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Want to get away? Come relax on the beach at the place you know the best! Where else can you sit on your deck, sip a glass of wine, and watch CCSC sailboats off in the distance. Come back, reminisce, and watch the sun set over Cape Cod Bay. Check for our discounted off-season rates. Open Early April through Late November.

Linger Longer By the Sea PO Box 1880 Brewster, MA 02631 email us at 508-896-7714





“If you’re going to put a sticker on your car, it has to mean something.” The television ad for a car company with the phrase, “if you’re going to put a sticker on your car, it has to mean something”, highlights the ability to express ourselves by displaying slogans on our car bumpers. The stickers can represent the support of different organizations, causes, sentiments and dreams like attending a college, a visit to a special country or town, cheering for a sports team, backing a fundraising event or your favorite summer camp. So, what does the Cape Cod Sea Camps’ sticker on your car bumper mean?

friendships made each summer, the longevity and intertwining memories with camp friends, the opportunity to flourish and to practice self-discovery, to feel comradery and acceptance, and to be a part of a cultural melting pot. Camp is a place where Disconnecting from Technology helps each person to experience life naturally focusing on person to person contact and communication.

Staff Direct

Camp means Learning “Hard” Skills of shooting a bow and arrow, throwing a clay pot, tacking and jibing in a sailing race, smashing a serve in tennis or speaking a part in a drama production.

Camp means continuing the Vision and Traditions established in 1922 by the Delahanty family to be a place where children and youth can grow, learn, and develop and find out more about themselves in an outdoor environment.

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Camp encourages the Practice of “Soft Skills” like working on a team, being cooperative and displaying strong leadership; developing flexibility and an ability to adapt to different situations; occasions to communicate effectively and be a good listener; problem-solving and resourcefulness; accepting Nancy Garran David Peterson feedback gracefully; increasing confidence andDirector self-assurance; and, creative Resident Camp Executive an c y @ c ap ec o d s eac am p s . c o m Director thinking by coming up with uniquensolutions or toAssociate problems. ex t . 3 03

Camp focuses on creating a Culture which supports the values and outcomes promoted each summer such as Independence and using the many community resources available to ask for help and guidance when experiencing a challenge.

Staff Directory Staff Directory Staff Directory

Camp fosters Self-Reliance by making positive choices and accepting responsibility for personal behavior without intervention from parents and furthering maturity.

Camp promotes Self-Confidence through expressing assurance in his/her ability to succeed educationally and socially. Camp advances Exploration by embracing opportunities to try new things, make new friends, and contribute positively to the community as a whole.

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The Cape Cod Sea Camps’ Bumper sticker not only announces your support Nancybut Garran David Peterson Wallace for our organization, it definitely “means something”. It is aStephen sticker for a Resident Camp Resident Camp Executive Director Meaningfulnancy@cap Life Experience. ecodseacamp Associate Director Associate Director

Staff Directory I encourage your connection to Cape Cod Sea Camps and if you have friends ext. 303 ext. 206

w a l l y @ c a p e c od s e a c a m p s . c om ex t. 242

or family members who may be interested in our programs, please let us know. Rick at “Otis” Moyer Andy “Crash” Sims Visit us in person or check out our website and if Nancy Garran David Peterson Stephen Wallace Christie Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy DayPeterson Camp DavidExecutive Peterson Stephen Wallace Christie Peterson you would like a “meaningful” CCSC Bumper Sticker – just give us a call!! Resident Camp Resident Camp Resident Camp Director Associate Director Assistant Director

Staff Directory

Nancy Garran

Resident Camp Camp Executive n c y @ c a peCamp c od s e a c a m ps . c om Camp cultivates Respect and provides a chance to impact theDirector entire camp n aResident o t i s @ c Resident ap ec o d s eac am Associate Director Associate Director Associate Director n an cy@ cap ecod seacam ps.c o m ex t. 30 3 Associate Director Associate Director wAssociate ally@ c 0od s e a c a m ps . c om excta. pe 2 2Director ext. 227 ext . 303 Garran Peterson aChristie mps.c o m ext.a c206 ex t. 2 4 2 ext. 245 communityNancy in a positive way, demonstratingDavid respectPeterson for oneself, others, and theStephen Wallace w a l l y @c a pe c o dse ext. 206 ex t. 242 ext. 245 Nancy Garran David Peterson Stephen Wallace Christie Peterson Resident Camp Resident Camp Resident Camp From my council ring to yours, institutionExecutive of camp. Director Rick “Otis” MoyerCamp Andy “Crash” SimsCamp Christina Peterson Resident Camp Resident Resident

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Executive Director Associate Director nancy@capecodseacamps. com

Associate Director Associate Director

Staff StaffDirectory Directory ext. 206

Nancy Garran

Staff Directory

Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Day Camp Associate Director

Monomoy Day Camp

Associate Director Director Associate Director Garran, Executive Relationships, the connections andw a lly@ca Associate Director Director Program Director ext. 303 p eNancy cod s e aW. ca mp s .com wa lly@ca pe codse a ca mps. com Assistant ext. .206 ext 24 2

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Andy “Crash” Sims Andy “Crash” Monomoy DaySims Camp

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AliceCheryl Guariglio Carol Thibert Kellsie Sedlak Garran Peterson Ed Barber Kimberley Henri Rauschenbach Christina Peterson Chris Peterson Business Offi ceceManager Assistant Bookkeeper Group Manager Christina Peterson Chris Peterson Groups & Sailing Facilities Offi Manager Alumni Peterson, Henri Rauschenbach, Monomoy DayChris CampAlice Monomoy Day Camp Carol John Potts Guariglio a l i c e @ c aThibert c a Kellsie r o l @ c a p eSedlak

Groups &Garran Sailing Peterson

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Facilities Ed Barber

Cheryl Kimberley

Offi ce Rauschenbach Manager Henri

John Potts

Facilities Foreman ext. 230

ext. 230 Henri Rauschenbach

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Groups & Sailing Facilities Office Manager Alumni Andy “Crash” Sims Christina Peterson Chris Peterson Alumni Assistant Associate Director Associate Director Alumni Associate Director Peterson EdChris Barber Kimberley Henri Rauschenbach Assistant Andy “Crash” SimsCamp Garran Christina Peterson Peterson Associate Director Associate Director Monomoy Day Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Day Camp Cheryl e ryl@ca pAssociate e cod s· Director eP: a ca mp s .com sry.l c@ceoc amManager c hpeOffi p e c oMassachusetts ds eacam ch p s . com e dSt. @ecda·p@ eP.O.Box c ocdasDay epa e c ac mop sd1880 . csoem a c a· m Groups & Sailing Facilities Alumni Cape Cod Sea Camps · 3057 Main Brewster, 02631 (508) 896-3451 · F: (508) 896-8272 · E:John Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Camp Assistant Director Assistant Director Program Director Potts ex t. 3 0 0 Alice Guariglio Carol Thibert Kellsie Sedlakext. 226 ext. 244 e x t . 2 0 5e x t . 2 0 5 ext .ext.3 226 0Director 0 244 Associate Director Associate Director Associate Assistant ch r i s@ capDirector eco d seacam p Alumni Assistant Assistant Director Program Director

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Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Day Camp RickStephen “Otis” Moyer Andy “Crash”Peterson Sims Christina Peterson Chris Peterson Alice Garran Peterson Ed Barber Cheryl Kimberley Andy “Crash” Sims, Ed Barber, Carol Thibert,Henri Guariglio CarolRauschenbach Thibert Wallace Christie Assistant Director Stephen Wallace Christie Peterson Assistant Director Program Director Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Groups & SailingFacilities Associate Facilities Day CampBusiness Offi Office Alumni Resident Camp Resident Camp Monomoy Day Camp Assistant Assistant Bookkeeper ce Manager Manager Assistant Bookkeeper

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Ed Barber Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson Cheryl Kimberley, Alice Guariglio Carol ThibertJohn Potts, Kellsie Sedlak Chris Peterson Monomoy Day Camp Ed Barber Cheryl Kimberley Henri Rauschenbach Office ManagerAlumni Assistant Assistant Facilities ForemanGroup Manager Bookkeeper MonomoyResident Day Camp Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy DayDirector Camp Monomoy Camp Business Office Manager AssistantDay Director Associate Director Assistant Director Program Resident Camp Camp Resident Camp com Associate Associate Director Associate Director Groups & Sailing Facilities Manager a l i c e @ c a p e c o dOffi s e ace cam c a r o l @ c a p e c o d s e a c aAlumni ch r iAssistant s @cap ecods p s . com o tis@capecodseacam Director Associate Director Director Director Associate Director Associate Director Associate Directorext. 202 Programext. wally@capecodseacam p mAssistant e x tAlumni . 2 0 7 Assistant e x t .Associate 2 0 8 ext. ext. 223 ext. 227 ext. 245 230 Associate Director202 Director c hAssociate r i s @ c a p eext c Director o d. s3e4a5c a mext. p s . c o300 m otis@ c a p e c o d s e a c aext. m pext. s220 . c o24 m wally@capecodseacam ext. 206 ext. 245 ex t . 2 2ext. 0 242

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Nancy Garran, Rick “Otis” Moyer, Garran Peterson, Alice Guariglio,Cheryl Kimberley Garran PetersonPeterson Ed Barber Rick “Otis” Moyer Andy “Crash” Sims Christina Chris Business PetersonOffice Manager Executive Day Camp Groups &Groups Sailing Associate NancyDirector Garran DavidDavid Peterson Stephen Wallace Christie Peterson Nancy Garran PetersonMonomoy Wallace Christie & SailingDay Camp Facilities Office Manager Monomoy Stephen Day Camp Monomoy DayPeterson Camp Monomoy Monomoy Day Camp Resident CampCamp Associate Director Resident Camp Resident ExecutiveExecutive DirectorDirector Resident Resident Camp ResidentCamp Alumni Assistant DirectorDirector AssociateAssistant Director Director Associate Director Assistant Director ext. 244 Associate Program n a n c y303 @ c anpan e ccy@capecodseaca o d s e a c a m p s . c o mm p s . c o m Associate ext. ext. 207 Director Associate Director Associate Associate Associate Director AssociateDirector Director ch e r y l @ c a p e c od s e a c a m p s . c om e d @ c a pchris@ca e c o d s e a c ape mcodse p s . c o ma ca mps. com otis@capecodseacamps. com ex t . 3 0 3 ext. 30 3 a lcl ya@ com w a l l yw@ p eccaopde sc eods a ceacam a m p s .pcso.m ex t. 3 00 ext. 220 ext. 244ext. 202 e x t . 2 0 5 ext. 345 Rick “Otis” Moyer Andy “Crash” Sims Christina Peterson Chris Peterson ext. 220 ex t. 2 4 2 ext. ext. 227 ext. 206 245

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Resident Camp Resident Camp Groups & Sailing FacilitiesDay Camp Executive Director Rick “Otis” Resident Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Day Camp Monomoy Moyer Camp Andy “Crash” Sims Christina Peterson Chris Peterson n an cy@ cap ecod seacam p Associate Director Monomoy Associate Associate Director Associate Director Assistant Director Monomoy Day Camp Director Monomoy DayAssociate Camp Day Camp Day Camp Associate Director Assistant DirectorDirector Monomoy Program Director ext . 303 w a l l y @c a pe c o dse a c a mps.c o m ed@ e ccoadpseecaocdas m c opm c hcria sp@ e apcsa.m oti s @ c a peDirector c od s e a c a m ps . c om Assistant Director Associate Director Assistant Program Director ext. 206 ex t. 242 ext. 245 ext. 244 ext. 205

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Stephen Wallace Rick “Otis” Moyer


Group Manager

Facilities Foreman 2019 JibSheet · ext. 230 ext. 223

John Potts




2019 Jib Sheet

Hello Alumni – the Jib Sheet article is a chance for alumni to catch up with the various goings on of all of us who have experienced the camp for the past 97 years. It is meant to keep people informed as to what people are doing and what they have done – particulary at camp. So please feel free to send along stories or tidbits, chance encounters or planned meetings or overviews so we can let your former counselors and campers know what you are up to. Henri Rauschenbach Alumni Director Cape Cod Sea Camps PO Box 1880 Brewster, MA 02631 508-896-3451 x 226

30s, 40s, & 50s – We got a nice note from Anthony Ganz (M’52’53) this past April thanking us for spending time with him on his visit to camp. He opined on how nice it was to see Wono and what was left of Monomoy (now that it is part of the Massachusetts State Park system). He did send along his various awards for our records including Best in Seamanship for the Guides, 1st in the Guides Regatta, 3rd in the Monomoy Regatta and his awards for receiving a Gobs Hat, Skipper’s Hat and the Navigation Pin. His most “salient memory” was of the evening on July 27, 1953 when the Cease Fire in Korea was announced at the outdoor theater. He said “Some counselors cheered and some cried (in relief)”. Finally, he sent along some unit pictures for the archives. We are very grateful for that.

Return of the Prince: Dave Farrar (M’74-CCSC’77) – on the far left- is received by a phalanx of CCSC royalty as he visits the Cape - where it all started. Joining him for a memory lane experience were: left to right: Paul Luby (M’72-CCSAC’82), Phil Sawyer (M’68-CCSC’79), Leslie Robinson Tryon (W’72-’73), Eric Werblow (’72-CCSC’78), Henri, and Alex Powers (M’72-’75). The lunch at the Barnstable Tavern could have been titled – Waiting on Godot.

4 2019 JibSheet ·

This picture comes from Margi Crowell (W-67-MDC-CCSC’12) - All her campers at MDC: Tom Milky (MDC’80-’93), Ted Wilson (MDC’79-’86), Jonathan Kelly (MDC’74-’83) and Stewart Peck (MDC’76-’90) gather at Ted’s House!

60s - Charlie Durfee (W’68-’70) was featured extensively in the “Tools and Shops” Winter 2018/2019 Issue of Fine Woodworking. He ran into Richard Frost and found out they had Camp in common. It is quite an article about his shop in Maine and tools one uses to make fine furniture. Many Wono folks would remember Charlie Jon Wettenhall of Monomoy Fame now and the work that he did in in the Museum business. Wono’s sailing program in the late 60s. Got a call from Al Douglas (M’50-’61) who recounted this story. He was at the Regent Point Yacht Club in Virginia inquiring about an issue with his sailboat and wound up talking to Paul Andersen (M’72-’74). To the surprise of both of them, they both were at Camp Monomoy. Al, son of legendary “Big Al” Douglas, was in the same unit as my older brother Peter Rauschenbach for a number of years in the late 50’s and 60’s. Scat McIntyre brought Paul up from Maryland to work at the Monomoy Boathouse for him when he was the Sailing Master in the 70’s. Al was looking for Scat’s contract information. It was a great call. Ed Woelfle (M’65-’70) sent along his contact information and a note. He was a Scout, Hunter, Brave and Guide and was assigned for Dining Hall detail to Mark Peloquin. He is living in Barnstable, MA. Had an interesting dialogue with Jonathan Winer (M’68) about his editing the Sunday night Monomoy Senior Unit Pine Needle which encapsulated all the events the unit was involved with the previous week and the highlights of what was to come in the upcoming week at Monomoy. I have many years of Pine

2019 Jib Sheet

Mike Morrison and Hap’s Band - Anyone who marched to Hap Farnham’s Colors Band (which is just about every Monomoy camper) in the early-to-mid 1960’s would have been stepping to the lively beat of Mike Morrison’s snare drum. Well, more than 55 years later, Mike (M ’62-’65) was recently discovered still drumming, now for many decades with the Lexington, MA Bicentennial Band, a community group of 70+ musicians. A long-time resident of Lexington, this grandfather of three is semi-retired from a career in software engineering for various healthcare applications.

Amazing how it works but...four Monomoy Campers got together at their 50th Yale Reunion - Left to right: Tom Cleveland (M’50’s), Tom Herman (M’57-‘61), Michael Yogg (M’58-‘63), John MacIlroy (M’58-‘60)

Former pillars of camp society in the 60’s through the 80’s - Ed and Sheri Kavanagh – are now living in Maine. Sheri was the Camp Nurse – there were long lines – and Ed was a Counselor, Head counselor and on the first team of Supervisors when Monomoy and Wono merged in the mid-70’s.

Where’s Pranikoff when you need him?

Needles which will start to work their way out through the Alumni Face Book Website. Jonathan had forgotten entirely about writing this newsletter but he did wind up as a professional journalist. He lives in Bethesda, MD. 70s - Chris Sigler (M’74-’76) and his wife Leslie stopped by July 27th for a look at Camp. He was last with us in the mid-70s. We had a great talk about the old days. Springfield College was a prime part of his life and the icons – Rick “Otis” Moyer, Ken Klatka, Dr. Frost (Frosty’s dad) – were a central part of our talk. Of course there was also his time in the JC Unit with Dave Farrar leading the charge along with Phil Sawyer, Andy Piccus, Ed Barber and others. A ton of memories and a great walk about camp. Of course the final stop was the camp store!! John Wettenhall (M’60’s –‘70’s ) is currently serving as Director of the George Washington University Museum. He has a fan club from his days at Monomoy who keep me apprised of his travels. He has been a museum director for over two

decades, serving for nine years as Executive Director of The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida, leading a $150 million capital and endowment transformation. His previous experience includes architectural projects and outdoor sculpture initiatives at the Cheekwood Museum of Art in Nashville and the Birmingham Museum of Art. Dr. Wetenhall served as President of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and as Interim Director of The Miami Art Museum (now Perez). A scholar of 19th and 20th century public sculpture, he has taught art history at the University of Minnesota, Santa Clara University, and Stanford. He is a frequent speaker at major museum conferences and is currently writing on the purposes, values, and “business” of museums. A long way from his last council ring. Two of our camp personnel – Patricia Bradley and Robert O’Brien– who transport campers during the summer were at Logan picking up campers this past summer when they were approached by a former camper –Cindy 2019 JibSheet · 5

2019 Jib Sheet

Kaleena Walsh Furrow (CCSC’97-’01) with her husband Al, son Cutter and daughter Raya. The Furrows are living in Old Lyme, CT.

As only Paul Luby can write – “Was in Ireland visiting friends. Out for a bit of a pub crawl in Dublin and who do I meet but a fellow CCSC alum - Sarah Powers, of MDC fame. Sends her regards to all, especially to “Otis.”

(unplugged play specifically) and how we learn from it. If you want to look at it the title is “Think Outside the Ball: Why Play Matters” – com/watch?v=uN9KFld_rsE. He did remark that he could see returning to CCSC in the future with his wife. There is a picture of Philipp Luerzer (CCSC’01’12) attached to this article with Chance Encounter - Philipp Luerzer Alison McCarlie (CCSC’09Three camp parents of current campers say hello in the big House: Dan Ginsberg (CCSC’01-’12) and Alison McCarlie ’13) and their chance encounter (CCSC’85-’91) , Kathy Guben Wachs (CCSC’82-’95), and Daniella DeFilippo (CCSC’09-’13) meet in Komodo at the Garran (CCSC’84-’20) airport. in Komodo. Philipp wrote us to claim that this was the “shortest, most spontaneous and most remote alumni reunion.” He and Miller Barstow (W’72-CCSC’76) who saw their camp T-shirts. Small Alison ran into each other in Komodo – home to the Komoda dragon. Alison world. was spending her Easter vacation traveling through Indonesia with ther fi90s - Julian Franiatte (CCSC’88-’98) is living in Moscow and works ancé and Philip was there scuba diving in search of Manta Rays. (He had no for Airbus. Before that he was in Hong Kong. And he said he is working his success in that regard). They had just enough time at the airport to take the way back home. picture at Labaun Bajo Airport before Philipp had to jump on a plane back 00s – Emily Bick (CCSC’02) has recently gotten her PhD. Matt Walto Singapore. John Gabordi (CCSC’12-’15) became the head wrestling ter (CCSC’09) sent us greetings from “across the pond”. Matt worked with coach at Lincoln Sudbury High School last year. He was an outstanding the Junior Scouts in ’09 and has great memories from that summer. He is wrestler at Springfield College and spent 4 years as an assistanbt coach at still in touch with a number of friends that he made at camp. He went on to Trinity College. He had quite a presence at camp and we wish him the best in say that he enjoys getting the Jib Sheet (newsletter). this new endeavor. Robert Richardson (M’60-CCSC’20) was recently written up in American Cinematographer magazine. The magazine is a 10s – Devin Sommer (CCSC’02-’05 & ’16) touched base with us last publication of the American Society of Cinematographers. The article enMay to share a talk that he had recently given in his home town of Coeur capsulated Robert’s life’s work as the December 2018 Lifetime Achievement d’Alene, ID. It was inspired by a talk he gave at Morning Assembly as the Morning Speaker. It was about imagination at CCSC, the importance of play Award winner for the ASC. And to think he got his start as a Junior Scout. 6 2019 JibSheet ·

2019 Jib Sheet

Whitney Rauschenbach (CCSC’94-’04) with Carolyn Chu (CCSC’96-’07) and her son Peter.

Ah yes...a rare gathering in Concord late November. Melinda Mitchell Shumway (W’66-’74) with her children Jack (CCSC’06) and Caroline (CCSC’99-’02), her niece Whitney Rauschenbach (CCSC’87-’00 & ’04) and Henri – a tangentially connected person.


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2689 Main Street (Route 6A) Brewster, Cape Cod Located across from the Villages at Ocean Edge Resort Telephone: 508-896-3355 • 2019 JibSheet · 7

Summer 2019 Was

2022 Centennial Alert

CALLING ALL CCSC ALUMNI! As we move towards our centennial celebration, we are also looking back. We are looking to collect the following: ... High resolution scans of any interesting documents (such as old copies of the Pine Needle or the Sand Dune) Unique photos from Monomoy and Wono (especially the early years) Photos of Monomoy and Wono memorabilia (badges, pins, etc.) Anecdotes from the early days of Monomoy, Wono, MDC and CCSC ... Please email with any relevant images, documents or stories!

Junior Mints … Junior Scout Gentleman … Mighty Middlers … Scout Sheriffs … PO Pearls … Guide Dogs … Seniors on Safari … Senior Space Cadets … . Wono LT Legends … Monomoy BLT’s … Unit Photos … The Cannon works … Carpet Ball … Reveille … Guides and Monomoy Seniors Swap Cabins … Gaga pits … Long Pond Cup … BUDDY the DOG … Raftco 4th of July Parade … 10 Terrific Head Counselors … Craig at Landsports … Ice Cream and Pizza Parties … 3,437 Camper Emails … CORCL! … Nantucket times 5 … Horn at LP … Rubix Cubes … Rick at tennis … Climbing Wall … Yvonne and Tracey at the Pool … Kourtney at Drama … Raftco – Garran, Jim, Catherine, Jackson, Zach & Henry … Dances … Jack’s morning sing along … Skimboarding at the beach … Charlotte on the Range … Jackson’s Poems … Counselor Dress-up … Smug Cup … AC’s March at Colors … Monomoy LT’s learn to march at colors … Guests Hosts on the Early Show … Jim Fay’s Morning Speaker … McIntyre Cup … Birthday Song … Cabin Inspections with the Golden Brush … Joe at Riflery … Tornado Tuesday … Hey Collins – What’s on the Menu … Erin at Trips … New LT Counseling Sessions … Wait, Emma Del is a real person?....Rosie Meets Buddy … Turtle Talk … Yak Attack … Rebecca at 420’s … What do we do In Wood? WORK … BUNKMAN … Guide Slide … Morning Speakers … Weather was Hot, Hot Hot … FREE CHIPWICHES in the Store … Shortest Morning Assembly turned into the LONGEST Morning Assembly Ever … RENDEZVOUS-The Great Flatsby … Community Service Mod … Gardens … Tons of rabbits … Chocolate chip muffins … Nugs and puffs … 6 MODS! … Dancing with a Counselor … PSP’s – Jenny, Kate, Anna, Maddie, Alice, Hannah, Christine … Rock Paper Scissors … Tie Dye … PMC Fundraisers … Low Tide Walks … Unit Swim Races … Best Staff Talent Show Ever … Cycling Setting Records … Da Hedge … Early Show … Emily the Faytographer … Person of the Week … LT Spirit Week … Race Week … Wampums … Totally Clam … Blue Green Cup … 18 AWESOME AC’s … Camper Packages overflow the mail room … Miga’s Scrambled Eggs … Who’s Miga? … Sunday Bay Swims and Sail Races … Trips … Monomoy Cup and Emma Del … Wacky Wednesdays and Beat the Heat … No Shell Phones … Senior Soiree … Summerfest Luau … The Little Mermaid … Plaques … Ribbon Night … Cup Night … Sunsets … End of a Wono Day … Taps …

The Best Summer Ever!

8 2019 JibSheet ·



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You Can Go Back to Camp Again!!

N OV E M B E R 2 – 4, 2018 WEE K E N D A little more than a year ago today, we had the pleasure of experiencing a group of former ACs (from 1997) return to camp for a small AC class year reunion. This was a lot of fun. The group spent a lot of time at camp reminiscing, walking the grounds, and re-acquainting. At the end of the day, the group adjourned to Chillingsworth in Brewster with Henri – our erstwhile Alumni Director.

Where else but the sign at the entrance to camp?

From front to back: Kathy Culver (CCSC’88’97 & P ’08-‘17 ), Michelle Riffelmacher (CCSC’89-‘98), Christa Smerjian (CCSC’93-’98), Mati Luik (CCSC’92-’97), Matt Rideout (CCSC’92-’02) and Jon Vatner (CCSC’89-’98).

Waiting for Rest Period to end.

Two years in Cabin 20 – premium housing!

Back to the scene of Cup Night Shots. Kathy Culver, Christa Smerjian, Michelle Riffelmacher, Mati Luik, Jon Vatner, and Matt Rideout at the Outdoor Theatre. How many great Final Camp Shows and Early Shows?

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Chillingsworth with Henri.

From the Archives everyone


We’re filled with local color!

FLA SH B A C K S – A look at the individuals and moments that made the camps what they are today

Cape Cod’s Ecotourism Destination...

> Frank and Helen Tracy with children Francis and Mary Ellen. Frank was a long time administrator at Camp Monomoy and part of Capt. and Mrs. Del’s team, including but by no means limited to Berry Richardson, Bob Payton, Harvey Gilmour, Ray Sterling, Rick Francis, Chester Robinson and Michael Halperson, that developed Camp Monomoy and Wono into one of the premier summer camps in the nation.

uniting conservation, community and sustainable travel

Brewster In Bloom One great festival, three great days...

May 1-3, 2020

< Corky Studley and her crew striking a pose that was typical for the 1950’s. This picture was provided by Betsey Studley Bentley, daughter of Corky, who also went to CCSC for quite some time. Our archives were gifted with several pictures of Corky’s time as a camper for which the archivist is deeply appreciative. < 1957 - Dick Wiliamson, Wono Sailing Master, stands in Cape Cod Bay off of the Wono Beach with the first “Wono Special” that he made by hand. Dick was a master craftsman and I believe that he made four of these. This picture is courtesy of Dick and Joanna Williamson (both campers) who have made a significant contribution to the Camp Archives with this picture and a variety of other materials that shine a light on the camps 50 years ago.

Brewster for the Holidays A celebration of holiday traditions...

Dec. 6-8, 2019

We strive to support, strengthen and promote the economic feasibility, cultural richness, environmental sensitivity and social needs of Brewster. Ask about the benefits of membership.

Brewster Chamber of Commerce 2198 Main St. PO Box 1241 Brewster, MA 02631 508-896-3500

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Reunions... All Over the World

Santa Monica OC T O B E R 2 0 1 8

Well…and now for something completely different. Our alumni bandwagon ventured down to Santa Monica to enjoy the sights and sounds of a beautiful coastal California town and the pier that runs out into the ocean. It was a great setting for our reunion at the Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. We had a good group of alumni, campers and friends that made this an enormously pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Attending were: Laurie Gardner (CCSC ’79-’80), Alice Hafter Frankston (CCSC’79-’83), Heloise Frankston (CCSC’14-’19), Alexandra Benjamin (CCSC’93-’99, ’00-’01 & ’10), Julie Moyer Schwachenwald (CCSC’76-’88 & ’89), her husband Chris Schwachenwald, camper Sophie Schwachenwald (MDC’16-’19), Colleen Chan (MDC’14), BB Richardson (MDC’08-CCSC’20), Whitney Rauschenbach (MDC’87-CCSC’00), Alexander Rauschenbach (MDC’92-CCSC’05 & ’06’10), Kelsey Nelson, Ken Passeri, Rong Passeri, Cheryl Kimberley (CCSC’80-’20), Yongjun Song (P’13’20), Song Rauschenbach (MDC’13-CCSC’20), Phanuel Rauschenbach (MDC’15-CCSC’20) and finally our wonderful photographer Kati Haberstock (P’08-’20).

Washington, DC APRI L 2019

Well…there are reunions and then there are reunions. This reunion held this past spring at the Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington, DC portended to be well attended but instead transitioned into a tight reunion with young and older and a lot in between. It was an evening of conversation, recollections and introductions. It was a great event. Attending were Matt Roper (MDC’91‘07), Ellen Kaufman Feldman (W’64-CCSC’84), Yao Levi Dyson (CCSC’17-’18), David Post (M’73-’74) and John Stinchfield – a classmate of Henri’s from his days at the Mount Hermon School, now NorthfieldMt.Hermon. It was great talking with Ellen, whose brothers Andy and Don went to Monomoy for quite some time. And as well with David who was in Cabin 3 (Jr. Scouts) and Cabin 6 (Scouts). Matt Roper was a Raftco person and great friend of Garran Peterson, our Sailing Master. Also attending were Song and Phanuel Rauschenbach and their mother. Ironic that they seem to show up at these reunions.

Reunions... All Over the World

The “formal” group picture.

New York City

M ARCH 9, 2 019

This past spring we had a great lunch at Loring Place on W.8th Street in NYC. The afternoon just wandered along with a variety of young and old alumni spending time together talking about camp. Attending were: Lynn Burns (CCSC’85), Maddie Stamburgh (CCSC’04-’08, CCSC’15-’17), Laurie Curnes (CCSC’99-’04, ’09), Andrew Arbeeny (CCSC’02, ’10 & “12), Allie Failla (CCSC’03-’08), Debra Konstadt (CCSC’00-’07), Dan Ginsberg (CCSC’85-’91), Caroline Sugg (CCSC’05-’11 & ’14-’19), Johanna Lovecchio (CCSC’00-’04 & ’07), Scott Collins (CCSC’12-’13), Johnny Failla (CCSC’04-’10 & ’12), Krissy Gretz (CCSC’03-’08), and Tony Curnes (’99-’02). Dan brought his son along who was at camp this past summer. Of course, the event was coordinated by Cheryl Kimberley (CCSC’80-’19). Also attending were veteran campers Song Rauschenbach (MDC’13-CCSC’20), Phanuel “Didi” Rauschenbach (MDC’15-CCSC’20) and their mother Yongjun Song (P’13-’20). The soon to be married Lynn Burns and Pelle Lausten

Allie Failla, Andrew Arbeeny, and Sam Shepard

Debra Konstadt, Laurie Curnes, Cheryl Kimberley and Johanna Lovecchio

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Meet the CHIPS!

e from amp Stor ld at C e th it is r V in the wo anywhere a business.l odseacamps ec p a c store/

FIRST SESSION First Row: Charlotte Weinberger, Anabelle Molner, Maia Smith, Katie Northrop, Lucy Sims, Molly Sims, Jordan Ginsberg, Nick Sheely, Eli Weinberger Second Row: Griffin Alleyne, Callie Rourke, Leo Alleyne, Nate Haberkern, Owen Wynn, Asher Levinson, Sam Wach, Whit Russell, Brody Sterkel, Samuel Ranney Third Row: Nina Todreas, Alex Jones, Cat Jones, Catherine Klein, Margot Burke, Florence Henrichon-Goulet, Maura McGlarry, Emma Weinberger Fourth Row: Colin Chaple, Cloe Chaple, BB Richardson, Emily Shioutakon, Claire Shioutakon, Rosario Ruiz-Cabrera, Minnie Hatchel, Heloise Frankston

SECOND SESSION First Row: Ulrika Karlsson, Annabelle Molner, Franny Horn, Estelle Levinson, Audrey Moriarity, Riley Sargeant, Emma Weinberger, Maura McGlarry, Molly McDermed, Grace Hildebrandt Second Row: Connor Davidson, Chloe Chapel, Finley Kavanaugh, Skylar Stewart, Holland Channing, James Sargeant, Helen Gimble, Song Rauschenbach Third Row: Alex Jones, Nina Todreas, Kat Jones, John Mills, India Haberkern, Nate Haberkern, Tyler Slate, Harris Phifer

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The Otis Chronicles

THOUGHTS WHI L E RI DI NG: BY OTI S What a thrill it is for me to welcome back former campers/parents to our campus. During the course of the off season as well as during our summer camping season we have a very large number of alumni that return to campus for a visit. It might be to show their family around campus, to drop of a child for a summer session, or even just being in the neighborhood and thought they would stop in to see what their old camp looks like today. It is magical to see the excitement of the former campers as they ask questions about the campus; they often ask the whereabouts of former staff and/or former bunk mates; they love looking through the volumes of photo albums stored on the sun porch of the big house; or to make a bee line to the dining hall to look for their name on a plaque from 25 years ago. The 25 years does not diminish the excitement of their visit and in fact usually adds to the thrill of the visit. Hey Otis, they ask, do you remember the Tomcat Tidalwavers game when we beat the JC III’s/JC IV’s. What a game. Remember the time you caught me out after curfew on the beach? The new pool must be great compared to our little tiny one down by the beach. Does the bike ride still go by the camp with all of the campers yelling and screaming? That would be the Pan Massachusetts Challenge I remind them. Yes it still goes by and they raised $63 million for cancer research this past summer. WOW!

• Experience • Local Knowledge • Follow-through • Results Call, text or email me for help with your next move.



Hey Otis, the place looks great. Remember the old dingy art room which was a 2 stall garage? That is a pretty nice Art Center you have now. How is the rifle range and is Riflery and BB’s just as popular? Well, we no longer shoot 22’s and have moved on to air rifles. It is still really popular. Is the sailing program still great? I remember sailing in the SMUG Cup one night and seeing you in a boat hanging on for dear life! I remember our visits to Long Pond. Otis, do you believe in Crazy Annie? Hey, come with me and I will show you our new Fitness in the Wild and our new Obstacle Illusion course. The campers still love archery, arts and crafts, woodworking, land sports, tennis, BB’s, playing tether ball, and all of the old stand byes. However, would you guess that cooking, GAGA, Koob, carpet ball, whiffle ball, conditioning and our new Traverse Wall are now soo popular? .Otis, how is Rick, Sherry, Leo, Debbie, Julie, Casper, Jay, Ed, Carol, Al, Butch, Sally, Dean, Frosty, Leif, Phil, and the names go on and on. Well, they are not here any longer, but without these giants of the CCSC past we would not be where we are today. We miss them all and appreciate the love, commitment, devotion and skill they all brought to CCSC. They all helped create Magic Moments, Great Life Experiences; and of course the reason that all of our alumni love to come back to check out the Old Camp. Thanks for coming and come back and see us again as soon as you can. By the way. Please come back in 2022 as we will be celebrating our 100th birthday. It is going to be special.

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Group Rentals

Dear Alumni: The 2019 Group Business season was another successful one at CCSC! We hosted 87 independent groups on the property from April to October. Several of these groups had alumni in attendance that I was able to connect with and we hosted a unique and beautiful BBQ rehearsal dinner single event in our Art Center for alumni Michael McKinstry & Sarah Smith who met at Camp as counselors while working in the Day Camp. Our location and facility have so much to offer during the shoulder season months and is a great opportunity for you as alumni to spread the word if you hear of someone looking for an option to host an event, a school class trip or special weekend retreat. We rent out our cabins and have full meal plans for all size groups from 20 to 700+ people. Largest Group: Our largest group this year was the MS Challenge Cape Cod Walk fundraiser with over 500 attendees for three days walking around Cape Cod to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Association during a September weekend. The weekend is one of their largest and most successful fundraisers of the year. Furthest Group: The Hathaway Brown school, an all girls school, travels from Cleveland Ohio with 70 students! They load their coach busses first thing in the morning and travel all day to get to Cape Cod. This group takes advantage of Whale Watching, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and gives their students a unique perspective of the east coast and an amazing trip for these students. They have been traveling to CCSC for close to 20 years! Most Unique: Deaf-Blind Contact Center (DBCC) in Boston is a social organization of and for people who are deaf or hard of hearing and have a vision loss. DBCC hosted a wellness retreat on our property with their members and plan to attend again in the 2020. Types of Groups Served: School Class Trips


Retreat Groups


Sports Camps & Teams


Fundraising Events


Single Events


Day Use Only



87 groups & 6,603 attendees

Please visit our website to learn more or contact me to learn more about hosting your retreat, school group or special event at CCSC! Garran Peterson Associate Director 508.896.3451

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CCSC - Lobster Claw Restaurant 2016:1


9:20 AM

Page 1

“The Best Family Restaurant on Cape Cod”


Celebrating Our Celebrating Our 47th 48thAnniversary! Anniversary! TRY OUR EARLY BIRD SPECIALS!

Served from 4:00 to 5:30 pm daily, includes Free Chowder, Beverage & Dessert of the Day.

• Children’s Menu • Functions • Call Ahead Seating • Gift Shop • Full Liquor License • Air Conditioned

“Best Family Dining” — Cape Cod Life, 1994 - 2014 “Best Clam Chowder” — Cape Cod Life, 2009 “Best Seafood” — Cape Cod Life, 2010

CALL FOR TAKEOUT 508-255-1800 All Major Credit Cards Accepted Open April - October • 7 Days a Week Serving Lunch and Dinner from 11:30 am

42 Cranberry Highway, Route 6A, Orleans • 508-255-1800

Alumni Portrait Gallery

Sasha Sweder (CCSC’95-’99) returned this past April with her husband David Newman. She is living in Colorado Springs, Co and owns a skin care company.

Dick Gessinger (M58-’71) returns with his wife, Ruthie, and daughter Elizabeth Gessinger Helander (CCSC’93-’05) with her husband Nils and children Lucie and Magnus. Dick and I spent a number of years together at Monomoy, mostly in the same cabin. He was very neat. (note: I made that up)

Bob Kerr (CCSC’79-’84) drops by for a visit this past spring with his wife, Ea, and twin daughters Emily and Chariene. Bob lives in Croton-on-Hudson, NY and is known for being one of 3 in an iconic picture taken at camp after one morning assembly.

Patey Morrissey Cahill (W’46-’57) surrounded by her brothers Kevin Morrissey (M’46-’55), John “Chip” Morrissey (M’48-’55) and Thomas T.K. Morrissey (M’ ). This is quite a crew. Patey lives in Skaneateles, NY, Chip in Jackson Heights, NY, Kevin in New York City and TK in Hawaii.

Frank Pagliarno (M’53-’63) visited in May all the way from Burlingame, CA where he works as an attorney. He is pictured here with his wife, Bonnie. We last saw Frank several years ago at our San Francisco reunion.

Sisters Joanne “Jody” Williams (W’56) and Carol Williams Threatt (W’56) swing by for a visit with Dave. Jody is living in Kennebunk, ME and Carol in Northboro, MA as well as Harwich, MA.

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Alumni Portrait Gallery

Gretchen Steinle Prater (W’60) stopped by to say hello this past June. She lives in Essex Fells, NJ.

ACs of 2017 unite!! Back for a visit are Jonah Bachman (CCSC’’12-’16), Joe Melfi (CCSC’10-‘17), Robert Wright (CCSC’12-’17), Cate Farr (CCSC’09-’17), Luke Howes (CCSC’09-’17), Charlie Gordon (CCSC’10-’17), and Jack Reilly (CCSC’11-’17).

Brittany Schwab (CCSC’04-’05) pops in with her friend Dylan and the dog – Nelson. Brittany lives in NYC.

A cast of thousands: Long time camp family and former cabin mate of Nancy – Karen Heindel Cavin (W’62-70) says hi to her bunkmate with her daughter Margot Cavin (CCSC’94-’06), Katherine DeNinno (CCSC97-’06) and Bruce. For the CSC welcoming committee we had Nancy, Daniella and David.

Tracey Buckman Whaley (CCSC’84-’86) stops by with her daughter Morgan to see if we are still around. She is pictured here with our boss, Nancy Garran. Tracey lives in Alexandria, VA.

20 2019 JibSheet ·

Bruce Diven (M’74-CCSC’76) and his wife Kim are pictured with David and Otis. We are always glad to see Bruce. He came all the way from Monroe, MI to see us.

A OW R? N K PE rson C A M ung pe the

yo ve ow a would lo , n k u C o k S y n If ou thi at CC info to e y c n o t e wh experi contac mp eir us th seaca send capecod info@

David greets Sarah Bertolino-Weiss (CCSC’01 & ‘12) with her husband Cody and parents Anne and Gerome.

If it’s Monday this must be Kansas...a reunion with Angie Woodfill McDermed (CCSC’95-’20) greeting Gayle Gerritz Boyd (CCSC’97), husband Rick and children Georgia and Hampton.

Chris Sigler (M’74-CCSC’76) having survived a fire but experienced a lifetime of loss (before the latest round of fires in CA) returned for a visit to camp. He was accompanied by his wife Leslie. We had a great chat about all things camp in the mid-70’s.

A bachlorette party reprieve – why not visit camp? Thus Elizabeth Scouler (CCSC’1996-’02, ’05), Ali Hartz (CCSC’95-’01), Julia Logan (CCSC’93-’02) and Jenny Brown (CCSC’93-’02, ’07) arrived at the Big House doorstep. Wono LT Taylor Bourque (CCSC’14-’19) was there to greet them.

Justine Darmanian (CCSC’10-’12) returns just like the swallows to Capistrano. You know it’s PMC weekend on the Cape. Justine is bookended by Director Christie Cepetelli Peterson (CCSC’01-’20) and Jenny Wise (CCSC’96-’19).

Henri with Delilah Chamblin (CCSC’05-’17). Delilah was the longest serving member ever of Camper Council which mets every Sunday Rest period to discuss issues and matters of importance at camp. She is now attending law school at Hofstra– which might be a result of Camper Council.

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Alumni Portrait Gallery

Paul Kavanagh (CCSC’76-’86) pictured here is bookended by Henri and David. Paul is the third child of Ed and Sheri Kavanagh who played such a huge role in the transition of Camp Monomoy and Camp Wono into the Cape Cod Sea Camps. It was great to see Paul and his wife Hillary – particularly since their children Brayden (CCSC’19) and Finley (CCSC’19) were at camp this summer and their third Beckett might follow suit next summer as well.

What is it about old Sailing Masters and RaftCo people (except David) hanging around the Big House? Well, in this case it is an opportunity to catch up with one of the great RAFTCO members of all time - Lorin Alusic (M’85-’98) with his new daughter. Joining with him are current Sailing Master – Garran Peterson – and prior Sailing Master – Ed Barber. Of course, David is there as well looking like…a fish out of water.

Alison “Ali” Katz (CCSC’85-’90) returns in early September to look around camp. She is accompanied by her children Olivia and Evan. She lives in New York City.

22 2019 JibSheet ·

Melanie Franz Hirsh (CCSC’82-’88) comes by the Big House with her daughter Ali Toll (CCSC’02-’12) in early September. Why not? Melanie is living in Downingtown, PA while Ali is living in Boston.

Three generations of Bicks in the Big House – perhaps we should call it the Bick House? Alex Bick (M’64’-66) is pictured with his daughter Alison (CCSC’02&’10) and her daughter Olivia. Alex lives in Livingston and Alison lives in Short Hills.

Hillary Liss (CCSC’81-’87) stops by for a surprise visit. This former Service Cup winner and fine sailor is living in Seattle, WA

Former Staff member Stephen Ott (CCSC’83) stopped by this past October for a visit. He is living in Baltimore and I was sorry to miss his visit.

Charlotte Reardon Corbett (W’50-’52) returns to Wono after 67 years. When at Wono she was an Archery instructor and was Head Counselor of the Apprentice Seaman. She is pictured here with her son Tim and his friend Michelle Hayo. They live in Littleton, CO and are retired.

Christie Cepetelli Garran (CCSC’01-’20) meets up with Alison McCarlie - from across the Pond- and her husband Michael Butchart.

Craig Evans (C for a visit. He enCSC’03-’07 & ’19) swung by to camp and ru joyed it so much that he de camp last December is pictured heren the Resident Camp Land Spcided to return Benjamin. They with his wife Claire and childorts program. He administrator. reside in Marlborough, MA. Whren Camille and ere he is a scho ol

Meet the Nilsons – Mark (CCSC’82-’87 & MDC’89-’98) along with wife Robin came all the way from Atlanta to the Big House. In the front row their children are John, Anna and William and in the back row on the left is Elizabeth. Mark works in Atlanta as a certified physical therapist.

Stephanie Lynch (MDC’10 & ’12) came back across the great pond to visit us with her sister Emma. She is pictured here with Chris Peterson and Andy Sims. Steph is living in Cork, Ireland.

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Join the Conversation in

Our Alumni Facebook Group

No matter how you stack it, Brewster Pizza House and Sports Bar is tops!

re a u q rS Foste 341 3 6 89 ) 8 0 (5

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November, 2019 Dear Alumni, You’ll be pleased and proud to know that your generosity to the Grant W. Koch Scholarship Fund enabled more than 25 children to be at camp last summer. In addition to Cape Cod Sea Camps, some of these scholarship recipients were at Brewster Day Camp, Camp Favorite, and Wellfleet Bay Natural History Day Camp. While each camp has its own special flavor, traditions and customs, the children’s experiences fundamentally were similar to your own at Cape Cod Sea Camps, whether you were a camper five years ago or 50 years ago! The goals of children’s camping remain unchanged over the years, but, of course, the means of attaining those goals vary just as so many other aspects of our daily lives change. Camp provides unique opportunities for growth. Expanding the number of people who can be part of camping is an important and positive undertaking. This charitable undertaking is directly attributable to your generous and continuing support, and we appreciate your tangible confidence in the value of camping. Please dig deep to make camp possible for children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have this life-altering experience. As it was important to us when we were growing up, so is it important to today’s children. Please continue to be as generous as you can and be sure that every contribution, regardless of size, makes an important difference. Also note that the Fund is classified as a 501 (c) (3) entity, allowing certain tax advantages under IRS rules, and better than 95% of contributions go directly to scholarships. We thank you, and, far more important, so do the children. Sincerely, Rick Francis, Trustee Mike Halperson, Trustee

Please include your email address with your contribution, it makes it easier to keep in touch!

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Assistant Directors Allan Peterson and Daniella DeFillippo Garran with Director Efficiency winners Elling Eidbo from Great Falls, VA and Quinn Sciarra from Evanston, IL

Service Cup winners Mary Moriarty from Summit, NJ and Nate Haberkern from New York, NY pictured with Assistant Directors Daniella DeFillipoGarran and Allan Peterson

Owen Eltz, Director’s Efficiency Cup winner, with LT Counselors - Courtney O’Brien, Ian Hamilton and Tim Cassidy (LT Head Counselor)

Ryan Meehan - MDC Service Cup Winner with Rick “Otis” Moyer

In 1922, Captain and Emma Del determined that the highest honor to be bestowed at Camp Monomoy and then later at Camp Wono would be the Award for Service, expressing their idea that service to each other – individually and as a community – is fundamental to successful living. In 1939, Camp Wono awarded its first Service Cup and that tradition lives on at the Cape Cod Sea Camps.


The Service Award is awarded to “one who contributes selflessly to the welfare of others; is helpful, without concern for oneself; performs work or duties for others; has been an outstanding, positive role model for both campers and staff throughout the four years of the leadership training program; has high standards and integrity and is sincere and honest.” Additional Awards are given to Outstanding First Year Teen Leaders in both the Monomoy and Wono units. Recepients are LT1s who stand out among other first year Teen Leaders as a positive leaders and contributors in their respective units and to the camp community. Second and third year LTs are eligible to receive the Directors’ Efficiency Award. The LTs who receive this award exhibit a high degree of enthusiasm, positive leadership and effectiveness as a Teen Leader. They also have a proven capability for performing as an outstanding leader in the LT unit and in the overall camp community. 26 2019 JibSheet ·

Outstanding First Year LT Tess Holland being introduced at the final MDC Spirit Assembly


2019 ACS

FRONT Samantha Shapiro, Julia Lissy, Sarah Lissy, Mary Moriarty, Becky McConnell, Allie Vogel, Kat Gage, Paige Buller, Maggie Hayes, Ellie Russo BACK Jakob Simmons, Wes Baugher, Duncan Hafner Schnee, Collins Billhardt, James Kreisler, Noah Quinn, Mark Murray

Lemon Tree Village, Rt 6A 1069 Main St., Brewster, MA 02631 - 508-896-8185 2019 JibSheet · 27

40th Pan Mass Challenge

The iconic “Da Hedge”

This summer marked the 40th Pan Mass Challenge Ride, and the Cape Cod Sea Camps 26th year with a riding team. This year’s team included Brian Lutes (CCSC 1985-2019), Andrew “Crash” Sims (CCSC/MDC 1981-2019), Tom “Pranny” Pranikoff (CCSC 1970-1985), Mike Moore (MDC 2012-2019), Rob Foley (MDC 2015-2017), first time rider Aria Lange (CCSC 20172018), and community members Sam Duncan and Kate Schoch.

m on ur tea ering o e h c ” ge Da Hed rs at “ Campe

There was also a second camp team riding the PMC. Team “No Name” included alumni Sean Thibert (MDC 1995-2006), Dan Guariglio (MDC 1992-2006), and Tyler Turgeon (CCSC/MDC 2011-2019). Team No Name had a very strong ride, particularly in their first year out. The PMC is a 200 mile bike ride that raises money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute – this year raising $63 million! As a team, the Cape Cod Sea Camps raised just under $100,000. But perhaps CCSC’s more important contribution is “DaHedge”. On the 2nd day of this 2 day event, the riders pedal down Rt 6A right in front of the Cape Cod Sea Camps. The resident campers and staff, get up early on that Sunday morning. They all head down, past the front fields, and line the hedges along 6A. As a group, they become “Da-Hedge”.

“DA HEDGE” TEAM Front: Aria Lange, Sam Duncan, Kate Schoch, Mike Moore Back: Andrew “Crash” Sims, Tom Pranny Pranikoff, Harry Long, Brian Lutes, Otis Moyer, Rob Foley

28 2019 JibSheet ·

Da-Hedge is certainly the largest cheering section of the entire event. The campers make signs of support. They have funny hats and noise makers. It’s a huge party, and after 150 miles of riding it is a welcome sight to the riders. Riders look forward to seeing the cheering campers every year. Many stop to high five the campers lining the route. The CCSC Team stops there to meet family and friends, and thank volunteers. Other than the finish line, Da-Hedge is the most anticipated part of the ride!




Maia Lucking Malloy with her husband Richard. They were married in Dennis, MA on July 12, 2019. Emily Taradash marries Joseph Zabinski. They were married on September 22, 2018 in Tiverton, Rhode Island.

Lucking Wedding: from left to right - Otis Moyer, Andrew Concannon, Adam Farrow, Devon Kittredge, Iggy Moyer, Maia Lucking, Carol Lucking, Tessie Mernick, Sarah Morris, Tiana Lucking, James Forbes


Michelle Riffelmacher marries Kevin Currie in Cape Town South Africa on Nov. 2, 2019. Meet the In-Laws: Caryn Edwards, Dave Currie, Kevin Currie, Lorraine Smith Currie, Dominic Ndlovu and Bernadette Dotty Katt at 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa.


Camp Alumni in attendance: Mati Luik, Michelle, Christa Smerjian and Kathy Culver.

Name: Ingrid Alice Alusic Parents: Lorin Alusic and Jennifer Trudel Born: August 29, 2018 Weight: 7 lbs 6 oz Length: 20.5” Time: 8:46 PM (PT) Michelle with Kevin.

L to R: Warren Davis (CCSC’06-’16), Tilden Davis (CCSC’06-’16), and Baird Davis (CCSC’06-’15). All three went to camp; Tilden and Warren won the Service Cup. Their mother, Paget Brittingham, was at camp in the 70’s.

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Campers, alumni, and friends celebrating Schuyler’s life

T HOU G H T S O N SCH U YLER The Cape Cod Sea Camps is steeped in traditions: Cup Night; SOGE; awesome sailing; Camp Wono; Camp Monomoy; Monomoy Day Camp; plaques; final camp plays; Summerfest; I can and I will; Where there’s a will there’s a way; Afterglow; and of course ‘Best Summer Ever’. This is just scratching the surface of the myriad of great traditions. A very meaningful tradition that has developed over the last 26 years is our involvement in the Pan Massachusetts Challenge (PMC). We are recognized and praised for our commitment to the cause of helping to find a cure for cancer. This year of 2019, the PMC will raise 6o million to be funneled into the world renowned Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Our commitment is legendary in so many ways. One of which is CCSC campers and staff along with our riding team is very close to raising a total of 2 million dollars for the cause. We are appreciated for the 140 volunteers that we send out to help with the infrastructure and the function of helping the 6,500 riders safely negotiate the 192 mile course from Sturbridge, MA to Provincetown. What we are most recognized for and appreciated for is DA’HEDGE. Our camp is the most iconic part of the ride as we cheer the riders along Route 6A from behind the hedge in front of camp. The 125 different team members, during that time, remember the inspiration we received from our beloved Captain Schuyler O’Brien. Sky became our Captain and inspirational leader as he entered 6th grade at Nauset Middle School 17 years ago. Sky was battling cancer (Ewing’s Sarcoma). Sky lost his battle with this dreadful disease this fall. In a celebration of his life held at CCSC on September 22, 2019 over 200 attended to pay tribute and loving respect for the courage, and his will to fight on in spite of having cancer for the majority of his life. Sky was just months away from receiving his Ph. D. degree from the University of Utah. Sky was doing research in the quest of finding a cure for ‘His’ cancer. (Ewing’s Sarcoma) Hopefully, with the help of many of his lab partners and faculty that loved him dearly he will be awarded his Ph. D. degree in June of 2020, posthumously. If any person deserved this honor it is Schuyler. We that have ridden do so for CCSC PMC Team Schuyler Team Logan. From this point on we will be called the CCSC PMC Team Dr. Schuyler Team Logan. God Bless you Schuyler and thank you for being a blessed and loving part of our lives. Otis Director of the Monomoy Day Camp and 25 year PMC rider

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Margaret Muller Baillie, 91, passed away peacefully on 9/27/19 in Orono, Maine. She was pre-deceased by her husband, the late Reverend Arlan A. Baillie, the former minister of All Souls Congregational Church in Bangor, ME. She is survived by her sister, Katherine Bullitt of Seattle, Wash, her brother-in-law Gerald Viste of Wausau, WI, her daughter, Carol Baillie Austin, Gerald Collins of Norwalk, CT and granddaughters Mary Jane Austin and husband John Airey of Santa Cruz, CA; Jeanne Collins of New Canaan, CT; Paula Collins McGlarry and husband Robert of New York City; five great-granddaughters, Jordan and Taylor Hill, Madeline Iulo, Maura and Fiona McGlarry and numerous nieces, nephew and great-nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her sister, Marion Muller Viste, and her daughter Mary Jane Baillie Collins. While Margaret was interwoven with camp through the lives of her husband Arlan and daughters Carol and Mary Jane, she was also an enormous asset in the battle for human rights, women’s rights, social justice, tolerance, peace initiatives and civil rights. She was involved and was honored many times for it. Stephen Haines “Terry” Plum (M’59-65). Terry’s brother John Plum (M’62-’65) informed us of Terry’s passing on 12/10/18. Terry lived in Holyoke, MA and Warren, ME. He was a Librarian and educator at SUNY Plattsburgh, Middlebury College and the University of Connecticut in Storrs. Having worked with Mt. Holyoke, he traveled the world extensively establishing academic and national libraries in many countries. I was a bunkmate of Terry when he first arrived at camp and in the final awards for the year he was awarded Outstanding First Year Camper. After that, he was awarded Best Camper until the Junior Counselors. We was a wonderful person and a great camper.

Corky with Donna Russo Cummings (W’55-’60), her daughter Betsy Studley Bentley (W’74-CCSC’85), Diane Greenberger Ragins )(W’51-’58) , and Marilyn Koch Francis (basically born at camp).

Carol ‘Corky’ Lindemann Studley, of Shalimar, FL and East Orleans, MA passed away on April 7, 2019 at 83. Corky Lindemann with her sister Born in Warsaw, NY July 18, 1935. She Sue at Wono graduated from Hastings-on-Hudson High School in 1953 where as a 3 sport athlete she was inducted into The Sports Hall of Fame in 2006. She graduated from Syracuse University in 1957 with an education degree and was a member of Tri Delta sorority. Corky spent the summers of 1944 through 1959 at Camp Wono - now Cape Cod Sea Camps where she was a camper, counselor and head counselor.

Sarah “Sally” (Parker) Cave, 64, passed peacefully on Thursday, May 10, 2018. The daughter of Joseph S.W. and Joan (Falvey) Parker, Sarah grew up in Marblehead, MA where she enjoyed competitive sailing, serving as Secretary at Pleon Yacht Club in her teens. She also taught sailing at Madison Beach Club in Madison, CT and Cape Cod Sea Camps in Brewster, MA, where she spent much of her time on the ocean and developed her love for the sea.

She met her husband on Cape Cod and married in Dobb’s Ferry, NY 1960. She began her teaching career in Darien, CT and then as an Air Force military wife, she continued to teach in many of their new homes where she inevitably taught her 5th graders her favorite camp songs. Jim and Corky were stationed in ME, AL, TX, CA, Bermuda, HI and FL where they eventually settled. After teaching she ran the East coast office of Barnette Industries which enabled them to live their best life in both Shalimar and Cape Cod. She had a quick wit and could make any room she happened to be in more colorful. She was best known for her entertaining skills, flamboyant prints, her organization, perfect penmanship and her love of football and the Red Sox. She cherished her many friendships and was happiest surrounded by her 4 beloved grandchildren. She is survived by her husband of 59 years, James B. Studley; son, Jeffrey L. Studley and his fiancé, Suzanne Morris of Shalimar, FL; daughter and her husband, Elizabeth S. Bentley and Nigel K. Bentley of Acton and East Orleans, MA; 4 grandchildren, Blake K. Bentley, Sarah L. Bentley, Lincoln B. Studley and Corbin J. Studley; her loving sister Mrs. Nicholas ‘Sue’ Staropoli of Portland, OR; and 4 nieces and a nephew. A celebration of life will be held at Emerald Coast Funeral Home, 161 Racetrack Rd, Fort Walton Beach, FL on Monday, CH TOU N reat I April 15th at 10am. In lieu of flowers, P EE ing g otes of o K d e and to share her love of the summer e or n u ar w yo pictures ents so w o n camp experience, expressions of symk We end us plishm ents! pathy may be made in her name to s! S om ivem thing your acc ur ache the Grant W. Koch Scholarship Fund, o f all o share y P.O. Box 1404, Brewster, MA 02631. can

Dr. Donald C. “Justin” Mell, Jr. passed away this past November, after a brief illness, surrounded by his family. Having graduated from Yale and receiving a PhD from the University of Pennsylvannia, he then taught English Literature at the University of Delaware for 47 years – a true gentleman and scholar. Of particular note is that he and his brother (Skippy) attended Camp Monomoy from 1945-46. This experience nourished a love for sailing and the Cape which he enjoyed for many decades. Don is the father of Don Mell (M’71-CCSC’79.)

Joan Williamson of Scituate passed away at the age of 87 on 12/1/2017. She was the wife of Dick Williamson who worked as the Sailing Master at Camp Wono from 1966 to 1969. She was the mother of Joanne (W’66-’74), John (M’67-’69) and Rick (M’66-’74) who attended camp. They lived at the bottom of Linnell Landing in Brewster for a while when Dick taught in Orleans. But with the advent of six kids in the family, they had to relocate to North Easton, MA for better pay. Dick was a very talented boat builder and during his tenure at Wono he built 4 Wono “Specials”. Many Monomoy and Wono sailors took advantage of them – particularly on Sunday Regattas where they had their own class. Joan worked as a librarian in the Norwell School System for many years. She liked being outdoors, bird watching, sailing, gardening, knitting and reading. A woman for all seasons.

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Read about the latest happenings for everything Cape Cod Sea Camps Alumnus. From weddings to reunions and everything in between.

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Read about the latest happenings for everything Cape Cod Sea Camps Alumnus. From weddings to reunions and everything in between.