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May 8, 2013

Volume 4, Issue 19

Kimmel Park vandalized, so kids clean up

On Wednesday May 1 at 3:42 in the morning Linn County Sheriff’s Department got a call, there was a dark colored crew cab pickup driving dangerously in Kimmel Park in Mill City. It was too dark for the caller to see the license plate, but what was seen in the morning throughout the park was an ugly mess. The truck had left swirls of deeps ruts through the outfield of the ballpark and play areas, and trash and

clods of dirt were strewn upon the infield. The Mill City-Gates Recreation. Association grades 5/6 baseball team were to have their first game coming up the next week, but the playing area was unusable. Yet that didn’t slow them down one bit. The boys and their coaches were out on the field, first thing Friday morning, with their wheelbarrows and rakes and by the end of the day they could call it good, and

all of them could make a mamma proud! Many thanks to North Santiam Paving for the donation of dirt, to Lindemann Construction for donating the dump truck and delivering the dirt, and to the Wolverines Working for You for use of their equipment. Linn County Sheriff’s Department has issued no citations on this crime yet, but encourage anyone with information to please contact them at (541)967-3950.

Spring is officially here and the Canyon is buzzing with events and activities. First off, May 17-19 marks Detroit Lake’s 31st annual Fishing Derby. (See back cover for details.) Next, the CanyonArts Festival is just around the corner! On May 25 the Santiam

Canyon’s premiere art festival that fills the grounds of Santiam Elementary.featuring the unveiling of the mural project, live music throughout the day, clown classes, bicycle powered spin-art, and a full house of art-

ists and crafters and food vendors, with free face painting and many children’s games and activities--all for FREE! Also May 25 Fishermen’s Bend kicks off the camping season with the River Rats (cont. on back page)

Hearts to Arts showcases Love, Peace and Harmony this Saturday in Mill City

Press Release - The Santiam Community Chorus, in conjunction with the Santiam High School American Pop Culture class, is pleased to present their Spring performance at the Santiam High School auditorium on May 11, 7pm. Admission is free. Of course, donations are always welcome. Jo Ann Hebing, the chorus director, and all the chorus members, are volunteers who simply love music. Even the students are volunteer performers. Tom Cole, of the popular Stoddard and Cole duo, will accompany the chorus for several numbers. Choral selections include music from all over the world in a program celebrating love, tolerance and global peace.

This program theme ties back to last year’s Black History Month performance, which promoted greater appreciation and understanding of all cultures. On the same theme, next year’s spring performance will focus on Holocaust Remembrance Day, in recognition of the millions who lost their lives for lack of tolerance. Santiam Hearts to Arts, a 501c3 non-profit organization, brings cultural opportunities to Santiam Canyon communities and supports the expenses of both the chorus and a part of the Pop Culture class. In today’s world, every day the news carries stories of hatred, injustice and war. This performance uses music to remind us that everyone can be a steward of peace. It takes just one voice. 1

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Letters to the Editor...

Letters to the Editor are the opinion of the writer and not necessarily those of The Canyon Weekly. Letters to the Editor may be edited for space or profanity. Send your letter to with your name and town.

Fundraiser earns over $1,700 for guide dog “Sister”. Owner gives praise to community. Canyon community !!!!!!! Is by far the best I really have a lot if good I can say. Bottom line is what I see a lot of is pulling together I want to thank everyone for donations of raffle items donations of time , everyone’s help in making the event very successful $1,700 is a big chunk that’s huge there are so many people to thank that I can’t list each one. There is a

gentleman named Jon that won the 50/50 and he donated that money for Sister. Very sweet! All of our locals, even into Stayton! It’s pretty refreshing to know that there are so many wonderful people in the world. On May the 3rd Sister will go into surgery. Thanks again to all who helped in any way. Jodie Swearingen

Santiam Canyon school board candidate statements

The Canyon Weekly has invited all the Santiam Canyon School District Board candidates to submit up to 300 words to be priinted in the weeks prior to the election. Candidates seeking the first seat were featured in the April 17 edition, the second seat in the April 24 edition, 3 seat May 1, 4th seat May 8, and seat 2-1 will be printed on May 15. All past issues can be read for free at

Zone 1- Position 4 SCSD Candidates that there is much more to learn. Glenn Wright ingIf you elect me, my focus would be on:

I decided to run for school board because I want to our schools progress in a positive direction for the future. I have a no-nonsense attitude of get in and get it done, which I’ve lived by all my life. My goal is NOT to focus on the past, but on a positive future for our children. In the past few years, I have worked as a substitute custodian, and volunteered in many areas at the schools, including helping to get GE moved to its new home; I spearheaded the dismantling and reassembly of the playground, and through personal contact with vendors, was able to obtain all of the materials and equipment donations to get the small structure rebuilt without cost to the district. A good part of my summer was spent using my carpentry skills to help the teachers get their new classrooms ready. That time spent in and around the schools has helped me to understand many of the challenges that are faced because of our aging buildings and deferred maintenance. I have attended every board meeting in the last year, and have studied about the responsibilities of a school board member. I feel my efforts led to a deeper understanding of our district, still know-

1) Closer harmony between the school board, community, staff and superintendent. 2) Working towards more stable funding sources, and maximizing the resources we already have, including what to do with the Gates property. 3)Increasing curriculum opportunities for high school students Existingqualities: •Prior business experience,40+yearsselfe mployment • Time, dedication, and willingness to serve • Ability to set aside personal feelings for the greater good Thank you,Glenn N. Wright

Jeremy Tinney

My name is Jeremy Tinney and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Santiam Canyon School Board. I have lived in the Santiam Canyon with my wife and our two sons for the majority of my life and we are proud to be actively involved in the community. I attended Gates Elementary and Mill City Middle School as a child and

(cont’d on pg 3)

Fire Department Fundraiser a Huge Success

The Gates Fire Department fund raising concert hosted last week by the Gates Fire district Emergency Services Support non-profit was definitely a successful event according to concert organizer Fire Chief Gary R. Swanson. “Wow, we exceeded all our expectations for dollars raises. We were just a few dollars short of $8,000 for the project. That should enable us to purchase the three pieces of equipment targeted to meet department needs: 1) an AED for the community

convening space, 2) a new CPR training mannequin, and 3) a set of vehicle stabilization struts to be used at MVA incidents. We owe a special thanks to all our volunteers for their countless hours of work to prepare the event, and to our musicians who volunteered their time for three months to bring together a great show for our audience.” Chief Swanson went on to say, “the people in the community really supported this event. We had a great response to our spon-

sorship campaign, we had nearly 240 people attend the show over two nights, and numerous people simply donated funds in the mai and at the door as additional support for our project. It is so rewarding to see this level of community support for the work we do in the fire department. On behalf of the firefighters, board members of the Fire district and GFDESS, and all our volunteers, I say thank you for the support from our community and from those outside our community.”

Get ready to vote! Your ballot is in the mail (cont’d from page 2)

graduated from Santiam High School in 1993. I am currently employed and have worked as a firefighter/paramedic for the City of Salem for the past twelve years. My motivation to run for this position comes directly from our children’s education and our pride in the community. Considering the economic challenges we face day to day, the school budget must be justified with concrete benefits and future cost savings. Our town is not immune to the current economic conditions and because of this I believe careful fiscal management must be a priority for the school system and our community. I also believe that a dynamic team is unstoppable and I would like to be a part of that team. I am optimistic for the future of the school district and feel that we can overcome any obstacle when the students’ best interests are our number one priority. I feel that professionalism, credibility, honesty, and integrity are a few of the qualities that should be expected and demanded of all district employees and board members. I look forward the opportunity to work with the educators and staff members as my children continue through the school system. If elected, it will be important to remain active in the community during my time spent on the school board. This will ensure the ideas and opinions of students, parents, and residents are in-

cluded in any decision making process. I am committed to working collaboratively with the other school board members and staff. I am certain that we can provide an exceptional education for our students while still managing to control costs. This will allow us to maintain the integrity of the Santiam Canyon while also making it a desirable community that we can be proud of.

Derek Ownby Let me begin by introducing myself. My wife and I are relatively new to the canyon. We moved to Mill City on Labor Day 2011 so I could become the Youth Pastor at Mill City Baptist Church. I have a Bachelors of Arts degree from Union University in Youth Ministry focusing in at risk teens. I have worked with youth in lower income and rural areas since 2004. I have coached football at the middle school and high school level since 2002. I have worked or volunteered in education since 2009 primarily in tutoring and special education environments. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Education in Special Education. The pursuit of being on the Santiam Canyon School Board is not a political one for me. I want to see the students of this district have every opportunity to be successful. I believe we need to pursue every

avenue of funding possible to establish a meaningful alternative education program and re-establish electives in our schools. I also believe we need to repair our facilities by establishing a priority based system to assign appropriate funding. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the communities of The Santiam Canyon in any way possible. I ask you to please consider me and give me this opportunity. I humbly request your vote. Sincerely, Derek Ownby

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More kids to make a momma smile

This past week proved to be a plthora of photo ops for kids of al ages. The first Grade classes at Santiam Elementary spent their time on Earth day joyfullytidying up the grounds of thier school. Below, Members of the Local girl scout troop 10118 had a big day last Saturday. First they visited CCTV in Salem to film a clip on why they liked girl scouts with training coordinator Greg Hiltz. Then after a picnic lunch at Deepwood Estates the girls toured the mansion there, and went on to tour the Bush House as well. Do you know some kids that make you smile? Send in a photo of their event and tell us a bit about it. We would love to share in the pride.

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Honoring our Mothers \We asked our readers via facebook and in print if they knew a mother that they woud like to honor, and the outpouring of love and appreciation in such a short time was nothing short of inspirational. To all the mothers, both living and passed on, we Thank You for Life. May this Mother’s Day bring love and joy to each and everyone one of your’s day. And to all the mothers reading this yet not listed here, please know that we gave only a few short days for a response to our request...and you children know they are blessed with your presence in their lives. My Mom Bobbie Corey is one of those mothers I strive to be like, and we are blessed to have such a great














Laurie Holman, Judy Holman, My mother in law Margarete Brosig of Mill City (her name is spelled with the extra letter E). Margarete will be 96 on May 28, My mother is Charla Howard and she is amazing! I don’t know how she works multiple jobs, keeps a spotless house, cooks great meals, goes shopping, and still is there for every event or game for her kids. I love her so much! I would love to have her recognized! Sheila Zervas Nielsen, Ramona Sue Radford, my sweet momma! she will always be in my heart..... i miss her everyday.Martha Shelton Allen, Joelle Somersett, Jill Cohen, Basha Newman-Cohen, Isabelle Heller,Sue Cook, Linda Hagan for being the most tolerant and loving person, and somehow managing to raise two strong willed daughters without collapsing, Michelle Gates, Veronica Gates. To Louise Hagan, for being the best Grandma ever, and raising a family that we’re proud to say we belong to! Love you, Grandma! - Lois Carswell-Hands, my Mom Irene Heaven, for sure! Roberta Culverson-Beldon please include my Mom. Her name is Virgie Culverson. She is spending her 3d mother’s day in Heaven with our Lord. Doesn’t mean I don’t miss her. I would like to honor my mom! Her name is Nancy Coble. I grew up in Mill City and then moved to Georgia when I got married. Since I live so far away I do not get to be with my mom on this special day. Beatrice Willener, Isabella Bogle, Kathryn Widmer, Karen Widmer, Judy Bogle, Mary Wujcik, Wanetta McCasland, Shawn Kiel Long, Roseanna Juhola My Mother, Jean Akins,My Mother-in-Law, Eunice Juhola, passed away last week after a long down-hill slide. Two Mothers, both loved, 6 months apart in age! . Jessica Bradley, Jean Sicble of Fargo North Dakota. She’s amazing and I love her. Susan Kacy Dodge-Bear, Althea Bear, Kristine Dodge, Debra Wescott, Kari Wescott and Jeanette Wescott my daughter in laws, Sherri Hemphill! Trisha Ruby, Judy McKay, Elaina Turpin, Barbara Chesnover, Sheila Hoover, Christine Walker, An excellent, unselfish, caring mother, and an even better grandma! Sabrina Kent, LeAnn Kent a loving mom who’s always there when you need her! from Ryan Kent, Kimberley Keirsey Johnson, Michelle Keirsey, Stacie Cook, Amy Lynn Jucutan, Kelly Kaufman, Nicole Feigion Miller, Ellen Steen, Dorothy Davis, Anna Dodge, Terri Moberg, Colleen Morris, Sue Moberg, Shanna K Hall, Debbie Johnston, Lara Forste, Pam Trainor, MaryBeth Hurlocker, she is turning 93 on Sunday. Helen Davids, Kathleen Ann Fuller 12/10/42 to 5/7/2008 mother to four children married my dad 5/29/59.Lisa Follis.Jennifer Neal, Traci Scott. She has dedicated her whole life to her children and foster children. Michelle Meader-Lindemann, Kathy Meader, Melinda Flatman, Naydene Flatman: loving mom & friend, cancer survivor, caregiver, two amazing mothers I would like to honor, Laurie Blan and Nancy Carey, Marta W. Hazekamp, Pat Hazekamp, Debbie Fawcett, Marlene Hirons! Ely Funes, Teresa Angel is a Super-Mama, 11 children and a really good woman, Alison Larsen, Ginger Griffith, Karen Larsen, Holland Harris, Cheryl Croson, Lola Mae Wilson~1930 till 2005, Michelle Stanley, Zola Saner, Sandra Stegemann, Robin Ostovar my momma Robin she is the best!!Tammy Craft, Rosie Bogle, Francis Thomas, Josephine Reid, Crystal Thomas, Gilda Cardiello ( 12/11/17-5/21/2008) Doris Swanson, Kathy Kindred, Mary Wright,Sylvia Kindred, Edna Gordon,Ida Carey, Ann Carey, Sarah Gander, Anita Sweeten (Momma-Nita), Carli Severs, Joanna Ferre, Nicki Reynolds, Margaret Nickich, Sheila Zervas Nielsen Ramona Sue Radford, my sweet momma! She will always be in my heart, I miss her everyday. Whende Hornback Thomas, Tegan Willits, Keri Sanders, Ester Elkins, Peggy Barnick, Eve O’Connor, Kathy Mickey, Melody Munger, Charla Raven, Mary Schenk, Colleen Samuel, Kathy Sherman, Connie Brown, Caroll Hueller, Jennifer Longfellow, Judy Hugenberger, Holly Breen, Terri Crall, Stephanie Fountain-Larsen, Kathy Klagg, Paula Gunderson, Gay Stuntzner, Teri Ottoson, Joyce Trout, Joanne Hebing, Ruth Lemke, Nancy Hendricks, Sharlene Trexler, Nancy Ford, Polly Wurster (1908-1997) Michelle Keirsey-Coulibaly, Jill McAlister, Anita Johnson, Aimee Beattie. Denise Sanders, Lindsey Zauber, Darlene Downey, Jackie Clark Muir, Marge Tinney. 6

Bill Sanderson’s River Report May 8, 2013

503-897-3301 Little Meadows still has 26 inches of snow at 4,000 feet elevation a mile South of Detroit Lake. Recent warm weather is causing that to melt, and inflow into Detroit is still high enough to make for comparatively high releases into the North Santiam River below the Detroit Lake Dams. That snow will melt, and flows will decrease sometime in the near future. In addition to the snowmelt, we have a long history of mixed rainstorms and sunny weather in May and June. There is the possibility of an early summer, but we also have the possibility of additional rain. Detroit Lake is actually a foot higher than the normal summer level, so the Army Engineers are able to manage the lake and river using natural flows all summer. Willamette River temperatures have been variable around 60 degrees, and fish passage at Willamette Falls has been good some days and slow some days. So far, we have 8,341 Chinook salmon and 3,007 summer steelhead in the system. The winter steelhead run is practically over and the fish are spawning and returning to the ocean. Since the present river flow of 2,140 cubic feet per second at Packsaddle causes very large whitewater in the upper river, many boaters and anglers will choose to do river trips on lower river sections where the rapids are more moderate. Mill City or Fishermen’s Bend to Mehama is excellent for moderate whitewater and great scenery. Mehama to Stayton has a few good rapids and many riffles. There are some tricks to portaging the boat slide at Upper Bennett Dam, and precautions need to be taken there. It takes teamwork to get the boat into position and lowered down the ramp. One good reason to lower the boat down bow first is that if it stops suddenly the gear moves forward instead of out the back. It is a good idea to have a line on each end of the boat. Lack of

good technique and/or lack of teamwork can result in awkward situations. We recently had a learn the river trip in this section, and 17 boats participated. My boat went first and demonstrated poor technique. All other boats observed the problems and made good runs. We saw lots of birds and fish along the way and the weather was wonderful. Steelheaders Salem Chapter general membership meeting is on Tuesday May 21 at Keizer Community Center at 6:00 p.m. The program will be about river guiding on Willamette and Coastal rivers. North Santiam River Guides Association meets on Wednesday May 22 at Neufeldt’s Diner in Aumsville. The upcoming “Learn the River “ trip will be discussed along with other current fishing and river info.

The Fishermen’s Bend to Mehama trip is on June 1, and we shove off in the river at 10:00. Shuttle and breakfast can be done earlier. This is a beautiful section of river with large but not huge rapids. Prior whitewater experience is necessary for a safe trip. The trip from Packsaddle to Fishermen’s Bend is set for June 22, and we hope for good river and weather conditions so the trip does not need to be delayed. North Santiam River Trips offers both raft trips and driftboat trips on all sections of the North Santiam year around on a fee basis. Call or write for more information. Vacation rental cabins and houses are available, so people who want to get in on the best of the season for the North Santiam may reserve now for prime time. 7

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A Mid Summer Night’s Dream: Shakespeare at Santiam

The Santiam drama class pulled off a thouroughy entertaining play this weekend adding a twist of modern times to the Shakespeare classic. Some seriously talented young thespians, musicians and dancers kept the audience in giggles, while the fantatsical forest onstage lulled us to be there in the woods. The excellent casting and thoughful song placement was perfect. Pictured clockwise left: Oberon (Chase Howard) soon discovers that relationship advice from a sprite named Puck (Kristin Mouser) might not be in his best interest. far left: Starveling (Lila Kennedy) unwittingly woos Titania (Lauren Hebing) Below left: The American Pop Culture class was an act in it’s own, setting the tone for the play with love songs of the 60’s and 70’s. Below: Dancing fairies flit about the forest, just like fairies do.

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day. Judy Holman 503-859-2213. deposit. Available May 1. Call 503-859Handgun Safety Class with local experts 3575. Bob and Shane Pedroli. Range classes are House for Rent, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. ongoing. Oregon and Utah/Arizona multi954 Swift St Mill City, $650/month call state certifications available. Next class is (503) 897-9911 April 13. Info 503-580-9397 www.oldwest- Duplex for Rent 3 bedroom, 1 bath 848 Spring St Mill City, $750month. Call CPR/AED/First Aid Classes: American (503)897-9911. Heart AssoNOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING FORM LB-1 ciation certiA public meeting of the City of Detroit will be held on May 15, 2013 at 6:30 pm at 150 Detroit Ave. N., Detroit, Oregon. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the fied classes budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013 as approved by the City of Detroit Budget Committee. A summary of the budget is presented below. A copy of the budget may be inspected or obtained at 160 Detroit Ave N., Detroit, OR., between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM M,T,F and 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM W,Th. This budget for Public is for an annual budget period. This budget was prepared on a basis of accounting that is the same as the preceding year. Major changes, if any, and their effect on the budget are explained below. and Healthcare ProvidContact: Christine Pavoni Telephone: 503-854-3496 Email: ers. Contact FINANCIAL SUMMARY - RESOURCES instructor Kurt TOTAL OF ALL FUNDS Actual Amount Adopted Budget Approved Budget Hueller at 5032011-12 This Year 2012-13 Next Year 2013-14 Beginning Fund Balance/Net Working Capital 271,372 180,947 181,777 859-3575 or Licenses, Permits, Fines, Assessments & Other Service Charges 297,664 290,820 297,740 Fees, Federal, State and All Other Grants, Gifts, Allocations and Donations 18,608 17,490 104,402

For Rent

For Rent: Studio $450 + $500 dep.$300 non ref. ,$100 elect. dep. 1 bdrm $450 $500 dep. $300 non-ref. MOVE IN $950 503-8974941 (Lori) For Rent: Very nice Single-wide 1 bed/1 bath in Gates. $450/ month plus $450 deposit. Stove/refigerator/washer/dryer plus water and garbage included. 503897-3420 House for Rent in Gates: 2 bed/1bath with Garage & Storage Shed. $650/mo. plus

Revenue from Bonds and Other Debt Interfund Transfers / Internal Service Reimbursements All Other Resources Except Property Taxes Property Taxes Estimated to be Received Total Resources







919 46,315 1,256,946

455 46,000 624,754

598 49,500 724,684





Materials and Services




Capital Outlay




Debt Service




Interfund Transfers




103,017 180,863 1,256,946

4,000 2,844 624,754

4,000 22,886 724,684

Contingencies Unappropriated Ending Balance and Reserved for Future Expenditure Total Requirements


The proposed budget should provide the same level of service as previous fiscal years, but does not support unexpected expenditures. The Water System Improvement project funded with a 30-year revolving loan of $1.75 mill. by the Oregon Economic & Community Development Department was completed in the last quarter of 2011. Work included installation of a new water line, power lines and control lines to the Breitenbush pump station; replacement of an existing 15-hp pump with two redundant 20-hp pumps and related controls; construction of a 200,000-gallon reservoir with related controls; installation of an additional 25-hp pump at the Silver Bullet lift station and related controls; installation of a new master control unit at the water treatment plant and remote control units at the Breitenbush pump station and the Silver Bullet lift station. The City has grant applications for the following projects in the works: Parks & Rec Master Plan; Sewer Feasibility Study; Asbestos removal at the former grade school; Comprehensive Plan update. These projects are included in the FY 2013/14 budget.

Permanent Rate Levy (rate limit 1.1521 per $1,000) Local Option Levy Levy For General Obligation Bonds

LONG TERM DEBT General Obligation Bonds Other Bonds Other Borrowings (Water System Improvement Loan) Total

PROPERTY TAX LEVIES Rate or Amount Imposed 1.1521

STATEMENT OF INDEBTEDNESS Estimated Debt Outstanding on July 1.

$1,468,601 $1,468,601

Rate or Amount Imposed 1.1521

Rate or Amount Approved 1.1521

Estimated Debt Authorized, But Not Incurred on July 1

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Raised beds can come to the rescue

By Denise Ruttan

“By building raised beds, you instantaneously can have good garden loam,” said Ross Penhallegon, a horticulturist with the Oregon State University Extension Service. “Raised beds answer the question of how we garden in inhospitable areas that are too sandy, too wet or have too much clay.” Raised beds should be built in March and April. First select the plants you want and learn how deep their root sys-

tems grow. Raised beds are generally six to 12 inches high depending on the depth of the plant’s roots, Penhallegon said. Raised beds are typically three feet wide so you can reach across easily to weed and maintain the plants, he said. The bed can be as long as you want. After you build the structure framing the raised bed, fill it half way with loam. Using a three-tined garden fork, mix in an equal amount of organic matter such as compost, leaf mulch or animal manure. After the first

Highway 22 (503) 897-2614 Mill City, OR season of growing vegetables in the raised bed, add two to four inches of compost in October. Then in March or April, mix the compost into the soil using a garden fork. To build your raised bed, Penhallegon suggested using the following materials: Straw bales – Use straw from wheat, barley or other grains but do not use hay because it can contain weeds and seeds, he said. Bales should be free-standing. Dig a hole in the straw for each plant. The bales are especially good for growing carrots and potatoes. You can also plant peas or pole beans in them if you use a trellis. Fertilize and water by hand or use a soaker hose. The straw slowly composts for the plants, feeding them nutrients. Raw wood – Cedar is a good choice because it is fairly resilient, Penhallegon said. Coat boards with exterior latex paint, which is not as strong as chemical preservatives and can resist moisture. In choosing between raw and treated wood, decide how often you want to replace the wood as it decays faster when wet, he said. Treated wood – Wood that is treated with pre-

servatives such as pentachlorophenol, creosote and linseed oil lasts longer in rainy climates, Penhallegon said. Research shows that there is little likelihood of wood-preserving substances contaminating the soil, he added. Nevertheless, he still advised covering the wood with plastic sheeting or exterior latex paint to reduce the risk. Old tires – Old tires stacked on top of each other work especially well for potatoes. Concrete blocks – Concrete lasts a long time, absorbs heat well and is water-resistant, Penhallegon said. Stack one, two or three blocks high. Keep in mind that it is more expensive than wood. Look for inexpensive blocks that are cracked or chipped, he said. Railroad ties – Whether railroad ties are safe to use is hotly debated among researchers and the general public, Penhallegon said. “It’s been shown that there is very little creosote leakage out of railroad ties,” he said, “but that depends on how old they are, whether they’re damaged and how long they’ve been around. It’s very tough to say absolutes.” He recommends covering railroad ties with plastic sheeting to protect your plants. Extension’s “Growing Your Own” guide at offers suggestions for building raised beds.

Concerned about your property value?

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Suzette Boudreaux, Broker Call 503-949-4643 for details 11

Now is the perfet time to purchase a ductless mini-split system. Many tax rebate incentives available. Call Jason for more information! 503-428-2591 ccb #168985 E u n i c e Elaine Juhola Mill City, O r e g o n February 19, 1927 – April 28, 2013 Eunice “Maw” Juhola passed away at home on April 28 after an

extended illness. Eunice was born the youngest of 8 children to William and Christina Fransen in Hazelton, ND. She grew up in Hazelton and married Uno Jalmer Juhola in 1945, where they had four sons. After leaving N. Dakota, they moved to Bend in 1963, where they stayed until 1983. During her time in Bend, Eunice worked as a bartender, sold insurance for AAA, and was a long-time Avon representative. She sewed and crocheted, and kept

Robert “Bob” Glen Shelton 1934-2013 Robert “Bob” Glen Shelton, 79, of Springfield, died April 4, 2013 of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Bob was born on March 21, 1934 in Stayton, Oregon to Glen and Bertha (Valencourt) Shelton. Bob served in the US Army where he was stationed in Fort Sill, OK and Fort Bliss, TX. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1959 with a B.S. degree in Pharmacy. He worked as a Pharmacist for over 50 years and was the owner and operator of stores in San Jose, CA and Sunriver, OR. Bob enjoyed hiking, traveling, gardening, watching the Beavers and Duck games, and spending time with his family and grandchildren. He was also an Elder and member of the Northwood Christian Church and 12

busy with her many friends and hobbies. After Uno’s retirement, they moved to the Santiam Canyon to be closer to their children and grandchildren. At their home in Mill City, she became an avid gardener and landscaper; she pointed, and Uno planted! Eunice worked magic in the kitchen, and she was famously known for her homemade buns, dill pickles, buttermilk chocolate cake and peanut-butter thumbprint cookies (better known as “fat pills”), along with jams and jellies, and really great mojakka and goulash. And don’t forget the Lefse! She was always up for a game of poker, although she never stopped at just one. She loved adventures to play the slot machines, and she had the best luck of anyone around; probably because she was not afraid of losing. The last few years of her life, Eunice was blessed to be able to live with her grandchildren Angie and Dale Hopson and their 3 children, Lily, Shaden and little Jack, who took amazing care of her with special help from Dale’s parents, Jack and Janelle Hopson.

Eunice is preceded in death by her husband and perfect match, Uno, in 1995. She also grieved the loss of her son William, grandson Eric Tapio Juhola, and granddaughter RaeAnn. Survivors include her sister, Grace Ragle from Minnesota, her sons Jimmy of Bridgeport, Kelton of Mill City, and Eric of Burns, and daughter-in-law Roseanna of Mill City. She will also be greatly missed by 9 grandchildren; Angie (Dale Hopson) and Joleen, Eli, Paul, SueAnn, Krystal (Kenny Self) and Amber (Jesse Duncan), as well as Amy (John Farrell) and Becky; 11 great-grandchildren, and a multitude of nieces, nephews and special friends who loved her very much. A Celebration of her life was held Saturday, May 4 at her home on the North Fork in the Santiam Canyon. Goodbye Maw, we will miss you. “POT’S RIGHT!!”

he volunteered at Volunteers in Medicine. Bob married Vera M. Loucks in Mill City, OR on May 15, 1954. He is survived by his wife; four children: daughter, Catherine Marshall (Jim) of Henderson, KY; son, Steven Shelton (Val) of Bend, OR; daughter, Lori Hawker (Barry) of Gilbert, AZ; and daughter Karen Shelton-Mur (Andres) of Arlington, VA; sister, Vivian Miller of Hillsboro, OR; sister Doris Hoff of Vancouver, WA; brother, Tom

Shelton (Ruby) of Gresham, OR; sister, Ellen Jull of Salem, OR; 7 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. His parents and sister, Frieda Bassett preceded him in death. Memorial service will be held at 3pm on Friday, May 24, 2013, at Northwood Christian Church in Springfield. Memorial contributions can be made to Northwood Christian Church Youth Camp or Sacred Heart Hospice. Arrangements by Major Family Funeral Home in Springfield.


North Santiam Funeral Service Our Family serving yours. Locally family owned and owner operated email: website:


224 N. 3rd Avenue ~ Stayton

Event submissions are printed FREE! The Canyon Weekly cannot guarantee placement; however, priority is given to typed and emailed submissions, and events occurring in the North Santiam Canyon (Lyons/Mehama to Marion Forks). Please submit your event to: tacts. Info: 503-897-2368. Wednesdays 6:30 pm Lions Club Highway 22 Clean9am & 6pm Downward Dog Yoga Old FireCanyon Readers at Trexler Farm in Meup between Gates and Mill City happens Hall on Grove St., Mehama hama. Upcoming books include - May 9: 10am-3pm Judy’s Art Class at Mill City Lazy B by Sandra Day O’Connor. June 13: today. New members welcome! Mill City Lions Club meets at Mt. Edge Cafe. All volEagles Hall. Oil painting, all levels welcome. Fool by Christopher Moore. Dinner 6pm, Weekly on Wednesdays. Drop in, open to all. unteer programs go 100% back into the comdiscussion at 7pm; meets every second 503-859-2213 munity. Info: Sandy Lyness 503-551-2645, Thursday of the month. Info: Herb Bastuscheck 503-859-2668. 4pm-8pm Youth Center for 7th-12 grades. Dan Lemke 503-897-3014 or Joe Uffelman Canyon Gleaners Mother’s Day Plant Air Hockey, Ping Pong, Foos Ball. FREE. 503-897-2324. Sale May 9th, 10th, 11th from Noon-7pm Mill City Baptist Church. Sunday, May 12 at 158 SW Broadway Mill City. 7pm AA Meeting Santiam Chapel, Lyons. Mother’s Day Breakfast, 8am-12pm, St Santiam Hearts to Arts presents: Love, Boniface Parish Hall, 375 SE Church Street, 7:30pm AA Meeting Idanha City Hall. Peace & Harmony at Santiam Auditorium, Sublimity. All Mother’s are free! Adults: $6 Thursdays May 11, 7pm. Free Event! see page 6 for Child: $3. Menu: Ham, eggs, hashbrowns, 10am-3pm North Santiam Quilters, Gates details. Church, all levels! 897-2102 fruit, juice and coffee. Hosted by Sublimity Detroit Lake Fishing Derby May 17-19. 12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior Meals. Knights of Columbus. Proceeds go towards Fr. Info: Fellowship Hall, MC Presbyterian Church. Taaffe Homes for Unwed Mothers. CanyonArts Festival with Santiam Hearts Ruth:503 897-2204 10am-4pm, Silver Falls State Park South to Arts. Mill City on May 25. 3:30-5pm Good News Club at Mill City Falls Lodge Mother’s Day Birding & Canyon Life Museum in Mill City opens Baptist Church. Kids K-4 grade. Bible May 27, open Fri- Sat until Labor day (or by Wildflower Festival, and surrounding day use stories, singing, games, snack. Free. 815 appt). Frances Thomas 503-897-2816. The area. Learn about the native plants, wildflowSantiam Blvd. change ad ers, and birds that fill Silver Falls’ temperate Circus is coming! Culpepper and Mer4pm “Weight Watchers at Work” at Sanriweather Family Circus under the Big Top rainforest. Join guided walks, family hikes, tiam High School Library. in Mill City, May 28. Shows at 5 and 7pm. and children’s activities. Enjoy live raptors 5:30-8pm Youth Movie Night Ages 10-18 Tickets on sale now at Mill City City Hall, and wildflower displays. Purchase native Mill City Christian Church. Kids MUST be plants. Visit with local wildlife organizations. Rosie’s Mountaiin coffee House, Poppa picked up by 8:15. Free. Not held on weeks Co-sponsored by Friends of Silver Falls and Al’s, Santiam Elementary School.$6 kids with Friday school. 2-12, $10 adults. Tickets $7 and $13 at the Silver Falls State Park, No admission charge 6pm Bible Study at Living Water Church of but $5 park day-use parking permit applies. door. See page 7 for details. God, Sorbin St. Gates. June 1 Santiam River Festival and Ham- For more information, call 503-874-0201 or 7-9pm Bingo with the Idanha Detroit Fire mond Park Clean Up Party. Help rid the Dept, every other Thursday at the Detroit 503-873-8735. river of noxious weeds and earn a free trip City Hall meeting room. down the river! Fridays Ongoing Weekly Events Free Knife Sharpening Friday at Gene’s 6am-8am and 3pm-6pm Mill City Baptist Meat Market in Mehama (limit 5 please). At Church before and after school Kids Zone. the flashing yellow lightHwy 22. Let your teacher know they are loved! Transportation to and from school provided. 6am-6pm Friday Day Camp at Mill City Teacher Appreciation Week May 9-10! 818 Santiam Blvd. 503-536-5414 Christian Church Come all day or part; 6am-6pm Builders: Mill City Christian Wednesday, May 8 learning-based; snacks, tutoring & homework 9 am - 2 pm Santiam High School Blood Church Before & After School Program help, games, friends and God. Registration Ages K-12yrs. 503-897-2716, 251 SW 3rd St. Drive. Call 503 897-2311 for info. forms at the church or call 503-897-2714. Lyons Garden Club Annual Field Trip to 503-897-2716 251 SW 3rd St, Mill City. Mondays Schreiner’s Iris Gardens, Bauman’s Farm & 4pm-8pm Youth Center for 7th-12th grades. Garden and Fessler Nursery, with lunch at 6am-6pm All Day KidsZone Fun, crafts, Air Hockey, Ping Pong, Foos Ball. FREE. the Glockenspiel. Meet at Stayton Park N games, food. Mill City Baptist Church. 815 Mill City Baptist Church. Ride at 9:30am to carpool. Info/RSVP: Diane NW Santiam Info: 503-536-5414 Brenda 7-8:30pm Santiam Community Chorus Stockmar at 503-394-2197 or email to red1pm Canyon Senior Center Open Pinochle rehearses every Monday evening at Mill City; or Jean Evett 844 South First St, Mill City 503897-4176 Christian Church in Mill City. All are wel503-859-2563. Sunday come. Jo Ann Hebing 503-859-3426 6-7pm Santiam Canyon School District 6:30pm Youth Group at Mill City Baptist Tuesdays Kindergarten Registration and Info SesChurch 7th grade to 24 years. 815 NW San10am-2pm Quilting Club Canyon Bible Felsion at the Santiam Elementary commons. lowship, Lyons 910-4918 tiam Blvd. Sunday. Bring the kids for craft time! Presentation 4-6pm Mehama-Lyons Community Youth 12pm Meals on Wheels, Senior Meals Felstyle format for parent(s)/guardian(s) Bring: lowship Hall, MC Presbyterian. Meals on Group at Mehama Community Church Birth certificate (or proof of guard-ianship), Wheels. Ruth:503-897-2204. $3.50 donation 11336 Morris St. Grades 6-12; games, music Social Security card, Immunization card, and bible studies. Info:503-859-2849 or recommended. custody paperwork or legal documents (if 7:30pm Santiam Al-Anon, Mt. View Church, facebook. applicable),list of emergency phone conAumsville 13

Coming soon:

Events This Week

Gates Community Church of Christ “..reaching the canyon for Christ.” Mike Stair, Minister Sunday School 9:45am Worship 11am 40070 Gates School Rd (503)897-3210

503-897-2716 251 SW 3rd St, Mill City

Mill City

Christian Church www.millcitychristianchurch. org

Sunday Worship 10 am

Burn season is OPEN. Please Call 503-769-2400 after 8am to verify.

Canyon Espresso

Mon-Thurs 5:30a4p Fri 5:30a-5p

Chili dog and 16 oz latte 5.95

Hwy 22 & Gates Hill Rd



Happy Mother’s Day!

Willamette National Forest Biologists Win Award

an Emeritus Senior Living Community

We offer a wide range of services from retirement living and assisted living. If you are looking for a new place to call home without the hassles of daily living, we are committed to helping you and your family find the right fit. Tour today to learn more about our current specials!

press release- Much to their surprise, Willamette National For- restoration and control of noxest employees who were staffing the Forest Service booth at ious weeds. Much of the seedthe National Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) event ing, weeding, planting and foliage cutback projects are completed cooperatively. Numerous working weekends are held with partnership groups throughout the year. (503) 769-3200 Robert Alvarado, Wild2201 3rd Ave., Stayton life Program Leader for Oregon and Washing- ton National Forests, said of the Willamette staff, “They work as a team and cooperate across jurisdictional boundaries. Many organizations, such as the Oregon Hunters Association, Bureau of Land Management, The Audubon Society, and Confederated Tribe of Penny Harris, Ruby Seitz, Daryl Whitmore of the Willamette National Forest accept the award from Steve Segovia, Washington Office Deputy Director of Natural Resources and Rod Tiepke, the Grande Ronde, come together under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. (Photo courtesy of the RMEF) the Willamette National Forest to complete these projects.” willamette or follow us on in Las Vegas, were asked to attend the Conservation Partners Reception. Upon their arrival, they received the prestigious Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Elk Country Award for their sustained efforts in wildlife habitat management. This national award was received by Penny Harris, biological technician on the McKenzie River Ranger District, Ruby Seitz, wildlife biologist on the McKenzie River Ranger District and Daryl Whitmore, Detroit Ranger District wildlife biologist. The three accepted the award on behalf of numerous staff from the Willamette NF – as well as the youth volunteers, school groups and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation volunteers. Many individuals have worked tirelessly over the years to help maintain elk habitat. Since 1989, the Willamette NF and RMEF have collaborated on 41 projects. Approximately 2500 acres per year are thinned and maintained through meadow

Soduku Medium


Soduku Hard

Public Notices

Lyons City Council Vacancy The City of Lyons announces a vacancy on the Lyons City Council Effective March 26, 2013. If interested, please contact Lyons City Hall 449 5th Street, Lyons, Oregon or call 859-2167 for additional information. Application packets are available at Lyons City Hall and will be accepted through May 17th, 2013. This is an existing City Council position which expires on December 31, 2014. This vacancy will be filled during the May 28, 2013 City Council Meeting or as

soon as practical thereafter. All applicants must be residents of the City of Lyons and currently registered to vote. Applicants must have resided within the City of Lyons for the preceding year. NOTICE OF BUDGET COMMITTEE MEETING A public meeting of the Budget Committee of the City of Idanha, State of Oregon, to discuss the budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 will be held at City Hall, 111 Hwy 22, Idanha. The meeting will

take place on May 14, 2013 at 6 PM. The purpose of the meeting is to receive the budget message and to receive comment from the public on the budget. This is a public meeting where deliberation of the Budget Committee will take place. Any person may appear at the meeting and discuss the proposed programs with the Budget Committee. A copy of the budget document may be inspected or obtained on or after May 6, 2013 at 111 Hwy 22 NW, Idanha, Oregon between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM.

Linn County Sheriff’s Office Police Log: Apr 21 to Apr 27 Date: 04/28/13 Time: 1:07 TRESPASS LYONS MILL CITY DR caller called back and said the people were back again. They are at the back of the property. Caller will call back if they see them leave. Date: 04/28/13 Time: 9:02 ASST-OUTSIDE AGENCY MP66 HWY 22 OSP advised there is a male between MP62-Mp66 on Hwy 22 with a flat tire, holding a sign asking for help. Date: 04/28/13 Time: 16:24 CIV DISP RPT Mill City caller is at location trying to collect money from subject who sold her a 1988 travel trailer but misrepresented the product and will not refund callers money Date: 04/29/13 Time: 8:29 ELDER ABUSE Linn County caller says there are minors working in the adult foster careadministering meds. the owner is using patient’s debit/credit cards without permission. Date:04/29/13Time:20:09TRESPASS 5/05/13 HWY 226 Caller requesting a deputy call when enroute so that she can make sure she is home. Date: 04/30/13 Time: 11:14 DISTBOTHER HWY 226 PR is the owner of the location and is in the office. The people from space #5 are now yelling at the caller. PR says that they were given them an evection notice. Date: 04/30/13 Time: 16:17 ASST-OUTSIDE AGENCY Lyons local fire dept working a structure fire at location must use hydrants and will shut down street Date: 04/30/13 Time: 17:55 TRESPASS Mill City Caller reporting female has been trespass from property, she is back and the landlord has asked the caller to call Date: 05/01/13 Time: 3:42 CRIM MISCHIEF Mill City drk colored crew cab pu driving dangerously in park. Too dark to

get license plate. Date: 05/01/13 Time: 7:18 CIV DISP RPT Mill City caller advises that her roommate has been served with eviction papers and will not leave she advises that he is acting strangely and was writing Date: 05/01/13 Time: 11:34 THEFT-RPT LYONS MILL CITY DR caller flew in from NV and would like a deputy to come to location so she can make a report on things that were stolen from her trailer Date: 05/01/13 Time: 14:54 BURGLARY REPORT Linn County caller advises that someone broke into his house on the 29thof april and stole some things caller does not know who did this Date: 05/01/13 Time: 19:59 FIRE ARMS COMPL Mill City Caller would like a deputy to check the area as there were 3 male juveniles with looks like rifles (possibly BB Guns) in the park. Date: 05/01/13 Time: 22:28 DISTB-OTHER Mill City Just past the sports center, medics have been called for 33 yo female who is pregnant having a pshycotic break. Date: 05/02/13 Time: 3:30 MVC-NON INJURY Linn County Caller reported she got a call from her friend a couple hours ago and he said that he had wrecked his truck and the airbags deployed. Date: 05/02/13 Time: 15:48 DISPUTENEIGHBOR Mill City screaming and yelling Caller did say she would not answer her door. Date: 05/02/13 Time: 20:03 SUSP-PERSON Lyons About 30 minutes ago a male came to her house and asked for money. Male is now standing on the street corner in the area. Date: 05/02/13 Time: 20:50 Description: VEH-STOLEN Mill City ford ranger pu with white canopy on it. Caller loaned the

vehicle to a friend at 0300 this morning. Date: 05/03/13 Time: 2:03 TRAFF-DUII KINGSTON-LYONS DR vehicle was driving down Kingston-lyons from hwy 226. Vehicle was swerving in and out of both lanes, going about 20 mph and tapping his brakes. Date: 05/03/13 Time: 4:13 SUSP-PERSON Mill City Caller states that he came home and found male standing in the middle of the road in front of the caller’s house. He is is in flip flops, whi shorts, and blk sweater Date: 05/04/13 Time: 9:54 PROP-FOUND Mill City Pr is at the sub. He found some personal items in the middle of the road Date: 05/04/13 Time: 11:50 MENTALOTHER Mill City PR would like a deputy to call her because well she was in the shower she noticed that her Shampoo was missing. PR does not want a deputy to come to her house she only wants Date: 05/04/13 Time: 15:21 HARASSMENT RPT Idanha PR says there is a male that is coming around bothering one of her emplys and she would like to speak to a deputy. Date: 05/04/13 Time: 17:32 PARK PATROL Lyons Pr reported that at the park in Lyons, there was alot of possible hazards due to the wind. Would like the park checked. Date: 05/04/13 Time: 17:36 DOG COMPLAINT Mill City barking dog 4 dogs barking all the time Date: 05/04/13 Time: 22:40 JUV-RUNAWAY RPT Linn County Caller states that her foster daughter has run away tonight and may be going to her mother’s residence in South Salem. She left around 2100 hrs. She was upset and left the house.


Services Directory

Autobody & Paint

Canyon Auto Rebody 21916 Ferry Rd. SE, Mehama (503) 859-3247

Auto Repair

Classic Auto and Tire Center 48347 Lyons-Mill City Drive, Mill City(503)897-2256


Lyons Timbertown Resale Home accessories, gifts, more. 1313 Main St. Lyons. 503-859-4054; 503-507-1326. Facebook.

Business Development

GROW EDC: Free & confidential business & non-profit 503-871-5188

Coffee Stands

Canyon Espresso at the corner of Hwy 22 and Gates Hill Rd., (503) 897-6031

Computer Services

WidmerWeb Design (503) 569-1229


Hueller Construction Inc. CCB #114169 503-859-3575.

Farrier Services

Veronica Gates, Professional Farrier Serving the Canyon (541) 619-7416

Firearm Instruction

Old West Enforcement Professionals NRA#1787-91947 BCI# 1102466 503580-9397

Health and Wellness

Santiam Healing Arts Reconnective, energetic healing for all. Special Canyon pricing. Colleen Samuel (503) 897-3357 Mill City Dental (503)897-2353 Mill City Pharmacy 218 S.W. Broadway, Mill City (503) 897-2331 Santiam Medical Clinic 280 S. 1st Ave. Mill City (503) 897-4100

Heating and Cooling

Focus Heating and Construction, Inc. CCB#168985. (503)428-2591 Lyons Heating & Cooling Inc. CCB#96400 (503)859-2325


Mountain High Grocery and Gifts 220 D St. Detroit, (503)854-3696 Detroit Market and Supplies 100 Detroit Ave. N. (503) 854-3767 Facebook Mill City Market 829 1st Ave. Mill City 16

Get your business out there! In print and online. Services Directory listings are only $100/year . All directories will be avaialbale FREE at local campgrounds.


Siegmund Landscape, Excavation and Supply (503)769-6291


Gabriel Smith licensed locksmith: lock repair, keys, parts. OCLS #5373 (541)519-2410


Curt’s Place Rental Suite in Gates. (503)897-6126 Adventure Vacation Homes 528N.E. Santiam Blvd. (Hwy 22) Mill City (503) 897-6500 Elkhorn Valley Inn B&B 33016 North Fork Road S.E, Lyons (503) 897-3033 facebook Lodge at Detroit Lake 175 Detroit Ave, Detroit (503) 854-3344 All Seasons Motel 130 Breitenbush Road, Detroit (503) 854-3421 Elkhorn Valley Inn B&B 33016 North Fork Road S.E, Lyons (503) 897-3033 facebook


Detroit Lake Marina 115 Breitenbush Road, Detroit www.detroitlakemarina. com 503 854-3423. Kane’s Marina 530 Clester Rd., Detroit (503) 854-3362

Outdoor Excursions

Into the Wild Equine Adventures (503)586-8072 Kayak the Santiam (503)569-1229 North Santiam River Trips with Bill Sanderson (503) 897-3301 The Oregon Experience fishing, rafting drift-boating. (503) 897-3291.

Pets and Animal Care

Ark Animal Care Veterinary Services (503) 897-6004 Santiam Healing Arts Reconnective Healing for your horses and pets.. Colleen Samuel. (503) 897-3357


Gregory J. Johanson, M .Div, Ph.D., NCC Director, Grace Counselling Center. (503)897-4830

Real Estate

Green Mountain Real Estate Sandy Lyness, Broker 280 NE Santiam Blvd, Mill City (503)551-2645

Restaurants & Dining

Mill City/Gates Rosie’s Mt Coffee House 647 N.E. Santiam Blvd. (Hwy 22) Mill City (503)8972378 Facebook Giovanni’s Mt.Pizza 146 N.W. Santiam Blvd. (Hwy 22) Mill City (503)897-2614 Mountain Edge Cafe 320 N.W. Santiam Blvd. (Hwy 22) Mill City (503)897-2741 Sierra Restaurant and Market 302 N. Santiam Hwy (Hwy 22) in Gates (503) 897-2210 Lyons/Mehama Trexler Farms 20146 Ferry Rd. SE, Mehama (503)859-4488 www.trexlerfarm. com Facebook Detroit/Idanha The Cedars Restaurant and Lounge 200 N. Detroit Ave, Detroit (503)854-3636 K.C.’s Espresso, Sandwiches and Stuff 210 Forest Ave., Detroit (503)854-3145 Idanha Grill and Store 183 Hwy 22, Idanha (503)854-3354 facebook Marion Forks Restaurant and Lounge 34970 Hwy 22, Idanha (503)854-3669

RV Repair

Santiam RV Service (503)394-2348

Signs & Graphics

White Water Signs and Graphics (503)804-3613


Mehama True Value 11267 Grove St. Mehama (503) 859-2257 ww3.truevalue. com/mehamatruevalue/


Red Barn Bar and Grill 916 Main St., Lyons (503)859-2826 facebook Trio Tavern and Food 815 SW Linn Blvd. Mill City (503) 897-3380 facebook


STR Santiam Towing and Recovery 1-877-859-5757

Wood Products-retail

Camp firewood at Hardwood Components, 20573 Hwy 22 in Mehama (503)859-2144


Weddings Your Way All seasons, indoors or out, all denominations. Colleen Samuel (503) 8973357.

Detroit Lake

31st Annual Fishing Derby

Periodical Postage Paid

75 centsg Subscribe To-

Coming Attractions

(cont. from pg 1) Presented by Detroit Lake Recreation Area Business Associati


Win thousands of dollars in prizes!

>>> Grand Prize <<< Smokercraft Fishing

May 17 - 19, 2013 FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Prize Ceremony SUNDAY, MAY 19th at 3 p.m. Winners must be present to win!

Boat & Trailer

at the Cedars Group Site, from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.It’s a free show, so bring a friend and come join in the fun! Fishermen’s Bend is located at: 27300 N Santiam Hwy, Mill City. This will be the first outdoor show of the Summer. May 28, the circus is coming to town! Culpepper & Merriweather Family Circus sponsored by the Diamondback Clovers 4-H club, with shows at 5 & 7:30pm under the big top at the Santiam Jr/Sr High Baseball field. Then, June 1st get ready for the first ever Santiam River Festival & Clean-up at Hammond Park in Mill City. Help haul out the trash and rid the area of non-native invasive species and get a barbeque lunch and a boat ride down the river.

Entry Fee

thank you sponsors! Steven’s Marine

Adults: $15 Children (13 years old and younger): $7

Detroit Lake Recreation Area Business Association

The primary purpose of DLRABA is to stimulate, promote, encourage & develop the economic health, tourism, and vitality of the greater Detroit Lake area.

Detroit Lake oregon

All proceeds will benefit Detroit’s Fireworks Over the Lake on July 6, 2013 Hope to see you all there!

Fish On!

That’s what many people will be hoping to yell the weekend of the 31st Annual Detroit Lake Fishing Derby. Loads of prizes will be awarded to proud fishers May 17-18-19th at Detroit Lake. Adult’s grand prize will be a Smokercraft boat and trailer. Girls and Boys grand prizes are bicycles. Registration will buy three full days of fishing fun with an awards ceremony on the last day. The Fishing Derby is sponsored by the Detroit Lake Area Business Association. Dean O’Donnell, President of DLRABA, says he expects “a record turnout this year!” He has also ordered “nice weather but can’t guarantee it”. DLRABA has diligently put on this community event to raise funds for the annual Fireworks Over the Lake, a July celebration. Information about the Fishing Derby, Fireworks Over the Lake and other Detroit events can be found at, DLRABA’s website. Registration begins May 17th at 6am, at City Hall in Detroit. The first 400 registrants will receive a free collectible hat!


TCW 5-8-2013  

The Canyon Weekly, May 8th 2013

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