flats. During his plea agreement with the State the drug dealer implicated Cape Town businessman Irshaad Laher who allegedly sold guns he bought from Prinsloo, to gangsters. Last month, police seized 250 firearms, ammunition and money at a premises of an alleged 28s gangster in Valhalla Park. The investigations into these deaths are continuing and police have urged the public to provide any information that could lead to the arrests of the suspects by calling the SAPS Crime Stop on 0861 10111.


Coloured people to embrace Khoi birthright Reverend Gregg Fick, spokesperson for the Western Cape First Nation Steering Committee, said the aim of a recent two day seminar was to inform the community of the Constitutional Court (Concourt) case and what Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) stands for. IFNASA who represents tribes across the country are challenging to restore the correct institution and the recognition of Khoi San as a first nation status. At the seminar, Reverend Fick called on coloured people to recognise them as Khoi, whilst those in attendance at the seminar said they consider the term coloured as derogatory. (copy submitted)


Lifeline runs the Stop Gender Violence Helpline, 0800 150 150, a toll free service for anyone wanting to talk about domestic or sexual abuse, including victims, perpetrators, men, women and children. The helpline is open on weekends as well as public holidays.

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Increase security needed at Vangate Following a robbery at Clicks store in Vangate Mall, the Athlone Community Police Forum (CPF) has asked for more intense security to ensure the safety of shoppers over the Festive season. Vangate Mall is a prime spot for hijacking and robberies of shoppers inside the mall. Meanwhile, Mall management and security personnel are working closely with SAPS to upgrade safety and security during the festive season. Chairperson of the CPF warned shoppers to be alert when visiting malls and business hubs. (copy submitted)


Walking Ladies up in arms against councillor

New pay rate for domestic workers

The new minimum wage increase for domestic workers takes effect from December 1 this year and is valid until November 30, 2017. This means any domestic employee who works more than 27 hours should be paid not less than R12,42 an hour, R559, 09 a week and R2 422, 54 a month in major metropolitan areas. It applies to all domestic workers working in the municipalities of Cape Town. Contact Mr Reisner at 021 423 3959 or send an email to to get a free copy of the new increase. (copy submitted)

Residents attending an interfaith service called by ward 50 councillor Angus Mckenzie took offence when the event turn out to be not an interfaith service. According those in attendance, Councillor Angus took a swipe at former councillor Theresa Thompson and crucified the area of Bonteheuwel, calling it ˈliving hell.ˈ Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies (BWL) who have been at the forefront of many marches and protest in the area decided the councillor have no right to bad mouthed other officials in a public domain neither have the authority to call the area a living

hell, an area which he purportedly serves and which provide him a livelihood. A memorandum was drafted highlighted the concerns of residents, inter alia, the councillor divisive tactics, a dictator style leadership and taking decision unilaterally since his appointment, and handed over to sub council 5 chairperson Courtney van Wyk in the presence of sub council 5 manager Martin Julies. The chairperson van Wyk promised the hundreds of protesters he’ll keep them regularly inform on the way forward.


Tips and Tricks to avoid a High Electricity Bill

Here’s how you can reduce your electricity bill, straight away! Lighting •Turning off the lights when you leave a room •Replacing traditional (incandescent) light bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs The kettle •Filling the kettle with cold water and if you’re making one up of tea or coffee, don’t boil enough for ten. Alternatively, store any surplus hot water in a flask •Using the kettle to boil water for pots while cooking, as it costs less than cold water boiled on the stove or in the microwave The stove and oven •Keeping the lid on the pot when cooking to conserve energy and heat •Keeping the oven door closed until the food is cooked – each time the door is opened, heat is lost and must be replaced •Ensuring the rubber seal of the oven door is in good condition and that the door closes properly At the end of each month, every kilowatt counts and, the above tips are not only easy to follow, but can help you start saving straight away. (copy submitted)

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Mitchell’s Plain goes green - Beacon Organic Garden Mitchell’s Plain residents can now buy fresh, organic veggies on their doorstep, at the Beacon Organic Garden (Westpoort Drive, Westridge), which was officially launched.

This earth-friendly food garden has been created by local resident Magda Campbell, in partnership with Beacon School for Learners with Special Educational Needs and Soil for Life. “I want to show people that healthy food doesn’t have to expensive. You can grow your own organic food and change the way your family eats without lots of money. There are programmes here, in our community, like Soil for Life, that provide all the training you need to get started,” says Campbell.

Beacon Organic Garden - Jean-try Heubner, Magda Campbell and Umar Petersen - Mitchell’s Plain (CW) (13)

Campbell decided to ‘go organic’ during her studies. “We had to wear protective clothing when using fertilisers and pest control. This didn’t feel right, having to protect myself from something I was going to eat eventually.” She completed

Soil for Life’s ‘Grow to Live’ natural gardening course and then their threemonth community-based Home Food Gardening programme. She saw how using organic, earth-friendly methods could benefit the garden. The Beacon Organic Garden is completely organic and uses waste to build the soil. The Beacon Organic Garden is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and visitors are welcome to pop in to buy organic vegetables as well as seek gardening inspiration and advice. Magda says her plans for the future include starting a Saturday organic veggie market, registering the garden as a non-profit organisation and creating more job opportunities. For more information contact Magda Campbell 079 543 2649 / magda. or Soil for Life on 021 794 4982 / / (Copy submitted)

Good sentences and arrests Members of Bishop Lavis Detectives make sure that they really don’t leave no stone unturned when they fight crime in Bishop Lavis, make sure to put those who hurt and commit crime against members of the public behind bars. On 2015-12-22 at approximately 16:50 police attended a murder scene in Candlewood Street, Bonteheuwel. On the scene they found the body of the 26 year old Dwayne Fernandez with two shot wounds in his lower back.

the extent of his wounds. According to witnesses two suspects were standing on the corner of Dissel Street, Bonteheuwel when the victim were travelling on his bicycle from the direction of Citrus Street into Candlewood Street, the two suspects then started shooting at the victim, the victim then fell of his bicycle and ran into the nearest house when he collapse and died on the scene. The two suspects ran away. On 2016-0113 at approximately 10:00 Det/Cst Sivuyile Yeli was at the Bishop Lavis The victim died on the scene due to court when he notices a suspect in

the cells that fit the description of a suspect in the above mention case. The suspect was in the cells and would appear in another case. The detective then informed him that he is also mentioned in abovementioned case, the detective then arrested the mentioned suspect. Due to good investigation and proceedings by the detective, the 19 year old Nathan Fredericks from Dissel Street, Bonteheuwel, was sentence to 20 year imprisonment for the murder on Dwayne Fernandez. (copy submitted)

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Hijacking Hotspots - Cape Town: Voortrekker Road, Bellville, Parow • Voortrekker Road between Bellville and Parow. Military Road, Prince George Drive • Corner of Military Road and Prince George Drive. St Stephens Road • Be alert when driving along St Stephens Road. Alice Street, Voortrekker Road • Be alert when driving along Alice Street, especially near Voortrekker Road.

Station Road • Be alert when travelling along Station Road. Klipfontein Road • Be alert when travelling along Klipfontein Road. • The corner of Prestwich Road and Ebenhezer. Vanguard Drive • Be alert when travelling along Vanguard Drive. • Beware when travelling on the R300 under the bridges towards the N1 highway.

Cape Town is on Level 3 water restrictions, which affects residential and commercial properties. Water-use restrictions and the accompanying higher tariffs are meant to encourage you to be more careful about how you use water, and the level of water restrictions imposed depends on dam storage levels. The City of Cape Town’s Council approved the implementation of Level 3 water restrictions on 26 October 2016. Restrictions have been in effect from 1 November 2016. Tariff changes will take effect as of 1 December 2016. Fines for Level 3 water restrictions will also be implemented as of 1 December 2016. This is due to the City awaiting authorization from the courts, as well as allowing residents time to adapt to the new restrictions. Our enforcement officers have been educating residents on Level 3 restrictions.

To report water restriction transgressions you can use the following methods: • Call 0860 103 089 (choose option 2: water related faults) • Online through our Service Requests tool • Email • SMS 31373 (max of 160 characters) Reporting faults Please continue to report any meter leaks, pipe bursts or sewer blockages through the following: • Call 0860 103 089 • Online through our Service Requests tool

For more information on water restrictions, you can:

• Email

• Visit

Thank you for your cooperation.

• Read up on the restrictions applicable to residential and non-residential customers

Think water!

• Find out more about Level 3 restrictions and tariffs • Review our FAQ document • Apply for an exemption Reporting transgressions When reporting transgressions please provide as much evidence as possible related to the incident, such as photographs and specific details. We can only fine with evidence. If we do not have evidence, we will warn the alleged transgressor that we have received a ‘tip off’, but be assured that we will not identify the person who reported the transgression.

• SMS 31373 (max of 160 characters)


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Knock & Drop - Athlone CBD, Bonteheuwel, Bridgetown, Gatesville, Hanover Park Heideveld, Langa & Surrey Estate + Bulk deliveries at Municipal buildings including libraries, community centres, police station, garages & Vangate Mall.


Isaiah 9:6 (KJV)



Upcoming holidays expose Diabolical Springboks Talent Show timely boost schools Allister Coetzee coach of the Springboks is a The much talked about Bonteheuwel Got As someone who lives opposite a school I am deeply worried about the school building. All the schools will be close for almost a month with hardly any security. During this time burglars and robbers will have a field day. However what makes me sad is when people who lived across the school or say a community building, they turn a blind eye. Yet, one finds children from these homes attending these schools and play at the community centres in the afternoons. When are we going to take care of our properties? Through this letter I urge the community to look out for all the schools and other buildings. Let’s make sure next year the school is in good working order so learners can start immediately with learning and does not have leave school early. It’s time we as a community get our priorities straight. I thank you, Gerry Payne.

man who knows how to talk a good game. Yet when you one sees the team on the playing field they play like headless chickens. Since his appointment much have been said and written about his coaching abilities. Certainly after the overseas tour, there are many questions. I am an ardent South African rugby supporter, though not a happy man. The coach must learn to become his own man and start by selecting his own team, willing to play for him. He must also get rid of his technical staff, many of them come with baggage from the past. I want Allister as a black national coach to succeed. Make sure he gets a copy of this letter. From F Abrahams


Another calendar year (2016) is almost history and another year (2017) is about to begin. Where do our days, weeks and month’s disappear to? It is hard to believe that the past with all its burdens, sorrows, disappointments, its dark days is almost over for some, and as the past that were filled with pain and loss draws to a close, inevitably one tends to look back take stock of things that have happened during 2016. Some are speculating what lies ahead. For some 2016 were filled with tension and strain and hurtful experiences. For some it will be thank goodness the year 2016 is nearly over and I

Talent show is a timely boost for locals to unite. From what I have been told this is but one tool to combat criminality. These ongoing shootings by a minority are holding the majority to ransom, and we cannot allow that. We need to reclaim our area back, ˈstukkie vir stukkieˈ and start to live again! I going to attend the show and hope people will come in there hundreds to show these senseless monsters they not going to win. Forward we shall march, M Gamieldien

Make a decision that from this day forward, you are going to be excited about the life God has for you and will take you places you have never dreamed of and you will be living your best life now!

do not want another year like this. As we look at the past there are a lot of things we wish we never did. Whatever memories may be recalled, it will do you no good to dwell on the past. We can become so preoccupied with the realities of the past that our present and future can be consumed and we do not have time to live our future. Yes, we can learn a good deal from events that have taken place in the past, things that will equip you to face the future with confidence, and how God has cared and provided for you in the past. No matter what has happened in the past, you can take charge of your future right now. Maybe you made so many starts in life, but today is a day of new beginnings and fresh opportunities. Your future lies ahead of you, unused and unblemished.

Remember, we cannot change the past, but we can determine the quality of our future. You must realise your purpose is far greater than your past failures and mistakes of the past. (1) Make sure you do not transfer anything of 2016 into the new year of 2017. (2) Deal with all the negatives and outstanding issues decisively and stop avoiding what scares you faced it headon. (3) Disappointment procrastination and commit yourself to effective living. (4) Let go of emotional wounds. (5) Don’t let bitterness take root. (6) Envision your success. (7) Speak life-changing words into your own life. (8) Make peace with God, yourself, your family and history and you will have a bright future. Isaiah 43:18. God bless. Face book: Kenneth R Mitchell Foundation - 0844094538

A day to cherish for Arcadia grade 7 to 11 learners

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”


Surah al-Baqarah 02:278

And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.

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Consistency, discipline and hard work throughout the year saw academic and sports learners from grade seven to eleven at Arcadia High School being recognise at a graduation ceremony in front of their parents, peers and educators. Many learners were overcome with emotion as this was the first time they were being recognise on

such a platform. Sport convenor Kader de Goede who in short space of time have rekindled a zest for sport at the school, was instrumental in arranging this acknowledgment event and he believes this will encourage other learners to take their education and extra mural a little more serious.




Bonteheuwel High School Reunion Class of 1984 – 1987 10E Class of 1986

1985 – 87 Young Ladies

10D Class of 1987

Class of 1987

Merissa, Gillian, Charleen, Mrs. Lategan (Cyster) & Sylvia

Rylands library chess summer slam

Hawaiian summer evening

Please note that the chess summer slam date has changed. It will no longer be over 3 days but one day. It will now take place on the 13th December 2016. From Jean-Maree Uys (Senior Librarian: Rylands Library)

Silvertown B-social is hosting a karaoke/ Hawaiian summer evening in the Athlone High School Hall from 19h30 to 01h30. Entrance is R30. Music will be provided DJ Sexy. Bring your own picnic basket. Contact Brian Pretorius on 078 277 6552 or 021 633 1837.

Jerome, Gail, Chantel & Vanessa

Donations needed The Cape Town Association for the Physically Disabled needs donations of nonperishable food items. The food donations will be packed into “buckets of hope” and

distributed to registered clients of the association during December. Donations can be dropped off at 152 Tarentaal Road, Bridgetown or call Fatima Martin on 021 637 1204 for collections and more information.




The end of the year is in sight. While employees are counting down the days to the holiday break, some business owners are working a bit harder to earn that last few rands to finance the staff party and Christmas bonuses. However, when you do eventually take that well-deserved break from the business this year, considering reflecting on the year gone by. Ask yourself this one question: “Is my business in a similar position to where it was last year this time?”. Irrespective what the answer to that question is,

you should ask yourself a follow up These are but a few factors which could result in business stagnation if not question: “Why?” attended to. Being in the same position as a year ago should at least trigger some concern. If your business is in a better position A business is like a child. A child needs than last year, congratulations! It takes parents, guardians or other role models hard work to grow a business. Maybe to help it develop and grow. Similarly, you tried a new product or service business owners are ultimately which ended up being an absolute responsible for the development and winner. Maybe you made a few growth of the business, more so in adjustments to your business processes an economically challenging climate. which improved profitability. Whatever Consider whether sufficient time was it was, I am almost certain that your invested in networking, learning and success over the past year was a result business strategy during the past year. of a positive change – even if it was

Dance company opens

The Cape Dance Company (CDC) will present its season, entitled sacredspace, at the Artscape Theatre from December 3 to Saturday December 1. Starring Nathan Bartman, it is a moving piece and an exploration of humanity. Tickets can be booked through Computicket or call 021 421 7695. (copy submitted) Mitchells Plain to host Comedy Festival

If you are looking for great comedy with a world class line-up right on your doorsteps then look no further than the Mitchells Plain Comedy Festival. Guest can expect to see six acts, with five of the performers born and bred in Mitchells Plain. Many of them is looking forward to performing in front of their ˈhome crowd.ˈ The show will be hosted at Spine Road High School on Thursday December 15 starting at 20h00 till late. Tickets are R50 at Computicket.

Outdoor fun, refreshing swims and a crisp breeze cutting across the summer sunshine encapsulate the real Christmas experience for many South Africans. And although the season has become synonymous with northern hemisphere snow, stockings and Santa through the power of Hollywood films, there is a big move towards celebrating the festive season in a more localised manner, incorporating warm weather designs and trends. Keep it natural: The fake trees and sensory assaulting tinsel, lights and ornaments are being replaced by more natural, textured decorations that are both environmentallyfriendly and functional. Blush, rose and soft green-coloured succulents make for elegant décor and ornamental creations while coastal Christmases will see the incorporation of driftwood as well as white and rose seashells.

The first major event of the recently formed Arcadia High School alumni trigger emotional, yet ecstatic scenes when yesteryear and current learners met at an event aptly termed ˈthe great Gatsby.ˈ For a number of years the school have been crippled by numerous burglaries and vandalism and former learners felt compelled to do something. Since the alumni existence, many innovative projects have been initiated through the intervention of the alumni. More gettogethers are plan and students are urged to stay in touch with each other.

Directed by Jayson King, the Carnival a la District Six at the Joseph Stone Auditorium on December 29 and 30, will take the audience back in time to the singing sessions on street corners in old District Six where performers used the pavement as their stage and the street light as their spotlight. The show starts at 8pm and tickets can be booked at Computicket.

with Heinrich Jemane

merely a change of mindset. May you be blessed with enough rest, safety and fresh ideas over this festive season. Heinrich Jemane CA(SA) is the managing director of the Little Biz Hub Group. Contact the firm at info@ or 021-9038127 for more information on this topic. Also “Like” the LBH Chartered Accountants page on Facebook.


Alumni gathering trigger sweet memories

District Six comes alive in Musical


Do It Yourself: Distancing from the strong consumer sentiment that has gripped this holiday, the trend this year is to rather keep it simple with a focus on environmental sustainability. This is achieved by crafting ornaments and creating decorations that can be reused throughout the household or given as gifts to festive season guests.

while remaining refreshingly original. - Metallic baubles don’t just have to be on a tree. Repurpose these ornaments by placing them in a bowl to make a fantastic centrepiece. By adding a few green leaves, you bring in that textured essence while offsetting the sheen.

- For table decorations, leaves and soft coloured flowers can be beautifully wrapped Some interesting ideas for décor and design conically in brown paper fastened with twine. this Christmas: These can be placed in a glass container on For those celebrating this spirited season the table and taken home as gifts following the inland, there are a variety of décor options that feast. lean towards the natural creating a serene, - Bypass the rolls of wrapping paper cluttering comfortable glow within every home. the shopping aisles this year and rather opt - Inviting guests into your home can be an eye- for a more environmentally, user-friendly catching wreath created using a selection of alternative. Tea towels stylishly held together rose and green succulents. Alternatively, sage with twine is both an attractive covering and inserted into Styrofoam with a ribbon to hang useful gift. (copy submitted) hints at the seasoned Christmas mistletoe




Rewards for promising youth footballers

Zaid smashes 6,6,6,6,6,6,6 ‌ in a row!

Renown for nurturing and unearthing future footballers of note, Bluegum United recognized those young footballers at their junior awards ceremony. It’s been a cornerstone of their success over the years.

Amongst the main winners were Chadwin Erickson, Eugene Solomons, Daniello Cleophas, Nabeel Rubain, Jacques Myers and Kenwyn Kollie, and it will be worthwhile to remember these names.

Junior athletes lead from the front

Laeeqa Alexander of Nantes Athletics Club did not disappoint in the long jump event. (Pic Rashied Isaacs)

Ashley Carlo of Ultra Athletic Club in Welcome Estate cruising to victory in the 100m for boys under 15 at the Junior WP athletics meeting held at the Green Point athletics track on Saturday. (Pic Rashied Isaacs)

Ottoman cricket club (Surrey Estate) local hero Zaid Canfield, who hails from Bonteheuwel, with his bat and the match ball which cleared the boundary seven consecutive times off the same bowler during a recent league match, played in Athlone. He now joins a handful of players in the cricketing world to achieve the feat of six consecutive sixes, though in his case its seven sixes, an awesome accomplishment. (Pic Rashied Isaacs)

Cape Town City reached Telkom Cup Final

Lebogang Manyama of Cape Town City celebrates his goal in style during the Telkom knock out semifinal match played at Athlone stadium on Saturday. City who is enduring a good run of form of late beat Free State Stars 4- 1to qualify the final. (Pic Rashied Isaacs)


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World Rugby Sevens Series World Junior Table Tennis Championship on our doorstep underway Springbok Sevens coach, Neil Powell, is excited about the start of the 2016/17 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series as the Blitzboks start their quest for of targets they are hoping to reach this season.

GrandWest proudly plays host to the International Table Tennis Federation’s (ITTF) 2016 World Junior Table Tennis Championship from 30 November to 7 December 2016. The tournament, sponsored by GrandWest and the National Lotteries Commission, will see the world’s top young table tennis players competing for prestigious titles at the Grand Arena.

The Springbok Sevens team arrived in Dubai earlier on Monday and Powell is looking forward to a strong start to the season, but said they have some long term goals set as well during the series. “It will be important for us to start strong again,” said Powell. “We ended the previous season well with the Olympic Games and all that came with that, but this is a new season and a new start for us again. We need out of the block really well by performing in Dubai and then in Cape Town a week later.” Powell is also keen to get the season underway as part of a four year cycle that will culminate in Tokyo in 2020, when the next Olympic Games will take place. “We will be bringing in a number of new faces during the season as we have to increase our depth. Some of the current players will not make it through to the next Olympics, so it will be important to identify and develop the right players with an eye to the future,” Powell said.

“We must not lose sight of the fact that we still need to be in a position to win tournaments and the overall series, but the additional goal of finding the next generation of players adds to what promises to be an exciting series for all of us.” The team will have a flush out session on Monday before fine-tuning their preparations in the days leading up to the tournament kick-off on Friday. South Africa faces Uganda, Scotland and the USA in pool play. (copy submitted)

Made possible through collaboration by the South African Table Tennis Board (SATTB), the Western Cape Department of Cultural Support and the City of Cape Town, the 2016 World Junior Table Tennis Championships will see six South Africans competing. In total, 19 countries will be presented at the tournament. Participants will compete in individual and team categories, with the individual events taking place first. The Championship is limited to a total entry of 96 boys and girls where the top 14 ranked players will automatically qualify. Each of

the qualifying countries will be allocated a maximum of four players and South Africa six players as host country. Ranking points are accumulated through participation in the ITTF sanctioned circuit competitions. A total of 48 pairs will compete in the boys and girls doubles events as well as 96 pairs in the mixed doubles. “GrandWest is honoured to play host to the 2016 World Junior Table Tennis Championship for the first time. A great supporter of sport, especially amongst the youth, GrandWest looks forward to hosting the young competitors later this year. We encourage the community to be part of the action by coming down to support the players,” says Elouise Matthys, PR and Promotions Manager at GrandWest. The tournament takes place daily from 10h00 to 17h00. Entry is R80 per person for spectators. (copy submitted)

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