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Spa with the world’s largest sauna

Winter of f er s and spring 2011.

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JP Pozzi and Kristiina Lampinen

2 cape east

Spectacular amenity in the north Midnight Ice is our spa amenity with the world’s largest sauna. Visitors can enjoy different types of bathing and sauna experiences and the pleasure of spa treatments to benefit body and mind. The restaurant is first class. Eighty hotel rooms have been renovated, many of them furnished by Gant Home. As always, there are many conference options.   You can combine a stay here with spa sessions, shopping and outdoor activities in the area.   No matter whether you come here for a conference or for recreation, we offer a wide range of packages – both with and without overnight stays.   We look forward to seeing you. Best regards JP Pozzi, CEO and Kristiina Lampinen, Hotel Manager

Contents Spectacular amenity in the north . . . . 3

Day spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Midnight Ice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Conference with spa. . . . . . . . . . . . 21

The restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Treatments. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Conferences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Midnight Ice Lifestyle . . . . . . . . . . 26

Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Before you come to Midnight Ice. . . . 27

The hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Spa etiquette to ensure a comfortable

Spa package and treatments . . . . . . 14

stay for everyone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

Spa package with a hotel room. . . . . 16

Booking and cancelling. . . . . . . . . . 27

Spa for groups. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

cape east 3

Midnight Ice In Midnight Ice, our spa amenity with the world’s largest sauna, you encounter ancient traditions in modern form. The sauna, similar in design to a Mayan temple, has ten bench rows at different levels with room for 150. At the top level the temperature is 100°C, and at the lowest level we have ice-holes, hot-water pools and the waterfall shower with icy water. The sauna offers the experience of snowfall, even in summer. The facilities include a workout gym, relaxation area and heated pools. The spa section offers massage, body and facial treatments, and sessions to pamper your hands and feet.

The sauna takes 150

4 cape east

Midnight Ice In Midnight Ice, you can mingle in our different saunas, bathe in the pools and chat in the relaxation area, perhaps with something cool in your glass. You can also choose to train in our workout gym or book different spa treatments, for the benefit of body and mind. Midnight Ice is what you want it to be.

Ground level The sauna area is the heart of the entire spa amenity. The temperature here is a constant 40 degrees. To experience “Tornedalen torture”, climb to the uppermost bench where the temperature reaches 100°C. You can also experience genuine snowfall inside the sauna. If you want to really cool down, we recommend a dip in the ice-hole on the lowest level or a waterfall shower, where 100 litres of icy water crash down over your body. The Stone Sauna provides a calmer experience, with pleasant heat and humidity. In the fragrant relaxation shower you choose the temperature, fragrance and lighting. From the sauna area you can also step down and swim out in the large heated outdoor pool.

the Finnish tradition of beating yourself (or someone else) with a bunch of soft birch twigs, as well as the German Aufguss ritual with steam and scents. You can cool down on the adjacent terrace with a view of the Torne River.

Upper level The Sky Deck features Sumerian baths and the Loveseat designed by Karim Rashid. In winter you can watch the Northern Lights and in summer the sun shines day and night. The roof terrace has relaxation amenities and a heated pool.

Spa treatment Our approach is to offer you experiences that will stay with you for a long time. You get a feeling of inner and outer wellbeing to take home. We use Kerstin Florian products, which are based on Nature’s own resources, such as thermal mineral water, clay, algae, herbal extract and ethereal oils. All treatments are suitable for both men and women. Read more on page 14.

Mid-level The second sauna level features the Steam Sauna, where the humidity is almost 100% and the scent is of ethereal oils. In the Finnish Sauna with its wooden benches you can experience

Stone Sauna

River side 1 night

• 2-course din ner • Share in dou ble room/Sup erior room • Breakfast bu ffet • Admission to spa and gym Rates from 1,5 90 SEK per pe rson. Booking and more info on w w w.c a p e e a st .s e

cape east 5

The restaurant Our aim is to offer you the best food that northern Sweden can produce. Salmon and vendace are brought from the rivers and the sea, elk from the forests, and reindeer and grouse from the mountains. And the mushrooms and berries are from our area. Our local growers offer prime vegetables and grain, which grow round the clock thanks to the midnight sun, and so contain more flavour and nutrition than anywhere else. We prepare the ingredients in traditional ways and serve them with carefully selected garnishes.

6 cape east

“My aim is to show all our visitors the fantastic products we have here in the north. They are prepared near the source, often with an international touch. With them we serve selected drinks which in combination make your meal an all-round experience.�

Tomas Larsson, chef

cape east 7

Food and drink


We offer menus on different themes adapted to season and availability. Two annually recurring themes are the seafood buffet in October and the Christmas buffet which we offer from November. Other themes include Italian, Spanish and French. Occasionally we take a particular wine and compose a meal that underlines the special character of the wine. To make the meal a treat for all the senses we add to it the smells and visual impressions of northern Sweden. To complete the experience we place great emphasis on the drinks. Food and drink must form a harmonious whole, underlining one another’s characteristics.

When our sommelier Jonas Berger chooses wine, his focus is on Italy and France, countries with solid know-how and long traditions in producing wine. The Italian regions are above all Trention-Alto Adige, Piemonte and Veneto in the north. The French wines mainly come from Bourgogne and Champagne. We have carefully selected family-owned vineyards with a biodynamic and organic approach in the whole process that clearly states the terroir of the wines. In vino veritas!

8 cape east

Ice Lounge In our lounge bar, besides drinks we offer light refreshments such as shrimp sandwiches, toasted sandwiches and salads. The lunch menu is offered on Mondays to Saturdays. At weekends there is entertainment in the piano bar.

Conferences Our facility functions just as well for big conferences as for smaller gettogethers. There are seven conference rooms, from small rooms seating 6-8 to a large conference auditorium with room for 150. We offer the latest presentation technology and we customise packages, where the meals and meeting times suit your preferences. Why not combine the conference with activities in our area and enjoyable spa sessions?

Mingle in the lounge bar cape east 9






A spacious and flexible conference facility with room for 120. The ceiling height is six metres. The 15 sq m video screen can simultaneously show up to four presentations.   Congress and Boardroom are adjacent. If you want to use both conference rooms, the dividing wall can be opened.

This conference room seats 30 in the auditorium arrangement and 30 with classroom configuration.

Boardroom A conference room seating 30. There is a projector and a modern presentation board. All equipment is state-of-the-art and can be adapted to most wishes. Both rooms are equally suited to parties and weddings.

Sibelius This conference room seats 50 in the auditorium arrangement and 40 with classroom configuration. The room is also suitable for festivities for parties of guests. There is an adjacent lounge section for informal meetings and mingling for groups of up to 20.

10 c a p e e a s t

Bach This conference room seats 20 in the auditorium arrangement and 16 with classroom configuration.

Beethoven Group room for 6 people.

Mozart Group room for 8 people.

Activities Make more of your conference by adding a suitable activity for the group. Besides activities in the spa and workout gym, you can choose cooking under professional supervision, wine sampling or different physical and intellectual challenges which strengthen the team. If you want something with a little more adrenaline, we offer snowmobile tours, dogsledding and white water rafting. Experience Icebreaker Sampo the on the Arctic high seas, the splendour of which varies from the vibrant Northern Lights that colour early winter twilight to the dazzling sunshine snowscapes of early spring.   The area also offers opportunities for skiing, fishing and hunting. On the golf course, which crosses the national border into another time zone, you can play golf in the midnight sun. There are many shops and shopping centres for those who want to do some shopping. For more tips about activities, feel free to talk with us.

c a p e e a s t 11

The hotel The hotel has 145 rooms of various sizes, 80 of them newly renovated. All rooms are at least doubles, and can include extra beds. We also offer different types of suite for those of you who want extra comfort during your stay. The bridal suite, which is in one of the Norrbotten homesteads, has a Jacuzzi and can be booked together with the cooking studio and the lounge.

Our rooms

Suite with Jacuzzi

All rooms are smoke free. We offer both wired and wireless Internet free of charge. You may borrow a network cable from reception. Every room has a flat-screen TV with PC input.


The suite, which is in one of the Norrbotten homesteads, and has a Jacuzzi and a view of the Torne River. With the suite you may also book the lounge and the cooking studio, where you can prepare a gourmet dinner on your own or under guidance.

Our Superior rooms offer comfortable living for two.

Family room

Minisuites The minisuites have room for up to five, three of them in spare beds in the living room area, two in a sofa-bed and one in a chaise longue. The suites are well-situated on the second floor.

Suites The suites accommodate four and five people respectively, meaning two extra sofa bed places and one chaise longue. Two separate bathrooms. The suites are well-situated on the second and third floors near the lift and adjacent to the spa amenity. All the suites are furnished with textiles from Gant Home.

12 c a p e e a s t

The family room consists of two Superior rooms with a connecting door. There is a bedroom for two and a living room with a sofa-bed for two, and a chaise longue for one. Two separate bathrooms. The room is suitable for a family or a group of friends. Note! When booking online, choose the “Minisuite� room category.

Economy double room In our Economy double room there is space for up to four people, two occupying a spare bed.

Valentine’s Day packagpaegne

Superior room

ner • Cham • 3-course din • Brunch • Superior rum t Late check-ou • ym g d n a a • Admission sp on. 0 SEK per pers 9 ,7 1 m o fr s Rate more info on Booking and st .s e w w w.c a p e e a

Economy double room

Minisuite with furnishing from Gant Home

c a p e e a s t 13

”We wish you pleasant relaxation as our guest during your stay. We want you to take home a feeling of outer and inner wellbeing.”

Monika Karlsson, spa manager

ay D s ’ r e h t o M r

ne 2-course din r per son. e p K E S 5 9 Fr om 2 r se e incl. 2-cou g a k c a p t h , Overnig pa and gym s o t n io s is adm n. dinner and K per per so E S 0 9 ,4 1 rates from on d more info Booking an e e a s t .s e w w w.c a p

14 c a p e e a s t

Spa package and treatment We offer luxurious treatment with Kerstin Florian products from top to toe, spa sessions with our own product range, Cape East, which give a fragrance sensation from the tranquillity of the forest on our doorstep. We also recommend that you try our sauna ritual with a touch of Tornedalen in the Finnish sauna, a experience that gives a warming, cooling and relaxing feeling.   The view from our spa is inspiring. Wherever you are in the facility you can enjoy the views over the Torne Rover to our neighbouring country. We recommend that during your visit here you really take your time, and just be – here and now.   You can work out in the gym during your stay. If you want to achieve a change in your lifestyle you have an opportunity to join Cape East Lifestyle. The spa shop stocks Kerstin Florian products, the mineral-based care makeup range from ME minerals, Orly nail varnish and our own product series Cape East with scents that include Birch, Cloudberry, Yarrow and Juniper.   On the following pages we present our entire range of spa packages and treatments.

c a p e e a s t 15

Spa package with a hotel room Enjoy a minibreak in our hotel rooms with spa and good food. We have many types of packages to choose from.

Heart – Romantic Package

Riverside 1 night – Wonderful relaxation

Enjoy good food and one another. Entrance to the spa. Drink Champagne on the Love Seat and look at the starry sky and the Nordic scenery - or into one another’s eyes. From SEK 2,900 /person.

Our Midnight Fire spa experience with dinner and breakfast buffet. You have free entrance to the spa and gym during you visit. Why not take a walk in fresh air around Midnight Ice and then enjoy a warm sauna. From SEK 1,590 /person.

• Accommodation in a Suite • Breakfast buffet • 3 course dinner • Free entrance to the spa and gym • Duo Treatment of your choice • Loan of bathrobe, towel and slippers • 1 hour on the Love Seat with a bottle of champagne

Feel good – Socialising and relaxing Welcome champagne in the Ice lounge. Then to the spa for relaxed socialising. Price from SEK 2,175/person. • Accommodation in Double - Superior rooms • Breakfast buffet • 3 course dinner • Welcome champagne • Free entrance to the spa and gym, loan of bathrobe, towel and slippers • The Midnight Fire experience • One 50 min treatment of your choice

Gourmet – Good food, drink and spa Check in and then enjoy our nice spa lunch in the Ice Lounge. Move on to our spa for relaxing with warm and cold experiences. In the evening, have a drink in the bar and then a long dinner. From SEK 1,950 /person. • Accommodation in Double - Superior rooms • Breakfast buffet • Spa lunch • Free entrance to the spa and gym, loan of bathrobe, towel and slippers • The Midnight Fire experience • Loan of bathrobe, towel and slippers • Drink in the Ice Lounge • 5 course dinner

16 c a p e e a s t

• Free entrance to the spa and gym, loan of bathrobe, towel and slippers • Midnigt Fire experience • 2 course dinner • Accommodation in Double - Superior rooms • Breakfast buffet

Riverside 2 nights – More relaxation Two nights including entrance to the spa and good food. First night you are served a two course dinner and on the second day a lunch, after-spa buffet and a three course dinner Maybe you will also find some time to train in our gym where you have full access! Price from SEK 2,590 /person. • Free entrance to the spa and gym, loan of bathrobe, towel and slippers • Midnigt Fire experience • 2 course dinner (day 1) • Accommodation in Double - Superior rooms x 2 • Breakfast buffet x 2 • Lunch • After spa buffet (day 2) • 3 course dinner (day 2)

All our spa packages include full access to the spa and gym during you stay. Take your own bathing suit or buy from us. Bathrobe, towel and slippers are lent to you.

We stock Kerstin Florian products, the mineral-based care makeup range from ME minerals, Orly nail varnish, and our own series – Cape East - as well as towels, bed linen, etc. from Gant Home.

Add some sparkle to your life Sparkling room – bottle of champagne, strawberries, six different petit fours, three types of cheese, fresh fruit. Price: SEK 475 /person (min 2 persons) Suite: SEK 550 /person Spa treatment: 50 mins from SEK 750, 80 mins from SEK 950, 110 mins from SEK 1,295

c a p e e a s t 17

Spa for groups Share an experience and make memories for life. Take your friends with you or surprise a wedding couple. We have great group packages.

Happy Day – Time for celebration

Barber Shop – For real men

First, champagne in the Ice Lounge, then a spa experience together in the Midnight Fire. The celebratory person will have a 50 min treatment of their choice and a surprise from us. Finally, a 3 course dinner in our restaurant. Minimum 4 persons.

Start with a sauna experience in the biggest sauna in the world watching the snow fall then dip into the hole in the ice. Refreshments (beer menu/spa menu). After the sauna, your group will move to our spa suite where you can try a traditional grooming for men and a less traditional pedicure with beer! Foot bath, facial cleansing, warm towels that soften the skin, a shave with a knife and the final touch with miracle cream. “This treatment is sponsored by Karhu”. Minimum 5 persons, max 10 persons.

Time: 3 hours spa activities before dinner Price: SEK 995 / person Accommodation: SEK 795 /person in a double room

Last freedom – Bye-bye to bachelor life This is where boys become men. Bachelor party to remember starts with a visit to the biggest sauna in the world with falling snow. The groom-to-be can cool off in an indoor ice-hole. Then your group will have aufguss sauna including a traditional hot aufguss experience. A little break to cool off with refreshments. It is time to test the groom - warm sauna, warm birch twigs and the tough spa host who invites you to a refreshing and cleansing sauna experience that will guarantee a clean bride groom. Then a foot bath with beer and revitalising facial treatment. Finally, a traditional grooming (shave with a knife) for the groom. Those who survive the three challenges, Torne Valley Torture, hole in the ice and waterfall shower are presented with the ‘Real Man’ Certificate. Minimum 5 persons, max 10 persons. Time: approx. 3 hours Price: SEK 650 /person 2 course dinner: SEK 350/person Accommodation: SEK 595 per person in a double room.

18 c a p e e a s t

Time: approx. 3 hours Price: SEK 595 /person 2 course dinner: SEK 350 /person Accommodation: SEK 595 /person in a double room

Wedding girl – Hen night for her Give the bride an evening as a princess. She will be clean, smooth and beautiful, and we have not forgotten her friends. First, visit our spa where you can enjoy the warm and cold bath, aufguss sauna, steam sauna, waterfall shower and a warm outdoor tub on the roof. Next, you are invited to our spa suite for champagne, fruit and nibbles. Then, a foot bath, manicure and pedicure and makeup for the bride to be. Everyone will receive personal makeup tips and can use the makeup and nail products in the spa suite. Products are by ME minerals. In around three hours’ the bride is ready to party with her friends. Minimum 5 persons, max 10 persons. Time: approx. 3 hours Price: SEK 650 per person 2 course dinner: SEK 350 per person. Accommodation: SEK 595 per person in a double room.

Only for girls – Girls only

Duration: c. 3 ho urs Price: 625 SEK per person

Only for girls First, enjoy our spa. Then you are invited to our spa suite for a lovely foot bath, facial treatment, makeup and manicure. Your personal spa hostess / makeup artist guides you through the experience. In the spa suite we will serve spa tapas. We use Kerstin Florian products and ME mineral’s makeup. You will have professional help with colours and products to find the ones that suit you best. Minimum 5 persons, max 10 persons. Time: approx. 3 hours Price: SEK 625 /person 2 course dinner: SEK 350 /person Accommodation: SEK 595 /person in a double room

Torne Treat –For the rugge d D urat io n: c. 3 ho ur s Price: 595 SEK per person

Torne Treat – For tough ones Hot and cold activity for groups in our spa. Three different saunas revved up with cold waterfalls. Wood heated sauna by the water, Aufguss, Löyly, facial mask and an aromatic steam sauna. After activities refreshments (choose either the beer or spa menu). Your personal spa host will guide you through the experiences. Minimum 5 persons, max 12 persons. Time: approx. 3 hours Price: SEK 595 /person 2 course dinner: SEK 350/person Accommodation: SEK 595 /person in a double room

The waterfall shower - 100 litres of icy water (4° C) c a p e e a s t 19

Day spa Relax and enjoy our spa for a few hours or combine your visit with a spa treatment and a nice dinner. We have all sorts of day packages available. All our spa packages include full access to the spa and gym during you stay. Take your own bathing suit or buy from us. Bathrobe, towel and slippers are lent to you.

Midnight Fire


Our spa experiences are created to give you the best possible experience for all senses. You can enjoy the Midnight Ice or Midnight Fire - depending on the season. When you check in, you will receive a guide/info package of your spa visit and a sauna pail with spa products to be used in order inside the spa. The spa experience takes 2 - 4 hours. We recommend that you proceed with a slow and calm pace. Price: SEK 595 /person.

Make every day special with a visit to the spa with dinner. Price from SEK 595 /person

Cape East Day Full day with the spa experiences Midnight Ice/Fire, a treatment and training in the gym if you like. Start off with a pleasant stroll in fresh air round Cape East - Sweden’s easternmost point in the mainland. 25 mins treatment of your choice. Price SEK 850 /person 50 mins treatment of your choice. Price SEK 995 /person 80 mins treatment of your choice. Price SEK 1,150 /person* 110 mins treatment of your choice. Price SEK 1,400 /person Duo treatment of your choice. Price SEK 995 /person

* except Excklusive facial treatment

20 c a p e e a s t

Cape Sunday Make something special out an ordinary Sunday. Start with a brunch around 11, enjoy the spa for a couple of hours and top the day in our restaurant with a 2 course dinner. Price: SEK 695 /person. Add breakfast only SEK 100 /person.

Mother & Daughter Have a relaxing and fun day together. Enjoy our spa, and then a moisturising body wrap accompanied with a facial treatment with cleansing and a mask. Price: SEK 750 for mother Price: SEK 550 for daughter

Father & Son Have a relaxing and fun day together. Start your day in the spa and then have a half-body massage and go Floating. Price: SEK 750 for father Price: SEK 550 for son

Conference with spa Brush up a conference and increase effectiveness in the spa during your conference. Choose from our spa activities below. These can be added to a standard conference package. All prices include tax.

Spa Conference Choose a spa conference which allows the participants to a full access to the spa and training, as well as, all activities during the stay. Includes “Midnight Ice” spa experience or “Midnight Fire”, depending on season. Loan of bathrobe, towel and slippers. Fruit and tea inside the spa. The conference package also includes the conference room, morning coffee, conference lunch and a refreshment buffet. Price from SEK 895 /person excl. hotel room Price from SEK 1,655 /person with hotel room and 2 course conference dinner and spa and conference package Price from SEK 1,910 /person with hotel room, 2 course conference dinner, morning coffee, conference lunch for day 2

Add to the standard conference package

ENERGY KICK Full body treatments for the whole group that increase your energy levels and kick the conference into speed. Treatments are 25 minutes - choose a classic massage, refreshing facial treatment, bocyscrub, or stone massage. Price: SEK 395 /person with conference BALANCE Treatments for the whole group that increase your focus and presentation capacity. The treatments are 50 minutes - choose from classic massage, thunder massage, feather massage, boost face treatment, happy feet or soft hands. Price: SEK 600 /person with conference Torne Treat Hot and cold sauna experience. Try our traditional sauna in a new way. Experience ends with spa coffee Price: SEK 475 with conference

Spa experience – Midnight Fire. Time: approx. 3 hours Price: SEK 475 /person with conference MIDNIGHT EXPRESS Shorter spa experience including the Torne Valley Torture. Time: approx. 1.5 hours Price: SEK 295 /person with conference

c a p e e a s t 21

Treatments We want to offer experiences and treatments to remember. Our aim is to leave you with a feeling of wellbeing, both inside and out. We use Kerstin Florian products which are made with nature’s own resources like thermal water, clay, algae, herbal extracts and ethereal oils. All of our treatments are suitable for men and women.

Face Have a facial treatment that leaves your skin clean, soft and fresh. All treatments can be upgraded to an intensive treatment and finished with makeup. FRESH – FOR HIM/HER Refreshing facial treatment with cleansing and a face mask. For women we use Moor Mud Masque, a wonderful mud with cleansing and moisturising ingredients. For men we use a mask with raspberry extract that moisturises and refreshes the skin. The treatment is finished off with a facial massage. Approx. 25 mins SEK 495 BOOST – FOR HIM/HER Deep cleansing and recuperating treatment that will give your skin a revitalising boost. Includes cleansing, peeling, mask and massage. We choose your mask according to the season and your skin type. Moor Mud Masque - improves and rejuvenates listless and lifeless skin with its mixture of minerals. Spirulina Masque - an algae that is full of antioxidants. It oxidises the skin and works against signs of aging. Rejuvenating Masque - is a shot of nutrition for tired and lifeless skin. Vita Marin Masque - particularly for men’s skin. It includes algae, green mud and sandalwood. Gives the skin fantastic softness and smoothness. Algae Gel Masque - gives plenty of moisture and balances redness with red algae, vitamin E and geranium oil. Approx. 50 mins SEK 750 RADIANT – FOR HIM/HER Treatment that makes your skin glow. We use Kerstin Florian Correcting Skincare. You will get a fantastic result with the products that repair and protect against external factors. The treatment includes cleansing, peeling, mask and massage. Approx. 80 mins SEK 950

22 c a p e e a s t

EXCLUSIVE – FOR HIM/HER Our most luxurious facial treatment gives you an indulgent experience that strengthens, tones, moisturises and improves the skin with the protein-rich caviar and strong antioxidants. The exclusive products of the Caviar Line pamper the skin with nutrients that help fight the signs of aging and improve the skin’s elasticity. Approx. 80 mins SEK 1,450 GENTLEMEN’S GROOMING – FOR HIM Treatment for men using our special men’s products that include facial cleansing, pre-shave oil with a mild scent of lavender. Afterwards, a hot towel wrap and a traditional shave with a knife. We will finish off with a moisturising facial mask and manicure. Approx. 50 mins SEK 750

Upgrade AMPULE Upgrade your 50 or 80 min treatment with an extra ampule - a highly concentrated treatment to your skin with a noticeable result. You can also purchase ampules and continue the intensive treatment at home. Vitamin C, Cuoperouse, Intensive repair and glycolic treatment. Price: SEK 150 EYE RESCUE Intensive eye treatment refreshes tired eyes and fights fine, thin lines and dark rings as well as bags under eyes. Price: SEK 65 DAY MAKEUP Light makeup to accentuate your look. Approx. 25 mins Price: SEK 350

PARTY MAKEUP Please, come without makeup. We will tidy your eye brows, then, we will choose the perfect colours to match your skin, eyes and outfit for the night. Approx.50 mins Price: SEK 495 EYE LASHES AND BROW COLOURING Colour and hair removal. Approx. 25 mins Price: SEK 350 EYEBROW SHAPING Approx. 20 mins Price: SEK 250

Hands & Feet When your hands and feet are soft and smooth, your whole body feels good. Have your nails done with style. You are welcome to combine our treatments for hands and feet with a lovely body treatment. HAPPY FEET Lovely pedicure that will revitalise you feet; foot bath, removal of callouses, massage, cuticle and nail care with varnish or polish. You can take the varnish home with you. Approx. 50 mins Price excl. varnish/polish SEK 650                                  Price with varnish or polish SEK 695 EXCLUSIVE FEET Luxurious pedicure using guarana, centella and magnesium. Starts with a revitalising foot bath, then a softening salt scrub, wrap, removal of callouses, foot massage, nail and cuticle care. Approx. 80 mins Price excl. varnish/polish SEK 750 Price with varnish or polish SEK 795

SOFT HANDS Nutritious plant extracts make your hands soft and beautiful. The treatment includes a hand bath, massage with e.g. lemon balm and ylang-ylang. Nails and cuticle are treated with strengthening myrrh oil. The final touch is a varnish or polish. You will get to take the varnish home with you. Approx. 50 mins Price excl. varnish/polish SEK 650 Price with varnish/polish SEK 695 EXCLUSIVE HANDS Luxurious hand ritual. Starts with a softening camomile hand bath, then a peeling and moisturising treatment that gives you maximal moisture and fights against signs of aging. Your hands are prepared for the massage with warm lavender scented towels. Varnish or polish included. You will get to take the varnish home with you. Approx. 80 mins Price excl. varnish/polish SEK 750                                  Price with varnish or polish SEK 795

Body All our body treatments suit both men and women. Create your own treatment or choose one of our combination treatments. You can also combine a body treatment and a facial. The body treatment is recommended to be taken first. BODY SCRUB Body scrub leaves your skin clean and smooth. If you combine it with a massage, you should first have the scrub so the skin is clean and receptive for the massage oils. Price: SEK 495. Choose from: Turkish salt scrub - Effective and cleansing treatment e.g. eucalyptus for you who like some vibrance on your skin. Approx. 25 mins. Exfoliation scrub - Deep-cleansing, light and foaming body scrub including strengthening geranium and ylang-ylang. Approx 25 mins. Camomille body scrub - Pumice stone that gently peels off old skin. Approx. 25 mins

c a p e e a s t 23


Spa Treatments

Our massage menu offers all sorts of massages, from a tough and deep massage to calming and gentle strokes. Many are familiar with the classic Swedish massage. We also warmly recommend the new Unlight massage. Whether you choose something old and tested or new, one thing is for certain, our therapists will do their absolute best in order to give a wonderfully relaxing experience.

You will receive the maximal effects by combining our spa treatments.

CLASSIC Classic Swedish massage for you who want a deep and relaxing massage. Please, tell your therapist where you have muscle pain and he or she can massage that area particularly. 25 mins SEK 495 / 50 mins SEK 750 THUNDER Tough and deep massage in which the therapist uses both hands and elbows to really get to the muscles. Full body massage and treatment of trigger points. This is a complete treatment; afterwards, rest for a while. Not suitable before training - rather good after. 50 mins SEK 750 UNLIGHT Treatment is done in a dim, candlelit room to block all external stimuli. The therapists work instinctively. This means that your mind is calm without any visual stimuli, giving you a deeper sense of relaxation and a better focus on your other senses. We use scented massage oils that enhance relaxation and bring peace to your body and mind. 25 mins SEK 495 / 50 mins SEK 750 FEATHER Light as a feather, relaxing and warm aromatic massage. Choose the massage oil with your therapist. This warming and calm massage suits you best if you have problems with muscles and joints. You can e.g. choose a cleansing and medicinal birch oil; harmony oil with geranium that will give you a calming effect; wonderful lavender and revitalising with strengthening and moisturising effects. 25 mins SEK 495 / 50 mins SEK 750 STONE Find balance with warm stones that are a traditional way to heal and medicate the body. The therapist uses warm stones for massaging. We use warm fragranced birch oil, known for its medicinal and healing effects. 50 mins SEK 750

24 c a p e e a s t

DETOX Have an inside-and-out cleansing with our detox treatment. Starts with a fresh glass of lemon water, drybrushing and a moisturising body scrub with minerals and rosemary. Then a Spirulina Masque wrap that is both cleansing and tremendously nutritious. Lie under an infrared light which gives you deep warmth and cleansing as you enjoy a cleansing facial mask. A strengthening and cleansing fennel and juniper oil is applied on your skin and complemented with Thalassotherapy Marine Firming Body Creme. The treatment ends with a massage. After this detox kick start you can follow the tailor-made programme from your therapist at home. Approx. 110 mins SEK 1,295 HEAT Warming and softening treatment that is perfect for stiff joints and aching muscles. Starts off with the fantastic, mineral-rich Moor Mud wrap. Mud warms, alleviates and revitalises tired muscles and listless skin. While you enjoy the unwinding wrap, you will receive a relaxing facial mask. The treatment ends with a full body massage. Approx. 80 mins SEK 950 STONE SENSATION Stimulating your senses, the treatment begins with a soothing body scrub with camomile and pumice stone. Then you are wrapped in moisturising birch oil to unwind, next a moisturising facial mask is applied. This is followed by a warm stone massage and an enchanting head massage with crystals and cold stones. Approx. 80 mins SEK 950 LIGHT AS A FEATHER Soft and gentle treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath and a foot ritual. Then a peeling, wrap and foot massage and manicure. The treatment ends with facial cleansing, mask and massage. Approx. 50 mins SEK 750 TORNE HAMMAM Cleansing and energising treatment. Starts with drybrushing and a mineral-rich body scrub, followed by full body massage. Ends with head and foot massage. Approx. 80 mins SEK 950

Duo Treatments

Other treatments

Enjoy the Midnight Ice experience together. In a Duo Treatment you will be in the same room and treated at the same by a therapist.

Floating and Infrared Light treatments have a more medicinal effect if taken regularly. Try once or get a spa card.

DUO ROMANTiC Duo treatment for the romantic begins with floating in very salty water in our double floating tub, spa coffee with champagne and fresh fruit. This is followed by two treatments; both will receive a moisturising Satin body lotion wrap and then you can choose either a classic massage of 25 mins or the Fresh facial treatment. Approx. 110 mins sek 950 /person DUO FEET A strengthening treatment that brings new life to your feet. The treatment comprises a refreshing salt scrub and a foot bath using Eucalyptus Bath, rounded off with a luxurious foot massage.  Approx. 50 mins SEK 550 /person BEAUTIFUL DUO Internal beauty and external health for two. For both moisturising body wrap of aloe and lavender and facial treatment with cleansing and mask. Approx. 80 mins SEK 750 /person

FLOATING Relaxations for all senses. You will float in very salty, body-temperature water that allows you recuperate mentally and physically. The salty water supports your body and gives you maximal relaxation. 45 mins SEK 450 Try Floating: 3 times 45 mins within 2 weeks for SEK 900 Spa card: 5 times for SEK 1,975, 45 mins Spa card: 10 times for SEK 3,500, 45 mins INFRARED LIGHT Effective and deep treatment, the infrared warmth relaxes and stimulates tissue. The treatment is cleansing and boosts circulation helping dry and tired skin. For the best result add a body treatment, skin care and training in our gym. You can also choose to combine with other treatments as a regular therapy. If you have problems with muscles and joints, we can warmly recommend this delicate treatment. 45 mins SEK 450 Spa card: 5 times for SEK 1,975, 45 mins Spa card: 10 times for SEK 3,500, 45 mins

VENUS DUO Relaxation with warmth and colours for face and body, Back and neck massage, body wrap and facial both two. Approx. 110 mins SEK 750 /person DUO FLOATING Relaxations for all senses. You will float in very salty, body-temperature water that allows you recuperate mentally and physically. The salty water supports your body and gives you maximal relaxation. 45 mins SEK 350 /person Try Floating: 3 times 45 mins within 2 weeks for SEK 900 Spa card: 5 times for SEK 1,975, 45 mins Spa card: 10 times for SEK 3,500, 45 mins

c a p e e a s t 25

Midnight Ice Lifestyle Become a member of our club if you want to change your lifestyle. You can choose between different types of membership. Beside the training facilities, membership can include the restaurant, the spa and member’s privileges when booking our treatment section or visiting our shop.   With the help of your personal trainer we can customise a training programme especially for you and your targets. For more information, visit our website.

l a n o i t c n u F / Lif estyle 2 mon. , 6 mon, 1 10 sessions 95 SEK. 9 / 0 5 9 1 m o Price fr

26 c a p e e a s t

Before you come to Midnight Ice We will lend you a bathrobe, towel and slippers. Please, bring your own bathing suit, or if you forget one, you can buy one at the spa. Also, for the gym, please bring your own training outfit and shoes. For the hotel guests with a spa package and treatments, there is a bathrobe, towels and slippers in the room. You can change in your room and walk to the spa in your bathing suit and robe. Please, arrive 15 mins before your treatment starts, this way you will have time to sit down and enjoy our lounge, and the therapist will meet your there. If you have a treatment package and would like to train or swim, the best time is before your treatment.

In our spa, please, keep your swimming suit on all the time. If you have a treatment, you can choose whether to have your suit on or not. We use a special towel technique in our treatments which you can take without the suit. When booking a treatment, please let us know if you suffer from an illness, allergy of if you are pregnant. This information helps us plan your treatments better. If you cannot come, please, cancel in advance. See our booking rules. You are responsible for yourself during the visit to the Midnight Ice. Age limit is 18. At special times and with permission, children under the age of 10 entrance with a guardian. See our website.

Spa etiquette to ensure a comfortable stay for everyone Take care of yourself. The floor could be slippery, so walk carefully and use hand rails when one is available. Do not dive into the pools. We like to keep our spa clean and fresh for our visitors. Always, take a shower and wash your hair before going to the spa. Traditionally sauna is a temple of cleanliness in the Torne Valley. We want to adhere to that tradition. Our spa is a mobile phone free zone. Please, leave your phones on ‘silent’ in the changing room or in your hotel room.

Please wipe your sweat. Sit on a towel in the sauna. Lay the towel on the bench so that your back, bottom and feet are on it. We hope that you will have a wonderful, relaxing experience. Walk slowly and use a low voice. Be with yourself and your senses. We recommend that you drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, also when you visit our saunas and pools. And finally - relax, have fun, enjoy and do it your way.

Booking and cancelling Contact us for booking, by email, or by phone +46 922 800 790. Cancelling should be done no later than 48 hours before the booking starts. If cancelling is done later, we will charge the full sum.

Group bookings: if the number of people is changed this is done no later than 5 days before the booked activity. A late group cancellation or change is charged according to the original number of booked participants.

c a p e e a s t 27

Photography: Elisabeth Gustavsson


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