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Cost-effective Cambridge 2015-16 What am I paying for?

How much does it cost per year?

Tuition fees


Living costs total


Included in living costs total: Accommodation2


Please see the website for further detail on finances and the most up-to-date information (

Kitchen facilities charges


College meals


Tuition fees

Transport in Cambridge

Cheap or free!

As at most English universities, in 2015-16 the tuition fees for UK/EU students studying for an undergraduate degree are £9,000 per year for all courses.1 We’re committed to providing a world class education and access to the very best teachers, resources and support. Therefore, we actually invest, on average, almost twice this amount in each student every year. No UK/EU student studying for their first undergraduate degree has to pay their tuition fees while they’re studying at university. Instead, you can take out a government Tuition Fee Loan and defer payment until after you’ve left university and are earning a minimum salary, at which point you’ll start to repay the loan in instalments. Please refer to the appropriate student finance award agency for details of tuition fee support (see p29).

Cost-effective living ‘Living costs’ cover whatever you need to pay for, excluding tuition fees, while you’re at university. For example: • • • •

accommodation food course costs/study materials personal expenses and transport

We’ve estimated that you should allow approximately £8,360 a year for your living costs in Cambridge (though this will vary depending on your lifestyle).

£3,300-£4,500 en suite 2

Accommodation Most Colleges offer accommodation in a range of price bands to suit different budgets. As a rough guide, the rent for a 30-week year for most single study bedrooms is as follows:

£95-£120 per week with shared bathroom £110-£150 per week with en suite See individual College websites for details about accommodation and costs. See also p20-1 for general information about accommodation and for a comparison with regional and national average costs. Food Colleges provide basic self-catering facilities as well as cafeterias/dining halls (see also p21). Some levy a charge towards the running costs of the College kitchens – the kitchen facilities charge – and then offer meals at lower prices. • Most weekly kitchen facilities charges are around £13-£19. • Individual meals typically cost £3-£6. • Many Colleges have regular ‘formal halls’ (three-course dinners) that are also great value at around £8-£16.

Course costs The cost of study materials varies depending on your course but may include: • • • •

equipment (eg calculators, lab coats) photocopying study materials (eg paper, pens, books) travel costs (eg field or dissertation research trips)

Specific course costs can be found on the relevant faculty or department website. The University’s numerous libraries and IT facilities (see p12) help to keep your costs down and many Colleges and some departments offer grants to help with particular costs. Personal expenses What you spend on food, clothing, transport etc depends on your lifestyle. However, there are lots of free recreational facilities plus loads of College-based and student-run activities that don’t cost very much. What’s more, Cambridge is a small place so transport is cheap or free: most students walk or cycle everywhere and there’s a ‘Uni 4’ bus service that offers discounted fares to students.

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The following details are for UK/EU undergraduates starting a course in October 2015 (unless otherwise stated). Figures for 2016-17 will be published on the Undergraduate Study website as soon as they’re available. If you’re from outside the EU, please see p35.

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University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus 2016 Entry  

University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus 2016 Entry