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Part II Course Management Studies

Management Studies Management Studies is offered as a Part II-only course. Students at any College can apply to transfer to Management Studies after two or three years of studying another subject at Cambridge. A management environment No undergraduate business degree by itself can teach someone how to be a competent manager: that comes with experience, and then further education. What Management Studies enables you to do is to study the subjects relevant to management and the environment in which the manager operates, whilst still a full-time student. You gain a sound understanding of the fundamentals of management and various aspects of management practice, as well as gain practical experience in a real-life context. You acquire the skills that a good manager needs, including the ability to apply critical analysis to management issues, and an awareness of the responsibilities of managers in an economic, social and environmental context.

The value of our course is evident in the successful careers of our graduates. Since its introduction in 1986, students who have taken Management Studies have found little problem in finding the type of employment they seek in industry and commerce. Recent graduates have gone on to careers in consultancy (for private equity and trade), marketing and communications, recruitment (in one case, starting their own consultancy), IT and information systems, and the banking and finance sector (including an investment analyst and a risk analyst). A stimulating environment Management Studies is the responsibility of the Judge Business School, one of the top business schools in the world. The Judge Business School provides the library and computing facilities you need for both carrying out coursework and preparing papers and presentations.

However, amongst the most stimulating resources on the course are your fellow students: they come from different subject areas and have contrasting strengths, enabling you to learn from each other. Teaching and topics Teaching involves lectures, supervisions and other active learning methods, such as a negotiations workshop. The six main areas of a manager’s work make up the core subjects of the course: • business and management economics • human resources and organisations • operations and information systems • strategy and marketing • finance and accounting • management science

Fact file Duration One year Entry requirements Competitive entry after two or three years of another Cambridge course1 Places available 70 Location Map reference J (see p152-5) 1

Please note that not all Colleges allow students whose original course is three years to stay on to take Management Studies as a fourth year.

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University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus 2016 Entry  

University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus 2016 Entry