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The Canyon Weekly August 3, 2011

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Volume 2, Issue 31

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Geocaching in the Canyon

So, what is “Geocaching� anyway? According to the site, it’s a real-world outdoor treasure hunting activity where players try to locate hidden containers called “geocaches� using GPS-enabled devices, and then share their experiences online. Geocaching took off in 2000 after a technology enthusiast wanted to test the accuracy of the (then) new satellite technology. He placed a container with a note and some trinkets near Beavercreek Oregon , posted it online - then challenged his readers to find it. There was only one rule: when you find it, take some stuff and leave some stuff. Now, there have been over 6,352,065 new logs submitted in the past 30 days alone. There are over 5 million active players world wide and the rules (cont’d on page 5)

Shanna Hall Photography

Three-alarm fire at Freres Lumber Mill

Eight local fire agencies responded to a three-alarm fire at Freres Mill, Plant 5 in Lyons July 30. The fire started Saturday morning in the fuel silos - where wood chips had heated to combustion. Mill workers tried to put it out - finally calling local fire departments at 4pm that afternoon. Responders came from Lyons, Stayton, Sublimity, Salem, Scio, Mill City, Jefferson and Aumsville. No one was seriously hurt and Freres operations have returned to normal.

Minto Dam: Local construction company works on the multi-million dollar fish collection and river project

This past March the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $23.9 million contract to Slayden Construction Group of Stayton to rebuild the Minto Fish Collection Facility, located between Niagra Park and Packsaddle boat launch on the North Santiam river east of Gates. Since then, a small community has formed on the west end of Gates, housing offices and a base camp for the rebuild that has commenced at the river site upstream. Approximately 20 Slayden employees, including the management team and construction crew work out of there,

plus a multitude of contractors and subcontractors have been, and will be, passing through. “We’ve got everything from building trades to electrical installations to swift water divers we’ve contracted out,� said Erik Helms, a 10 year Slayden veteran and Quality Control Manager of the Minto project. “We’re using local businesses as much as possible, such as X-Rock and Siegmund’s Landscape & Supply out of Lyons/Mehama. Siegmunds has been very helpful hauling rock. We have big site dump loader down there to streamline the

process. They’ve also been hauling and delivering trees.� The trees, which had to be removed to make room for the new facility, were given to the Santiam Watershed Council for local stream restoration projects such as the ongoing building up of Stout Creek near Mill City. “The primary purpose of the new Minto facility is to safely collect, hold, sort, and transport adult North Santiam spring Chinook and steelhead,� said Chris Budai, project manager for the rebuild of Minto (cont’d on back page) Fish Collection


Residential & Commercial Remodeling Kurt Hueller

Certified Remodeler


Lyons, OR • CCB #114169


Detroit motorcycle icon takes a hit from local driver

Instead of hitting local Korner Post restaurant owner Rick Ladbury, Idanha resident Dave Luttrell, 71, did his best to avoid harming life - and took out the custom-built centerpiece of the restaurant’s Motor Mania instead. Last Wednesday, driver Dave Luttrell said his foot slipped off the brake and hit the gas pedal while driving near the restaurant. In order to miss hitting Ladbury, who was standing outside, Luttrell ran over the front end of the hand built, life sized, POW/MIA motorcycle art in front of the Detroit building. “He crashed four feet from where I was standing,” said Ladbury, who has been building the Korner Post Restaurant Motor Mania collection for two years - including a lounge full of collectibles and memorabilia. “We really lost something here...this was a key piece that a lot of people have been photographed with.” Pictured: driver Dave Luttrell, 71, of Idanha after running into the Luttrell also bent the flag pole and ran into the corner of the POW/MIA motorcycle art July 27 at the Korner Post Restaurant in Derestaurant. Neither he nor his vehicle suffered any major dam- troit. “He looked pretty shook up,” said restaurant owner Rick Ladbury. age. But, said Ladbury, “He looked pretty shook up.”

Detroit Lake boat launch wins national award for winter fishing access

The winter access boat launch at Mongold State Park is the recipient of this year’s Special Recognition Award from the States Organization for Boating Access (SOBA). The project started in 2009 as part of the Federal Lakes Recreation Committee Detroit Lake’s (FLRCDL) goal of returning tourism to the lake - after low water levels in 2000 led to difficult lake access and loss of tourism revenue for the area cities. “A lot of people gave up on winter fishing because the access was so poor,” said Dave White, the FLRCDL Board Chair, who said that the reality is that steelhead fishing is much better at that time of year. “In the winter, the fish firm up because of better feeding.” The new low-water cement boat launch lies about 1/8 mile from the existing boat launch area, where the natural slope of the lake allowed for easy construction. It’s

connected to the existing boat launch by a gravel road that will be completely to partially submerged during summer lake levels. Part of the award was credited to the innovative 665’ rip-rap construction of the connecting road, which was designed to handle boat wakes without eroding, while not using asphalt - not permitted on submerged roads. Four lanes of the existing boat launch at Mongold State Park were also improved as part of the $650,000 grant-funded project. The outside lanes were extended 70’ and the inside lanes were extended 100’. The project was organized by FLRCDL with help from the Willamette National Forest, US Army Corps of Engineers, Oregon Parks & Recreation Department, Oregon State Marine Board and the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

530 Clester Rd W, Detroit

The Special Recognition Award will be presented September 28 in La Crosse, Wisconsin during the SOBA national conference. Only one award from this category is given to a group each year. Federal Lakes Rec. Comm. Detroit Lake: has produced an access & hazard map of the lake, helped secure life jacket loaner kiosk, obtained an economic benefits analysis of higher lake levels, supported new vault toilets Piety Island, and supported more floating restrooms serving boaters. The Committee is currently working with the Detroit Lake Recreation Enhancement and Shoreline Restoration Design Project and replenishing gravel in the North Santiam River below Detroit Dam to improve fish spawning areas. Committee members are local users, residents and business owners who serve as volunteers. A big thanks to Wayne Shulyer for taking the time and effort needed to complete the award nomination form.

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The Secret Garden comes to Mill City

Join Mary Lennox, Colin Craven, Archibald Craven, the Bugs that Rock, a flock of Canadian geese (eh?) and a host of others in a musical wonderland this Friday and Saturday when the Missoula Children’s Theatre and 38 local students present an original musical adaptation of The Secret Garden. Just arriving from Bellingham, WA, professional actors Calida Davis and Matt Loehrke will be guiding kids from Mill City, Gates, Lyons, Jordon, Marion Forks, Turner, Lebanon and Spanaway, WA in stage presence, line memorization, enunciation, and the art of hitting every single note this week -to bring together a memorable theater experience for both the cast and the audience. The Secret Garden will be presented Fri. Aug. 5, 7pm and Sat. Aug. 6, 1pm at Santiam Auditorium. Tickets available at the door. $5/adults, $3/students up to 18 years and senior citizens. The Missoula Children’s Theatre residency in Mill City is brought to you by the Santiam School District with support from the Youth Benefit Golf Tournament. Info: Caroline Gillaspy 503-507-3930 or 503-897-2311 ext. 240.

Matt Loehrke and Calida Davis of the Missoula Children’s Theatre lead the cast of The Secret Garden in voice lessons.

Mill City teenager victim of attack Family seeks information about First Street incident

J.R. Roldan, 15, moved to Mill City from Stayton in March with his mother Angelia Burdett and little sister Piper “To come to a quiet country town,” according to his mom. J.R. soon fell in love with his next door neighbor, and partook in the normal activities of kids his age, mostly staying home and playing video games and hanging out around their apartments on Kingwood Ave. “He really doesn’t get out and do much. I don’t know why something like this would happen to him,” Burdett said.. What happened last Monday night to J.R. as he walked home from Circle K where he bought his sweetheart a bottle of water remains a mystery. “I was walking up First Street at about 12:25 in the morning...I didn’t see anyone around at all, when I got slammed on the side of the face with something,” J.R. recalls. He doesn’t remember much after that, except for being kicked several times while J.R. Roldan with his he lay there in the grass, fearing he might be girlfriend Kyrsten Black, his wound pushed over the ledge into a yard below. still noticeable He claims he didn’t hear anything either. several days after But when he opened his eyes he does rethe attack. member seeing a mid-sized white truck drive past. Fearing for his life, he scrambled home, where his mother and girlfriend called 911 and he was taken to Santiam Memorial and LANDSCAPE SUPPLY treated for a severe concussion. 21393 N. Santiam Hwy. • Stayton, OR 97383 The video surveillance camera at Mill City Market Place couldn’t capture the event, but does show the flow of traffic on first street. In it the white pick-up is seen - and shortly after it a silver king cab Toyota drives by. Also seen are two young men walking, both wearing longer shorts, one with a baseball cap and backpack who appears to be holding an object in his left hand. No arrests were made and the case remains open. J.R. and his family are frustrated more isn’t being done and asks if anyone has any information,to please contact the Linn County Sheriff’s Department at (541) 967-3950. “I think (the Sheriff’s office) are not doing anything more because they know we’re moving to California next week. They just want to avoid the paperwork,” said J.R.’s mother, Angelia. “All this just surprises me. This sort of thing isn’t supposed to happen in Mill City.”



McGRA 5-6th grade baseball team takes second place at state playoffs

Ten local boys gave it their all - all season long, earning them the second place title in the Junior Baseball Organization’s Oregon state playoffs July 24 at Kinder Park in Albany. “This team was amazing!” said mom Stacie Cook, one of many parents who tirelessly supported their boys. “They were dedicated to their practices and it really paid off.” Choosing to unite in spirit and appearance for their big day, all the boys showed up with mohawks and the war cry of “Rock the Hawk!” became their motto. “We had a great year,” said

Coach Jed Henness. “Not only did they place second in Oregon out of 107 teams, our players were the only ones to represent a 2A school district in the playoffs. The other teams there were all from 5A and 6A schools.” The MCGRA boys hit a total of 41 home-runs and 3 grand-slams over the season. Coach Henness would like to give special kudos to his assistant coaches Billy Arndt and Billy Klagge, team mom Kathy Klagge for keeping stats at all of the games and “Doing anything we asked of her,” and to his wife, Emily, “For taking up all the slack, for everything.” Pictured left: the 2011 Oregon JBO 2 place team: (in alphabetical order) Kraig Ardnt, Macoy Cook, Brody Foster, Austin Henness, Austin Hicks, Jackson Klagge, Randall Klagge, Jordan Lanham, Josh McCormick, and Riley Nicot. Pictured right: Macoy Cook shows his “Rock the Hawk” team spirit after winning second

The Mill City Gates Recreation Association is accepting applications for fall sports including: Soccer for ages 4 - 4th grade ~ Volleyball 5th & 6th grades Flag football (co-ed) 2nd-4th grades ~ Tackle Football 5th & 6th grades Fees for soccer, volleyball and flag football are $40 per player; tackle football is $75 per player. Discounts for multiple sibling players and scholarships are available for children with financial needs. MCGRA emphasizes that no child who wants to participate will be turned away. Applications can be picked up at Mill City City Hall. MCGRA is also looking for volunteer coaches and referees. For more info: 503-854-7009 (leave message). MCGRA meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the Scout Cabin on Remine Rd. in Mill City. Next meeting is August 11.

Share your America! Host an Exchange Student! Make every day extraordinary as you share your unique American family with a student from Europe or Asia. At the end of this special year, you won’t want to say good-bye.

Students: 15 to 18 years, English speaking and would attend your local high school. Spending money and insurance is provided. You: EF Foundation host families only need to provide the student with room, board and a nurturing environment.

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Local man, woman save drowning family Lyons residents Randy Hildebrandt and Denise Pickle were throwing sticks for some canine friends into Rock Creek near Mill City July 24 - when five year old Paul “Chunka” Forbes, Jr. decided he wanted to catch one, too. “He has the guts to try - but he can’t swim,” said mom Athena Forbes. First Chunka slipped in to the rip current waterfall pool, then brother Tim Swain, 14, tried to save him and got pulled under. Dad Paul Forbes, Sr. tried too - until all three were on the bottom of the river.

Local Fed-Ex driver Hildebrandt (a professional scuba diver) and friend Pickle dove in and pulled them off the bottom, then floated a few feet down stream where the whole crew was able to get out and catch their breath. “It was so surreal, like a living nightmare - but it was really happening,” said Hildebrandt. “That river is really underestimated. It amazing how three feet of water can be deadly.” No one was seriously hurt during the incident.

Hwy 22, Mill City

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8-5 on Sunday

Geocaching: Don’t be a muggle

remain fairly simple: 1) If you take something from the geocache (or “cache”), leave something of equal or greater value. 2) Write about your find in the cache logbook. (BYOP...Bring Your Own Pen.) 3) Log your experience at Plug in to sites in the North Santiam Canyon and not only will dozens of online potential caches light up your screen, you may even guess who placed the cache, or who found one recently. Our first hunt was placed by a “Brian”, with the handle “PreacherB.” So we called up Brian Beyers, a local pastor who had some words of advice: “There are two aspects of geocaching,” said Byers. “The hiding and the finding. Also, the term “cache in, trash out” - meaning while you’re there leave the trail cleaner than you found it.” He adds, enthusiastically, “This is definitely a hobby that can be addicting! It gets in your blood… and once you have the GPS equipment all you need is a tank of gas and you’re off! Just remember that a cache is never worth your life. Some of the caches can be placed in (cont’d from page 1)

difficult and dangerous places (such as hidden at the top of the Gates bridge). Never risk safety for a cache!” Geocaching can, and will lead you to places you may never had the opportunity to visit before. In our own experiences this past two weeks we were led to trails in our canyon we never knew existed, serene forest meadows, deep ominous caves and even a natural rock pyramid. The online site,, helps to label the difficulty of the terrain, the length of the hike, and gives hints on where you might find it. Such as “it’s ‘knot’ in here” revealed a tiny container hidden in the knot of a fallen tree and “You might be standing on it.” Well, yes we were, as a matter of fact. Caching has it’s own language and accronyms such as DNF - “did not find” and FNF - “first to find”, TNLN - “took nothing, left nothing” and SWAG - “stuff we all get.” And if you have stumbled unknowingly onto a container- don’t be a “muggle,” be conscientious of the owners of the cache and leave the container in the same way you found it.

Catching the Geocaching Bug By Tim Widmer

Every since I was a boy, participating in activities that required helmets, shin protectors, and wheels had a profound effect on me. Flash forward 35 years, and the only thing that has changed is that I am chasing after my children a few miles from my home. My quest for gadgets, family fun, and being outside continue to rule the day. Sophie, my six year old daughter seemed too comfortable holding my expensive phone, watching the digital compass, and making sure the numbers were getting smaller. My obsession... geocaching has taken hold. Christened a “Tadpole” after registering online, I jumped head first into our new family activity. Tadpoles are considered newbies that have had less than 10 posts on an official goecache website. More than 10 and you’re a “Cacher.” First lesson learned: technology is not perfect. We were able to get within 400 feet of the cache, to find out that when cell coverage stops, it shuts our operation down. Luckily my family sniffed out the treasure with “Geo-sense and instinct.” and a healthy dose of fun.

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Gates Fire Support to hold fundraiser for Jaws of Life, other needed equipment

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Gates Fire District Emergency Services Support (GFDESS), the non-profit organization that supports the Gates Rural Fire Protection District is having a Treasure Sale to get needed equipment for their multi-purpose rescue vehicle. The district has already received funding for a new rescue truck to be delivered in September. It will replace the 1976 bare bones utility truck that currently goes out to vehicle accidents, fires and other local emergencies. Now, the district needs to raise funds to equip the new rescue vehicle with specialized tools like Jaws of Life and vehicle stabilization struts for overturned cars.

“It’s the most versatile vehicle that we use,” said Fire Chief Gary Swanson. “It goes on every call - it has lighting, traffic control capabilities, firefighter rehab facilities and can even give us a place to feed volunteers on long calls.” The Treasure Sale will be on Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13 from 9am-5pm by the gazebo along the highway in Gates. Donations are requested; for info: organizer Cindy Miller at 503-897-2232. Miller would like to see the fire dept succeed in order to to better serve our residents and community. “Our community is beautiful - it’s really something to be proud of,” said Miller.

Gates National Night Out August 9th

Come join your neighbors at the 12th Annual Gates National Night Out at the Gates Fire Station next Tuesday, August 9th at 6pm. Free hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, beverages - and fire truck rides too! Gates city, rural residents and all others who would like to attend are invited. Come join the fun! A special thanks to our hosts from the Gates Neighborhood Watch.

Santiam Valley Dance holds recital

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Fair & Friendly

(Pictured left to right) Beginning ballet: Jaselyn Hall, Elena Nieto, Abby Winters, Jocie Adams, Cassidy Meier and Ashley Rea. Intermediate ballet: Ali Knox, Bethany Voth, Shelby Wilkins, Sammy Norris, and Ashley Valentine. front row Hip-Hop Class: Leah longfellow, Janessa Leon, Anahi Leon and Eli Lock. (Photo by Shanna Hall Photography)

Santiam Valley Dance, under the guidance of instructor Tegan Willitt, held their first-ever recital last Saturday at Santiam Auditorium. The young dancers proved the prowess and abilities much the delight of the crowd. Tegan would like to “Thank all the parents who are so dedicated to both their children and dance. And thanks to all my students who put in the hard work to become the best dancers they can!” There are spots open in all classes currently, ages 3 and up tuition ranges from $25-45 monthly. Visit

Detroit residents petition for political recall

Root cause may be pending lawsuit from local landowner According to a group of twenty organizers, two political leaders in Detroit should be recalled from office because they have engaged in unprofessional behavior, are failing to help promote the local economy and have engaged in repeated secret meetings that exclude the public, among others. But James Bradley, Detroit Mayor and City Councilor, and Patrick Carty, Detroit City Councilor argue these charges are unfounded. “This is strictly a personal vendetta,” said Mayor Bradley, in his argument against the recall. Mayor Bradley believes that part of the effort stems from a pending lawsuit against the City of Detroit - by a local property owner over a 15 foot wide strip of land where city water lines are buried. To the city, the four-year lawsuit has become a question of moving the water lines, settling on a purchase price or evoking public right-of-way rights. It’s one of the reasons the council held recent closed Executive Sessions - the “secret meetings” noted in the recall complaints, said Councilor Patrick Carty. Council members argue that the closed meetings help keep legal strategy intact. With a town population of 205, the meetings shelter legal actions while they’re sent through official channels. Often those actions get changed mid-route - between City Council and legal advisors - which could be after the wrong information has been told to the landowner by the public. “Personally, I hate (the closed meetings). They make people suspicious,” said Councilor Carty, who said that

closed meetings are also held to discuss personnel issues. “We’re following Oregon public meeting laws...we have to do it to protect people’s rights.” Some residents, like Margaret Scott, are concerned about the recent appointment of a part-time resident to city council. City statutes say council members must be residents, but regulations are vague as to what determines a “resident”. Some people believe legal voting address determines it, others think it should mean living year-round within Detroit city limits. “We feel like we need a change,” said Chief Petitioner Jeanette Hartwell. “We need a council that’s pro-business and pro-growth.” She indicated that replacement candidates are available and that at least 38 residents have signed each petition. But Hartwell would not provide specific incidents relating to recall petition complaints of behaving unprofessionally. She was, however, involved in an ethics complaint earlier this year against the city council - requesting an investigation of what she believes was an illegal meeting last June to discuss her performance as mayor - a position she was asked to resign from by the then-current city council. “A lot of people are having second thoughts about the damage this is doing. The issue seems to be polarized, some people are tired of the politics and some think we need to get new people in there. There are some people that aren’t really willing to listen to everything going on. Seems like this could have been worked out in a more positive way,” said City Councilor Greg Sheppard. “I think we

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should wait for results from ethics commission. Is this really warranted? A recall in my book isn’t always the answer. It stops people from getting involved.” Getting involved is a sentiment shared by people on both sides of the issue. “I haven’t seen the community pull together like this in awhile,” said resident Rick Ladbury. “I think the town is going to speak.”

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Bill Sanderson’s River Report August 3, 2011


The river dropped again last week and is clearer and warmer now. That is good for boating people, fishing people, and for fish in the upper river. The clarity has also improved. Steelhead are mostly in prime condition with chrome sides and a little raspberry stripe along the lateral line. Salmon are getting dark skin with some white and sore spots. Some of the meat is still very good. Almost all of the steelhead are prime. Steelhead fry are emerging from gravel beds, and ducks and other birds are feeding on the little fish. With the new lower river levels, some of the gravel bars are very shallow and rocky. We can take the deepest route through all the tricky places and miss most of the rocks. However, there will be some dragging of the boats on all drifts downstream from Mehama. It’s a small inconvenience to get soggy sneakers while pulling the boat through a shallow place in order to continue the trip through all the peace and quiet in the river corridor. The river may be the lifeline of the area, but much of it is away from development and seems to be a different world than the pavement and glass buildings that make us want to escape. August and September are perfect months for enjoying the whitewater and/or the fishing on the North Santiam. It is the warmest and driest weather of the year, and the fish have moved into locations where we know how to find them. We can see the bottom of the river most of the way down, and can spot fish and game easily.

The Canyon Weekly Puzzle Page Easy


Across 4. How citizens of Detroit combat polarization. 5. Driver saves the day. 6. NOT a good thing to yell at a theater, or a lumber mill. 7. The new facility at Minto will help keep these spring fishies safe. 9. Local pro builder, to get the job done. 10. Hauling rocks, hauling trees, and u-cart concrete if you please. 12. Stat keeper, and baseball mom extraordinaire. 16. Boat launch big winner. 17. Hidden camera record. 18. Stuff We All Get.

Down 1. Find it with a GPS or at the Gates FD sale. 2. What politics and magnets have in common. 3. She wrote The Lathe Of Heaven, on the book club list. 7. Boom!Right into the Korner post! 8. Bumbles onto a cache, and steals it away. 11. How can this lake get any better? Grant money! 13. People of Gates protected because of their support. 14. ...Creek, could have proven deadly. 15. 10 local boys rocked this doo, team won number two! 17. Black one for sale in the classifieds.

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Free Summer Meals for kids ages 1-18. • 11:30am-12:30pm at Santiam H.S. cafeteria. Mon-Thurs thru August 18th. Adults $2.00. • 12pm at Mari-Linn School. MonThurs. Santiam Valley Grange Flea Market Aug 13. Booth spaces and tailgaiting available. Info: 503-859-3445 Cascade Foothills Saturday Faire will be held one day this summer instead of every month. Saturday, Aug. 13 - the local market with crafters, artisans and business folks. To vendor or sponsor, contact Faire Chairperson Cathy Morris at 541.258.6940. Hot August Nights school supply fundraiser at Mill City Moose Lodge. Aug 13. Raffle tickets on sale now. Gates Fire District Emergency Services Support Treasure Sale at the Gates Gazebo on Hwy 22. Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13 from 9am - 5pm. To donate items to sell, please call Cindy Miller at 503-897-2232. Detroit Lake Recreation Enhancement and Shoreline Restoration Design Project meeting Phase II: August 13, 7-9pm. City of Detroit Mtg Hall 150 Detroit Ave N. Marian Estates Auxiliary Annual Parking Lot Sale 2 DAYS ONLY: Fri., Aug. 19th 2-5pm Sat., Aug. 20th 9am3pm. 390 SE Church St. Sublimity, OR 97385 - near the Bistro. Santiam Valley Grange Pancake Breakbast Aug 20. Info: 503 859-3445 Dog Daze City-Wide Garage Sale August 20, Mill City & Gates $3/ individual, $5/civic group or business. Register by Aug 15 at Mill City City Hall Lyons City-Wide Garage Sale. Free fluorescent sale signs reading “The


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Community That Cares” at city hall. Get on the map for just $1 (deadline August 12, 4pm) Info: Dental Includes Any Necessary Mary Mitchell 503-859-2167 3470 Liberty Rd S Digital x-rays & much More! Mill City area schools Salem, OR 97302 ($202 value) Drs. Irene Glanville, DMD & registration starts Aug 22. Aaron Stensvad, DMD Santiam HS and Mill City Middle Call Today: Irene Glanville, DMD and School. Letters mailed with Aaron Stensvad, DMD, 503-371-2424 are licensed general dentists. specific times. Info: 503-897-2321 value. Not valid with other offers. Canyon Readers at Trexler Farm and ask for Angie. No cash May apply to family member, too. © 2011 Novus Venalicium in Mehama: Sept. 8: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. members/guests welcome. 897-3100 Oct. 13: Islands in the Stream by Earnest 7pm Mill City Moose Lodge Wii Game Hemmingway. Nov. 10: The Innocent Night New members/guests welcome. Man by John Grisham. Dinner starts at 7pm The Secret Garden with the Mis6:30pm, discussion starts at 7pm. Herb soula Children’s Theater at Santiam AuBastuscheck 503-859-2668. ditorium. . Info: Caroline at 503-507-3930 Detroit Lake Cruz-In Classic Car or 503- 897-2311 ext. 240. Rally Sept 17. Register at www. Saturday, August 6 9am Youth Benefit Golf Tournament at 9th Annual Santiam Canyon School Elkhorn Golf Course. All proceeds benefit District Hall of Fame Banquet on local youth causes. $100/person. Prizes November 12, 7pm at the high school include a Reno Coach Trip, 18 holes with commons. The Hall of Fame committee is cart at several Oregon courses, more. looking for individual sponsors ($150) or Mike Long 503-897-4902 mikelong@ all recipient sponsors ($600). Info: David or Plotts, Caroline Gillaspy 503-897-2311. 9am Help Map Fairview Cemetery with

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Jay C. Woods for online archive. Visit Thursday, August 4 Index.html. 3pm World crafts craft day. Dress code 1pm The Secret Garden with the Mistheme: African or Australian. Lyons Pub- soula Children’s Theater at Santiam Aulic Library 279 8th St. 503-859-2366 ditorium. Info: Caroline at 503-507-3930 Friday, August 5 or 503- 897-2311 ext. 240. 10-11pm Free Stargazing 2-3pm Camp FishBend: 3rd Annual at Fishermen’s Bend Water Fight with Ranger Dan at FisherCampground 5 telescopes for men’s Bend Campground. Family fun, close & deep space viewing. free. Info: Facebook or 503-897-2406 Open to the public. Every 9-10:30pm Camp FishBend: Campfire Friday (weather pending) at Sing-a-Long & Stories with Sasquatch Cottonwoods ball field in River with Ranger Dan at Fishermen’s Bend Loop. Facebook: Fishermen’s Campground. Family fun, free. Info: Bend Campgound. Facebook or 503-897-2406 6-7:30pm Steak Night at Sunday, August 7 Mill City Eagles Lodge. New 11:30-4pm Santiam High School Class

Canyon Espresso

Mon-Thurs 5:30a-4p REAL Fruit Smoothie Fri 5:30a-5p 16oz $4.00 Sat-Sun 6:30a-5p Hwy 22 & Gates Hill Rd 503.897.6031

Herb Bastuscheck 859-2668.

Weekly Events Mondays

Gates Community Church of Christ “..reaching the canyon for Christ.”

Mill City

Christian Church Pastor Brian Byers 503-897-2716 251 SW 3rd St, Mill City

4pm-8pm Youth Sunday School 9am Mike Stair, Minister Worship 10am Center for 7th-12 of ‘86 37th Reunion at Santiam HS Sunday School 9am grades. Air Hockey, Ping Worship 10am Commons. Recognizing the 50th reunion Pong, ect. FREE. Mill of 1961 and honors for 1941, 1951, too! 40070 Gates School Rd Gates Church, all levels! 897City Baptist Church. (503)897-3210 Info: 503-743-4355 or 2102 2-5pm Camp FishBend: Making a Trel- 6-7:30pm Eagles Lodge 4pm-8pm Youth Center for Taco Night New members lis with the Twig Man at Fishermen’s 7th-12 grades. Air Hockey, Ping welcome. 897-3100 Bend Campground. Family fun, free. Pong, Foos Ball. FREE. Mill City Baptist Info: Facebook or 503-897-2406 Tuesdays Church. 10am-2pm Quilting Club Canyon 4pm-close Tex Mex Thursday at Monday, August 8 Baptist Church 446 Cedar St, Lyons 503Marion Forks Restaurant Mexican 6:30pm Detroit City Council meets at 910-4918 cuisine for your enjoyment.$9.99. 503150 Detroit Ave N. 854-3669 7-9pm Lyons Rural Fire District board 12pm Senior Meals Fellowship Hall, Mill City Presbyterian Church. Meals on 6pm Cedars Taco Night, Detroit meeting at the fire hall Wheels avail. Ruth:503 897-2204 Fridays Tuesday, August 9 1pm Eagles Lodge Bingo Open to Free Knife Sharpening Fridays at 11-1:30pm Mill City City Council meets everyone. Mill City 897-3100 Gene’s Meat Market from 3pm-6pm at Mill City Middle School Library 7:30pm Santiam Al-Anon for family and (limit 5, please). Located at the flashing 6pm Ken Cartwright Free Summer friends of alcoholics, open meeting, Mt. yellow light on Hwy 22 in Mehama. 503Concert at Pioneer Park in Stayton. View Church, Aumsville 859-2252. Featuring “Little Roy Lewis” and Lizzy Wednesdays 10am-12pm Kid Zone Fun, crafts and Long. By KENC streaming comm radio 4pm-close Wild Wing Wednesday at a FREE sack lunch. Mill City Baptist and a grant from Stayton Cooperative Marion Fork Restaurant Wings your Church. 140 N. 1st. St (503) 536-5414 Telephone company. Family friendly way (spicy,bbq,or plain) 60 cents each. 1pm Canyon Senior Center Open event! All ages. Info: Ken Cartwright 503-854-3669 Pinochle 844 South First St, Mill City 503-769-2778 or 5:30-9:30pm Teen Movie Night Ages 503-897-4176 Wednesday, August 10 10-18 Mill City Christian Church, Mill 7:30-8:30pm Idanha AA Mtg at City Hall 7-8pm Lyons-Mehama Water District City. All kids MUST be picked up at Saturdays board meeting at Mehama Fire Hall 9:30pm. Free. 503-602-8742 7pm 9-ball Tournament at Mill City Thursday, August 11 7pm. AA Meeting Santiam Chapel, Lyons. Moose Lodge $3, payouts for 1-3 place. 11-1:30pm Mill City/Gates Recreation 7:30-8:30pm Idanha AA at City Hall Info: Assoc. meets at Scout Cabin. 7pm Wii Bowling Tournament at Mill 8pm Saturday Night Movies at Mill City 3pm International Ball and World City Eagles Lodge. Prizes for high scores Eagles Lodge. Free. New members/guests Market (enrollment in reading program awarded at the end of each month. New welcome. 897-3100 required with 10 hours by Aug 9). Lyons members/guests welcome. 897-3100 Public Library 279 8th St. 503-859-2366 Thursdays 6:30pm Canyon Readers at Trexler 12pm Senior Meals. Fellowship Hall, Farm in Mehama: August 11: The Lathe MC Presbyterian Church, 897-2204 of Heaven by Ursula Le Guin. Dinner 10am-3pm North Santiam Quilters, starts at 6:30pm, discussion starts at 7pm.

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Improving Minto Dam will help support local fish, said officials

(cont’d from front page) Facility.

“The existing facility was harmful to Endangered Species Act-listed fish, posed safety hazards to employees, and could not be operated during high river flows. Improving the facility also supports the long-term recovery plan for Upper Willamette spring Chinook and steelhead being developed by the State of Oregon and the National Marine Fisheries Service.” The facility will provide upstream fish passage via a trap-and-haul operation to evaluate the potential to re-establish fish

populations in habitat upstream of Detroit Dam. It’s vital to the existing hatchery mitigation program and operation of Marion Forks Hatchery. “Being awarded this bid was good timing for our company,” said Eric Helms. “We had people available to place on the project right away.” The majority of the management team has been working out of southern Oregon for the past 5 years. “It’s just nice to be working on a good project that is close to home,” said Helms. The most challenging aspect of the build so far? “The mud in July!” laughs Helms. “Usually we’re worried about dust control

this time of year!” The project is expected to be done in March of 2013. The Oregon Deptartment of Fish and Wildlife will continue to operate the facility. Photo courtesy of Corps of Engineers

This photo is of the placement of a wall of large sandbags in the river, an early step to building a coffer dam inside which construction of portions of the new facility will take place. The large frame structure in the foreground helps hold up the huge sacks for filling and then lifting by the crane.

August 13, 2011 9:30am-5:30pm At the Green Space near Hwy 22 in Gates

Food • Vendors • Music

With entertainers Scott Johnson, original folk guitar and Wayne Miley, vocal extrodinairre Special thanks to our sponsors!

Santiam Hearts to Arts 12

Vendors ~ More coming daily! • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Primal Instincts from Dallas Guardian Angel Crafts from Mill City Art from the Inkwell from Gates Tupperware from Sublimity Sticks and Stuff from Jefferson Designs 2 Dye 4 from Turner Shelley’s Caramel Corn from Turner Scentsy from Scio AW’s Family Favorites from Gates Fresh To You Produce from Stayton Bella Joy Creations from Salem Sugar & Spice Bakery from Lyons Trexler Farm from Mehama Why Not Wear Art (tie-dye) from Gates

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August 3, 2011  

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