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Medicine (cont.) Entry requirements for Medicine You may enter up to four medical courses in your UCAS application. Your remaining choice can be used for an alternative course without prejudice to your commitment to medicine. ‘Science/mathematics subjects’ refers to Biology/Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. It does not include Psychology. GCSEs • Grade C or above in GCSE (or equivalent) Double Award Science and Mathematics. • Two single awards in GCSE Biology and Physics may be substituted for Double Award Science. AS and A Levels • AS or A Level passes in Chemistry and two of Biology/Human Biology, Physics, Mathematics. At least one pass must be at A Level. • Most applicants have at least three science/mathematics A Levels and some Colleges require this and/or particular subjects. See College websites for details. Please note that in the past three admissions rounds, 98 per cent of applicants for Medicine (A100) offered three or more science/mathematics A Levels and, of these, 24 per cent were successful in obtaining a place. Of the two per cent of applicants who offered only two science/mathematics A Levels, just 10 per cent were successful in gaining a place. International Baccalaureate The GCSE and AS/A Level subject requirements also apply to the IB. • Individual Middle Years Programme subject results validated by the IB at grade 4 or above will satisfy the GCSE requirements. • Standard Level subjects will satisfy AS Level subject requirements, and Higher Level subjects will satisfy A Level subject requirements.


Other examination systems See p143-5 and consult any College Admissions Tutor for further advice. Only 22 places are available each year for overseas fee status students. Admissions test All Colleges require Standard Course applicants to take the Bio-Medical Admissions Test (BMAT, Applicants are responsible for registering for the BMAT by 1 October 2015, and will take the test on 4 November 2015. Work experience To demonstrate some understanding of what a career in Medicine involves and your suitability for your intended profession, you are strongly advised (though not required) to undertake some relevant work experience, either paid or voluntary, in a health or related area. We are not prescriptive about how this is obtained, recognising the widely differing opportunities available. Graduate entry Graduates may apply for the Standard Course (A100) as an affiliated student (see p33) to one of Lucy Cavendish, St Edmund’s or Wolfson Colleges with: • a good Honours degree (II.1 or above, science subjects provide the most useful preparation) • passes at GCSE and AS/A Levels (or equivalent), as left Alternatively, UK and EU graduates from any discipline (who also satisfy the above, including A Level Chemistry, normally passed within seven years of entry) may apply to the accelerated Graduate Course in Medicine (A101, see opposite).

Selection Applicants must be keen scientists with a sound scientific understanding. As selection for medical school implies selection for the medical profession, admissions decisions are informed by national guidance on what makes a good doctor. In addition: • trainee doctors must satisfy the GMC’s fitness to practise requirements, both when applying and throughout the course • offer holders are required to undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check • successful applicants are required to complete a confidential occupational health questionnaire and be immunised against certain infectious diseases See full details at: undergraduate/courses/medicine/. If you are an applicant with a disability, specific learning difficulty or long-term health condition, you should contact a College Admissions Tutor as early as possible to discuss your needs and the course requirements. Such disclosures will be considered independently of your academic qualifications and the interview process.

I chose Medicine because it’s very academically and scientifically driven at the outset and more clinical towards the end, which opens up options when I leave. Simon

University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus 2016 Entry  

University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus 2016 Entry