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PRINCE maximum visibility, maximum performance A new addition to the Pastorfrigor range in 2011 the Prince is the result of a cooperation between the Italian manufacturer and world famous design house Pininfarina. One look at the Prince and you can see that this partnership works well. There are 6 standard case lengths and 4 corner options in the Prince range, all of which feature 900mm deep stainless steel base plates. The corners are all circular rather than angular – giving increased visibility, increased merchandising space and improved aesthetics. The curved front glass is hinged at the top and is assisted by pistons for easy and safe lifting.



• Remote or integral options • 6 case lengths • 4 corners • Multiplex options • Undercounter storage • 900mm deep base plates • Piston assisted, top hinged glass front • Stainless steel bump rail • Panoramic end walls • Extensive accessory options

SPECIFICATION Model Number Dimensions

0800 644 4004









937 x 1213 x 1280

1250 x 1213 x 1280

1875 x 1213 x 1280

2500 x 1213 x 1280

3125 xx 1213 x 1280

3750 x 1213 x 1280

Temperature range


Piston assisted glass


Refrigeration system

Integral or Remote

Capital Cooling | Pastorfrigor Prince Serve Over Counter  

Product datasheet for the Pastorfrigor Prince Serve Over Counter range.

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