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English language requirements

In order to make a competitive application, you need to be in the top one or two per cent of your year group, and doing very well in your subjects most relevant to the course you’d like to study.

If your first language isn’t English, a reasonable standard of spoken English would be required for interview. You may also be asked to achieve a formal qualification, such as one of those listed below, as part of the conditions of an offer.1

Typical offer levels for a range of qualifications can be found on p143-5. If what you’re studying isn’t listed, you should check our website for guidance on the appropriateness of your qualification for admission to Cambridge.

Applying and interviews All applicants must complete a UCAS application online by the relevant deadline. In addition, students applying from outside the EU must submit a Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA)2 by the relevant deadline. The University conducts a number of interviews overseas for some applicants unable to travel to Cambridge for interview. For 2016 entry, it is anticipated that these will be conducted in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. To be considered for interview overseas, you must submit both your COPA and UCAS application by a deadline which may be earlier than 15 October (depending on where you wish to be interviewed).3 See online for details, deadlines and restrictions.

Costs As an international/overseas student at Cambridge your costs include tuition fees, College fees, and living expenses. You need to be able to prove that you can finance your entire course as it’s not possible to work during the academic session. Colleges ask for financial guarantees and proof is also required when applying for a visa.

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International Students

Entrance requirements

• IELTS – normally a minimum overall grade of 7.5, usually with 7.0 or above in each element. • EU students – a high grade in English taken as part of a leaving examination (eg the European/French Baccalaureate, Abitur etc) may be acceptable. • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English – grade A or B. See the website for more details and other acceptable English language qualifications.

Tuition fees Nationals of a European Union (EU) country are usually treated on exactly the same basis as UK students for fees (see p27). Tuition fees for international students (from outside the EU and from the Islands4) depend on the course and in 2015-16 will be between £15,063 and £22,923 per year (£36,459 per year for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine) but you should allow for increases in subsequent years. See the website for details.

Living expenses Your living expenses may be higher than for a UK student, for instance if you stay in Cambridge or the UK during the vacations. The minimum resources needed in Cambridge per year (excluding tuition and College fees) are estimated to be approximately £9,400, depending on your lifestyle.

If you’re uncertain about your status – whether you’re Home (UK/EU) or international – for fees purposes, please request a fee status questionnaire from any College admissions office or the Cambridge Admissions Office (see p150).

The financial support available for overseas undergraduates is limited but at Cambridge this includes:

College fees All overseas fee status (including Islands4) students, and those UK/EU students who aren’t eligible for tuition fee support (eg affiliated students), normally have to pay College fees in addition to University tuition fees. College fees vary between Colleges (currently between £5,400 and £7,720 per year). See individual College websites for details and you should allow for increases in subsequent years.

Financial support and scholarships

• Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust awards • College awards • country-specific scholarships Few full scholarships are available at undergraduate level; most support is a partial contribution to your overall costs and is means-tested. Details about each of these funding sources and how to apply for them are available online. Please pay particular attention to the application requirements and deadlines.

Earlier application deadlines may apply to students who are applying for certain scholarships as well. See the website for information. Islands students are students from the Channel Islands and from the Isle of Man.


University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus 2016 Entry  

University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus 2016 Entry

University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus 2016 Entry  

University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus 2016 Entry