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You can do this. Nancy’s house was more than a roof over her head. It was the keeper of her family’s memories. See page 5.




Enjoy member-exclusive deals at our Fall Car Sale

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See how CAP COM Cares provides help and hope

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President/CEO Message

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CAP COM Cares in our Community

BANK ANY WAY YOU LIKE CLICK Bank Online TAP Get our Mobile Banking App CALL Contact Member Services or Bank by Phone Keypad (800) 634-2340 (518) 458-2195 Headquarters VISIT 11 Neighborhood Branches plus Shared Branches Across the U.S.

Every success we have as a financial institution enables us to do even more. If you recently joined us, thank you for choosing CAP COM. To the Postal Employees of Troy, NY Federal Credit Union (PETFCU) members and their families – welcome. We can’t wait to show all of you how good it feels to “bank where you matter most.” I encourage you to share your hopes and dreams with us, so we can provide financial solutions to help you fulfill them. If you own a business or run one, take advantage of services that streamline your finances and support growth. On behalf of all of us, thank you for making CAP COM part of your life.


When you work for an organization that puts people first, every positive interaction has a ripple effect. CAP COM is devoted to enhancing your life with financial services and employees who advocate for you. If you use only a single product or service, I invite you to have a richer, fuller relationship with CAP COM. Enjoy best-in-class financial guidance that puts you at the center of everything we do. To find out what you’re missing – call, email, or visit a branch. Advocacy is the heartbeat of CAP COM, creating purpose for everyone who works here. Through the CAP COM Cares Foundation, we serve thousands of individuals and families in need all year. Partnerships with local nonprofits, generous donors, and our enthusiastic volunteers strengthen communities from the ground up.

Christopher McKenna President/CEO

CALENDAR OCTOBER Monday, October 14 Branches closed for Columbus Day

Thursday, October 24 Retirement Bound Workshop

Thursday, November 21 Retirement Bound Workshop

Saturday, October 19 Fall Car Sale begins

Saturday, October 26 Last day of Fall Car Sale

Sunday, October 20 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

NOVEMBER Monday, November 11 Branches closed for Veterans Day

Thursday, November 28 Branches closed for Thanksgiving

Wednesday, October 23 Medicare Workshop

Tuesday, November 19 Medicare Workshop

DECEMBER Wednesday, December 25 Branches closed for Christmas

Federally insured by NCUA Lines of Communication is published for CAP COM Federal Credit Union members. The Supervisory Committee is the members’ representative. Please address any situations you feel were not handled to your satisfaction by the credit union to: Supervisory Committee, P.O. Box 11279, Albany, NY 12211-0279

Noteworthy & New 3

Get behind the wheel of a car you love.

FALL CAR SALE October 19-26, 2019 15+ local dealerships Details Shop Questions? (800) 634-2340

If you’ve been thinking about buying a vehicle, now’s a great time to do it! Members save during CAP COM’s Fall Car Sale. Our popular Fall Car Sale features new and used cars at pre-negotiated member prices – without the hassle of nerve-wracking negotiations. Browse hundreds of vehicles online or head straight to preferred dealerships across the Capital District. Learn more now, so you’re ready when the sale begins on October 19 at: Before you shop, see if you’re already pre-approved for an auto loan. Log in to your CAP COM account and select LoanXpress. If you don’t see an auto loan offer, you can always apply at: Besides enjoying discounted car prices, you could save on insurance, too. Compare quotes at:

Noteworthy & New Welcome PETFCU Members! In September, the members of Postal Employees of Troy, NY Federal Credit Union (PETFCU) unanimously approved a merger and became members of CAP COM. We look forward to introducing you to the many benefits of your CAP COM membership. A warm welcome to you and your families!

CAP COM Pride: Healthy Workplace When you have the best employees around, you make their health and well-being a priority. It’s an honor to be recognized for our efforts with the 2019 Healthiest Employers Award from the Albany Business Review. See opportunities to join our healthy workplace at:

Retirement Workshop Whether retirement is years away or just around the corner, discover steps you can take now to help you attain your goals. Join us for an upcoming Retirement Bound workshop – more information is on page 7.

Let’s Make Strides Together Come join us! On Sunday, October 20, the CAP COM Cares team – consisting of members, employees, volunteers, and families – will embark on the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Washington Park. It’s our 25th year supporting this inspirational event! See how to join us as a walker or supporter on page 8.

New Benefit for Members As a CAP COM member, you’re now eligible for extra insurance coverage at no cost! You can receive $3,000 in Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance by simply completing an activation form. Letters will be mailed out in the near future. For details, call IAS, our Plan Administrator, at (833) 241-2372.

Sneak Preview: VISA® Platinum Credit Card Deal When you shop with your VISA Platinum with Rewards Credit Card in November and December, you’ll automatically earn double points! Redeem your points for cash, merchandise, gift cards, and more. See page 5.

4 Digital Banking

HOW TO USE YOUR DIGITAL WALLET Have you noticed people paying at the checkout, not with

Layers of security protect your purchase. Each payment

a card or cash, but by tapping their mobile phone on the

is authorized with your fingerprint, PIN, facial recognition,

store’s payment device? Making purchases with your Digital Wallet is more secure than paying with a credit card – and it’s a lot faster. Breeze through the checkout by tipping your phone or smartwatch toward the store’s payment device. Once you

or iris scan. Then, it’s securely transmitted with a unique, encrypted number or token – not your actual card number. And, when you pay with the CAP COM Credit Card in your Digital Wallet, you receive zero-liability fraud

load your CAP COM cards (and any others you use), you

protection, too.

can use your Digital Wallet at thousands of retailers.

Get Started:

Let’s Stay in Touch

Over the summer, we debuted a new way to communicate with members. You may remember seeing a message when you launched our mobile app, asking for permission to send and receive notifications. If you consented, thank you for saying “yes.” Staying in close contact helps us serve you better. In fact, you might already have received a request for feedback after visiting a branch, or an exclusive member discount offer from a local retailer. If you want to make sure you receive CAP COM notifications in the future (or opt out), here’s what to do. Launch the CAP COM app, go to Settings, and select Push Notifications. Then, toggle the Interact Messages on or off to suit your preference.


Streamline Your Finances with ClickSWITCH A new resource makes it easy to streamline your direct deposits and payments – and save a lot of time and effort. With ClickSWITCH, you can move your direct deposits to any CAP COM checking or savings account, set up recurring automatic payments, and close accounts you no longer use. Instead of spending time making calls, completing paperwork, and jumping through hoops, do it all in minutes from your secure, online dashboard. Then, kick back as ClickSWITCH does the rest.

You can use ClickSWITCH to set up payroll deposits, Social Security, retirement income, or for automatic payments like your monthly phone and electricity bills. To check out this free service, log in to your online account and select ClickSWITCH under Additional Services. Questions? Call (800) 634-2340 and we’ll walk you through it. Learn More:

“The difference CAP COM made in my life... It was big.” Nancy S., Niskayuna

Birthdays, visits from the tooth fairy, backyard barbecues. Homework struggles, sleepovers, nervous butterflies on first dates. Nancy’s house was so much more than a roof over her head; it was the keeper of her family’s stories and happy memories. Now the old roof needed some love back. What did Nancy do? She turned to CAP COM. What was going on? ”The roof on my house was in bad shape and needed to be replaced. I knew there was no way I could come up with the money on my own and wasn’t sure I’d be approved for a loan. Even if I got the approval, could I afford the payments? My biggest fear was that I’d have to sell my house – the home I grew up in and raised my three kids in.” That sounds scary. “It was scary, so I made a plan. I repaired my credit as much as I could and decided to try CAP COM for a Home Equity Line of Credit. Even so, I expected a call saying sorry, we can’t help you out this time.” So, what really happened? “On my birthday, I got a call from CAP COM,

and the loan associate said, ‘You’re approved!’ I was stunned. What I heard was: You can do this. It felt like a lifeline. I wouldn’t have to sell my home.” We’re glad we could help. “CAP COM’s loan team probably got sick of all my calls, but everyone was so supportive. I never once felt like a customer, I felt like I was a friend. If I could tell CAP COM anything, it would be the difference you made in my life...It was big. And, I’m so eternally grateful.“ See how a Home Equity Line of Credit can help you celebrate your own success story. More at:

People & Perks 5

Your Cards Do More than Buy Stuff When your CAP COM card came in the mail, did you read the little pamphlet? It’s all right, most people don’t. You could be pleasantly surprised when you discover the extra benefits that come with your CAP COM VISA® Platinum or Business Credit Card and your Debit Card, too.* In the event of theft or damage, Purchase Security replaces, repairs, or reimburses purchases made with your card within the first 90 days. Extended Protection doubles the warranty (1 year max). Cellular Phone Protection covers damage or theft of your mobile phone ($200 max) if not covered by other insurance. Return Protection reimburses you within 90 days of a purchase if the retailer refuses ($250/item, $1,000 max). More Benefits Platinum/Business Card: Debit Card: *Some restrictions apply. See details and disclosures at:

Get ‘Paid to Shop’ with 2X Points In November and December, CAP COM VISA® Platinum or Business Credit Cardholders earn double Rewards! points on purchases. All those extra points and the low, fixed rate make this credit card perfect for holiday shopping! Redeem your points for cash, gift cards, travel, or merchandise. New cardholders get 5,000 bonus points on $1,500 spent in the first 90 days. If you don’t have our VISA Platinum or Business card yet, you can apply at: To find out if you’re already pre-approved, log in to your CAP COM account and select LoanXpress.

6 Business Solutions

This Credit Card Means Business With no annual fee, a low fixed rate, user-limit settings, and rewards on every purchase, our Business VISA® is an attractive credit card option. Here’s what you get:  13.90% APR*, fixed rate  No annual fee  Ability to set limits by user  Zero liability fraud protection  Earn points toward cash, travel, gift cards, merchandise  2X points Nov-Dec 2019  Retailer discounts  24/7 online/mobile account And, flip back a page to see valuable yet little-known card benefits. See *Annual percentage rate

Do You Work for a Non-Profit? Make the most of our business banking solution without the typical costs. If you work for a non-profit, serve on its board, or volunteer, here’s an account we created with your organization in mind. The Organizational Checking Account generates dividends without the usual fees. Enjoy no minimum balance, no low-balance penalty, no monthly maintenance fees, 500 free items per month (deposits, ACH credits/debits), and a low fee thereafter. And, if your organization encounters a shortage, bridge funding is also available (if credit qualified). For Organizational Checking Account details, give us a call at (800) 468-5500, ext. 2948 or go to:

Ease the Pain, Deliver Results

CASH MANAGEMENT BENEFITS ADD UP As you focus on managing and growing your business to reach its full potential, count on our team for the tools and support to get you there. Below are some common challenges business owners face, along with Cash Management solutions that ease the pain. Do any of the items on this checklist sound familiar? Do you spend too much time managing multiple business accounts from different logins? Solution: View and manage various business entities by logging in to your secure Business Banking portal. Would your life be easier if you could collect payments owed, pay employees, submit vendor payments, and deposit checks electronically? Solution: Save time and effort by utilizing electronic ACH Collection for payments owed. Simplify payments and consolidate funds from external accounts with ACH Origination. And, you can deposit checks electronically.

Are you concerned about unauthorized account logins or worried about other security issues? Solution: Reduce risk by delegating tasks and leveraging multiple layers of security, including business banking

permission controls, user authentications, and tokens.

Are you seeking ways to reduce business account-related monthly fees? Solution: Let us provide a complimentary cost comparison to show you how you can save. Call (800) 468-5500 ext. 2948.

Would you like to increase your revenue potential by expanding the types of payments you accept? Solution: Add debit and credit card processing, accept cash and use our night drop for 24/7 deposits, and deposit checks electronically. How can we help? Turn to our team for tools, guidance and funding to help you boost profitability with less impact on your bottom line. For assistance, contact a Business Service Specialist at (800) 468-5500 ext. 2948 or explore solutions at

CAP COM Financial Services

EMBARK ON YOUR JOURNEY TO FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE If you had the freedom to do whatever you want with your life – not only in retirement, but also along the way – how would you spend your time? What’s more, how would you pay for it all? Convert your hopes and dreams into a meaningful action plan with help from your team at CAP COM Financial Services. We will help you envision Financial Independence and create your Road Map to pursue it. Here’s a look at some of the services our advisors provide.

If the word “retirement” makes you feel anxious instead of excited, you’re not alone. Let’s do something about that! Join us for our Retirement Bound workshop to understand 5 important steps you can take on your journey toward a happy, secure retirement. Dates include: Thursday, October 24 or Thursday, November 21 Workshops are at the CAP COM Financial Center (just off Wolf Road in Colonie), 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Medicare Workshop Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) options can be really confusing. On top of that, plans vary depending on where you live. Attend our Medicare Workshop, designed to help you understand the features of Medigap insurance, so you can choose a plan that’s right for you. We can also help you determine when to enroll. Choose:

Investment Management - Set investment goals - Establish your risk tolerance - Determine the investment style - Build your portfolio - Monitor performance Coaching - Set financial goals - Take control of your finances - Manage your debt - Invest with confidence - Obtain insurance protection

Wednesday, October 23, Colonie or Tuesday, November 19, Troy 10:00-11:30 a.m. or 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Let’s Create Your Road Map Call (518) 782-0209 and we’ll match you with a financial advisor and schedule your first meeting. Because your advisor puts your best interests first, you enjoy objective, no-pressure guidance.

To register, visit: The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period ends December 7, 2019!

Securities and advisory services are offered through LPL Financial (LPL), a registered investment advisor and broker-dealer (member FINRA/SIPC). Insurance products are offered through LPL or its licensed affiliates. CAP COM Federal Credit Union and CAP COM Financial Services, LLC are not registered as a broker-dealer or investment advisor. Registered representatives of LPL offer products and services using CAP COM Financial Services, LLC, and may also be employees of CAP COM Federal Credit Union. These products and services being offered through LPL or its affiliates, which are separate entities from, and not affiliates of CAP COM Federal Credit Union or CAP COM Financial Services. Securities and insurance offered through LPL or its affiliates are: Not Credit Union Guaranteed

Retirement Bound Workshop

Register at:

Wealth Management - Retirement planning - Income planning - Investment management - Insurance planning - Legacy planning

Not Insured by NCUA or Any Other Government Agency

Financial Independence 7

Not Credit Union Deposits or Obligations

May Lose Value

Can’t Make a Workshop? To schedule a complimentary appointment, call (518) 782-0209.

There is no assurance that the techniques and strategies discussed are suitable for all investors or will yield positive outcomes. The purchase of certain securities may be required to effect some of the strategies. Investing involves risks including possible loss of principal.

PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID Albany, NY Permit #186 4 Winners Circle Albany, NY 12205

Join Our Team at Making Strides Let’s walk together in a show of strength and hope to find a cure for breast cancer. You’re invited to join the CAP COM Cares team at the 2019 American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Albany’s Washington Park. The event is Sunday, October 20. Walk with Team CAP COM Cares, receive a custom T-shirt, and prepare to be inspired! More at:

Season of Giving In addition to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the CAP COM Cares Foundation has a busy season of giving ahead! � Coats for Kids – Warm winter coats for hundreds of children � Thanksgiving – More than 300 Thanksgiving baskets delivered to Capital Region families � Holidays – Programs such as Senior Angels, Marillac Family Shelter Holidays, Adopt-a-Family, and CEO Holidays Learn more about our outreach at: Children pick out their very own backpacks filled with school supplies and delivered by Chris McKenna, CAP COM President/CEO, and other volunteers.

Ready for School with Backpacks We set a new record this summer when we filled and delivered 1,020 backpacks! Each year, the CAP COM Cares Foundation delivers backpacks to school-age children in need at dozens of organizations and schools in our community. These brand-new backpacks are filled with school supplies, including notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, crayons, rulers, glue sticks, and more. This year, we captured the excitement on video. See:

CAP COM Cares Tour Highlights For one week in late August, more than 80 volunteers delivered 100+ acts of kindness during the CAP COM Cares Tour. See photo highlights at:

Join and Help Us Make a Difference Help us reach thousands of local individuals and families in need right here in the Capital Region. You can support CAP COM Cares with a one-time donation, or become a sustaining Patron for as little as $10 per month! Learn more and join the cause at:

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Lines of Communication | Fall 2019  

CAP COM's newsletter is published quarterly.

Lines of Communication | Fall 2019  

CAP COM's newsletter is published quarterly.

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